this kind of stuff makes me angry and i just really wanted to address it. )


it’s not okay to guilt your rp partners for having
threads with someone that has the same muse
as you. it’s just NOT, okay? they have the right to rp
with anyone they want to and you have no right to tell
them who they can and cannot roleplay with. your muse
cannot be “jealous” about this because that’s just a
pathetic way of trying to guilt someone. doing this
makes you abusive. what’s even worse is when you’re
hypocritical about it. so they can’t have threads with
people that have the same muse as you, but you can
have threads with various accounts of their muse? NO.
everyone can thread with whoever they want to. if you
have a problem with that then go join a group roleplay
or something. because this is INDEPENDENT roleplay,
meaning that they go by their own rules and you don’t
get the right to make them for them.