this kinda looks like puke~


Jorge: You wanted to see me? Did you wanna give me a little, *ahem* parting gift.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Elie: Oh um. Well - actually about that-

J: I was only joking El… well kinda… why do you look like you’re gonna puke on me? Is Marin okay? Are you okay? AM I okay.

E: Everyone’s okay. Jeez man! I thought I overanalysed things to an awkward level. I’m just trying to figure out how to tell you-

J: Please don’t say that you just wanna be friends…

E: Not exact-

Judy: Hope you die in South America and all your research catches fire. I mean don’t die. Or do I? PSYCH!

I Just Can’t Say It

Request: Could you do a Y/N imagine with Minho and how he says he loves you all the time but you can’t say it back. Like my heart breaks thinking about that, thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Warnings: None

I’m sorry it’s been so long- I was super busy over break and on my trip!

“Runners should be back soon,” Newt observed, gazing at the doors as he stretched his back and wiped sweat off his brow. You grunted in acknowledgment but kept your head down as you dug deeper into the dirt. Even though you didn’t look up, you could hear Newt chuckle. You glared at him rather than asking for an explanation for that smirk of his. “When you ‘n Minho first got together I figured you’d be a mess while he was in the maze from then on out. Glad you’re not, but I think it’s funny how… little emotion you show,” he clarified. You sighed and wiped your grimy hands on your pants, standing up and putting one hand on your hip, the other acting as a visor to block the sun for your eyes.

“I show emotion,” you snapped in defense. “I just… Minho always comes back. No need to be worried, right?” Newt just shook his head and grinned.

When the runners finally did come sprinting back into the maze, sweaty and exhausted, Minho ran straight up to you. He took you in his arms, kissed your lips, and murmured, “Gotta go to the map room. I’ll catch up with you after that, okay? I love you.” And then he was off to the map room, leaving you standing stricken. ‘I love you’? He’s never said that before! What did it mean? Was he serious? Would he expect you to say it back? It was a sweet, sure, but… for some reason you felt almost nauseated with anxiety. You only jerked back into action when you heard Zart whisper to Newt, “hey, is Y/n okay? she looks kinda… like she’s gonna puke.”

“It’s dinner time right? I’m going to dinner, are you guys coming to dinner? I’ll see you there,” you rushed out, turning heel and sprinting towards the dining hall. You sat with Newt until Thomas and Minho finished in the map room and joined you. You tried your best to not worry about what had happened earlier, but everyone could obviously tell something was up. Newt kept looking between you and Minho, and Thomas was just watching you suspiciously. Minho seemed extra affectionate, keeping his arm around you practically the entire dinner.

“Hey, you seem weird, what’s going on?” Minho asked as the two of you strolled around the glade, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. You gave a noncommittal shrug and avoided eye contact with him at all costs. He rolled his eyes and heaved a huge sigh, then stopped and turned to face you head on. “Y/n, what’s up? I know something’s going on with you,” he insisted, putting his hands on his hips impatiently. You shrugged and forced a smile.

“I’m just tired- the past few days I haven’t slept very well,” you lied. Your stomach squirmed uncomfortably, but you weren’t about to tell him that he had seriously made you uncomfortable earlier.

“Oh, well if that’s all, then let’s get you to bed,” Minho said, instantly relaxing and smiling brightly at you. He walked you to your hammock and gave you a gentle kiss goodnight. You smiled warmly and closed your eyes, finally beginning to feel back to normal.

“Goodnight, Minho. See you in the morning,” you murmured sleepily.

“See you in the morning, Y/n. I love you,” he whispered, kissing your forehead and walking to his own hammock. The strangest sensation of dread once again filled you, and you knew that sleep would be difficult to come by.

The next day at work, Newt sighed and leaned up against his shovel, staring down at you accusingly. You ignored him for a good two minutes until he cleared his throat and somehow his staring intensified.

“Can I help you?” you asked with a roll of your eyes, finally giving in and looking back at him.

“What is with you today, Y/n? You’re so jumpy, and you’re working very… ferociously. I think you’re the first person ever to look scary while gardening,” he observed, his dark eyes wide. When you didn’t answer, Newt pressed further. “Is it something with Minho?” Newt could always see straight through you, so you knew there was no point in trying to lie.

“Yes, it’s something with Minho,” you grumbled, contemplating whether or not to continue. Newt just knelt next to you and looked at you expectantly. “He keeps telling me he loves me. Yesterday he said it twice, and even today before he left he already said it three times!” you hissed, glancing around furtively, hoping no one else could hear.

Newt’s brow scrunched in confusion and he ran a hand through his blonde hair. “Sorry if this is a dumb question, but… why is that bad?”

