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You are too much for me to handle. I can’t believe that you are who you are; perfect in every kind of way, which makes it impossible for me to describe what I’m seeing before me.
—  Poets Love Her

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Hey babe~ (do I sound like Zen lol) could you do a HC with a MC that is really sensitive. For example, get a way too excited when they get little gifts like a book or bubble tea. Yet, even the slightest thing wrong can make them get really depressed. You can see that I'm not a stable human being. I become gullible just by the smallest acts of kindness and literally started crying today because someone broke my eraser in half. I'm a high schooler so I obviously have issues...

(sorry for the screaming I got excited that I’m not the only person like this,,,,)

-You’re both just a couple of sensitive puppies.
-If one of you is upset, the other is upset.
-You guys are a mess.
-But in the nicest way possible.
-You both understand each other so well because you’re so similar with your emotions.
-You can also bet Yoosung will be right with you getting excited over bubble tea.
-You both get hyped over every little thing, it’s invigorating to have someone to scream and freak out with.
-You gets very protective when he sees you crying. Even if you try to pass it off as not a big deal, it’s a big deal to him.
-Someone made you cry and that’s not okay.
-He’ll make things right, sometimes meaning he gets whoever did it to apologize, sometimes they refuse.
-When you get depressed, so does he. He likes to hold you to make you feel better, but if you don’t like that, he talks about other things to distract you, and hopefully makes you laugh.
-It always works.
-He’s worried about how you can be so gullible to nice things people do for you and keeps an eye on everyone that is being too friendly. If they do anything he doesn’t trust, he intervenes. It’s not so controlling to the point of over protection and manipulation, he steps off when you tell him to. He’s just keeping an eye out for you.

-So. Cute.
-Cannot. PROCESS.
-Because you get so excited, you are like the biggest cheerleader for his acting.
-He gets a new role, you are buzzing with excitement. You ramble about how amazing and talented your boyfriend is as you jump and clap in excitement.
-Really feeding his ego, aren’t ya?
-But, he hates when you cry or you get depressed.
-He always panics, no matter what it is.
-He doesn’t care if it’s something small. He always takes it seriously.
-Your emotions are valid. He really stresses that if you ever feel like a wimp for crying over things.
-In his eyes, tears = upset, and it’s his job to fix whatever it is.
-You can’t be so gullible to kindness _____ the wolves are gonna get you~
-He is secretly extremely nervous about you trusting people so easily because the wolves. He’s scared of someone taking advantage of you and you not realizing it until it’s too late. It might even keep him awake at night occasionally. You can bet that anyone who takes advantage of you will be fought.
-When you’re depressed, he’ll take you out somewhere to get fresh air and clear your head, while also giving you reassuring words and joking around in hopes to cheer you up.

-She gets very flustered every time you cry.
-She can be such a mom about it.
-You have no idea how many tissues she keeps in her purse at all times.
-She sees you tearing up and frantically rustles through her purse for tissues.
-But she loves how excited you can get.
-You can imagine the amount of fangirling you do together.
-It makes giving you special little gifts “just because” even more rewarding because even if it’s just a new book you can’t stop smiling and thanking her.
-She loves making you happy like that.
-She’s learned a thing or two about relaxing since she stopped working for Jumin, so she is able to calm you down when you start crying.
-She gives you little presents when you get depressed since you get so happy over even the smallest thing.
-It never fails.
-She isn’t too worried about your trust in everyone that is kind to you. She finds it nice that you see everyone with such an open mind, like you see everyone as good.
-She’ll know when to keep you in check, though, if a bad person tries to take advantage of you. If anyone were to take advantage of you, they’d definitely hear from Jaehee.

-You’re very emotional and he’s very emotionless (well, on the outside)
-He’s very good at keeping you out of stressful or overwhelming situations somehow.
-It’s like he has a sixth sense that tells him when you’re getting upset.
-He can sense your distress from a mile away.
-So you have nothing to worry about.
-He can tell when you’re getting upset and he will immediately take you away from whatever is bothering you and calm you down.
-He wipes your tears gently off your cheeks and kisses where they used to be.
-You’re going to have to work even harder to keep him from spoiling you after he sees how excited you get over the smallest of gifts.
-He loves putting a smile on your face, so he will buy you little presents everyday if you don’t stop him.
-He eventually realizes the gifts are more special if they aren’t an everyday thing.
-Overall, he is very good at handling your emotions for you.
-Lots of supervision when he realizes how easily you trust others. You have such a pure innocent soul it kind of worries him. You could easily be taken advantage of, but he will never let that happen.

