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There are five (5) types of Lucy popular in fanfiction! 

1) Rich bitch Lucy. She’s mean for no reason, probably a bully. May have killed a man in the past, but no one knows for sure. This is the reverse fuckboi Natsu. He’s going to “change” her because reasons. May be a gang related AU. Lucy’s father is a dick and Lucy may or may not murder him. Drives six cares. Is unnecessarily cruel to everyone, especially Natsu and sometimes Loke. Has some kind of rivalry with Erza. The only person she’s ever nice to is Levy, but no one knows this until halfway through the story. The only reason for Lucy acting this way is that her mother died.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may be a cheerleader and whoever she’s paired with is either a jock or a nerd. There is no in between. 
  • Lucy’s only friends are Levy and Virgo, but she’s not exactly nice to either of them.

2) New Girl Lucy. Generally canon compliant. Lucy is either a runaway and no one knows, or her father moves a lot because of business. This is the eighth school she’s been to this year and she’s determined not to get attached to people. Utter bookworm. Only friend is Levy, also a nerd, and potentially Juvia/Jellal, both social outcasts. If bullied by either Gajeel or the Sabertooth crew. Natsu (a jock of course) “saves” her after ignoring her existence for three weeks. She probably ends up tutoring him or something. Lucy probably writes poetry and there’s some sort of scene where she’s humiliated by the antagonist, who’s found one of her poems/songs/etc and is now reading it in front of everyone. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • fuckboi jock Natsu. New girl Lucy may be compliant with Player!Natsu and she may “change” him as he suddenly falls head over heels for her.
  • Levy is supposed to be her best friend, but is mysteriously absent whenever something bad happens to Lucy, allowing white knight Natsu to swoop in.

3) Dragon slayer Lucy. She’s been kicked out of/left the guild because Lisanna came back and now everyone is ignoring her. Was kicked off the team. May or may not have been abused by members of the guild, likely Natsu and Erza, maybe Gray. The only people that still talk to her are Levy, Gajeel, Mirajane, Wendy, and Happy. Lucy runs away to become stronger and magically meets the celestial dragon slayer. May or may not be introduced to the rest of the dragons. Is taught all the magic! Probably joins Sabertooth. Meets Fairy Tail at the Grand Magic Games. Beats up Natsu in a fight. Something happens and they realize they’re in love. Happy ending.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may or may not shack up with Sting/Rogue for a bit. Sometimes both.
  • Igneel and the rest of the dragons are utter dicks and have just been chilling somewhere while their kids go out of their minds.
  • Lucy’s dragon is probably called Celeste.
  • Lisanna may or may not have been manipulating the guild in some way, and when everyone finds out she’s either murdered or banished. Everyone tries to look for Lucy but can’t find her.
  • Happy is probably pissed at Natsu. He may even go with Lucy.
  • Alternatively may gain a bunch or random keys. Probably labeled as “platinum.” One of them is the dragon, Draco, and he’s super hot, with dark hair and eyes, but he’s probably an asshole. Has a human and dragon form.

4) Sex appeal!Lucy. Acts like Lucy from the first three arcs of FT. Is vain and naive. Overtly sexualized by the writer but has no idea what a penis is. Is Lucy but with no real world experience. All of her development was rolled into a ball and tossed in a dumpster (writers circa 2006-2010 get a pass on this, because they may only be familiar with early Lucy).

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • There might be really weird, awkward smut so… yeah.
  • Slut Shaming.

5) Actual Lucy. Well rounded character. Would do anything for her friends. May have self-doubt issues, but learns to overcome these without magically learning a new type of magic with no restrictions. Is generally sweet, but doesn’t take shit from anyone. May be witty or sarcastic, but is never inherently mean about it. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Everyone’s little sister. 
  • If AU, probably lives alone in an apartment with a dog. Usually small, a terrier breed. 

Trauma affects how we give and receive love

I really like how the last arc segued into this one through Arima and Kaneki both belatedly realizing they loved each other. In retrospect it really opened the dialogue for all the different ways characters process their feelings, and how their individual histories sometimes make it hard to receive those feelings from others. 

Arima and Kaneki were both so blinded by their hatred towards themselves that they failed to see how another person might care about them. 

Urie was so obsessed with shouldering everyone’s burdens and trying to get approval that he didn’t know there were people already proud of him. Kuriowa was raised in a family that values love over work, and he reached right out for Yoriko… the list goes on.

Mutsuki, however, is a person who does not know real love at all. This is what struck me most about his dialogue this chapter:

“Don’t go away.”

The poor kid is so emotionally devestated that somewhere back in the confines of his mind he equates Haise’s presence to his happiness.

“When you’re not here… without you, I…”

Mutsuki’s capture and ultimate collapse began with Haise leaving. If it weren’t for the attack on the LE building, Haise never would have stepped down, Mutsuki never would have moved forward to find strength on his own, wouldn’t have gone to recon at Rue, and never would have been tortured.

Or so he thinks. Haise was there when he was at his most stable, so Haise needs to stay here for him to be happy again, because happiness is love and how else will a “disgusting” person like himself get love if he doesn’t force it?

Mutsuki’s was beaten by his father. T*rso wanted Mutsuki and took him. Haise was genuinely loving, but even then Mutsuki’s experience is shrouded in jealousy. 

It’s not Mutsuki’s fault that he feels this way. It’s not his fault that he’s teetered into a mess of violence, self-deprecation, and self-harm. Unfortunately, it’s a very real reaction to the highly traumatic life he’s lead. He absorbs and refracts behaviors of his abusers because they’re the only models he’s had to go by– and right now they’re the only kind of person he understands. 

It’s not to say that Kaneki’s presence in his life didn’t leave a positive impact though (idolization aside), because he certainly seemed to be on a healthy way at the beginning of the series.That Mutsuki is still in there somewhere, waiting to come back, and now the only way I can see him finding a way out is for Mutsuki to be receptive to how much someone else genuinely loves him back. 

So, I honestly believe that this arc will close the way it began: be it romantic, platonic, or familial, people with find the mutual love they need.

An Essay about LGBTQ+ representation and art, tied up with a bit of a tribute to Stephanie Rice.

I haven’t written something like this in quite a while. But I’ve been thinking a lot this past month about stories (even more than usual). So please be patient with all the caffeinated rambling I have to do here. 

Needing to tell stories is something I have always known. There’s not a point in my life that I can look back on and not find in my younger self the intense will to put words and worlds, experiences and characters on paper. I’m sure this is a thing many artists and storytellers would say about their own lives. It’s the heart hammering, hand shaking need to find an outlet for experiences, passion, compassion and emotion that answers every “how did you know you wanted to do this” question with a “because I had to.”

