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Kendrick Lamar started the day by sharing the above photo and ended it by blessing the world with a new single, “The Heart Part 4.” Lamar calls himself a savior plus calls out Donald Trump and Jay-Z. He also calls out white and black people in his latest single that is almost 5 minutes long. The song has a beginning, middle and end and is classic Lamar. He also warns to get your shit together by April 7th. Could his fourth album be released in less than a month?? Kendrick is gonna have hip hop fans saying Drake who? This latest single continues to solidify Lamar’s status as the greatest rapper of this generation. What do you think of Kendricks’s new song?

Why are they having a 14 year old boy tell the lessons and morals to adults, some being thousands of years old…. Where’s Greg teaching the Gems stuff… How to be a good parent/guardian… Greg trying to explain to the Gems how humanity and the Earth are pretty cool… Have Greg say stuff about humans instead of just his half-Gem son who grew up with nonhuman guardians…

One time one of my coworkers was talking about his daughter (who was only 5-6 at the time) and how he was already worried about boys, etc. once she got older. He wasn’t one of those dads, who would quite literally hunt down a teenage boy with a shotgun over some backseat shenanigans. He was just a concerned dad.

He asked me what my dad used to do to scare all of the boys away from me, or to at least make sure they were good to me.

My answer?


My dad never once said, “Katie, if a boy hits you, make sure to bring him back here so I can make him pay.”

Instead, my kind, gentle-soul dad expressed anger and utter contempt for men who beat their wives (and vice versa), and has never in his life raised his hand against me or my mother.

My dad never once said, “Katie, don’t go out with a boy who’s rude to the waitress.”

Instead, my father has treated every single server we’ve had throughout my entire life (except the rare ones who were rude first) with respect and courtesy.

My dad never once told my brothers to get up and offer the pregnant lady their seat on the subway.

Instead he was the first one to stand up, and smiled proudly when his young sons copied him when 2 other women boarded.

My dad didn’t raise me to only make good decisions when he’s there looking over my shoulder. He showed me what to look for in a man, not by preaching at me or declaring that he was the perfect mold. But his treatment of others (esp women) is the foundation for my standards when it comes to men.

So, parents, you want to make sure all of those Bad Apples stay away? Step one is to demonstrate what a Good Apple looks like, up close and personal.

Because if you’ve taught your daughters to respect themselves enough to have high standards, there won’t be any need for you chase any Bad Apples away. Your daughter will take care of that for you.
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“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

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