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“You should know those men killed themselves. Because they didn’t -burp- let me out”

It’s Rat Suit Pickle Rick!!

Made with minky fabric, custom minky fabric, embroidered face, fabric markers, with pipe cleaners and polyfil inside.

Measuring 15 inches tall. 

Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.


Judai: So~♪ Tsukipro strikes again!

And this time, it’s a beautiful art of Shun-sama and Hajime-san in the Rabbit Kingdom setting.

OMG! Look at Hajime’s hand!!!

I don’t know if I should think of it as “Finally! Hajime initiating contact by touch with Shun!” or “Hajime, are you trying to kill Shun by choking him or something?”



I’m going to sleep. Its already 1:44 am and I got work to do later.

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- Judai


Ok so here’s that lengthy race recap I promised. Grab a coffee.

If only you could snip up your life. Cut out the wrong parts, the parts that kill you inside. But then, maybe Noor wouldn’t want to run a marathon now. She would not be capable of what she is now.
- a quote from the book that I read when I was 15, the book that made me want to run a marathon

I’d gotten a ticket for the latest starters, those aiming for a time above 4:30. Upon arrival I saw to my big relieve that there was a pacer team for 4:45, my most realistic finishing time. The pacing lady advised me to hang out with them until at least halfway and then only accelerate if I still felt like it at 30k or so. So I made that my plan. (I really have to laugh here, it was just the best, as if there was a chance in hell I’d be accelerating at 30k into my first marathon)

It was clear from the start that sticking with the pacer group was the best decision I could’ve made. No need to check my watch and worry every other minute if I was going out too fast or too slow. All I needed to do was to follow along and keep up with the three bouncing 4:45 balloons.

The whole first half, I was smiling so big. I realized that I would never ever be doing my first marathon again. My friends, my family and even a classmate were coming. They were all coming to see me doing my first marathon and it made me feel so loved. Each time I saw my boyfriend (he was travelling the city to cheer on five different spots), it was just the best. My mom, the seasoned runner, came with the perfect things at the right time (a cap to protect me from the rising heat). I was running super consistent easy going miles. The pacing team was outright heartwarming. They were like running guardian angels. Each water stop they’d take extra sponges and water to hand out to other runners that could use some extra. They kept an eye on the runners that surrounded them and chatted me up to see how I was doing.

Passing the 21k mark, I was doing quite well with some mild soreness in my joints and no desire to leave my beloved pacers at all. We just strutted along happily and consistently as a family of people who did not know each other at all.

I saw my mom again, with another perfect gift, handing me a banana. It was again exactly what I needed. But it fell at the next water station. I peed behind a container and shared my toilet paper with another girl.

30k passed and I could feel the temperature rising every fifteen minutes. The pacing lady had reminded me that this was only where the marathon begins. To be honest, it was savage. I saw a runner flat on his stomach, aided by the police. There was a woman crying. Uphill on an overpass, I felt the wall on my shoulders. I worried. The last thing I ate should’ve been an energy bar, but it was only half of that banana I’d dropped. Was it too little? My best response was just to stuff in half a caramel-salt-sesame bar. I think it helped. There was barely any saliva to chew it with. I’d brought electrolyte solution but it had heated up to a nasty warm mixture of salt and sweetener. I may have asked for a taxi.

Then pacing lady yelled: “Everyone is going to drink two cups of water here!”. There was a water station coming up. With sponges! And bananas! I spit out what was left of the energy bar, guzzled down the water, took two sponges and a banana. Thank god for bananas. So full of minerals and soft and easy to eat! This is probably where pacing lady saved my life. She asked me a mile further how I was doing and all I could reply was “better than a few minutes ago”. She said that had been the worst and we’d passed the hardest point. I wasn’t sure if I believed her. After all, according to her, the marathon had just begun.

I hadn’t really done so before, but I started ticking off the kilometers. Only ten to go. Nine. Eight. We passed 35 and I was running further than I had ever before. Another member of the pacer group cheered that I was PR-ing with every step and that if I’d run a few steps after the finish, then technically I would complete an ultra today.

Not only was I running further than I had ever before, I was also hurting more than I had ever before. I was looking in every direction to find an excuse to take a break. I just could not find one relevant enough. I knew I’d see my friends, my family and my classmate once more before the finish. I did not want them to come all the way to the city center of Amsterdam on sunday morning, only to see me walk. I wanted to pee but I was in the bloody city center with no porta potti in sight. And I did not want to lose the pacer group. By now, I had no clue how I’d make it to the finish without them. All I had to do was follow the bouncy balloons and the taped legs of pacer lady. It was all I could do.

I passed my boyfriend (sign: “only 5,5 km we love you!!!”), I passed my mom and brother (sign: “#vera #yolo”). The closer we got to the finish, the more I looked for reasons to stop, the less reasons I could find. I could not believe my eyes that my classmate was actually there at 40,5 km, running the last kilometer to the stadium with me. I almost got caught between two runners, forcing me to sprint away, making me realize that there was power in my legs for a sprint. I came in the stadium so fast that I almost got confused for a fast half marathon finisher.