Being gay is something that I haven’t always known. And yes, I can look back on my life and point to moments and insecurities and road bumps that came from having always been gay. But I haven’t always known. Knowing came later. Knowing came with combined fear and confidence and the ability to eventually shatter the brick walls I’d built to hold my shoulders upright, in order to look at myself more clearly. And then I knew, and now it’s as though I always have.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my experience coming out and the experiences of other LGBT people around me, and young kids who have come out and are coming out every day, either in quiet moments to themselves, or in one big fight with their families, or again and again each day to that Uber driver or that woman next to you on the plane, or your hair dresser who always asks who you’re dating. I spend a lot of time thinking about how that experience can be made easier, how kids can be received with more love, how we can better learn who we are before the years of self doubt. And no matter how much I think about anything, I am almost always brought back to the same two ways to fix anything. 1. Through giving and compassion and 2. Through art and stories. 

With each generation in the LGBTQ community, the groundwork is laid for the ones that follow. From fighting for our right to live and be seen, to demonstrating that we’re just like everyone else, the generations before mine have laid a foundation that I am fortunate and humbled to stand on. In that light, I really and truly believe that it will be my generation that brings us alive, as a community, through art, that tells stories and writes songs so that generations after us can see themselves a little sooner, can look up to more than just a handful of queer artists, can grow up knowing and with families who know that there is no one normal, no cookie cutter sexuality, no right experience. 

I have few memories of experiencing media that was specifically gay, growing up. But one of the clearest I do have is watching Pretty Little Liars with my mom. I grew up in liberal Massachusetts, outside Boston with loving, accepting parents. Even still, I can vividly remember a time when Emily, a then high school student on the show kissed her girlfriend and my mother explained that she just “didn’t like to see it” that it was fine and she had “nothing against it” but “she’s just a little girl” and she didn’t want to think about it. I’m sure my mom’s response wasn’t different from many others. So often, the world is okay with kids being queer but not okay with showing them a world of experiences like theirs beforehand. My mom is one of the most loving people I know and I tell this story with a fondness. She’s always been accepting of who I am. I’ve always been safe and supported. There’s a chance she doesn’t even remember this moment because she loves me for who I am. But when all is said and done those moments happen all the time and they pile up and they mean something. They mean something because there are young kids, across the country, across the world, in less loving houses, with less accepting parents, who don’t have the word for what they feel for years and years, who are sheltered from seeing Emily Fields kiss girls on TV, who watch their parents turn off movies if two boys are in love. Those kids hear song after song on the radio where girls sing about boys and boys sing about girls. They’re raised on fairytales and animated films about Princesses who marry Princes or don’t marry at all. They flounder, they search, they look for themselves here and there and everywhere and they come up empty handed. They come up with one song by a niche band that no one else listens to, or one sad lifetime movie about a woman’s dead gay son, or one lesbian on a TV show who inevitably ends up dead. 

It’s my understanding that art is never meaningless. That culture and stories are what shape who we are, our worldview, our communities. It’s my understanding that when we diversify those stories we begin to change the world, stone by stone, kid by kid. 

Often, I hear other LGBTQ people talk about not wanting to be defined by being gay or bi or trans. But the more I grapple with it and the more I exist in this world, living in LA, working in television, fighting for my chance to tell stories, the more I want to scream it. I’m gay. I’m gay. I’m gay. I’m gay. Because maybe if I yell it loud enough some kid will hear it and say “hey me too.” Because maybe if I pour that pride and pain and passion into my art it will reach their television some day, their home, their couch, and even if it doesn’t change their dad’s mind, it might make them feel less alone or give them the right words for the pain and passion that they feel. 

I never watched The Voice before last year. I turned on season 11, at random, because I wanted to watch Alicia Keys be a coach. At some point, I stopped. It was fun but these aren’t the kind of shows that feel like they’re for me. They feel like they’re for corn fed, middle America, fighting over this pleasant looking man or that palatable country singer. And while I’m a creative who appreciates the rise and fall and hopes and dreams of other creatives as stories, these weren’t ones I was ever invested in. This year, I again turned the show on to watch season 12. Only to watch the auditions because those are fun and I get one more season with Alicia Keys. I remember the moment the show played Stephanie Rice’s backstory. I was watching it with one of my good friends. I remember we both perked up a little more when we saw her holding hands with her fiancée. I remember watching in an odd, baited breath silence as Stephanie began to tell her story and finding myself choking up just a little. For me, that emotional choked up feeling came from hearing things that I recognized, from watching her talk about the fear of disappointing her little sisters and knowing that exact same fear, to the same hands shaking, heart in your throat need to prove it’s alright, to make your way, to have your voice heard. Even as a person who has been out for years, an adult who is comfortable and confident in my sexuality, that feeling is still there. And as I watched it and watched her speak her truth and kiss another girl back stage I was reminded again that some kid, somewhere on a couch was going to see this, and feel that reliability, and feel seen and understood and not alone. I was driven again to keep fighting to tell my own stories.

There is something significant about pain and diversity and art that isn’t discussed enough. Art is universal and can be interpreted and understood and seen and heard and felt by anyone. But there is a rare and often overlooked feeling that comes when art feels like it understands you. When someone says words or shows an emotion that you can put your finger on and say you’ve felt. I stuck with the Voice after that. I watched specifically to follow Stephanie’s journey. For one, because she’s an incredibly talented artist, and for two, because I have a distinct understanding of how much harder that fight to make your way is.

Just a few nights ago I was driving, after my last day at my job in the Shannara Season 2 Writers Room, at about midnight down the freeway, and I was loudly singing along to Stevie Nicks with my windows down. On my reverse alphabetical order by artist itunes library, Stephanie Rice’s cover of White Flag comes right after Stevie Nicks’s Edge of Seventeen. So I’m driving and I’m singing and I know every damn word to Dido’s White Flag because I’ve heard it a hundred thousand times before and it was never even a song I cared about or liked. But I hadn’t heard this version that many times. Here I am, twenty-six years old, yelling at top volume in my car feeling my head get sort of swallowed and overcome and numbed by emotion as I do. Because when another gay woman sang that song, it changed. Because when another person fighting and dying to get their pain and emotion out of their chest sang that song, it changed. Because the emotion she sang with is emotion I know. Because suddenly yelling that I wouldn’t put my hands up and surrender became about something different. I can’t tell you what someone else meant by their song or their voice or their story. But I can tell you how it touched me personally. And I grinned like a damn idiot in my car because I felt a little stronger and a little prouder. 

