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did you fucking memorize the diner style order from spongebob


i’m not saying that my brother and i watched so much spongebob when we were younger that we were able to recite whole episodes off by heart with each of us taking on different speaking roles 

but also i’m not not saying that

sports lance stuff

lance was that one kid who wanted to do ALL the sports so he would beg his mom to sign him up for a different sport every season

he has a lot of energy and it was to go somewhere tbh

so as a kid he did like baseball, soccer, swimming, surfing (as a hobby down the shore in the summer), track, volleyball, etc.

and he would always have bruises and scrapes bc he goes hard in competitions and always tries his hardest to make sure his team wins

and maybe hes not the teams mvp all star best player but everyone loves him and hes the guy that give everyone a pep talk before a big game to boost everyone’s morale

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if youtube is thinking that LGBTQ+ videos aren't safe for kids,,,and i am a bi minor,,,,,am i not safe for myself ???

???? exactly. they are like “we just want to make it family friendly” like. lgbt youth don’t exist? lgbt families don’t exist?? any young questioning kids aren’t gonna have somewhere to go search, especially if their youtube accounts are monitored. i also was going to make a video about cissexism; if young people watch that and learn about this stuff they will grow up knowing about this stuff so it isn’t so “wtf?!?!” when they learn about it when older. also young cis lgb people really, really need to know about cissexism before they get terf-like ideas. i’m just. ahhhhh. so pissed

There were only a few principles I knew I had to keep to—principles, not Rules—and the first of these was and is:  you have to be responsible.  By that I don’t mean not having kids strike matches.  I mean that somewhere, somewhen, someone is going to read your book at a time when such things stick for life.  And you have to make it the kind of book that is worth remembering that vividly for that long.  You have to make it an experience in its own right.  That’s the first principle.
—  Reflections:
On the Magic of Writing
by Diana Wynne Jones

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If there was someone you wanted would you travel a long distance to meet them

I tend to have people travel to me, historically. I have two young-ish kids, so going somewhere far away would be very difficult. I used to travel a lot for work and that made that sort of thing easier in the past, but those days are over now.

X-Men Headcanon

Logan is the designated driver every time any of the kids want to go somewhere together in a group. This was mainly Jean’s idea because 1) she knows he’ll keep them in line and 2) she knows they’ll all be safe with him. This arrangement is kept up until someone (probably Charles) finds out through some turn of events that Logan doesn’t have his driver’s license.

"A place better equipped to meet their needs"

Most schools are not good places for disabled kids. Often, this fact is used as an excuse to exclude kids from mainstream schools. (Even though special needs schools aren’t actually better, they’re just separate). 

People will say, in a tone dripping with compassionate condescension, “We feel that your child would be better off somewhere more prepared to meet their needs.” This usually makes them go away. It does not often result in their needs being met.

After that conversation, the disabled kids tend to go somewhere else and be someone else’s problem. Often in a self contained special needs school. This conveniently allows the mainstream school, and often the child’s community, to continue ignoring them. 

They can pretend that the excluded children are in a wonderful place, surrounded by experts who know how to help them. It’s almost never true — the place “better equipped to meet their needs” is almost always imaginary. Segregation creates the perception of expertise; it does not create expertise.

Sometimes the expertise a kid needs flat-out doesn’t exist yet. There are a lot of people who need supports and teaching methods that have not been invented yet. If what they need doesn’t exist, their needs aren’t going to be met no matter where they are. Excluding them allows others to avoid having to face the reality of how awful things are for many people with disabilities; it doesn’t get their needs met. 

Special education is not special, and special educators are not high level experts who know how to teach everyone. Special education settings are generally full of behaviorism, behavior plans, and low expectations. When special educators have real disability expertise, it’s because they’ve made a focused effort to get it. It doesn’t happen automatically as a result of training or professional experience. General educators can do that too.

If schools wants students with disabilities to be in “a place better equipped to meet their needs”, they have to work to become that place. There are no viable alternatives. Making people go away doesn’t get their needs met. Working to meet their needs does.

(Edited to add: It’s more complicated than that, and there are things I don’t like about this post. I think it’s more true than not, but there’s things it doesn’t cover, and I’m planning on writing some followup posts about it which will hopefully cover more ground.)

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i wanna be in a band so bad but i have no irl friends jgfkgd

Go out somewhere and find the most emo kid you see and awkwardly exchange tumblrs and then proceed to awkwardly interact until you’re ride or die that’s what I did

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"Dad. If you hurt Warcher I'm gonna be super upset!"

[ ☠ ] — “Arch over there’s a bad person kid—he ain’t nothin’ but trouble and came here t’beat up ya kin,” Guzma states bluntly, looking over to his Golisopod.

“Aye, go take the kid somewhere.”

Clicking, the insect lifts itself, going over to Dana, grabbing her and removing her from the area.

“ SO  I’VE  BEEN  THINKING  ABOUT  SOMETHING.  If we can swing it and all three of us can get the time off, we should go on vacation. Take the kids somewhere  fun.  I’m pretty sure Tommy still resents us for not taking them with us to Disney, so.

Translation: I really want to go to Disney again and I’m just making up excuses for it.