this kind of reminds me of

I want an app that has the following capabilities:

-Yoosung to remind me to eat and take my medicine
-Zen to remind me to exercise (or at least get up and move around)
-Jaehee to remind me to take breaks and not overwork myself
-Jumin to remind me to always work hard
-Seven to remind me to laugh and be unapologetically silly sometimes
-V to remind me to be patient and kind
-Saeran to remind me that recovery doesn’t happen overnight and that it’s okay to take time for myself
-Rika to remind me to get help when I need it and not wait until it’s too late


So my mom was helping me frame one of my Madoka Magica posters, specifically this one: 

Mom: *looks at poster carefully* Are they lesbians? I’m not judging, just curious.

Me: Kind of… it’s complicated. She’s definitely in love with her, though *points at Homura and then Madoka* She went back in time to save her.

Mom: Oh, okay. Girl power!

I love trying to explain anime to my middle-aged Catholic mother, haha. We actually watched Madoka Magica together a few years ago but she’s forgotten most of it; when I reminded her she said she remembered it being really good.

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have you read a tale of despereaux? your mouse drawing kind of reminds me of that book

I have not, but I know of it.

My little mouse drawing has reminded people of: The Tale of Despereaux, The Secret of Nihm, Basil The Great Mouse Detective, Ratatouille, An American Tail and anything else that has a tiny rat or mouse in it I suppose. 

In all politeness: ‘reminds me of’ comments are the weirdest thing because we all want to point out a familiarity but really, they tell me nothing.  


Riiiiiiight, gather around children, its time for THE TALK.

We have all by now seen Sebastian’s mustache that he is sporting for I Tonya, and both here and on facebook i have seen the resulting discussions as some people aren’t sure how to handle the content of the film, and are worried how the fandom (and those outside of the fandom) will react to Sebastian playing a ‘negative’ role - ie someone who in real life is a very horrible person.

This very much reminds me of about 2 ½ years ago when Tom Hiddleston signed on to play Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a movie about the tragic singers life. He transformed physically, he lost a drastic amount of weight and a few people did not find him attractive. Others were concerned about romanticising aspects of a persons life that were far from pretty or kind, in fanfiction. Well, what happened was a pleasant surprise. There was very little to no erotica fanfics written about Hank. There are some out there which are AU Tom ones, the kind where someone hooks up with him in his trailer after a days shooting etc, but generally everyone just kind of thought as a collective ‘smut aint right for this’. And THAT is what i am sure will happen in the Standom. You can however do as you damn well please as its your blog and no-one can/should/has the right to, police a fandom.

I personally am looking forward to Sebastian really pulling on those acting muscles (yes i know there technically isnt a muscle but just shhh), as I Tonya is the kind of film that would hopefully do the Festival circuit, and be the kind of thing that gets labelled with that ‘Critical Acclaim’ tag, perhaps even win some awards. And dammit that boy deserves it, he’s been working so hard, and i think this coming year will really prove that he is more than Bucky (a role we all love), as we’ve got what, at least 4 independent movies coming out that all cover darker tones and genres? When you look at his TV back catalogue, with Political Animals, Kings, even Once Upon A Time, all were roles with deep characters, and he was completely believable in every. single. one. 

So a big thumbs up from me for the mustache, and an even bigger double thumbs up for that boy doing some awesome movies

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Belted King-Pisser
I can’t help but laugh at this ridiculous fish-eating bird. Because look how big his head is compared to his little body – ha ha! Actually, he kind of reminds me of Luis Guzmán, except that I like Luis Guzmán. Mr. Guzmán is a talented and under-appreciated actor. This bird, on the other hand, hunts fish and small amphibians by flying face-first into the water from a branch. 

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So, why do you like Chichi so much?

In a word?


In a few words?

Personal connection and relatability

In a lot of words?


For me, I grew to love her. I was introduced to the series as a kid catching what episodes I could, and Chi-Chi wasn’t really on screen enough for me to notice her or really form much of an opinion at all. I never hated her, but I was kind of indifferent, which was a common trend with me reacting to any mom-type characters in my media at the time. I was a kid. I didn’t have the experiences necessary to connect to her yet. She was simply another mom to me. Only… well… whereas Bulma was the “cool and irresponsible mother,” Chi-Chi was the “real mom” - or so far as my younger mind was concerned.

Chi-Chi was pretty much Mom to me - by which I mean, she reminded me of my mom in a lot of ways (from the yelling when she’s upset to the over protective doting to the way she looked at her husband), but I was never really my mom’s friend, even though I had a great relationship with her. She was just kinda there to me.