I’m in the process of writing a feature/novel package with the brilliant Dawson Schachter. It’s a romance between two women. And as we work on it we keep having to remind ourselves of the reality that these stories don’t get told often, that the market for them is smaller, that they have to be palatable to the big wigs that will look at them. And that is infuriating and compromising and fucks with every better angel and creative demon you have, let me tell you. That’s the ugly part people don’t talk about. That’s the reality of being an LGBTQ creator. Being too gay or too different or not gay enough, not sensational enough, being martyred to your community when you would love just a little less pressure today, knowing the pressure is the only way, being brave because anything else has never even been an option you were given, feeling like failure means letting down that kid who needs this story, feeling like it means letting down the kid in you who needed this story and now just needs to get it out. But I also know how inspiring all those feelings can be and how it can feel like singing along at brain numbing volume to White Flag with your windows down going 90 on a freeway at midnight in Los Angeles far away from your home and your family. 

To Stephanie Rice, thank you. With as much weight as I can put in those two words, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for so bravely sharing your story and your art with America. Your vulnerability and light brought a story to televisions across this country that people need. And despite that particular journey wrapping up last night, I have no doubts that you will go on to keep sharing your soul through your music. As a fellow woman, as a fellow storyteller, you reminded me why I’m doing what I’m doing and I am so grateful to have gotten to hear your truth. You have a friend and supporter in Los Angeles if ever you need one. I look forward to hearing everything else you have to tell the world. 

To anyone else reading this, my friends, young LGBTQ followers, fellow writers, coworkers, strangers consider this very long ramble a plea for you to continue to back and support LGBTQ artists and youth. Continue to lend them platforms and elevate their voices. Continue to diversify the stories you tell, paint televisions and movies and the radio with kids that look like them, that sound like them, that feel like them. And please, also consider this very long ramble, another in a pile of promises I’ve already made to you, that I will never stop doing everything I can to illuminate your hearts and your souls and your stories. If I have to scream them or deliver them from the ground with bloody knuckles, I will make them heard. I hope that together, we can continue to build a foundation for generations after us, through art where exposure has opened hearts and minds, where stories have saved lives, and art has changed the world. We fight, as we always have, for a better, louder, prouder, safer, and more inclusive future. 

It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 1)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 4,072
Author’s Note: 12 fucking pages of notes and outlines and ideas have led to this. Please enjoy. Title taken from Taylor Swift’s Wonderland. I’ll try to upload part 2 within the next few days depending on the response.


To say you are completely floored would be an understatement as you unconsciously curl your fingers tighter around the phone pressed against your ear, confusion and questions settling itself across your features as you try to put a rational thought into this situation only to come up completely short because—!

“What do you mean you’re going to be late?” You demand, trying to keep the nervous touch out your tone, but it’s hard to sound casual when your heart starts to pound a little quicker at the thought of plans not going the way you had once envisioned it to go. “You realize the only reason I’m here is because you insisted that I had to come with you!”

“I’m really sorry (Y/N)-ah!” Hoseok says from the other side of the line, at least trying to make an effort to sound apologetic. “Class ran really really late, and there’s traffic. There must have been an accident or something.”

“I knew we should have just gone together,” You huff out, high heels tapping loudly against the sidewalk pavement as you continue making your way to the restaurant. As much as you would rather simply wait around for Hoseok to arrive to the scene, the idea of just sitting in your car makes you feel slightly congested. While you would be slightly uncomfortable in the restaurant given the company you are about to surround yourself with, it’s better than sitting in the dark.

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anonymous asked:

i don't know if you've already done this but what if there's a sweet little shy villain that keeps doing lowkey bad things to get the hero's attention. i keep trying to word this in a way that sounds less seductive but it's not really working lol. just know that i don't mean nsfw

((Just as a general A/N while on the subject - I will never make a prompt NSFW/explicit unless you specifically ask me for a NSFW prompt/it’s extremely obvious because of the terminology etc. If it’s ambiguous then I will always veer to the SFW side of things. Angst I make no such promises on.))

1) “Look,” the hero sighed. “Do you want to tell me what’s really going on here, kid?” 
“I’m not a kid.” They looked somewhere between mortified and indignant at the suggestion. “I’m twenty two.” 
“You’re acting up like a child. You want my attention so bad, alright, you’ve got it. Now talk to me.” 

2) “Now, do you really think defacing public property is a good way to impress me? This has got to stop.” 
“Who says I’m trying to impress you!?” They jutted their chin up and squared their shoulders, as if they weren’t obviously flustered. 
The hero raised a brow. “I’m a detective, I can in fact detect when someone has a crush on me.” They did their best to be patient, to squash down the irritation at being dragged out for something like this when there was real work to be done. “So cut this out, or it’s never going to happen.” 

3) “You think I want to waste my time on you when there’s real bad things happening?” the hero snarled. They gave the other a hard shake, eyes burning with rage. “It’s not fucking cute. And I don’t know what the hell sick game you’re trying to play but - are you crying?” 


Part 1

Part 2

You absolutely hated the idea of getting a tutor when you didn’t even need it. Your grades were excelling in the challenging environment, yet the teacher decided to act presumptively and assign you with a tutor, who happened to be the best in the class.

It was Peter Parker, someone you’d probably not notice if he wasn’t your tutor. After meeting him, he was almost inserted into your life and you welcomed him. If it weren’t for the stupid tutoring sessions your teacher made you do. You scowled at the book the two of you were looking at. “This is pointless. I have an A in all my classes!”

Peter smiled crookedly at you before looking back down to his book and mentioning in a casual tone, “You transferred to a completely different school in sophomore year. Not to mention, this school is for geniuses. Most transfers need a tutor.”

Glancing up at him, you added stubbornly, “I’m not a normal transfer.”

“Can’t say you are, Y/N Y/L/N,” Peter responded with a small smirk as he continued to talk about Computer Science. So, you weren’t a fan of people knowing who exactly you were. It’s not like any of your records said anything about your last name being Stark, and that means you weren’t technically lying about your father.

Withholding information isn’t lying. You just wanted a normal high school experience and, although you mended things with your dad, you didn’t want people to think that he got you into the school so you couldn’t handle it. Yes, he got you into the school, but that was just a stepping stone. You were trying your hardest to absorb all the information being thrown at you.

Not to mention the tensions at the Avengers Compound. Due to Sokovia and recent government problems, the team was rather split up. You didn’t want the government to control the Avengers, but you knew the civilian deaths were a serious issue with Tony. Besides, he was set on keeping you out of the conflict itself. It still hurt to see the team you loved so much falling apart.

Yet another thing to worry about is Peter. He’s been very tired lately and he’s been trying to blame it on the schoolwork and late nights. What Peter doesn’t know is that sometimes, if his sleeve is rolled up slightly, you’ll see occasional bruises and cuts. You immediately thought that he got himself involved in something that he shouldn’t be involved in, but you dismissed the idea.