-He doesn’t tease you nearly as much when he finds out how sensitive you are because he would hate himself if he made you cry.
-When you do cry, he tears up too. He’s really sensitive to your emotions.
-Anything that makes you cry is valid to him. He won’t judge you for crying over spilt milk because if it’s making you cry, it means it’s stressing and upsetting you, which is not okay.
-You got along with Seven at first because when either of you were excited, it rubbed off on the other, and he always entered the chatroom energetically.
-Even now, as Saeyoung, he is still affected by how excitable you are.
-He feels like his old self again because of you and your positivity.
-Because of that, when you get depressed, it’s like his world is dark.
-He does everything he can to make you feel better.
-Expect lots of bubble tea.
-It’s no wonder you fell for Unknown, you’re so gullible, which is worrying. He is very protective of you because of that. If he gets suspicious of someone, he voices his concerns. Thankfully, because of him, nobody takes advantage of you.

-You don’t have to worry because V never does anything that could make you cry. He’s so gentle and considerate, you have nothing to worry about.
-Also, anytime you do cry, he manages to cheer you up and calm you down perfectly.
-When you get depressed, he’ll ask you to read him a story. That way, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.
-It usually works. If it doesn’t, he’ll give you reassuring words. They never feel like empty words either because you know V in sincere.
-Whenever you get excited over little things like books and bubble tea, he just stares at you with the most peaceful, lovestruck smile.
-A “that’s my beautiful wonderful other half wow i love them and they’re all mine” smile
-The excitement makes his life so much brighter than it used to be.
-So I guess you can say you’re his light.
-He’s very trusting of people also, but he’s cautious after what happened to Rika. He doesn’t trust new people like he used to, especially people around you. He acts like nothing is wrong, but he observes everyone that gets close to you. He calms down soon enough, he just doesn’t want to lose his light. He’s paranoid.

-If anyone ever makes you cry, they are immediately on his bad side.
-“I want them to die.”
-“Saeran, it’s okay. They just broke my eraser.”
-“Your point?”
-He hates seeing you in tears, but he loves when you get all excited over something he sees as minuscule.
-Like he’ll offer you the last of his food when he’s done eating and you get so happy. Or sometimes when he asks if you want to go out on a date you become ecstatic.
-It’s refreshing having such unconfined positivity buzzing next to him all day.
-It makes it even more sad when you’re upset because he’d rather see you smiling over bubble tea than crying.
-Even if it’s something small, he is very concerned. You being sad makes him sad, so when you get depressed, he hates it.
-He’s not good at finding the right words, but he never leaves your side when you’re sad, no matter how long it is.
-It shows how much he truly loves you and how concerned he is for you.
-He doesn’t trust people at all, and you’re overly trusting. You balance each other out. Nobody will dare take advantage of you when they know Saeran is with you because if anyone were to do something to you, it would be the last thing they did.

Guess who started reading the Captive Prince series



Close the blinds and kill the birds, I surrender
my desire for a logical culmination. I surrender my
desire to be healed. The blurriness of being alive.
Take it or leave it, and for the most part you take it.
Not just the idea of it but the ramifications of it.
People love to hate themselves, avoiding the
necessary recalibrations. Shame comes from vanity.
Shame means you’re guilty, like the rest of us,
but you think you’re better than we are. Maybe you
are. What would a better me paint? There is no
new me, there is no old me, there’s just me, the same
me, the whole time. Vanity, vanity, forcing your
will on the world. Don’t try to make a stronger wind,
you’ll wear yourself out. Build a better sail. You
want to solve something? Get out of your own way.
What’s the difference between me and the world?
Compartmentalization. The world doesn’t know
what to do with my love. Because it isn’t used to
being loved. It’s a framework problem. Disheartening?
Obviously. I hope it’s love. I’m trying really hard
to make it love. I said no more severity. I said it severely
and slept through all my appointments. I clawed
my way into the light but the light is just as scary.
I’d rather quit. I’d rather be sad. It’s too much work.
Admirable? Not really. I hate my friends. And when
I hate my friends I’ve failed myself, failed to share
my compassion. I shine a light on them of my own
making: septic, ugly, the wrong yellow. I mean, maybe
it’s better if my opponent wins.