Now, however, I am friends with my mom and I understand and relate to Chi-Chi a whole hell of a lot more.

Studies over adventure?

Yes, duh.

A 4-5-6-9-10-whatever-child-yr-old is needed to fight in a dangerous battle?

Are you crazy - hell to the nooooo.

She’s a form of realism among the fantasy of the series. She tries to remind the audience that all this fighting going on, while fun and entertaining and perfectly okay for her husband, is insane and abnormal and you’re crazy to put a child through all of this. It’s a call to the fact of the age of the character, Gohan, when in a lot of middle grade/ young adult / shounen media it’s…not really unheard of to toss kids into the middle of battle and not many people bat an eye over it. Chi-Chi reminds us to not consider this normal.

So, I love her for all of this, I love her take on motherhood. Her obsessive need to give her children what she believes is best (and she’s right). My mom did more good for me in the time when she could be the housewife and force me to study, push me into routines. My grades and my life started going nuts when she couldn’t do that anymore. So seeing Chi-Chi’s insistence brought back how important that all was and how I could have probably gotten further in life if I’d been pushed harder like I had as a child.

Beyond the mothering aspect -

I also love her for her relationship with Goku and how she approaches him. I could go on and on and on about GoChi and how the elements I see in their relationship resonate with my parents and my own, or how their ability to compromise really really matters to me.

But you know what else I love about Chi-Chi?

Her character as a whole. Her goal-setting mind.

A childhood idea/dream/promise becomes reality for her because she does what she needs to do to make it happen. Oh, sure, she sits around the house at first, but when it’s about that time for her to be married, she decides ‘I’m going to go out and do this myself instead of waiting around.’ She has a goal and she sets out to enter a martial arts tournament just to reach her goal of finding Goku. That drive alone is admirable to me. Not many people can work up the courage to leave home alone to follow a dream. (Marrying Goku was definitely her childhood dream and while having a female character fixate so heavily on a guy is kind of annoying in media, the fact that she picks herself up and goes to that tournament on the chance of getting what she’s always wanted….yeah, that’s something to make it a worthy goal to me.)

Even then! She was willing to let it all go when Goku admitted to making the promise without understanding what it was, that it was all some misunderstood mistake. Freakin! Ah! Willing to step down from your goal because of new information being brought to light? At that point, it’s not her giving up - it’s her being strong enough to realize misunderstandings are a thing and she can be upset but not angry anymore. (And lucky for her, Goku proposes anyway - yay happy end, goal met!)

I do read a lot into the small things sometimes, but that’s a good example of her character at work.

A lot of the characters in DragonBall are goal-oriented. Even the minor ones have their own personal goals. It might be part of what makes them so good and relatable and real, I dunno. 

[Also - Chi-Chi’s cute as hell, she’s the #1 Goku fangirl, and she’s not scared to fight or stand up to something when she needs to]

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It's so interesting to me that the ES's long-established, go-to excuse is always "that's not how co-workers usually behave" or "my husband/boyfriend would be furious if I touched my co-worker like that!" These people don't work in entertainment, so they don't understand. I'm a dancer, and yes, we ABSOLUTELY touch our co-workers like that. If a job requires intense physicality with someone (the kind that would make a non-entertainer very uncomfortable) you become very used to touching them all

Thanks so much @ttalovebug for sharing your experience and thoughts about this! It’s great to hear this issue from a dancer’s perspective.

Like dancers, I know that actors are trained to feel comfortable touching and being touched by other actors and they often tend to be touchy feely people as well. Sam and Cait are not two bank employees. They are actors who do intimate scenes with each other.

Your mentioning Dancing with the Stars reminds me of something I read about Will Ferrell and Jon Heder when they were filming Blades of Glory (2007). They had to touch each other a lot in learning some of the paired figure skating moves and one of them said after a short time it just felt natural holding hands. To my knowledge Will and Jon were never romantically involved.

I think that is what it is like for Sam and Cait. It just feels natural to hug and touch each other because they have to do it on set very often for their roles. But that doesn’t mean they are romantically involved. (JMHO as a fan.)

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Blame- Bucky Barnes- Part 8

A/N: sorry for the lack of updates but Iโ€™ve been overseas. Please enjoy this new part and feel free to send me feedback and requests








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You were put into a soundproof office while Bucky had his evaluation. You kind of wish that you had been assigned to do it but obviously given the situation that wasnโ€™t going to happen. But you knew that whoever they had probably wasnโ€™t going to treat him like a human being, but a murderous monster. But you felt like you could get Bucky the help he needs, but also remind him that he had people that cared about him, like Steve, yourself and Sam.