It’s Peter after all. He couldn’t have gotten in that much trouble. He was just a sweet, albeit slightly dorky, guy. There are so many things he could do, but Peter knows when to avoid a bad situation. That’s how he managed to stop the major bullying from Flash.

Little did you know, Peter was looking at you and noticing how tired you seemed. After the tutoring session, he asked if you were okay. Since you couldn’t tell him that the stress of civil war was keeping you up, you simply smiled and stated, “I’ve just been worried lately. You know, because of all the crime lately.”

Concern flashed through his eyes and Peter wondered, “Has something happened?”

“No, not at all. I’m just a bit nervous.”

You began to walk away, but Peter stopped you and said, “I could walk you home.” He wanted to stop by as Spiderman and keep an eye out, but he had no idea where you lived.

Raising your eyebrow, you simply declined, “No thanks. I’m waiting for my dad anyway. Besides, I don’t want you staying up late tonight because of homework.” To hide your obvious lie, you said the last part as if you were a worried mother.

“Thanks, Mom,” he teased before continuing, “Okay. See you tomorrow, Y/N!” You were surprised that he just dropped the conversation, but shrugged it off and continued to walk.

Peter almost ran home so he could get his schoolwork done before his night roaming began. His mind went over the conversation with you. He was still concerned over you losing sleep and decided to see if he could find your address off the school directory.

It hadn’t been updated yet, so you weren’t there. Peter hesitated until he finally just typed your name into a search bar. Yes, he knew that this was slightly creepy, but it was good intentions, right?

Not much came up for your name. Miscellaneous things appeared like some awards you won at your old school. It wasn’t until he stumbled on an article that had recanted its statement. There were some photos of you, leaving what was Stark Towers. No one had any idea why you were there. Tony Stark had replied to the author that your mother was a friend of his and he had given you a summer internship.

You knew Tony Stark? Peter’s eyes widened and his mind raced. Why hadn’t you told him? You knew how much Peter looked up to Tony Stark. Maybe he could casually bring it up in conversation. He groaned slightly to himself, realizing he’d have to explain how he had stumbled upon an obscure article about you. That would seem creepy probably.

Groaning again, he closed the browser and shut his laptop. Of course he found out something about you, but Peter had no idea where you lived. All dreams of protecting you dissipated and reality came crashing back. You’d never like him. You’re just hanging out with him because Peter’s your tutor and one of the only people you knew at Midtown.

When the battle between Avengers was inevitable, you almost shut down in on yourself. Peter was extremely worried for you. Was the transition to Midtown hard? Your grades weren’t suffering, so it couldn’t be that bad. You told him a bit about your old school, and never in a nostalgic way.

Maybe it was personal? It shocked Peter at how little he knew about you. Sure, you met Peter that year, but it’s been a while since you first met him. He would have thought to at least know what your family was like. Some little comment about your mother or father.

You said nothing about your family. Maybe it was a family issue. He stared at you as you did your work. Peter was supposed to be tutoring, but he was too distracted by the dark circles under your eyes, signifying a consistent poor sleep schedule, something Peter knew all too well. He would look over at you from time to time, wishing he could do something.

The Avengers Compound seemed practically empty without everyone there. Wanda was shipped off to another compound, where Steve and Clint broke her out. Natasha stayed, but seemed distant as well. You silently did your homework on the counter in the kitchen when Tony walked in. He paused at your appearance. The Accords and everything had distracted him from your wellbeing. You obviously looked stressed over the upcoming battle.

He cleared his throat. You looked over your shoulder quickly, relaxing when you saw Tony. Walking over and placing a hand on your shoulder, Tony said in a reassuring tone, “You keeping up with the work perfectly. Once you’re done your homework, I want you in bed asleep.”

Simply nodding, you noticed his car keys in his hands and asked, “Are you going somewhere, Dad?”

“Recruiting the new Spider-kid,” he answered nonchalantly, “I’ll just pick up some dinner afterwards so don’t wait up.” Tony left you all by your lonesome, so you turned on some music while you did your homework.

About thirty minutes later, you felt your phone buzz on the table. Seeing it was Peter, you looked at it, not expecting much. It read, “Hey, I’m going to need you to collect my homework for the next few days.”

“Why?” you responded.

“I got an internship for Tony Stark!” You looked at the text in shock when another text came through from Peter. “By the way, anything you want to tell me?”

A strangled noise escaped from your mouth as the realization set in. FRIDAY immediately powered up and the voice resonated from the ceiling, “Miss Stark, I am unaware of that sound. Is everything okay?”

“He’s Spiderman!” you yelled at the AI.

“I am confused,” FRIDAY continued, “Is there a spider in the room?”

Taking a break-ish for as long as I feel it’s needed.

I feel like I cannot participate as much as I would like to around here, I am simply scared of joining in.
I am always terrified I will say something wrong and offend someone.
There’s so many overreactions in this community, well, everywhere online, and real life too if we have to really get into a longer conversation, sigh, but it would make getting to the point be an endless journey.
And I’m afraid I would simply stop believing, and forget to hold on to that feeling.
I’m a person who’s always careful over careful before I write a comment to anyone’s post, even my own shit I post, on MY blog, I delete 20 times before posting, cause I wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, misspell someones name, or forget the color of a sims hair.
I weigh every word a thousand times, rephrase my sentences and calculate what could go wrong, to the point of me re-writing most sentences at least twice before posting.
And still it will get me in trouble.
I do everything by the book, make sure I leave absolutely no trace of anything that could remotely offend anyone, yet I end up having stepped on someones toes?
Which brings me to the point, that it seems to me, that I can no longer be the bad guy then?
Or perhaps I offend simply by breathing?

The internet is like this: If you want to get offended, you will.
You will be able to find something wrong in every single word another person posts. You will feel attacked. Humiliated and hurt.
Based on absolutely nothing.

I have this theory, that I shouldn’t apologize, unless I did something wrong.
Now, I know there’s nothing offensive in anything I write, cause I’m scared shitless to write anything that could get misunderstood.
I always over analyze everything I say or do, to the point of things just not even mattering any longer, before I get to say or write what I wanted.
I am not a person who’s afraid to apologize when I know I did something wrong.
I am in fact a person who apologizes way more than I should.
But I have gotten to a point where I am beyond done, when it comes to apologizing for things I know I never did.
There’s no longer any fun for me, when it comes to leaving comments on anyone’s posts any longer.
Since I always write too little, too much, or point fingers at people I never pointed fingers at.

