this kinda looks like poop oh well


“You want me to give this to Y/N?!” Harry exclaimed, looking at the interviewer in pure astonishment as Niall continued playing with the fuzzy red scarf. 

“Well, yeah! You can take the green one and she can take the red one! Matching couple scarves, right? So, there’s deer on the red one, and they’re-”

“Oh, they’re actually havin’ sex.” Louis interrupted, raising his eyebrow at the unique patterns. 

“So they’re taking a poop in the red one-” 

“The deer are doin’ a poo.” Niall snickered, showing the camera. 

“And then this green one they’re kinda.. humping.” 

“That’s not – no. No! Y/N and I like to match ‘n stuff but I’m not going to give her a scarf that has patterns of deers havin’ sex!” Harry furrowed his eyebrows in frustration, clearly flustered by the gifts. “These are not okay. These are not okay!”


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