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Someone Like You {Pre-Serum Steve X Reader}

Warning(s): FluFF, Very cliche, Slightest touch of angst (It’s pretty harmless unless you’re an emotional person like me).

Request?: No.

Pt. 2

A/N: wHY is Pre-Serum Steve so underapprECIATED?! I don’t understand. But Enjoy this. I had a blast writing this. Also, a Bucky fic will be out shortly after this one. :)

Steve’s P.O.V.

I stare at her for the longest time, my sketchbook rests atop my crossed knee. The yellow wooden pencil that I bear slowly slides from my thumb and Index finger. Stupid sweat.

We both sat comfortably at a wood table in the park. I told her to sit across from me so I could sketch her beauty on paper. I still couldn’t believe I could call her mine, she is mine. She accepted me for who I was, even as I sit as a bag of bones, consumed by multiple diseases.

We’ve been together intimately for almost a year and been best friends since childhood. We’ve looked after each other for so long, it’s truly astonishing. Bucky was the one who helped us get together. Apparently, we were entirely oblivious to each other’s feelings, it was obviously true. And not to mention, I didn’t have the courage to ask her to be mine.

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I Adore You

Chapter 1

AO3 Version


Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: The one thing I’ve learned in life is that nothing is permanent, but then you came into my life and made me want to make you permanent.

I lay in a bed that isn’t my own with another nameless body. Our skin sticks together and I fight the urge to push him off me. Instead, I pick his wrist up with nimble fingers and drag it off my waist and carefully untangle our legs. I watch his hair decorate the curves of his face that is smothered by the pillow under his head. Without another wasted second, I dip down to collect my clothing, hurriedly putting them on as I escape another night away from a stranger to a home that never really felt like home. I sleep restless, like always, shutting my eyes before day breaks, trying to escape reality if only for an hour.

But I guess the sun comes up whether you like it or not, one way or another. You can’t sleep all your worries away forever. Instead, a stranger’s bed fills the cracks of loneliness, moans fill the silence, and touches fill the heart more than anything else. It’s all temporary though, but the one thing I’ve learned in life is that nothing is permanent. There is no forever, only temporary.

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“I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end!” + any character. Please, feel free to rip my heart out.

also requested by @buckyappreciationsociety: “I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end!”+ Bucky Barnes.

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she would be coming tonight. Pepper must’ve invited her.” Tony gave Bucky a consoling pat on his shoulder before walking away.

He saw you. The moment you walked into Tony’s mansion, his attention was immediately directed at you, as if an invisible force brought you straight into his line of sight.  

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What I liked about 12x14

(first notes after watching)

I enjoyed this one! A lot of character development, good dialogues and twists.

1. Dean and Mary: That opening scene was heart-wrenching and Jensen did a fantastic job once again. “Cas almost died” – damn well he did and Dean has every right to be pissed off about it. And then those lines: “I’m not just your mom and you are not a child.” – “I never was.” AAAAhhrrgh, my heart!! I had to pause and take a deep breath after that. I can see where both are coming from though my heart, of course, bleeds more for Dean. And even if he lashes out (“Mary” – ouch), at least he talks about his feelings and lets Mary know what’s going on.

2. What’s up with Sam? Which brings me to the next point. A lot has been said about Sam’s weird behavior this season and for me it’s not making sense in this episode either. So Dean’s outburst about Sam’s peacemaking hit a nerve. That inconsistency goes on later: When Sam tells the alpha about “hunters and vampires, cops and robbers, a fair fight”, that’s what Sam has been preaching in the early seasons and what he’s lived for a good while now (demons, witches, werewolves being their friends and allies and all that). Is it okay all of a sudden to kill each and every vampire? Why is he switching sides without talking to Dean first? IS he switching sides? Is this just about him not wanting to lose Mary or does he believe her pitch about a life without hunting? All the potential for conflict is intriguing and I dearly hope those questions will be addressed.

3. The compound: After the Tarantino episode this felt like a George A. Romero homage. So many classic elements from the surveillance cams showing the zombies/vamps on the gate to the compound where a small group of people has to fight off the attackers. I always enjoyed this classic plot and there were a lot of great moments in it: “Who here has ever killed … anything?”, Sam being super competent and in charge, the alpha telling the MOL to “get off my lawn” and that fantastic shot of Sam killing him. The story was well-paced and had a stand-alone feel to it although it’s part of the bigger arch. Well done, Bobo.

4. Bromance!Dean strikes again: Mr. Ketch is such a great villain and David Haydn-Jones does an awesome job portraying him. The dialogues between Dean and Ketch were well written and acted and I would have liked to watch them go on bickering: “We used to date” – “yeah, I can see that”. And then of course there’s the fact that Mr. Ketch sees Dean as his equal, a killer who kills out of bloodlust, and I think Dean sees himself that way, too, or fears falling back into the MoC-MO, but he stopped Ketch when he resorted to unnecessary violence and drew a line. I really hope the show will leave it at that and won’t take back all the progress Dean has shown this season.

Anyway, I’m curious where this is going and I have a mighty need to see how Cas fits into this new dynamic. 

So toward the end of last week, I reached the whopping number of 800 followers on this beloved arrogant tol son! Now, my mind pondered on what best way to celebrate such an achievement and I decided a sort of bias list/ follow forever would be the best option. Now, this is going to get incredibly long, so I am going to put majority of it under a read more just so that it does not bombard people’s dashes.

