this kid so cute


Cillian and his family on his 41st birthday 😍

I am 20
But I keep saying I feel like 10.
Until today when I spent 2 hours with 20 kids of age 10.

They didn’t know who an adult was.
They didn’t care about how you looked.
They gave the warmth they felt.
They loved imitating adults.
They wanted the approval of the adults they liked.
They didn’t know the spelling of improv; they weren’t scared to ask.

Sure, I don’t know who an adult is because I’m struggling to be one and there are words that I can’t spell either and I seek approval of the people I like and respect too.

But I have filters. So many filters.
I always thought I was a very open and honest person.
While I am that, I also have filters of all colours.

Those filters make me judge and stay silent and restrict myself in multiple ways.

But some are needed.
Their silly behaviour is approved and adored now.
But 10 years later it will not be condoned.

Spending time with children is really therapeutic.
It lets you sort your filters and get rid of the ones blocking your light.


My campers caught a rough-skinned newt and became convinced that it was pregananant and they were going to be newt grandmas.

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