Sharon entered the room and handed you a piece of paper, โ€œThe receipt for your gear.โ€ Sam peered over your shoulder

โ€œBird costume?โ€ He squawked

โ€œCome on.โ€ You rolled your eyes and looked at her

โ€œI didnโ€™t write it.โ€ She put her hands up in defence. She looked around the perimeter of your โ€˜cellโ€™ before un-restricting the access to Buckyโ€™s evaluation. You could now hear it. Steve looked around at her but she turned away nonchalantly.

The psychologist continued to talk to him, โ€œIโ€™m not here to judge you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know where you are, James? I canโ€™t help you if you donโ€™t talk to me, James.โ€

โ€œMy name is Bucky.โ€

You watched the screen intently before speaking up. โ€œIt isnโ€™t adding up. Something here is wrong.โ€ You said looking between Steve, Sam and Sharon. Steve nodded slightly, agreeing with you as he looked at the task force released photo of โ€˜Buckyโ€™.

โ€œWhy would the task force release this photo to begin with?โ€ He asked

โ€œGet the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?โ€ Sharon replied

โ€œRight. Itโ€™s a good way to flush a guy out of hiding.โ€ Steve continued, โ€œSet off a bomb, get your picture taken. Youโ€™ve got 7 million people looking for the Winter soldier.โ€

โ€œYouโ€™re saying someone framed him to find him?โ€ Sharon asked

โ€œSteve, we looked for the guy for 2 years,โ€ Sam said

โ€œWe found nothing.โ€ You added solemnly

โ€œWe didnโ€™t bomb the UN. That turns a lot of heads.โ€ You and Sam both nodded in agreement to Steveโ€™s statement

โ€œSo? That doesnโ€™t guarantee that whoever framed him would get him it guarantees that we would.โ€ Sharon added.

โ€œYeah.โ€ Steve trailed off, all of your heads now turned towards the small screen, all slightly puzzled.

Suddenly the lights turn off. The entire base powered down. You and Sam stood up immediately. Sharon spoke hastily.

โ€œSub-level 5, east wing.โ€ And the three of you took off running.

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I would love your opinion on this๐Ÿ˜…Yesterday i was talking to God about my dream job, just idly.(This is something I've given up on a while ago,but i still like to think about it I guess)Later that day, I see a woman wearing a tee-shirt of someone in that profession, going into the church next door to my home.It's very rare to see someone in these shirts at all,&the fact that she was going into the church kind of made me wonder.Should I take it as a sign or keep asking God for more confirmation?

You’d probably have to ask God if it’s a sign hun. But ultimately it’s always a good reminder not to give up on yourself. If seeing the sign inspires you to give it another shot, then go with it.

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you remind me of drizzly sunday mornings lying under a duvet. you remind me of warm candles and vintage records. you remind me of coffee stains on cursive love letters that will never be sent. you remind me of vintage thrift shops filled with memories. but most of all you remind of of the quiet, sleepy kind of love-the kind that takes your breath away. the love that is supermarkets at 2 in the morning and art museum dates and soft kisses. the love that makes you feel warm and kinda fuzzy. pure.

i cannot believe you wrote all those words for me !! i’m so flattered thank you love :~)) this is so beautiful

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hi! i recently came out as trans to my parents and it's like they completely forgot i'm not a girl. they keep referring to me as a girl and it's upsetting me a lot, but i'm too anxious to say anything about it. any tips on how to deal with this?

Hey! I had the same issues with my family when I first came out to them, but they came around eventually without me directly talking to them about it. I brought up trans people that I knew or famous trans people and it kind of reminded them to use my name and pronouns. I think that a main part of coping with this is having a good support system behind you, having friends in person or even just online who use correct pronouns and name can help validate you. I hope this helps!


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choose a person on tumblr who most resembles the following emmerdale characters. tag them too if you dare. 1) aaron 2) liv 3) chas 4) robert 5) vic 6) adam 7) chrissie 8) rebecca 9) leyla 10) ross 11) bob

how is anyone supposed to answer this??? it’s like the hardest question in the history of the universe…

fuck ok well… i mean i’ll try

1. aaron…. so i’ll tag… christ i don’t know who to tag for any of these…. i’ll go with @sugdenspecial because ell just reminds me of aaron, she’s so soft and kind and i would like to wrap her in a blanket

2. ok so for liv i’m going to tag… @littlelooneyluna, again i’m basing this purely off of my initial response and yeah i just see nicole as this cute, loving, loyal person