Please note, that there are over 810 of you all, so I will apologise now if I forget some of you but know that I love you all!

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Just saw The Promise. Almost didn’t happen. There was a power outage in Century City for hours today and the theatre wasn’t re-opened until 15 minutes before the show started.😱 Glad I took my chances and waited around - the movie was worth it. Beautiful, but heart-wrenching. Glad any super-gratuitous violence was cut out so that it could be shown to school-age children. Oscar did such a great job! (And as usual, he looked dreamy. Sigh…) Everyone else did, too. I kept wanting to compare this to Titanic for its scope and numerous similarities.

As I was leaving the theatre, a man in front of me was saying to his friend, “Wow, I don’t know who that lead guy was that played Mikael, but he was amazing.” And then I giggled to myself as the friend had to explain to him that Oscar was also Poe Dameron in the last Star Wars movie. The man looked dumbfounded. I can’t believe the guy didn’t recognize Oscar. He didn’t look that different at the beginning of this film, but I guess that’s the power of Oscar’s chameleon-like acting talent. 😂

Everyone, you really need to see this one in a movie theatre. A computer screen won’t do it justice!

A/N: okay just a liiiiiiittle more… small spoilers within though


It was hard seeing him so quiet and docile. There was something so wrong about it. Seeing Wrench like this broke your heart. He glanced up at you, acknowledging your presence before shyly looking down. The hacker probably felt exposed without his mask on. “Hey.” He wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Hey.” Your response was soft. “Um, Marcus said you wanted to talk or something?” You couldn’t exactly hide the nervousness in your tone.

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They Can’t Get Us Anymore

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Here’s a new one. Happy Friday! 

I’ve been meaning to get this one out of my system for a while now. Rewatching TWS and CW really gets me going because this Bucky stuff really hits me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We just love him so much and these scenes and his story are so heart wrenching. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. As always, if anybody wants to talk about anything I’m always here and my messages are open :)

Some things: 

Italics are a flashback from the mission that day.

(Y/N)-Your name


******WARNINGS****** Violence, enemy death, lots of angst, ends in comfort, this is dark so please be careful when deciding to read.

Summary: On a mission you do things that will change your life forever, only Bucky can comfort you.

Originally posted by amjeth

As a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, you were trained to remain calm in all situations because if you didn’t you would make rash decisions. Mistakes. You would put others in danger. And yourself. You always did what you were trained to do. But not today.

“Just strap in, okay? Drink this. We’ll be back in 20 minutes and then we’ll go down to the lab and stitch that up, okay?” Steve handed you a water bottle and clicked the strap of the seat for you.

You nodded.

“Alright.” His tone sounded defeated. Worried.

He walked over to the pilot’s seat in the jet, strapped in and prepared for take off. Once in the air, he messaged Bucky.

“Got it. Be back in 20. (Y/N)’s not so good. Meet us down in the lab.”

Your mind was a blank as you sat in the seat and waited.

Most of you were sent on the mission. It was a get in-get out situation that turned into a get in-take over-get what you need-get out situation.

Once the team was in the basement of the facility Natasha hacked into its main security system and closed the doors. No one could get in and no one could get out until S.H.I.E.L.D. had what they needed.

Clint, Sam, and Natasha took the east wing, you and Steve took the west. Your orders were clear and you were focused.

Until you stepped into that room.

You and Steve made your way down the hallway, he searched the rooms on the right, you the ones on the left. None of them had what you were looking for.

You stepped into the last room on the left, gun raised, muscles tensed, eyes like lasers.

Once you deemed the room clear, you turned on the light switch. You knew this room. You had seen it before. Your eyes searched for what was familiar, why this room meant something to you. You had never been here before.

Your search stopped when your eyes landed on that chair.

Your heart seemed to stop completely and then all at once, its beating sped to an unbelievable pace, your rushing blood roared in your ears. Adrenaline ran through your body, your gun shook in your hands, your knees wobbled.

Anger that you had never felt in your life ran through your veins. It rose in your chest, taking hold of your muscles and squeezing. You wanted nothing more than to kill everyone and everything responsible.

“Yeah, this is where we kept your friend.”

Steve clicked on the auto pilot and turned around in his seat to see you holding the still closed water bottle in your hands. You were staring at the ground, pieces of hair that escaped your ponytail hanging in your eyes.

His phone sounded. A message from Buck.

“Is she hurt”

Steve typed his reply. “Yes. Not too serious. She will need you when she figures out what she did.”

You spun around to see three HYDRA agents blocking your exit. The one who spoke had a wicked and disgusting grin on his face.

Steve found you just in time. You had been fighting off all three men at once. You had managed to get their guns away from them, but of course they had other weapons.

In perfect sync, the two of you took the three agents down, but not before receiving a long, deep gash that spanned from your shoulder to your chest.  

“We need their information.” He told you as you tied the agents’ hands behind their backs.

You patiently waited for Steve to finish his interrogation with one of the agents.

The grinning man was in front of you on his knees. While Steve’s focus was elsewhere, he whispered to you, “You’ll never put him back together.”

Quicker than a bullet you slammed the butt of your gun across the grinning man’s face and watched him fall to the side. You yanked him upright by his hair. “Tell me where it is!” the voice you heard screaming didn’t sound like yours.

“(Y/N).” Steve looked at you with wide and unbelieving eyes.

Your dark eyes slid back down to the grinning man and you watched the red blood drip down his face.

