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Nineteen Years and Eight Hours Later

Harry Potter’s eyes shot open.

“Draco! Draco, come back to bed! You have to hear about this ridiculous dream I just had!”

I imagine when Bruce adopted Jason he gave him a piggy bank at some point, because that’s what you get a kid, and Jason loved it. He never had a lot, so he saved meticulously and probably had more than one piggy bank hidden around (the ceiling, the chimney, the pool table, the freezer; stg there’s a whole zoo). As an adult, he’s legally dead and unemployed so he doesn’t have a bank account, but if you pull on the third panel from the bottom on the left wall in safe house #5 there’s a little piggy with a domino mask (you laugh, but he’s got $3465 in it who’s laughing now)

  • "OMG, and this is a kid's show!"
  • What I mean: Seeing how so many adults are so willing to write off kids' intelligence and curiosity, I am so glad that this show doesn't patronize children and instead acknowledges that kids are smart and they have questions about morality and the world just like everyone else. Shows with this much depth directed at kids make me so happy!
  • Not what I mean: omg this is so dark and gay, like, is it even appropriate for children??

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regina’s gift - a good life for you and henry. you’ll have never given him up. you’ll have always been together. but it won’t be real. well, your past won’t - but your future will.


Yesyes !

Two kids was my first idea so… here ya go ! Both with dark hair and blue eyes.

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thank you so much for all the quality datekou content 💕

it is, quite honestly, my absolute pleasure

What if Prompto is just a normal kid, trying to get a degree at his local city college while holding down a part-time job so he can save up for his own apartment, but every time he closes his eyes he dreams of Insomnia? It’s like one of those long, continuous dreams that people talk about having, but this one doesn’t ever pick up where it leaves off. The dream keeps going during the hours he spends living his normal life and then, after he turns off the light and climbs into bed, he blinks into awareness in a car speeding through the Leiden landscape and an entire day’s worth of memories come flowing into his head all at once. Sometimes he dozes off in the middle of the world’s most boring history lecture, and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a battle, his arm bracing against the recoil of a gun he doesn’t remember firing, a large body shoving him out of the way of an attack as he hesitates, brain struggling to catch up.

The first time he sees Noctis in real life, slumped fast asleep over the edge of a biology lab table, he nearly faints. Prompto isn’t sure how a character from his dreams can exist in the real world, but it doesn’t stop him from taking the seat next to the other boy and striking up a conversation when he finally wakes up. After all, there’s nothing to be anxious about. Prompto already knows that he and Noctis will be friends.

Doctors don’t know what to make of his dreams. As far as they know, aside from a bit of anxiety, there is nothing wrong with Prompto. Neurologists and therapists and medication can’t find a way to stop the dreams from coming, and after a time, Prompto isn’t sure that he wants them to. The dream world may be full of sacrifice and violence and loss, but it is also full of friendship and hope and… love.

Prompto dreams of a man with pale green eyes and a soft smile that makes his heart flutter whenever he is graced with it. A man so selfless and intelligent and passionate and kind that the Prompto in his dreams falls in love quickly and hopelessly. Prompto spends years of dreams memorizing the curve of Ignis’ lips, the pattern of the birthmarks that dot their way across the right side of his face, the way his fingers feel as they drag roughly through his hair when they kiss. He wakes in the morning, disoriented and lonely, reaching across the bed for a man who won’t be there.

On the day of Prompto’s 25th birthday, ten years after first meeting Ignis in his dreams, Prompto catches sight of him stepping briskly through the station away from a departing train. And though the doors are closing and Noctis has already claimed their seats, Prompto can’t stop himself from pushing his way back onto the platform, dodging commuters and tourists as best he can while he tears through the crowded station after him.

Prompto calls out his name and Ignis turns.

His eyes, wide and confused behind the rim of his tasteful glasses, are undamaged.

But they are also without recognition.

Ignis, the man he has spent the past ten years of his life falling head over heels in love with, has no idea who he is.