I know I haven’t done anything wrong, yet I am the person, who today has a hard time getting out of bed, constantly replaying in my head, if what I wrote yesterday, how I expressed my opinion in a calm and polite manner, if that was in fact a wrong doing on my behalf?
Or if the fact simply is, that a few people seemed to feel  they got stepped on, when I didn’t even stretch to move my feet half enough to even be near enough to their feet, to step on them.
It’s funny how a term like ‘some people’, or ‘few people’ can turn into EVERYONE?
I mean, the spelling isn’t even similar?
I’m not a person who says something, and then leaves a lot of hidden codes behind my words for everyone to decipher.
I say what I mean.
I’m a quite honest person.
So when I use terms as ‘some’ or ‘few’, I quite literally mean some or few… it’s not a code for EVERYONE.
Furthermore, when I express that what I write is my point of view, it means, that this is how I personally see thing. It does not mean that this is the reality, and I am calling the author or any of the other people commenting out.
It simply means, my point of view, the way I see it.
From my perspective.

Bottom line is, I am tired.
I am tired of re-writing myself, I’m tired of not daring to leave a comment on something when I feel like I have something to say.
Whether it’s something of value, or simply to show my engagement.
And above that, I’m tired of getting so nervous of doing something wrong, that I don’t even dare to be myself on my own blog.
Cause what if I said or did something someone would misunderstand.
It would quite sure be the end of the world, right? Not my world, but the one I offended.

It’s easier to just stop commenting, I think.
It spares me trying to wrap my head around all the billion people in the world, trying to figure how not to offend a single one of them.

I have social anxiety, no, not the charming kind that are so popular on social media these days.
The real, terrifying one, the one that makes me be locked away in my home for months, because humans are too scary to be around.
No not cute scary.
Hyperventilating till I turn blue in my face, scary.
Trying to make any form of comment on anyone’s post is a HUGE thing for me.
Getting told I should probably be more careful with my words in the future, when I am already so over careful that I can no longer breath, is like, telling a broken plate to stop being broken.
It’s pointless.
Or telling a scared kitten to just stop hissing.
It’s always the kitten who has to stop, not the person who drove the kitten into a corner.
(And I throw in another edit here: the person who told me to be more careful didn’t say it in a harmful way, we had a long quite fulfilling conversation about it, where she agreed I did nothing wrong, but that does not mean the whole matter disappears from my mind)

However, I will take the advice and be more careful, in the sense that I will be more careful sharing any of my thoughts.
In the sense that I will take not one but ten steps back, and once again evaluate, if this community has a place for me or not.
I must say, on days like this, I feel as if I have stepped into a kindergarten.

If everybody was half as careful as me before they say or post anything, the internet would be a very quiet place.
What a bliss.

Svt as Dads // Joshua //

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  • Omg just imagine jisoo as a father
  • Just sit there with your eyes closed and imagine it
  • I can see him having lots of kids
  • Little girls to be specific
  • Okay but imagine all the cute lil outfits he’d get them
  • They would always be dressed up so freakin cute holy cow
  • Lots of cute lil dresses and bows and tiny shoes that matched perfectly
  • Literally his kids would be more well dressed than you
  • He’d take his cute lil family to church every Sunday
  • Most well behaved kids anyone will ever meet
  • How these small beans could sit pretty still and not talk all the time is a wonder
  • Like even I struggle sitting still that long
  • But after church like they’d do a Sunday outing and go out to lunch somewhere 
  • And his kids are so polite and respect everyone
  • Imagine him having a little boy
  • He’d be that kid that’s nice to everyone
  • Literally everyone
  • And everyone loves him
  • People were crushing on him in freakin elementary school
  • He would be so many kids first crush can you imagine
  • And like totally polite and respectful and handsome even in high school
  • The most gentle kid ever like dude
  • I feel like shuas kids wouldn’t be super sporty
  • But maybe one kid plays soccer or something
  • Not the best at it but it awful either
  • But shua would go to every single game
  • And try and help his kid practice as much as possible
  • Number 1 fan in the stands you feel
  • An extremely proud dad
  • Once his kids were a little older he’d introduce them to the wonderful world of Pokémon
  • And bam, weeb shua has created small weeb children I love it
  • Every Saturday morning they all squish onto the couch
  • Usually a kid sitting on his lap or like laying on his chest or something
  • And while they eat their breakfast they all watch Pokémon or something together
  • I’m dying omg can you guys imagine
  • Seriously tho shua would have the cutest family
  • And everyone would love each other so much
  • Watch one of his kids come out crazy tho
  • Like complete opposite
  • He’d be cool tho he’s dealt with everyone in svt he’s got this
  • Imagine his kids being best friends with jeonghans kids
  • Family get together with the other members of svt
  • I’m gonna cry oh my gosh can you imagine

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK // Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino //

~ Master List ~


So I’ve written a thing based on and inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s fantastic Elsewhere University. Seriously check it out, they are an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

This is a very badly written Intro story about my OC Ash going to Elsewhere U.
Warning: it’s long, rambly and riddled with errors, hope you enjoy!

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😊Stressed Out Trip Home (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hi! Can I get a gray imagine where he gets really stressed out, and he ends up taking y/n to jersey with him and showing her all of his childhood places and takes her to meet the family please!

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys like this! This was more about Y/N meeting his family, but still enjoy! Requests are Open! 

“Grayson relax.” I said as I was sitting on his bed. He was currently stressing out over some rumors going around about him and Ethan on twitter.

“We didn’t hook up with anyone! We aren’t doing drugs! We aren’t quitting Youtube! Who starts these rumors?” Grayson panics as he furiously clicks with his mouse.

“Baby shhhh it’s okay they’re just rumors.” I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his shoulder holding him tightly. He rests his head against my arm before pushing his seat back causing me to let go.

“Wanna meet my family?” He asks taking my hands in his. I cock my head confused at him. “I’m serious Y/N. Whenever I get super stressed I fly to Jersey to clear my head. Y/N let’s go. We’ll be back by Monday in time for classes. Come on.” Grayson begs and I think for a minute. Today was Friday so we would be gone for about two days. I’ve never met Grayson’s parents either. I’ve only ever hung out with E and Cam on occasion. However, the fact Grayson wants me to meet his family makes my heart flutter. I looked into his brown eyes and his white smile. He gives my hands a gentle kiss. I knew my answer.

“Let’s do it.” Grayson jumped up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Great because I just got our plane tickets and we leave at 3 so be ready.” He says before he runs out of the room to pack.