The actual finish is a blur. All I remember is that I realized that I really did just finish a marathon. I hugged pacing lady and I hugged a Frenchman that had carried a wheelchair (with a person in it! the whole marathon!). I thanked the two other pacers and went to lie in the grass, in the sun.

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S/O and Ouma, Maki, Tenko, and Kiibo being the last two survivors of the killing game? Thanks! <3

S/O and Ouma, Maki, Tenko, and Kiibo being the last two survivors of the killing game!

I apologize beforehand that this imagine was drastically shortened in both length and quality, I ran out of ideas very quickly so it is quite repetitive. Otherwise, I still hope you can forgive me for this little inconvenience and enjoy it at least a bit nonetheless.

Ouma Kokichi

  • Ever since the start of the killing game, Ouma wanted nothing more just to ruin it.
  • Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out the way he wanted.
  • Sure, he survived with the person he loved, but the ultimate failure of not ending this killing game himself with his cruel antics still bothered him deep inside.
  • While Ouma doesn’t regret being merciless and harsh with his ways, he regrets not being able to do more.
  • He could’ve ended this killing game sooner.
  • Although he wanted to believe those words, he knew there were nothing more than empty lies.
  • Now, that was enough mourning!
  • He feels actually very glad his s/o survived alongside with him. He really finds solace in it.
  • They can finally start out fresh in the real world even after everything they had to commit to get this result.

Maki Harukawa

  • Maki definitely hadn’t anticipated this kind of a result.
  • For someone like her to survive, someone who kills people for money, good or bad, as long as she’s been paid she had to do it.
  • Yes, she’s happy she has survived this cruel killing game with her precious s/o.
  • But at the same time, they’ve already been scarred beyond repair.
  • The suffering she and her s/o had to get through was enormous.
  • Seeing their friends die one by one, of course, Maki wasn’t that affected by most of the deaths, as she is used to seeing many deceased, but she’s aware that wasn’t her s/o’s case.
  • She knew that her s/o was nearly at the final breaking point.
  • She truly wants nothing more than to regain their sanity and hold onto the remaining bits of it.
  • After all, they can finally start anew together.

Tenko Chabashira

  • From the beginning of the killing game Tenko swore on her life she’d protect her s/o no matter what.
  • After all, what kind of an Ultimate Aikido Master would she be if she wasn’t able to protect even her most beloved?
  • Well, theoretically both her and her s/o managed to survive!
  • The downside of that is, it’s because they were the only remaining students.
  • Tenko felt immense sadness overcome her, she felt sorry even for her fellow male degenerates she despised so much.
  • Even if they were scum, they didn’t deserve to receive such a cruel fate.
  • Tenko felt another great pang at her heart when she thought about a certain mage she wanted to be friends with so badly, it made her regret ten times worse.
  • She calmed down a little after her s/o took her hand into theirs, and whispered sweet nothings to her.
  • Although she’s still scared and anxious, as long as she has her s/o with her, she’s determined to not let their survival to go to waste,
  • For everyone’s sake.


  • The Ultimate Robot couldn’t believe his calculations for once.
  • He just couldn’t believe the fact that this game is finally over.
  • Even without a heart, he feels overjoyed, he managed to get through this horrifying experience with his s/o!
  • But of course, this so called happy-ending existed just overshadow the large feeling of loss and regret this monstrous game came with.
  • While his inner voice told him the most logical solution in this case would be to accept the situation, Kiibo couldn’t help but to quietly mourn over his now deceased classmates with his s/o.
  • He wanted to cry alongside his s/o, he wanted to show his great amount of pain he has also been receiving.
  • However, as someone not made from flesh but just metal parts, he doesn’t have that function.
  • He knows how much his s/o is suffering right now, and even as someone who shows emotions through calculations and codes, he will try his best not to make them disappointed in him from now on.
  • That, he can promise.

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What is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?

I’m already into piss. I’m already into public disgrace, humiliation, pain in any form and BDSM. The only thing I can think of that’s worse is being a whore in front of my parents. Having mommy and daddy come home to see their baby girl bound and gagged on the floor, drooling all over the carpet. Having my real daddy walk into the restroom at the bar and see his princess chained to a urinal, already soaking in a million men’s filth. Having a kidnapper (or my dirty daddy, same thing) rape me in front of my parents, force me to taste my real daddy’s hardening cock and mommy’s juicy piss she’s held inside her for hours. And having my daddy suck the cum out of my asshole after my kidnapper is done with me. And then kill me too, maybe. But then he can’t won’t be able to have his way with me again, and trust me, I’ll obey you down the T.


The power of layers and layer modes

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illyrians wrapping their wings around their mates while snuggling

You make me feel like maybe I’m not as bad as I think

How dan and phil probably broke up #41
  • Phil: *to dan* If I was an enzyme I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes ;))