Then you heard Sam in your ear. “We know where it is. Steve we need you in the east wing, third room on the right.”

“Stay here” Steve said with a look that said don’t do anything until I get back.

“Little dollface got left with us.” One of the other men spoke up.

“Maybe we should tell her all about how her little boyfriend begged for death when we put his brain in a blender.”

With a strong hand on your lower back, Steve led you out of the jet and into the lab. He sat you on the table and laid out some supplies while you absent mindedly unzipped your leather suit and pulled it off your shoulders and let it sit around your stomach.

There was a tense silence in the room as he wiped the blood off your skin. Steve was trying to think of what to say and just how to say it when he saw Bucky stand in front of the glass door. Steve had told him to wait until you were patched up to come in.

Steve had stitched up the team many times. Deep cuts were a regular occurrence with everyone else, but never with you. You were an agile fighter and level headed. You were never violent unless you had to be, and even then he hardly ever saw you use your gun. You were a great teammate, an even better fighter, you just always could get what you needed without seriously injuring anyone.

In your years on the team, this was the first time you had ever killed people. And judging by the way you stared at the unopened water bottle still in your hands, what you did hadn’t registered yet. And he knew when it did, it would hit you harder than a truck.

Steve covered the stitches with a bandage and gathered the dirty supplies.

“I’ll be right back.” He said with a hand on your shoulder.

He walked out of the lab and left Bucky standing by the door. Bucky willed his feet to move forward but just couldn’t make himself go in. He wasn’t sure what he could say.

He thought of the pain and guilt he feels from what he’d done as the Winter Soldier. He would never wish those feelings of despair on anyone, especially you. He killed people because he was forced to. He just couldn’t imagine you doing it by choice. He knew you to be so kind and gentle.

Steve’s absence left the air in the lab empty and still. And for the first time you thought about what you did.

“He used to beg us to kill him. What a blubbering idiot. Little baby Barnes would cry every time he killed someone, ‘member guys?”

“What a COWARD.”

“He’s a murderer. It’s only a matter of time until he kills you too.”

And something in you snapped. Like a rubber band being pulled too hard, something broke. Maybe it was your conscience.

You didn’t do it quickly. They didn’t deserve it. It was slow and agonizing. One by one you kicked and punched, watching droplets of blood fly and listening to their grunts turn into whines and screams.

When one passed out you moved onto the other.

All the while, Bucky’s screams echoed in your mind.

You came across the video of his torture at HYDRA before he became a part of the team. You just couldn’t understand how someone could come back from that. How someone could be anything but a ball of hatred, but he’s not. He became your dearest friend on the team.

Finally, one by one, you snapped their necks. Only when they were all dead did Bucky’s screams stop in your head.

As the third lifeless body hit the floor you picked up one of their weapons and aimed at the chair. When that gun ran out of ammo, you picked up another. They wouldn’t be able to do this to anyone else. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

As the ravaged chair fell to the floor in pieces, you felt Steve’s strong hands on you, pushing you out of the facility and into the jet.

Alone in the lab you finally noticed the blood. All over your hands and suit and face reminding you what you did.

The silence in the room allowed the screams in your mind to grow. Coward, coward, COWARD, COWARD, COWARD. Snap, Snap, Snap.

Your sobs leaned you forward too far on the table. Your feet missed the floor and your knees broke under you.

The second you fell you felt warm, strong arms and legs wrap around your body, making you feel small and safe for the first time that day. A familiar smell washed over you and even with your eyes screwed shut you knew who was there.

“Bucky” you sobbed out.

“I’m here, (N/N).”

“I hate them.”

“I know, (N/N), I know.”

He held you between his legs and pulled you close to his chest. His fingers ran through your hair and up and down your spine. He sushed your cries, always talking to you so you knew he was there.

You held his waist as tight as you physically could, the sobs wracking your body sent into his chest. You just wanted his body to absorb yours, to be a part of him so neither of you ever had to be alone again.

After your cries subsided Bucky felt your tense muscles relax. He continued to speak to you and run his hands over your body. Your face that had been glued to his chest finally surfaced for a short moment of eye contact.

Your face was red and wet with streams of tears, but it was your eyes that spoke to him. He saw that you would never be the same. You’ve seen things and done things that you couldn’t imagine in your worst nightmares. And you’ll never forget it. He understood that.

But your eyes also told him that you were still his (N/N). Your irises were the same beautiful color and behind the tears, they still glistened. You would be okay.

After the quick moment, you leaned into the crook of his neck and he felt fresh tears run over his skin.

“We’re okay, (N/N), they can’t get us anymore.”



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Don't you think ever since new york is about harry praying for the closeting to end ever since stuff got really bad for them when he had to date taylor in late 2012?

I think it could go either way, and possibly both? I think with a lot of Harry’s music he likes it to be open to interpretation. So I’d imagine I’ll just sit here thinking of one heart wrenching thing after another. I could totally do a close read that is about Jay and I could do one about their closet. That’s how my brain works. Either way it’s beautiful and heartbreaking.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. That is one of the worst, hardest decisions to have to make. We had to put our family dog to sleep three weeks ago and I am still gutted by it. Sending my thoughts and lots of good vibes your way.

Thank you for this message. I’m really sorry to hear about your dog too. It’s truly a heart-wrenching decision to make.

They bring us so much joy and it’s just so devastating when you can’t do anything more for them and you lose them.

Much love nonny and if you need to talk my inbox is always open.