3. chas is such a hard one to pick…. i think i might say @gargoyles42 because shelby just seems like some kind of matriarch to this fandom haha

4. ok yeah this is simultaneously the hardest and easiest one…. claudia you’ll love me for this so i’m tagging you @inloveamateursatbest

5. i’m going to tag @holyscrap because vic is just such a beautiful, warm person and that’s basically you kim <3

6. adam…. idk why but i’m going to tag @bartsugsy…. no actually i do know why because adam is so positive and upbeat and friendly and that’s literally lo

7. um…. i’m not sure there is anyone in this fandom that reminds me of chrissie?? not enough to tag them anyway

8. i’m 100% tagging @dingleautomotives which is mainly because i 100% associate you with rebecca for obvious reasons, but also rebecca is so fun and bubbly and positive and so are you em!

9. ooh do we have a leyla in the fandom? i might actually go with @robertsuggles because lorna’s always so put together and her posts are always on point plus she’s just fab in general 

10. why are all of these so hard??? idk who ross is in the fandom sorry

11. haha ok god knows if you’re going to be happy with this but…. dani i’m tagging you @theprincessed because you are genuinely the best laugh of anyone in the fandom, you’ve always got something hilarious and positive to say and yeah i just love you lots

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Leo, I just wanna let you know that you're a courageous leader, loyal brother, wonderful friend, honourable son and an impeccable ninja. I think sometimes you need to be reminded of what kind of person you are. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think โค

Thank you, Pie. This means a whole lot to me.

My cat is so beautiful and so kind and so silly and a huge tempestuous bitch with flights of fancy like she reminds me of myself so much I really think she’s my holy grail pussy-kins I wish we could be together forever it’s not fair or right that we won’t considering I literally think and know she’s my soul mate.


Hey y’all, Thanks for 600 followers! As you may or may not have seen earlier, I said I would open requests at 600, and so now they are!

Just as a reminder as to what I don’t do: Characters from shows/OCs and genitalia. If what you request doesn’t sit well with me, I may decline it as well.

You can request any kind of creature or these guys, otherwise it’ll just be my generic guy you see in my other stuff

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i've been vegan for 3 years but sometimes i kind of forget why i am. I know I'm doing this bc I love animals and I respect them but sometimes it slips my mind so I was wondering if there's anything you do to remind yourself about the cause?

I just remind myself that animals are here with us, not for us (+we’re animals too). occasionally I’ll read my answers to vegan related questions on here from 2013/4 and be like “oh yeah that’s why baby me went vegan”.

I think it’s also good to remember that you don’t always have to be angry/upset/loud to be passionate about a cause - often straight after going vegan people fit into one or all of these categories, however after a while you just live your life (without harming other living beings)

but if you want an extra surge of motivation or reasoning, chuck ‘earthlings’ a watch and that should sort you out haha xx

Ratchet Mun Here

Wanting to remind all of you beautiful souls out there that self care is important. As a person who often forgets ( for multiple reasons) to brush my teeth, shower, eat, sleep, or do other ‘normal tasks’, I wanted to make sure that you all know that you are kind, you are all important, and you are all loved. By me. And Ratchet ( although he tends not to show it).

If you need to, treat yoself. Trust me, you will feel 3 million times better if you take a few extra minutes in the shower, or brush your hair extra long, or snuggle up with your favorite blanket for a few minutes longer. Enjoy the little things <3

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Ok, but like, you do not need to rush when writing chapters. Honestly, you write so often it's crazy that you don't got writers block. Please know that even if you don't update often, or like, stop updating TTFOU or just don't want to write for a while, you don't have to, and the majority of us won't mind. We love you Em! - your friendly neighbourhood Anon

This is SO KIND THANK YOU FRIEND <33333333 i needed to hear this tbh

I’m usually good with not letting anything pressure me but its always nice to have this lil reminder

((Also if u ever call me Em,,, i am yOURS i will lvoe u forever))

i am working on ttfou22 now so no need to worry folks!!

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no1 - sentence with Phichit pretty please

“[Y/N]. There’s something I need to tell you. I know this will probably change our relationship forever but I can’t go another day without telling you.”

“Ok … This sounds really serious, Phichit. What’s wrong?” You asked. 

“I love you, [Y/N]. I always have.” He confessed. You were thrown back. Hearing him confess his love was the last thing you expected to hear. The two of you had been friends for years and not once did you suspect that he felt the same way that you did. 

“I-I feel the same.” You admitted. “But why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“I was just kind of hoping that you’d, y’know…fall in love with me.” He replied sheepishly. 

“Well I did.”

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