(Richard Siken)

Things about 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)” #7

Crowley: “The oldest of the old demons. First generation after Lilith. Lucifer turned them himself before the oceans drank Atlantis.”

Castiel: “They were generals trained to lead armies in the war against Heaven.”

Alright, so… basically all of a sudden “Knights of Hell” never were a thing or??? I mean, seriously! We knew that apparently Hell had as much of a hierarchy as Heaven does, but the way the “Princes of Hell” (also I have an inkling feeling where this is headed in relation to all the allusions with Sam as Lucifer’s vessel stuff and well… can’t say I am to keen on anything like that happening tbh) are described sounds kind of like the “Knights of Hell” were described, so…. Colour me confused here… I am not one to pick apart every canon inconsistency, but this one here does throw me off tbh. Will the Knights of Hell at least be mentioned at some point? Because, well…If Cain and his knights were handpicked by Lucifer himself and Cain trained the Knights in the war against Heaven just… was Cain a “double agent” or something? Or did Lucifer create Cain so Cain would create more Knights and those knights would look over armies which then served under those princes? I hope we’ll get some answers here, because right now I am just terrifically confused.

Edit: Also, may those princes be fallen angels too? Would be interesting…

I love all Dorianmancers. I absolutely love Adaar x Dorian, Cadash x Dorian, Lavellan x Dorian, Trevelyan x Dorian, Bull x Dorian, Cullen x Dorian, literally anyone who identifies as male x Dorian. But seeing how horribly some Dorianmancers act towards other Dorian ships is super down putting and frustrating. If you don’t feel comfortable with certain ships, or prefer other ships, then that’s fine! Just don’t try to shit on literally everyone who likes a certain Dorian ship just because it goes against your ~headcanon~. Dorian loves men. That’s it. He loves manly men and he loves softer, less masculine men. He loves tall Qunari men, and he loves short, hairy Dwarves. He loves broadly muscled men, and he loves men who aren’t ripped. He loves thin men and chubby men. He loves human, elven, dwarf, and Qunari men, and no matter how hard some people whine and stamp their feet yelling “Dorian only loves x kind of men in my headcanon and anything that’s opposite of that kind of man is wrong and grosses me out”, Dorian is still going to continue loving all kinds of male Inquisitors and characters. Dorian loves men.

Konan and Obscene: Virginity is not purity

I just saw a post that said that Konan is a virgin because she is timid or shy which kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Kishimoto describes Konan as “obscene.” 

“obscene” and “hot” are not the same thing. Kishimoto doesn’t even describe Mei as “obscene” and she is someone who lusts after younger men. Not even Kurenai, an attractive woman who has actually had confirmed sex. So why would Konan be the only woman in the Naruto verse described this way?

Obscene also doesn’t mean that she sleeps around with many different men. She is not a slut by any means. Does she have sex every waking moment of the day with random men? No. That’s not at all what we said.

Occasionally she likes to divulge in the pleasures of flesh but would be much more content to use toys and other methods of stimulation. Having sex with an Amegakure citizen would be totally against her quota. I do not see her doing something like that.

However, if she finds a non-Amegakure Citizen cute she might just decide to have a night of fun. And honestly there is nothing wrong with that.

Yes, Konan has only loved Yahiko. Does that mean that she can never have sex. No. Sex is a feeling and a physical action. Emotional intimacy is something extremely different that Konan will not open herself easily to.

The whole argument about what will people think and what will Obito think? Konan is a sensory ninja and an amazing spy. She will not talk about any relations she has outside of Akatsuki business.