Bidders’ pregnant MC get attacked

Warning for violence, swearing, and dark themes. If you’re easily disturbed, please don’t read this one. Idk which level of hell this thing crawled out of.

You screamed as you were dragged backwards. Your husband’s gun was raised, pointed at the head right behind yours whose attached body was holding a pistol to your temple.
“Stay put.” The man growled, digging the muzzle against your head. You felt your eyes watering in fear, and your husband froze on the spot.
“Did you bring the things I asked for?”
Soryu held up the suitcase, his eyes never wavering and hardly blinking.
“Give my my wife first.”
“Let me see the contents first.”
“My wife first, Yang.”
“You’re in no position to bargain.” The man barked a ragged laugh beside your ear and you cringed. “How about this, I CAN give you your wife. JUST your wife. I’ll carve out this little one here and when you give me what I want, you can have it.”
You found the icy chill of the metal slide slowly down your body to the swell of your stomach.
“NO, PLEASE!” You screamed, your legs buckling and the man wrenches you upright with an angry grunt.
“Don’t bring my woman into this!” Soryu roared, furiously taking two steps forward and tensing his hand on his gun.
Yang laughed.
“How else do I get the mighty Soryu Oh to bow his head to me?” He turned his head suddenly and pressed a disgusting kiss to your cheek. You struggle in his gasp. “Aren’t you a powerful little beauty, huh?”
“Don’t touch her!” Soryu’s voice boomed in the dark warehouse.
“The briefcase.”
“Here.” He surrenders with a deathly glint in his eyes, sliding the container across the ground. “Give me my wife.”
“Not so soon.” You felt a hand strike your cheek, making the tears roll down your face against the stinging pain. “Fetch it, bitch.”
Shakily, you awkwardly squat down to retrieve the case. Suddenly, there was a loud gunshot and you lose your balance, falling forward. Another gunshot.
Your arms cradle your stomach protectively, your entire body curling up, trying to shield your baby. You cry out for your husband.
There was the thump of a body hitting the floor and you see the man lying on the ground, swearing and yelling in pain.
Your husband’s scent flooded over you and you were turned over on the floor, looking up at his relief-filled, loving face. You burst into tears. His arms wrapped around you, holding you close. It felt like he was trying to comfort himself as much as he was trying to relax you.
“It’s okay now.” He kissed your brow tenderly. “I promised I’ll protect you. You’re fine now.”
Unable to bring yourself to reply, you see worry flitter over his face again.
“Are you alright?”
You nod slowly. Your fingers grip his clothes so tightly you felt like you were going to rip them apart. Soryu kept one arm wrapped around you, pulling out his phone to call with the other. You snuggle, trembling, against his broad, sturdy chest as he talks on the phone. His closeness soothed your terrified heartbeat, and his hand gently strokes the bump of your child. You watch the tension fade from his face as he did so, and your chest fills with an inexplicable feeling. Soryu ended the call and his eyes peered into yours.
“How are you feeling?”
“Okay.” Your voice was thin and delicate, still not recovered from the horror of the event. Screams and shouts were still coming from the man lying on the floor, and you scoot away from him, nuzzling closer to Soryu. “What’s going to happen to him?”
“I told Inui to get the news out. He’s not going to die. His followers will come get him and fix him up with a black market doctor.” He patted your head gently. “Of course, not a word is going to get to the cops. We settle things and teach lessons a little… Differently.” As you bury your face into your husband’s shoulder, his hand moves in slow, relaxing strokes down your back. “Who told him to mess with my woman? I’ll do anything, __________, to keep you safe.”

He pulled his gun out as he walked into the empty lot. He could already see your figure lying on the ground.
One of the men towering over you gave you another kick and your body jerked feebly.
“N…no. My baby…” Your words sputtered weakly out of your mouth as another pulse of pain tore through your body like fire. “Don’t…”
“No, don’t hurt her!” Baba yelled out as he brandished his gun angrily, coming up to the few gathered men.
You cradled your stomach. White light flashed across your vision in a never ending loop, and you felt solid, hard pain ripping through your nerves. You could feel the hot blood between your legs and dizziness numbed your heart to the terror that threatened to consume you.
“We know it was you, Baba.” One of the men spoke in a menacing growl. “We’ve been eyeing it for ages and you just swoop in to snatch it?! Very unprofessional.”
“Give my wife to me.”
“Rules are rules, Baba. First our painting. Then your wife and MAYBE your son. If he lasts long enough.”
Baba glanced down at you, his chest constricting as he watched you write in pain on the ground, hardly conscious, a dark stain spreading rapidly across the fabric. Your face was pale in the dimness.
“Your painting.” Baba thrust the bag he was holding at them, and the three men gather around to inspect it. The fourth leaned down, grabbing your arm and a fistful of your hair, wrenching you to your feet. You didn’t look able to stand as he shoved you at your husband, who quickly gathered you into his arms.
“Good choice, Baba.”
The men laughed and started to walk off. Baba gave a low, dangerous snarl in his throat as his hand tightened on his gun. You reach out to grab his hand, yet your fingers only faintly brush over his grip.
“Don’t… Jail…”
Your eyes close for a moment in ravaging pain and his grasp on you tightens in fear.
You whisper feebly as your husband was already on the phone with emergency. A series of rapid fire words rattled out of his mouth as he gave them your location.
“Baba…” You mumble again as you try to cling to him. He clutched you against his chest, holding back the tears in his own eyes.
“My baby…” You gasp out against the pain, your hand grabbing helplessly at your stomach. “Our son, Baba…”
“Shhhhh.” He pressed a finger firmly to your lips. Drawing a deep breath, he tried to project his voice as calmly as possible, for your sake. “You’ll be okay. You’ll both be okay.” He pulled you closer and pressed his cheek against yours. “Does it hurt, my sweet? Don’t think of it too much. It’s okay, help is coming. I’m here with you, hang in there.”
From the searing pain in your abdomen, you already knew. You knew your baby was beyond help.
Crying, you dangle in your husband’s arms. Incomprehensible sounds slip from your pale lips, and he hushes you sadly again.
“It’s okay, my love. Relax. It’ll be okay.” His entire existence hurt and bled, yet Baba offered you the most reassuring smile he could come up with. “Don’t worry, the ambulance is coming. It’ll just be a bit longer.”
Your tears flow as you sob into Baba’s shoulder, your heart wrenched open and broken. His tears come too, and you sit there in each other’s arms, waiting for the ambulance, mourning.

