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Just passing by to say that I love your art, you already made my day so many times and thank you for it <3 luv ya <3

Know that my drawings can make the day of someone better really makes me happy! Thank you so much for the kind words <3 I feel so honored now!!  ❤ THANK YOU!

In this world, it is so easy to be rude and greedy and short. Those are the easiest things to be. We don’t have to be mindful to be those things. They are inherent wants, selfish actions that need little to no push to do or be.

Kindness, generosity, and patience-those take time. Those are learned and they have to be actively practiced. It is a conscious decision to think before you speak and decide, “No, there is enough cruelty in the world, I don’t need to contribute to that.” Be kind until you can’t be kind any more. Give when you are able to.

There will always be a majority who aren’t kind. It’s not about expecting praise or acknowledgement. It’s choosing to combat life’s cruelty in small actions. There will always be suffering in this world and there will always be greed and selfishness and loss. Those things are part of what it means to be alive. As long as we live, we know those things and we are born into them. It’s not to say that life is a bad thing. It’s beautiful. However, all it takes is a small kindness to combat the cruelty of life.

Be the good in the world. Make the conscious decision to be kind. Think before you speak and consider your actions before you make them.

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Shipping you and Cas' trench coat

Lol. I would carry it with me always, from car to car, city to city, wrap it around me at night and bury my face in it like a pillow… mourning the loss of its owner…like a true widow…

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Tell me who you ship me with! (character/other blogger/actor etc)

@ everyone: I’m so sorry for the highly irregular nature of my blog as of late. I kind of fell into a classic film hole (…which is to say an Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole hole). If you’re okay with that, great! If not, I would like to apologize for spamming your dashes.