And the fact of the matter is, she does not care what Obito would think if he did find out she had sex 1-5 times in her lifetime. (more or less give or take)

Showing how Konan is a quiet and observant person, planning Obito/madara’s demise.

This is her body language when she speaks to Obito in an official meeting. Casual and not concerned at all and doesn’t show him the slightest amount of respect.

Konan is just not a timid girl that follows orders. That is not her character. She is not shy, she does not hide behind Pein despite how many people think this. Pein just overshadows her as a character. And shown here she clearly does not give a single fuck to what Obito thinks.

Konan’s general attitude of Timidness and reservedness is only reserved towards Pein because the GUILT she feels over Yahiko’s death. Pein carries a power over her and Konan doesn’t truly start to become herself until she’s able to make peace and let go of Yahiko.

Now I’m not saying that virgins can’t be confident woman either, but it’s usually more common that once a woman has already experienced sex, it provides her with more confidence. (or turn them off from sex forever.) Every persons sexual experience is different. Itachi and Sasori @evartandadam​ said are virgins based on their personality. Itachi is so protective of his younger brother and his life turned into a living hell and continued to be once he turned 4. Sasori is like: Human desires, who needs those things… Nah brah, I’ll become a puppet, people are gross and annoying.

But due to Konan’s supreme confidence:

(Who just calls someone who they KNOW is a serial killer, casually a homicidal maniac? That is too ballsy to even comprehend. Even Hidan is lookin at her like: “….Psh… NAH… Y’all stupid.”  )

Another Point, Konan was spying on Obito for a long extended period of time. Who’s to say she wouldn’t follow him into the bathroom. Cause lets be real, the bathroom might be one of the most private places to exchange information without prying eyes. I can imagine many talks with Zetsu occurred in the bathroom under the guise of doing something else.

Konan is a spy paper lady who observed Obito in the Akatsuki 24/7. She would not be ashamed to see his dick or shy away from wherever he went during his time there. Even if it was a brothel or something questionable.

She also calls Sasori YOUNG MAN when they are the exact same age. She sees herself as someone older and more mentally mature as someone like Sasori. (and sasori is mentally 100 lets be real he’s a cranky old man)

I feel this isn’t a projection thing. I see Konan is someone who is confident and assured and not a virgin at all. Like we have someone who has called Madara “DARKNESS” Hidan a “HOMOCIDAL MANIAC” and Sasori a “YOUNG MAN”. She is very confident and demands respect and power with her tone and every move she walks. 

Saying Konan isn’t confident is just not her character. She is not shy like Itachi, nor she is not sosopathic disregarded humanity like Sasori.

Even if you want to argue that she was loyal to Yahiko in body just as much as she was in mind… (even though at the end of her character development and arc she let him go.) You are saying that Yahiko and Konan NEVER had sex. Which I wholy disagree.

I do see Yahiko being Konan’s first. Sure it was dumb awkward teenage hormone sex and none of them kinda knew what they were doing. I can see them having sex maybe once or twice. I made a rant years ago about how Konan actively flirts with Yahiko and teases him. Even as a teenager she was a bit confident and pushing her limits. 

But here’s the short version. Konan had a love letter sent to her by another Akatsuki member. (The OG guys not the Akatsuki we know) She receives this letter, then PURPOSELY delivers this to Yahiko. Now this can be seen as heartless or mean spirited, but no. Konan was confident. She loved Yahiko and wanted to see if he loved her back. This is a very confident and ballsy way of flirting. Like: “Hey, I know you’re looking at me, but letting you know, there are other guys looking at me too. So ya know, come and find me when you’re ready hotshot.”

Even Nagato be like:

I don’t see her as someone who would hold her virginity on a pedestal and claim that she’s pure. That’s something I would see Hidan doing, but not her.

I will dab outside of the Naruto fandom here,but why does a woman who is confident with her body and know what she wants a bad thing? For example I will show a character who has slept around with many men in the past and isn’t victimized or demonized for it.

And this is the only example I could think of in all of media. Which is saddening.  At least in terms of animation.(I don’t watch many non-animated things) Woman who have had sex before are seen as sluts or non-pure, which is a completely sexist attitude to have towards woman in general. And I have met other woman who think this about each other, Woman can be sexists too and it’s actually more common to see. Like half of my woman friends have very misogynistic views of society and their roles as women in it.