‘Bring the money with you, in a briefcase. Don’t call the police, or we don’t have a deal at all. I assure you I know how to handle a coat hanger.’
The words from the other end of the phone echoed in Eisuke’s ears, and he slowly approached the abandoned factory as requested. He couldn’t say he was surprised, at the very least, since with his wealth, it was almost expected that people would make attempts at the money. He clenched his jaw. The fact that they had kidnapped his pregnant wife absolutely didn’t sit well with him, and Eisuke tightened his spare hand around the pistol on his pocket.
“Show yourself!” He roared into the room. His cellphone vibrated in his pocket, a reassuring reminder, and he saw a rustle of movement.
“No, Eisuke!” He jolted alert at your voice. A hooded man in a ski mask pointed a pistol in Eisuke’s direction. His companion dragged you out, a shining blade at your neck.
“Give me my wife.”
“Give us the money.”
“My wife. Now.” His usual commanding tone came through, and the two masked men glanced at each other.
“Put down the gun.”
Eisuke hesitated. It wouldn’t be a safe move for him OR you. The man holding you dragged the blade lightly across your throat and you gasp as a wound opens on the pale skin, bright red trickling into the collar of your shirt. He hurled the gun away instantly.
“Give me my wife.”
“Money first, then the lady.”
Eisuke glanced at you, reading the terror in your eyes and the tightness in your jaw as you tried not to cry out. Your eyes were watery in pain.
The phone vibrated again in his pocket.
Eisuke flipped a lighter and opened the suitcase.
“Give me my wife, or you two don’t get anything.” He lowered the lighter beside the bundles of money and the two men seemed to waver at his actions. He looked confident and undeniable. The man holding you shoved you a few steps forward, still restraining you. Eisuke moved slowly, putting the lighter aside and closing the briefcase.
“Slide it over!” The man yelled, shaking his gun at you.
Eisuke held their gaze with a dark, sinister look as he slid the briefcase across the floor. The man with the gun picked up the briefcase and jerked his chin at his companion, who shoved you forward.
“Come on, Soryu!”
Almost instantly, there was a rush of movement. Gunshots filled your ears and you cry out in fear. Eisuke ran to catch you as you stumbled, and you heard more shots going off. He gave a low cry of pain. You screamed, clinging onto your husband, and his arms wrap around you, pulling you away from harm. Shaking, you look up to see Soryu and the faces of other Ice Dragons’ members.
“Are you alright?” Eisuke asked you quietly.
Your mouth fails you and you manage to make yourself nod. He kissed your forehead tenderly. You hold his arm and he gives a hiss.
“Eisuke, you’re hurt!”
You fearfully stare at the red stain on his sleeve, spreading from the gunshot.
“I’ll live.” He grunted. “As long as you’re okay.” He embraced you again, pressing your head against his chest. You felt his thudding heartbeat and snuggle closer to him. Eisuke drops his hand and strokes the bump of your child. The simple action calms you, and you also feel his heart slow down from its explosion of adrenaline.
“Fuck, that hurt.” He grumbled. “Thank goodness you’re alright. I can’t lose you, ________.” He kissed you again and clutched you close to him.