“And this is where Ethan and I went to school for a little bit.” Grayson says as he’s showing me around his home town. We left LA around 3pm and it took about 5 hours to get here on just a straight flight. We crashed at a hotel because I wasn’t ready to meet his family just yet. This morning we woke up nice and early and drove around New Jersey this morning. We went to an old diner that he used to eat at every Sunday morning with his family. We just drove by his old school and now we were going to a park that he would go to whenever he needed inspiration or anything. After the park I think we would be heading to his house after the park too and I could feel the butterflies trying to break free from my stomach. I haven’t met Grayson’s parents at all and I was so worried to hear what they would think of me. Ethan told me not to worry and that they already loved me because Grayson did. Still, things can change.

“When’s dinner?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts. Grayson just chuckled as he took my hand in his and gave the back of my hand a gentle kiss.

“Babe you don’t have to be nervous for it. I’ve already told them about you and they are so excited to meet you. You have nothing to worry about.” He says rubbing his thumb on top of my hand. I felt a little bit of relief, but I still worried.

“Okay I’m just worried. What if they try and convince you that we shouldn’t be together? What if they think we are bad together? What if–”

“Babe.” Grayson cuts me off. “Come on.” Grayson gets out of the car and I do the same. He walks to my side and gives me the biggest hug he’s ever given me before. He slightly pushes me against the car. His head rests in the crook between my neck and my shoulder. His hug feels so nice and warm. “Don’t worry okay? We came here to get away from the stress.

They’re going to love you. Please stop worrying.” He mumbles into my shoulder, but I understand every word. Hearing him attempt to calm my nerves made me melt. He was always so thoughtful and caring with everyone. That’s probably why he’s so stressed all the time is he’s worrying about pleasing everyone else before taking care of himself. I interlocked my arms under his so they wrapped around his shoulders while I buried my face in his chest.

“I love you Gray.” I said as he stroked his hand up and down my back.

“I love you too Y/N and that’s why I want you to meet my family so they can love you as much as I do.” He says as he kisses my lips softly. I kiss him back which makes him pull away smiling. “Well maybe not that much.” He says as we both started laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you the monkey bars that Ethan pushed me off of and broke my collarbone in second grade.” He takes my hand leading me to the park. We climbed in jungle gym, slid down the slides, played hop scotch, and he even helped me on the monkey bars. We laughed and just had an overall good time. We hung out at the park for a few hours before going to Grayson’s favorite ice cream shop and having dessert before going to his parents house. As we pulled in the driveway I could feel my stomach knotting up again. Grayson must have sensed my nerves rising, because he took my hand in his and rubbed his thumb softly. He then leaned over the console and kissing my lips with a little force but he was oh so gentle. “Ready?” He asks smiling. I nodded. We got out of the car and he took my hand in his and we walked up to the front door. He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he opened the door.

“Mom! Dad!” He hollers as a woman walks out from the kitchen. She has dark hair which lightens at the ends. She was smiling wide.

“Gray! How are you?” She comes up and gives him a hug which he gives on back. She pulls away and looks to me. “And you must be the famous Y/N Grayson always tells us about. I’m Lisa, Gray’s mom, and Sean is somewhere around here. You kids go sit at the table. Dinner is almost done.” She tells us and we do just that. I sit next to Grayson who starts to put food on his plate.

“Ahem.” We hear a man clear his throat looking at us. “I know you are not serving yourself before feeding your girl. That’s not how we raised you.” I started chuckling softly and Grayson looked worried.

“No of course not sir.” Grayson says and he grabs my plate and he starts to pile mashed potatoes and some chicken on to it.

“That’s what I thought. Hello there I’m Sean, also known as Grayson’s dad.” He introduced walking over to me. Lisa then walks in the kitchen too.

“Hey I’m Y/N.” I said awkwardly.

“Yes Y/N we know all about you. If Grayson isn’t telling us about you, then Ethan or Cam is.” Lisa says as she sits next to Sean who was sitting at the head of the table. We all sit around and have little conversation here and there. Grayson’s hand was on mine under the table and he would squeeze every so often to reassure me everything was fine.

“You are the first girl Grayson has ever brought home to meet us believe it or not.” Sean says and Grayson snaps a look to his dad. I smile and I could feel myself blushing.

“Dad.” Grayson groans.

“Yeah Grayson has never been smooth with the ladies. Ethan and him are both pretty awkward kids. I mean look at their father.” Lisa says laughing. Sean looks to her while Gray buries his face in his hands. This time I give him a reassuring squeeze. He looks to me which I crack a smile for him.

“Yeah but in the end I got the coolest girl I know and that’s what my sons will do. I mean it looks like he’s already following in my steps. Look at Y/N. She’s a sweet peach.” Sean says which sends Grayson and I into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah you’re right honey.” Lisa leans in and give Sean a kiss on his cheek which makes me gawk.

“You two are so cute.” I said blushing.

“Well so are you two. You know when I first met Sean’s parents he would squeeze my hand too when I felt nervous.” Lisa says sipping her water. I immediately turn red and I feel embarrassed. “Don’t worry honey we love you. You have no reason to be nervous. Grayson is definitely happier with you and that’s all we want in the end is for him to be happy. Plus, you’re absolutely stunning.” She says which makes me sigh in relief.

“That’s so sweet of you guys to say. I really do like Grayson a lot. You guys did a wonderful job raising him.” I said sounding really awkward.

“Well thank you. We can only do so much. And don’t worry honey he really likes you too. He tells us all the time. He says ‘guys Y/N is honestly so perfect’ or ‘she means everything to me wow I love her’ or sometimes–” Grayson interrupts.

“Alright mom we really need to head out. We’ve had a busy day so we’re going to bed so we can escape this conversation.” He says before pulling my hand to stand with him. His parents give us a hug goodbye, not before Lisa showed me baby pictures of Grayson like him in the tub or just in a diaper.

“It was great meeting you guys.” I said which Lisa gave me a big hug.

“It was great to finally meet the girl Grayson won’t stop talking about. Everything he told us about you does no justice because you are too amazing for words.” Lisa says giving me another hug.

“Don’t be a strange now you two. We love you.” Sean says and Grayson and I walk to the car.

“I love you guys.” Grayson says which I wave goodbye as we sit in his car. We start driving away to the hotel which I look to Grayson.

“I love you so much. Your family is so great.” I said and he takes my hand and kisses the back of it while keeping one hand on the wheel.

“I love you too and I’m pretty sure they love you too. I mean you are the first girl I’ve brought home.” He says shrugging which makes me laugh.

“Well I feel special. I hope this trip relieved your stress.” I said which makes him nod.

“I’m here with you, I got to show you around my hometown, and my parents absolutely love you. If that didn’t relieve my stress I don’t know what will.” He looks to me out the corner of his eye. “I hope you enjoyed Jersey Y/N. I do want to bring you back many times from now.”