 I will keep this as spoiler free for those who haven’t watched that Steven Universe or are in the process of watching Steven Universe. Rose Quartz told Greg that she has slept around with other humans before and has never been in a real serious romantic relationship involving other humans. Does this make her a bad person? No. Has she hurt people because of this. Of course. Is she openly judged for liking to get around? No. 

People in the context of the show look up to her as a great military leader and someone who is gorgeous beautiful and confident. Within the show’s context it’s hinted that there is a bigger mystery to her, but even now in later seasons she is considered a well-rounded and very complex character.

Another tangent but people writing usually say “I have problems writing women.” And I will voice my opinion on that briefly and divulge a bit on a tangent.

The biggest pitfall of writing women in fiction is writing women in fiction basically.

Men have taken the “default” position as the “everyman” Women tend to be written as females rather then people and all their issues are about being female. (Sakura and Ino are prime examples. Konan is a bit different then Sakura because none of her issues revolve around being female, They resolve around saving her country, which is why she has always been more interesting)

 It’s not just a mistake male writers make, woman writers make this mistake too because we follow the social trends we are raised on. 

So, many people think the way around this is to write their women as PEOPLE first, developing their traits the same way you would a male character, and leaving the gender by the wayside.

While this is kind of a step in the right direction but there is a bit of a problem with that too. You run the risk of forgetting the societal element. How the outside world reacts to a woman acting in a certain way. And this is true. Society cares way more about how woman act and look in the public eye then men do. Not saying that guys are judged by the media too, girls just have way little breathing room then men do.

Even if you do not want to write about the characters issues that are exclusively female, you may need to acknowledge them depending on your story. 

And if you DON’T, there will be aspects of the story that ring false.

The same is true for men of course but there is much more content for that balance, There are way more male coming of age stories because we understand more clearly what society expects of them because we see it so often and it’s easier to write. 

So sorry to toss my two cents on writing woman. As well as Konan’s development, and how she is a fem fatale. 

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17, Female, 5'3" I think?? I'm short, Brown hair and eyes, Writing Music. I was thinking a breakfast date but at any time you like with all the fluffy food you'd like and then go to a garden conservatory. Idk it might be stupid but I associate you with light and flowers and just soft beautiful things so that's what I'd like to do, fair warning I'm really awkward and cheesy

aa aa omg u sound adorable this is all so cute ;v; also breakfast + a garden definitely sounds like my kind of date !

describe yourself to me on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you!

Sleeping awake

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Summary: Dean x Reader - The Winchesters and the reader is hunting a creature that’s been killing women in their sleep when it comes to them instead.

Triggers: Threat of death, nightmares, panic attack, sleep paralysis

Word Count: 3891

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

[Comment: I suffer from sleep paralysis at least once a week so I guess I kind of wrote this for myself as well. Sorry for the weak sleep paralysis descriptions, it’s kind of impossible to properly describe the helplessness that comes with it. Let me know what you think!]

“So a total of five women have been found suffocated in their beds after several nights of waking nightmares involving complete body paralysis, hallucinations and excessive paranoia,” You read aloud from the newspaper article to the two guys in the front seat.

You were headed towards your next hunt and as usual you were in the backseat as Dean drove and Sam looked through his father’s journal from the front. Seated between the two guys, leaning forward from the cramped backseat, you were repeating the case details to them. Trying to make the most out of the road trip by finding out what the hell you were fighting before you got there.

“No signs of breaking and entering and no external or internal signs of force can be found as a reason behind the suffocation,” You continued, skimming through the printout of the article that had been headline news in the local newspaper and looking through other papers for other titbits of information.

According to the different articles the official statement was that the women had all died from unexplainable SUNDS, sudden unexpected death syndrome, but you knew better. The whole thing reeked of something supernatural. And luckily, you were experts in the field of ganking the evil sons of bitches that usually were behind killings of the more paranormal persuasion, or just behind anything plain weird.

“So what are we thinking? Ghosts? Incubi?” Dean said from the front seat, his emerald green eyes glancing up at you through the rear-view mirror.

