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Stranger Things (2016)
Direct hit. Will the Wise’s fireball hits the thessalhydra. It makes a painful… and then… it crumbles to the ground. Its clawed hand reaches for you one last time and, and, and… and… Lucas cuts off its seven heads, and Dustin places them into his bag of holding. You carry the heads out of the dungeon, victorious, and you present them to King Tristan. He thanks you for your bravery and service.

Chocolate + Orange for Lila - Sweet, but odd combination. Appearances can be quite.. deceiving. An acquired taste.

Normal food x tiny human beans

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Opinion: Arthur has better moral lessons and diversity and family type variety than hey arnold

TO BE FAIR the only episodes i can remember of Hey Arnold is the one where his grandma frees the turtle and the one with the haunted train that takes its passengers to hell so i’m probably not the best authority on these matters but

the two shows are aimed at different demographics so perhaps moral lessons on hey arnold might have taken a backseat to something more entertaining to older kids. and to its credit, hey arnold had a pretty diverse cast and some Deep Episodes 

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So you two are together. And it's absolutely adorable. What if Weiss and Ironwood were to get together? ((I ship it so hard)) Like, would you guys be okay with that? And if so, would you guys do double dates?

“Winter can be protective, but i gotta agree with her on this, let Weiss grow up before letting Jimmy near her, he might an idiot but he’s not stupid either”