“As long as I’m with you I’m ready for anything.” I said kissing his cheek as he parks the car and we walk up to our room and we change into our pajamas. I cuddle into Grayson who has his arm wrapped around me tightly as we drift off to sleep.

Xx Thanks for the request :)


04/22/2017  Shopping with kids? 

I often hear from my acquaintances that they can’t go for shopping with babies\toddlers. Is it so? 

I travel a lot with my kiddos and don’t feel uncomfortable or nurveous about it. Also I go shopping with them, at a cafe, to my friends’ houses, I like to walk with them in the park and so on. But some of my friends think that the kids are a kind of “burden”, a “ban” to go somewhere in crowded places such as a cafe, a store and etc.  I don’t know how others do, but my kids are calm about visiting public places and behaving in the right way, they don’t cry and don’t do tantrums (at least Faye, since Elio is still too small to understand what is going on). 

  Yes, maybe it’s not as fast as before, because you still need to dress two kids, take their stuff, a stroller, carseats and other things, but it’s not impossible? As far as I know, my friend Demi takes her little daughter everywhere and always with her, whether it’s a beauty salon or a picnic at the nature. 

  What do you think about it? Is it convenient for you to go shopping with children? And how do your children behave in public places?

SNK characters as things my father has said PT. 2

Eren: “Can you stop using big words that I can’t understand?!”

Mikasa: “I’ll beat the shit out of you as I’m driving. Don’t tempt me.”

Levi: “If I don’t clean for even 3 days… The floor goes missing.”

Jean: “Fuck you, my cooking is amazing and you’re fucking crazy.”

Erwin: “I have 4 kids and only one of them is going somewhere… I’ll take a 25% success rate.”

Armin: “The Chinese people and Japanese people hate each other only Becuase no one can tell them apart.”

Sasha: “Dogs are great… Until Dogs are not great.”

Connie: “Hey, come here and tell me of I used this word correctly.”

Hanji: “Look. I know that it pays to be nice, but you’re a dumbass.”

Be still, my heart..

Seth x Reader
Warning: Smut
Word Count: 4,357 (sorry, long, I know..)

Y/N = Your name
Y/X/N = Your ex’s name

So this is my first time writing a fic. I thought I could maybe bring in a new thing, like a smut fic about a single mom. Also I was thinking that I might make a part II of it. I would appreciate a feedback.
English is not my first language, please excuse me.

Be still my heart
Engine turning over won’t you start?
This one’s come to tear me all apart
Be still my heart

Just read those eyes
Trembling lips and carburetor sighs
Even though I know they’re telling lies
Be still my heart

Thankfully the 2-days workshop finished early.  The only good thing was, that you could stay away for a night. A night of not having to get up in the middle of the night because one of the girls need something. You love them to bits, but let’s face it, sleep is important too. But now you really looking forward to go back. Back to your two girls. You’re a single working mum. Working, in order to pay the bills and being able to afford at least some luxury, like holidays to fancy places. Travelling was your passion before having your girls. It still is. Wanderlust, some might call it. You love exploring new places. Something you want your children to experience. No education could pay for the enrichment of other cultures and adventures. Being a single mom doesn’t leave you too much time in the dating world. You’re happy, what else do you need? You have lots of male friends it’s your joyful spirit that makes you lovable, once people get to know you. But no one made it past the friend zone in the past 6 years. Your ex is still very much around.  You couldn’t have wished for a better father for the girls. You still love him, but they are not meant to last. You’ve tried to make it work but if things are not meant to be, you can’t force them.

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Irish Twins - John Shelby

Request: Can you do a peaky blinders where you and john are married and have like lots of kids together and you find out your pregnant are is worried he would get angry so you consider getting an abortion but don’t do it but he finds out and thinks you ARE getting a abortion and you can make the rest I don’t mind , love your peaky imagines 💛

Request: Can you do a John shelby imagine where are Grace’s sister and you’re pregnant with John’s baby. 

Irish Twins - John Shelby

Ever since you were young girls you and Grace talked about your futures together. You and Grace were the only girls in your family. Despite being younger you remained the more sensible of the two. While she got mixed up with Tommy Shelby and ran off to America and had Charlie you were busy a proper wife. You had moved with her to Small Heath in 1919.

She joked with you that despite your insistence that you were different from her you had fallen for a Shelby as well. It was true. While Grace was playing head games with Thomas Shelby you were being reeled in by his brother John. At first you were wary to tell your sister about your infatuation. You knew how she felt about the Shelby brothers because of what Inspector Campbell said. Regardless John was charming and handsome, he would stop around to the dress shop you worked at and offer to walk you home every evening. The woman who employed you had the good sense to mention John was a widower with children. The information didn’t deter you though.  

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H20 -- Just Add Water: Rikki Chadwick [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Teilani | enfjs-r-us

Introverted thinking (Ti): Clever, practical and independent. Rikki is usually wanting to understand – or identify an order to – a situation before jumping in to it (Ti/Ni) and furthermore, relies on patterns in her environment to bring order in what ever situation she is in; once she sees that both Cleo and Emma have powers she deducts that she will as well and keeps searching for her own. Rikki is also cunning; she enjoys getting even and usually finds comical ways to get back at those who mistreat her, or her friends.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): “If dolphins can swim for miles so can we” Rikki is exhilarated by all the new physical possibilities available to the girls as mermaids – like swimming to Fiji – and is also consequently the first to jump back into the water to figure out how long they can hold their breath. Rikki’s thrill-seeking can bring about reckless results however; and gets the girls stuck on Mako island in the first place.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Rikki stays collected under pressure and sometimes even tends to joke around in order to relieve tension. Once Rikki excepts being a mermaid she is able to adapt her entire outlook easily and set out to discover how to use her new found abilities. Rikki can also draw on Ni to reach conclusions; when Elliot runs off she knows where to find him using Lewis’ prompting to find “somewhere a kid would go to never be found”.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Rikki is used to being a loner and isn’t quite sure what to think of her new group of friends, but eventually learns to open up and rely on their support through their shared secret. Rikki needs the freedom to figure out and make decisions alone; she doesn’t always see the relevance of peoples feelings and feels suffocated if she isn’t allowed to act on her choices – as is the case when Rikki lashes out at Elliot, because she doesn’t quite know how to share her feelings tactfully.

Monkeys- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by mttymrts

Excuse me but Future Captain Morgan Rielly is the best. That is all. No seriously I love Mo (who doesn’t) and he was nominated for the Masterton which makes me so happy! Anyway! I hope you guys like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: anxiety, panic attack, fluff (I’ve been asked to make this a warning XD)

Anon Request: Hi can you do one with Morgan rielly where you guys go somewhere with the kids and they start acting crazy and the reader starts to get upset by it but it all works out


              This was not how you had planned this day to go at all.