Both of you were up on the rooftops. Your knelt on the floor. Your wrists handcuffed to the railing. Screaming, you try to twist away from the woman before you. She grabs your hair and wrenches you around, jamming her foot against your stomach again as you wail in physical and emotional pain.
“What do you think makes you so special?” She sneered down at your face, beautiful eyes narrowed with amusement as if she was toying with some animal. “What I can’t have, you don’t deserve either!” Her voice rose up to a shriek and you felt another hard impact against the bump that was your child.
“No, please!” You scream as you recoil in pain. She laughed.
The rooftop door burst open.
Ota appeared in the doorway, and his amber eyes widened at you on the floor. “__________!”
He looked at the woman beside you, sizing up the situation, wondering if he should approach you.
“How rude, Ota, not even greeting me.”
“Don’t do this, Etia. You’re not getting anything out of it.”
The gorgeous model laughed, her bell like voice sickening in your terrified ears.
“In the case of one’s life being unsatisfactory, others’ failure is all the more satisfying.”
“What do you WANT, Etia?” Ota growled angrily, advancing slowly to you. The woman twisted her hand in your hair and wrenched your head back.
“If she dies, there’s no one else between us, Ota.” She crooned in a tender voice that sent shivers up your spine. You look fearfully at your husband, his anger and worry written across his face. “I can bear you children, darling, you don’t need her.”
“Don’t be fucking ridiculous.” He snarled. “Let her go.”
“Is that all you care about?” She released her grip on you and walked slowly over to Ota, approaching with seductive swaying in her hips. He could smell your blood on her and he ignored her, trying to get to your side. She grabbed his arm in his distraction, bringing his hand to her breast. “Tell you what, darling, the key is on my body. Find it, and you can let her go.”
“You’re fucking insane.” Ota wrenched his arm away from her.
“Insane, yes, for you.”
Through the painful haze that was slowly consuming you, you saw Ota slap her.
“Let my wife go.” Every syllable spat out of his mouth like a curse.
“Is she all you care about?” Etia cried out, holding her cheek. “This pathetic, average woman?”
“I’ve called the police. They’re coming. Now, where’s the key?”
“Ota… I really do love you! Why won’t you love me?”
“It doesn’t work that way. The key, Etia.”
She backed away from him, shaking her head.
“You’re not ever getting it from me.”
“Ota…” You cry out when you feel the blood trickling between your legs. Fear gripped you, sharp and terrifying despite the blank blur of pain. “I’m bleeding!”
He completely ignores Etia and runs over to your side, his arms wrapping around you.
“It’s alright, help is coming.” Ota kissed the top of your head. “It’ll be okay, Koro. I love you. Hang in there.”
“Our baby…”
“They’ll be okay. Don’t worry about it. Trust me.”
Both of you turned your heads at Etia’s voice. She had backed up too close to the edge. She was crying, swearing, voicing her hatred as she continued to step back.
“She’s going to fall!” You gasp.
“Fuck! Wait, no! Careful!” Ota yelled out.
And she vanished.
Ota immediately grabs you, muffling your ears with his hands and hiding away your face into his chest, shielding you from the image of the scene. He himself stares at the space where she fell, stunned, not quite sure what to think. You whimper in pain in his arms, and he snaps back to reality.
“Shhhh, it’s okay. Just a little longer. I’m here with you.”

“It’s not a hard thing for you.” The man laughed. “It’s just to destroy a handful of evidence.”
“That’s illegal.” Mamoru growled. “So is abducting my wife.”
“I’m just asking for a small exchange.” He snickered at your husband, dragging you out from behind the crates. “My brother’s safety, for your wife. Quite worth it, don’t you think?”
“Your brother is a fucking rapist and murderer. There’s no way I can let that shit go back into society.”
The man raised his gun to your temple and you shudder, arms instinctively curving around your stomach. It was a pointless gesture, and your heart aches at the decreasing likeliness that you were going to ever see your child. The father of your baby tightened his brow, clutching the gun in his hands, unable to shoot with you so close in harm’s way.
“Well then, I guess your wife won’t make it back to society either.” The safety clicked beside your head and you tense in his arms, eyes watering as they fixed on Mamoru’s strained face. You could see the fear and pain in his eyes. So this was farewell to your husband, your unborn child, to your friends in the penthouse, to your family…
“Okay! Don’t fucking shoot! I’ll do it!” Mamoru yelled out and the man unclenched his finger on the trigger.
“Now, wasn’t that easy? I’ll wait here. You can bring back those documents and trade them in for your wife.” He snickered.
“Mamoru, don’t!” You cry and and he strikes you on the side of the head with the handle of his pistol. Stars flash and blink before your eyes and you fall silent in a daze.
“Did I ask your opinion, bitch?”
“Don’t fucking hurt her!”
“Shut up!” The man jammed the pistol harder against your temple.
Just then, footsteps sounded.
“Drop the gun and surrender.” A police officer with a megaphone enunciated clearly.
Uncertainty flashed across the man’s face as he backed up, yanking you with him. Police began to show themselves from behind boxes and other stacks.
“You’re surrounded. Give up and throw down your gun!”
Mamoru moved in slowly, feet inching forward on the ground, his eyes fixed on you.
Your gazes locked for a moment, and he gave you a curt nod. You pretend to slip, falling as the man yelled in frustration, trying to yank
you back up.
At the same time, you feel the whistle over your head and sense the rush of air. The gunshot rang in the air as you felt yourself released and you fall awkwardly on your side.
There was a blur of noise, and you feel arms wrap around you, clutching you tightly against his chest. The faint smell of cologne and smoke that you had gotten so accustomed to wafted over you.
You curled into his embrace and he pats your head gently.
“It’s alright, sweetheart. I’m here. You’re okay.”
Pushing your entire face against his shoulder, you hear everything as if it came from a distance. Police were going around the scene. Someone came up and patted Mamoru’s shoulder.
“Kishi, the ambulance is right outside. They’re coming in for her.”
“Thank you Goto.” Your husband didn’t even look up. The fellow officer patted his shoulder again and walked off with his clipboard.
You tighten your grasp on Mamoru’s arms and he kisses the top of your head.
“Did that shot scare you?”
“I thought it would, kid. It’s all over now, don’t worry, okay?” He lovingly rubbed his hand over the swell of your stomach and you look up into the relieved affection in his eyes. A string of curses escaped his mouth and its familiarity relaxes you. He runs a hand over your cheek and holds you against his chest once more. “It’s all over, kid. You’re safe with me now.
"Mhm.” You mumble softly and snuggle against your husband. “I’m always safe with you.”

Now take a deep breath.
And breathe out slowly.
And it’s ok. It’s all ok. It’s just a fic.
Thank you all for the read
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What would life be like..

