this kind of took me a long time so someone better appriciate this

Shopping Day

It was shopping day. Sam had escaped by going away for three days. And when he left, the task was handed to Dean and Cas.

It should be simple, it really should. But when was anything simple when you had a former angel trying to learn to be human with you? But Dean didn’t complain, he would never do that. So they got in the impala and drove to the store.

The first thing Cas did when he got inside was getting a cart. Dean found the list he had made and together they walked into the store.

“Dean, what kind of juice should we buy?” Cas was standing beside the shelf containing a trillion different kinds of juice.

“They have apple, orange, apple and orange, organic apple…I think Sam would appriciate something organic. Don’t you?” The look Cas gave him was nothing special, but it still made Dean’s insides turn. In a positive way.

It felt like his opinion was the most importaint in the whole world. Like he had all the answers and Can was dying to learn them all. And that feeling made Dean’s heart beat faster.

 “Organic sounds nice. Just pick the flavor you like best” Dean told Cas, and Cas did just that. Dean found a pen and drew a line over the word juice he had written on the list. 

With the juice in the kart they turned to the next on the list. While they walked Cas brushed his hand against Dean’s, and Dean grasped it. He pretended he didn’t see, but he knew Cas was wearing a shy smile. The kind he only used for Dean. He couldn’t get over how happy he became every time he made the former angel smile. Each time he tought was the best smile. And each time the next one was even better. 

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