this kinda looks freaky

These are the only two times Fitz wears red. When he falls in love with Jemma and when he asks her on a date. 

Have y’all noticed that he wore lots of colors before FZZT? Then after, he only wears blue. Incidentally, the same color Jemma was wearing when she jumped from the Bus. Okay, occasionally he wears black or gray (usually when he’s going to fight with Jemma or something else awful is going to happen) but is this supposed to be him (in canon) subconsciously only wearing “her” color. Or is this just supposed to be some grand coincidence? Or are we just supposed to know that the costume designer became smitten with his eyes? I have so much more I could say on this subject but I feel it’s a tad unhealthy.

Just curious what y’all think though. 

This is the last one. 

It was first a picture of Anzu, then Yugi’s eyes came into play, and suddenly she’s on his mind. (WHY CAN’T YOU KNOW YOUR OWN SPACE, JEEZ.)

It’s Older Yugi with a Younger Anzu. No meaning behind it really. 

But this is one of my favorite Yugi pictures so far that I’ve ever drawn. 

Coloring might be done, no promises.

STEVEN BOMB 4 PROMO VIDEO (not the best quality, we’ll probably get a better one later)

watched it? good

The Diamond pattern in the sky may not be yellow diamond, but her message back appearing on a big screen! (kinda looks like is “opening up” to show the screen)
that freaky lookin excited peridot looks like shes lookin right at it. with the yellow lighting, bright overlay reflection on her visor, those two shots are definitely from Messaged Received

also steven listening to peridots logs, if theyre abt her reaction to the message it makes sense bc like the show is stevens perspective, so otherwise she would have to tell them in person or steven would be snooping on the actual recording of the log
idk, gives me slightly more hope that its not something completely bad (like her planning to definitely leave earth instead of just considering it and being conflicted). im hoping that shot of them with lion is after he listens in (who knows what they’re planning though) bc it sits better with me if they talk abt it afterwards…pls dont leave earth my bean…


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