Request: “Could you write a Flash Fic where the reader went over with Barry to Earth 2 and they discover that the E2 version of her was in a relationship with E2 Barry but died? And so she has to comfort E2 Barry while B1 has contemplate what his life would be like without her? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Reader 

Warnings: swearing, fluff, sadness, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I stand next to Barry. My heart beats out of my chest. He looks over at me, lacing our fingers together. “You ready (Y/n)?” I look at him, terrified but determined. “Absolutely.” I grip his hand tight and plunge into the dark abyss. I close my eyes, grasping him. We both crumble to the ground. Holding each other closely. We get up in unison, scanning the area. Cisco follows behind us, closely. “Dude, what is this place?” He mutters. “This is.. Earth two.” My eyes widened. “It’s incredible.” 

Later that day.. 

We scavenged through Earth 2 Barry’s profiles and paper work. Cisco rolls his eyes, huffing again. “Look there’s nothing here.” Barry protested. “Come on, keep looking. There’s got to be a lead somewhere in these files.” I bent down behind the desk, ripping the drawers open. I ran my hands over the files, glancing at the ones that caught my eye. All of a sudden, a loud cry irrupted in the other room. Without thinking, I bolted up from my sitting position and ran to their aid. I came face to face with Earth two Barry. He looked at me, tearful but happy. 

Earth 2 Barry’s P.O.V

I delicately place my paper work to the side of my arm. I walk into my office, muttering a list of things to remember, when all of a sudden, I made eye contact with another person.. Who looked exactly like me?? A shorter man stood across from him, gaping. I look around my office, completely disheveled. Before I could even comprehend the situation, I cried. “What the hell is going on?! Who are you?! Why did you destroy my office?!” Before either of them could answer, I heard a small, beautiful voice cry out. “Hey! Is everything okay?!-”

I turn toward the voice, my jaw dropping to the ground. It was..(Y/n). She was as beautiful as the first day I saw her. Her eyes bright and full of energy. My heart both leaped and ached a little. She was both elegant and bad ass. She always had this striking but soft look about her. That’s what drew me to her in the first place. She had the kindness and love of a mother over a child. But she had the wit, sass and sarcasm that made her tough, like titanium. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from being awkward and dorky. But she loved me either way. 

All I could do was stare at her. This could be an illusion. I tell myself, taking a step forward. Tears threatening at my eyes. I sniffle, taking her all in. I try to be strong but my voice comes out as a croak. “(Y/n)..?” She nods her head, taking a step forward. I shake my head, confused. “Are you real? How are you here?” She looks at me, brows furrowing. “I’m real. Why wouldn’t I be?” I choke. “Because you’re dead..” Her eyes widened. “I’m dead in this world?” I shake my head. “This world.” She eyes the other two men behind me. “You better sit down for this.”

A few minutes later..

My brows furrow as I try to wrap my head around the situation. “So, you’re not my, (Y/n)?” She shakes her head, sadly. She squints, running her hand through her hair. A normal action that I so desperately missed. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what happened to your, (Y/n)?” I look down, sniffling. “It was late in the evening when it happened. We were walking home from the China house, when all of a sudden, we were jumped. But the people who jumped us, they weren’t normal muggers. They were twisted and monstrous creatures. I did everything I could to protect her. I told her to leave me and run.. But she was so stubborn.-” 

I look down, sniffling. “The monster came towards me with a knife. She jumped in the way before it could penetrate me. The thieves got away.. And she died in my arms..” (Y/n) sat down next to me, lacing our fingers together. I forced a laugh. “Ha.. You know what she said to me when I told her to leave me? She said ‘We either hang together or hang separately. I will never leave you, my love’. She was always to poetic.” (Y/n) looked at me, with pity. “I am so sorry..” I shake my head. “You have nothing to be sorry for.” 

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt to see you.” She looked down. “Would you rather me leave?” I shook my head, resting my hand on her cheek. Gently I rub my thumb up and down, over and over again. “It’s kind of like a rose. It’s beautiful but painful. The memories hurt, but the beauty makes it all the while.” She grinned. A smile I’ve been dying to see again. “You two sound very poetic and elegant together.” I huff. “Yeah..” 

Earth 1 Barry budded in. “(Y/n), we need to look for the meta.” She stood up, still close to my side. “If I’m dead in this world, I can’t be seen roaming around. I’ll hook up a head piece so that we can talk to each other over the com. This’ll be the base until you return.” He looks at her, eyeing me. “Are you sure?” She nods, sure of herself. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He follows Cisco, looking back at her, hesitantly. Before he leaves, he turns back and lunges into her arms, kissing her forehead and then rushing back out. 

Earth 1 Barry’s P.O.V

I followed Cisco, my mind still racing. The way Bar- he described losing (Y/n) broke my heart. I cared about her so much, to the point of which it hurt. She was the light of my life, in both worlds I guess. I’ve lost so many people. And I’ve had the time to cope, but just the thought of losing (Y/n).. An empty feeling resided in my stomach whenever the idea arose. Cisco’s voice broke my thoughts. “You okay, bro?” 

I look down, gulping. “Not really.. I can’t lose her..” He nodded. “I know.. She is so amazing and we don’t even realize it.” I shook my head. “Dude, she made us lunch whenever we’ve been stuck on a mission.” He added. “She helped me get ready for my date. She taught me how to tie a tie.” I laugh. “She taught me how to bake cookies.” He added. “She took over Caitlyn shift whenever she was sick..” I force a sad smile. “She was there for me when I had needed to talk to someone about my family..” She meant more to me than anyone. 