“I don’t know… The women’s explanations make it seem like a ghost is doing it, but there is something off about the whole thing,” You said, chewing on the nail of your thumb, a bad habit that reared its ugly head whenever you fell deep into thought.

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So I’m sort of obsessed with the Samwell Women’s Volleyball team. Cp can be a bit of a sausage fest, and just, lady athletes are awesome… also I have found through my research that volleyball butts can definitely rival hockey butts o_o

I was inspired by @abermb and @asterlark‘s posts about the team (here and here) and @abermb was also kind enough to describe to me what their wonderful OC’s look like so I’m absolutely going to draw some of them too! I meant to post them all at the same time but I’ve been super slow. So, starting with our canon volleyball girls: April, March, and Caitlin. 

It kind of bothers me when I see some people describing Azula as “born evil.”

No. She is not “born evil.”

For on thing “born evil” does not describes her.

Bryan Konietzko: “There are obviously some truly evil people in the world, but in the case of Azula, her repressed emotions and jealousies corroded her spirit and made her become that way.”

For another, Azula was manipulated from the time of her birth to believe a certain way. She was taught to see others as inferior, and to see the inferior as inherantly weak. She was taught to use her clever mind for war strategies and manipulations, she was taught that her firebending powers were for exerting dominance and force “It is possible that she could turned out better in a healthier environment, but growing up in a royal family of a nation seeking world domination proved to exacerbate her problems.” -Bryan Konietzko. She was taught that love and emotions were weaknesses, and they must be snuffed out or there would be consequences. She was taught that trust was for fools, and fear was the only reliable way.

She was raised to be a weapon, not a daughter, probably from the moment she first showed any firebending ability. Since Azula was a natural prodigy, this was likely from a very early age. “Despite his apparent pride in Azula’s prodigious firebending skills and sheer prowess, it was clear that Ozai held little true, unconditional love for Azula. Like Zuko, she was largely a tool to further his own efforts of conquering the world.”, “Azula and Zuko had to live up to their father’s expectations, and even though Azula succeeded, she was pressured into becoming a perfectionist, settling for nothing less than what would make Ozai proud.” Avatar Wiki

In short, her entire belief system was instilled in her by her father and her upbringing. Her entire world came crashing down the moment that system failed her. After that Azula shows very palpable emotions- fear/paranoia, sadness, shame, loneliness, self-loathing.  She even shows an awareness of love during her hallucination…it’s entirely subconscious, but the fact that hallucinated Ursa admitted that she loved Azula shows that deep down Azula knows what love is, and she knows that her mother did love her, despite the neglect. And yes Ursa did neglect Azula’s emotional needs. That’s the difference between her and Zuko- Zuko very clearly felt and experienced his mother’s love. Azula did not, because Ursa favored Zuko heavily. “As ”The Beach” and “Sozin’s Comet” showed, she has a lot of unresolved issues with her mother. She really feels that her mother didn’t love her as much as Zuko, and this drives her crazy, literally.“ -Mike DiMartino .

"But you can see why she is so troubled and why she lashes out. I had a strange relationship with my own mom, so I completely relate to her wanting to get approval and how she turns that need into anger, and hurt. There’s just nothing like… a mother’s love is so important, if you don’t have that…it can mess with people.” -Grey DeLisle. Even so, I do believe Ursa loved her daughter in some way.

Anyways. None of those things add up to someone being “born evil.” That’s a lot of grey area there and “Smoke and Shadow” proves that, and proves that Azula is capable of treating her illness. And anyone’s worldview can be changed.

After all, Zuko’s was. And Zuko could have easily slipped down a similar path that Azula did. Those two are different yet very much alike. “You can deny it for a little while, but eventually you will become just like me.” -Azula to Zuko, which Bryke mentioned in an interview “Zuko and Azula can exchange roles if some events were different.”

And no, I’m not saying that Azula didn’t do horrible things. She was a villain, after all. But she’s neither “pure” nor “born evil.”

The Queen of Mirkwood again (surprise!) chilling with Celebrian, because they totally would have been besties.

self. self we talked about this. DON’T SHIP IT.