“I don’t know! That’s the problem! It just makes me feel weird when he says it, and I don’t want to say it back, but I feel like I have to, and UGGGHHHH,” you groaned, tossing your hands in the air in utter defeat. Newt nodded as if he had any idea what you were talking about and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Well, I think tonight after dinner you need to talk to him and tell him what’s going on. That’s the only way you’ll solve anything and you know it. Now, we’ve got a lot more plants to tend to, so let’s get back to work.”

Dinner came and went, but your stomach squirmed so much from nerves that you couldn’t bring yourself to eat a thing. Newt kept giving you encouraging smiles and Minho asked you what was wrong nine times, to which you responded with a shrug every time. As the two of you walked around the glade after dinner as usual, he asked you again.

“Y/n, seriously, what is with you?” he repeated, frustration edging its way into his voice. “You know you can tell me anything, right? Y/n, I love you.”

You sighed and buried your face in your hands. “That’s it, that’s what’s wrong,” you groaned into your palms. “You always say you love me,” you admitted.

You felt Minho freeze beside you. “And you never say it back,” he whispered, his voice broken.

Regret and guilt suddenly washing over you, you snapped your head up and gazed at him insistently. “I just can’t, Minho. It’s just that… I mean, how do we even know what love is, am I right? We’ve been stuck in this maze for as long as we can remember and we’re just kids, how can we even really know? And I think I do love you, but how can either of us really know? I just want to make sure we’re being real with each other, you know? I don’t want to say it and be meaningless,” you said, words rushing out of your mouth as quickly as you could say them. His eyes watched your face intently, and as you finished he began to nod, biting his lip.

“Okay. I get it. I don’t necessarily agree, but I understand. If it bothers you, I’ll stop saying it, deal?” he suggested, forcing a smile.

Your heart cracking within your chest, you nodded and wrapped your arms around him, resting your head against his chest.“Deal. Thank you,” you breathed as he hesitantly hugged you back.

nikadd  asked:

chirrut braids baze's hair!!!!!!!!! and puts flowers in it!!!!!

jedha is a pretty barren planet so chirrut actually goes out and buys flowers from the marketplace specifically to put in baze’s hair while saying a lot of things like “oh it looks great” “trust me this is a really good look for you” and baze is like You’re Blind And For All I Know It Looks Like Nature Puked On My Head and it kinda does a little bit but he doesnt take the flowers out

Coffee and Red Bull Slammer [An Olicity College AU]

itsybitsymitzy:  Hi! how about a fic where oliver and felicity are in a 7 am class together in college and one of them sees the other pour an energy drink into coffeee and say “im gonna die” then drink it all. Ive seen this fic idea on tumblr before but i havent seen it done for them. 

Seven AM classes were always brutal, especially after nights of binge drinking and heavy partying. Oliver Queen knew that all too well. Last night’s rager had him knocking back ibuprofen like it was candy that morning. The headache pounding behind his eyes made it almost impossible to get out of bed, let alone get dressed and try to look presentable. So here he was, still in green flannel pajama pants and a white t-shirt under his favorite green hoodie, his head resting against the cool desk he usually sat at in the back of the room, and the clock ticking away the seconds until it was time to go back to his apartment so he could take a nap before his next class at noon.

If it hadn’t been for the test that morning, he wouldn’t be here right now. Oliver still couldn’t understand why he’d agreed to go to that frat party with Tommy the night before. He knew today’s test was important, yet the lure of endless booze and pretty girls had snapped his concentration. Now, not only did he have the worst hangover of all time, he was probably also going to fail organic chemistry, undoubtedly the hardest class he’d ever taken in his life.

Again, Oliver wondered what had possessed him to do it. His major was business, not science. Yes, he still needed a science credit in order to complete one of his prerequisites, but organic chemistry? The class was far beyond the scope of his knowledge, far beyond the scope of his comprehension in general. He massaged his temples with his fingers, hoping the headache would bate just long enough for him to complete whatever he could in order to get a D, then he could go home and sleep it off.

A groan from a few feet to his left forced Oliver to lift his head and look in the direction from which it came. Beside him sat someone just as pathetic looking as himself: disheveled blonde hair in a messy ponytail, powder pink pajama pants with little rainbows all over them, and a thick black hoodie covering what had to be the tiniest woman he’d ever laid eyes one. She wore stylish glasses, had no makeup on, and held a twenty ounce coffee in one hand and a sixteen ounce Red Bull in the other.

Popping the top of the Red Bull can, she pulled a massive Big Gulp cup out of her bag and poured both the coffee and the energy drink into it. The sight made Oliver cringe. He watched her sigh deeply, closing her eyes for a moment before they opened again. She looked around to find him staring at her and smiled. God, she was so pretty when she smiled. He couldn’t help but smile back as she raised her plastic cup to him and cheerfully saying, “I’m gonna die.” Then she slammed the entire thing, drinking it down in less than a minute.

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