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Weird || Sebastian Stan

Requested: I can say yes, because my friend told me to write this

Summary: You’re leaving, but Sebastian wanted to tell you something before you go.

Warnings: NONE. Diabetes maybe, because it’s so sweet and just pure fluff

A/N: I have so many ideas, but I’m watching GOT now and reading HP, and writing my own book, and MAYBE FINALLY I WON’T BE SINGLE. Not that I don’t love being single, bc I really do, but this guy is just so sweet and caring, and ugh… Everything you can dream of.
Anyways, I’m sorry. It’s so short.


- Do you think you’d be able to be back on Saturday? - Sebastian asked you as you were throwing your clothes into the suitcase.

- I think so. I HOPE so - you sighed and turned to your crush and best friend. Sebastian nodded and got back to reading his newest script. You let yourself look at him a little longer, when he wasn’t looking. He was mouthing the words he was reading, his lips moving again and again. His hair into tight bun, he was complaining about them all the time, but you loved it. And then your eyes slid a little bit lower. Dayum, that muscles on his arms tho. You saw a few scenes from CA: the Winter Soldier and you would pay him to punch you, just because he looked so hot, all angry and serious.

- [Y/N], you okay? - you heard his voice and shook your head. Then you nodded slowly.

- Yeah. I mean, yes, I’m fine, just… - you sighed deeply. - I don’t want to leave. I promised to help you with this role and now I’m leaving.

- Chill, it’s just three days with your family - Sebastian laughed shortly. - I’m already beyond thankful that I can stay here. Honestly, you know I hate hotels.

- No problem, Sebby - you smiled at him and he got back to reading. You let yourself look at him a little bit longer and you got back to packing your things.

After half an hour of a comfortable silence, your humming and Seb’s muttering, you were ready to go. You grabbed your suitcase and sighed. Seb looked up at you quizzically.

- Ready? - he asked with a little bit sad tone. You nodded slightly, so he got up and followed you to the door. He grabbed the keys and you both walked down the stairs to the parking lot. Seb took your suitcase and put it into the trunk. Then he threw keys to you. You grabbed them and smiled at Seb. He smiled at you and walked up to you, hugging you tightly. When you finally backed up, he looked at you a little bit nervously. - Listen, [Y/N]… I know it’s not the best time, but I was thinking that you… I don’t know, maybe you would need some time to think of it. I’d understand, if you don’t want it. It’d be okay, I’d understand.

- What? - you asked confused. Sebastian looked at you.

- Oh, right. I didn’t say what I meant - he chuckled nervously and put hand on the back of his neck. - So… Would you like to go out sometimes? I mean, not like just best friends, because honestly, I like you way too much and…

- What? - this time you were just purely shocked. - I don’t need time to think about it. Yes, I’d love to - you smiled widely. Seb sighed in relief as he smiled wider than you. Oh, he was so cute.

- Okay. Okay, so I’ll figure something out and when you’ll come back, we’ll go somewhere - he said grinning like happy kid.

- Sounds perfect to me, but now I’ve got to go. See you in three days, Sebby - you smiled and quickly got into the car, leaving Seb on the parking lot with smile brighter than anyone’s future.

Three days of morning and goodnight texts and you were back in town. Kind of nervous, because Seb wanted you to come on the set. You did it many times before, but now the feelings were out there and just… You just couldn’t.

Once you arrived your destination, you jumped out of your car and walked past guards, nodding to them and saying ‘hello’. They knew you, plus you were pretty sure Seb was talking all the time about how he asked you out and guards probably knew it. So you walked on the set. The first thing you saw was Chris’ back.

- Hello, Dorito man. How are you doing? - you patted his shoulder. He looked at you with wide smile.

- I was going to ask you the same thing - he chuckled. You raised your eyebrows. - You and Seb?

- Oh, I knew he won’t keep his mouth shut. I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous, but this iż how you’re suppose to feel before first date - you laughed slightly. The look on Chris’ face was changing now, from shocked, through excited, to angry. - He didn’t…

- Yeah, my best friend didn’t tell me he asked out his dream girl out - Chris sighed and crossed his arms on his chest. You wanted to say something, maybe comfort him a little bit, but your words just didn’t want to come out as your eyes landed on view in front of you. Someone yelled 'Action!’ and Seb in Winter Soldier’s costume ran through, camera right behind him. As he fought with Scarlett, you were left speechless. His muscles and wild, mad gaze was all you wanted to see now. His hair flying around his head, his muscles on full display, even when he was fully dressed. And his moves, sweet lord, his moves. So smooth and strong at the same time.

- Like what you see? - Chris asked, but you weren’t able to respond as you watched Sebastian showing off his fighting skills.

- Cut! - someone yelled again. - It was perfect! No need to making double take!

- Thank God - you heard Scar’s voice. - I bet you would rather to be between her legs, not mine - she chuckled, pointing in your direction. You were still standing next to Chris, with your mouth open.

- You’re both drooling! Yuck, get a room, you nasties! - Anthony yelled from the other side of the set. But neither of you heard him as you walked toward each other.

- Hey - he smiled at you. - I really would like to tell you I figured out where we can go, but…

- Oh, cut the crap. Pizza, my couch and Star Wars. That’s our plan for tonight - you laughed shortly.

- Sounds perfect, sweetheart - he nodded. - Wait here, I’ll just grab my things and we can go. I’ve already finished my part for today.

With that he ran away.

- You know, when I saw you today, fighting Scar…

- You were jealous? - Seb smirked and grabbed another slice of pizza, as 5th Star Wars move was about to start.

- Well, I hadn’t time to be jealous - you told him honestly. - You looked so… Ugh, it’s frustrating.

- I looked like…? - he turned his head to look at you.

- Let’s just say that if you choke someone in front of me with that angry, hateful and handsome face of yours, I’d jump on you right there and then - you took a bite of your pizza, trying to hide small emarrassment. Seb chuckled quietly.

- What you’re trying to say is that I’m sexy, when I’m angry? - you nodded and he chuckled once again. He grabbed your face and turned to him. You had mouth full of pizza, cheese still dangling from your lips, but Sebastian just pressed a kiss on your nose and let your face go. - You’re weird, but in good way - he sighed, pulling you closer to him. You let out quiet giggle and when you finally swallowed pizza, you turned to him. You placed kiss on his cheek, kiss full of crumbs, tomato and garlic sauce, but to him this kiss was sweet like cotton candy.

- We’re both weird, Sebby. You’re sometimes more weird than me - you chuckled quietly as you hugged him tightly.

And then you started to try to make that sound when ships were shooting lasers at each other. Seb just started to laugh.