this kinda fits the current situation

small headcanoning on the concept of bosses and music/singing

Archie - likes cheery drinking song kind of music and considers singing in company a fun pastime. He sings like a seagull though.

Maxie - sometimes sings sarcastically when a line from a certain song would somehow fit current situation (like ‘mmmm whatcha saaaay’). His singing voice is kinda nasal. The musical preferences lean more to the heavy side.

Cyrus - He’s not very fond of music due to its heavy assimilation with emotions. He is however slightly curious of its mathematical aspect.

Ghetsis - During intense moments such as battles he sometimes starts to chant his own name which vaguely qualifies as singing. ..for some reason I can imagine him finding enjoyment from stuff like Stockhausen’s

Lysandre - has a deep and charming singing voice but rarely uses it. He is rather enthusiastic about western art music and enjoys attending operas and concerts and such.

Giovanni - also gifted with a great voice. He can pull off decent o sole mios if he feels like it.

also Colress - On extremely good mood might whistle to his work, otherwise indifferent about music.