Your P.O.V

“How long were you two together?” He grinned. “Five years. We both wanted to take it slow. Enjoy every bit of it ya know?” I nod, listening as he continues. “I was planning on proposing to her a few days after that night.” I looked down, wrapping my hand around his. “She would’ve said yes.” He grins, a tear falling from his eye. Gently, I place my cold hand on his cheek. Wiping the tear away. He puts his hand on top of mine, whispering. “I know you’re not my (Y/n), but I’ve missed you so much..” I couldn’t help but smile. “Even if you’re not my Barry, I missed you too.” He giggles, blushing. 

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“I see what your (Y/n) saw in you.” He looks at me confused. I continue. “You’re smart, funny, kind, sweet, poetic, adorable. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” He shrugs, shyly. “I guess you and my (Y/n) are more alike than you think.” 

Earth 1 Barry’s P.O.V

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about my life without (Y/n).. I wouldn’t have a friend to talk to about problems. I would lose the love of my life.. I would be alone.. Cisco would no longer have a buddy to talk about geeky stuff with.. Iris would no longer have anyone to gossip with over coffee. Caitlyn would no longer have witty banter with her.. Joe and I wouldn’t have anyone to help us make family dinner.. My heart wrenched and broke at the thought. The more and more I dug, the more and more my stomach ached. 

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We arrive back at the base, a.k.a Earth 2 Barry’s office, just in the nick of time. I swing the door open and hug (Y/n) tight in my arms. “I missed you..” She giggled. A sound that I adored. “It’s only been a few hours.” I shake my head, pressing my lips against her head. “That doesn’t stop me from missing you. We’ve got to go.” She turns back to E2 Barry, hugging him. He held her tight, as if his life depended upon it. When she lets go, she walk towards me, looking back at him. “I’ll see you again, love.” He grins, waving goodbye. 

I lace my fingers with hers, gripping her tight. She looks up at me, smiling. We jump into the dark vortex, soon crumbling to the ground. She gets up, hugging Caitlyn. Cisco then hugs her right after. I watch as they gather around the computers, examining the vitals and fluctuation. I pull (Y/n) over to the side, hugging her close to me. “I love you so much. You mean to the world to me and I won’t let anyone hurt you, okay?” She presses he cheek up against my chest, whispering. “Okay. And, Barry?” I mumble. “Hmm?” She replies, sweetly. “I love you too..” 

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My Forever (Newt)


Hey can you make an imagine where Thomas tells the reader that newts dead and OMG I can’t I can’t this to sad I can make it through *deep breath* and he says like e-e-e-every detail a-a-a-aa-a-a-and the reader like dies and her *sobbing* her last w-w-words w-w-were *heavy breathing and heart wrenching sobbing* I can’t wait to see you newt

Submitted by gfbillchipertriangle

(A/N: Thank you for your request! I’m so sorry it took so long to write this one. I’m thinking about making this into another Newt Imagines Series. Also, I’ll let you guys know when I’m going to open requests again :) Just wanna clear the inbox first. I’ll accept up to 10 prompts at a time from now on to make this process much faster.)



“Thomas.” I run to him and my lungs feel as if they’re going to collapse.

He avoids my gaze and continues walking in the opposite direction. Something is wrong I can feel it I’m hoping that I’m wrong. I follow him down the long corridor as he makes his way to his sleeping quarters.

“Thomas!” I scream.

Thomas whips around and scans his surroundings after meeting my gaze. His shirt is covered in what appears to be dry blood.

“Did you find him?”

“Y/N, we should talk about this later.”

“What happened?” I push

He looks at me intently and sighs.


I take a seat on the bed and press my palms into the thin mattress. I can feel the springs straining against my hands at the exact moment when I feel as if my heart stopped beating.

“I found him, Y/N, but I couldn’t bring him back.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t bring him back?! They’re close to finding the cure!”

“Y/N, he didn’t want to come.”

“You should have made him! We have to go back and get him!”

He hands me a note from his pocket and when I flatten it out I see a note from Newt scribbled on it.

“Kill me. If you’ve ever been my friend, kill me.”

“What happened?” I whisper.

“He begged me, Y/N. He didn’t want to hurt any of us. He just wanted to find peace without losing himself.  I begged him to come with me. So he could see you again and we could help him find a cure. Newt kept on rambling about how I owed it to him.”

He took a deep breath.

“He kneeled down in front of me and pressed my gun against his head. Y/N, he really wanted it all to be over. It was like I saw the Newt I knew from the Maze gain control of his body for one last time he needed me to do it. So I did.”

Anger flooded through me as I got up sharply and slapped him hard across the face.

“How dare you?!”

I take a deep breath and exit the room and into my own. The tears are flooding down my face at this point. I tear apart my sheet and wrap the strip around my bare knuckles. Staring at myself through the mirror one last time I bring my arm back and hit it with all of my might.  sending shards of glass scattering across the room. I play around with a big piece trace the edges with my finger tips.

“Hey, Greenie.” A soft voice rang out, “No need to be frightened.”

He steps closer and I scooch back into my corner tucking my trembling knees closer to my chest.

“I’m not going to let any of those bloody shanks touch you. I can promise you that. Now come on if we don’t get out of here we won’t be getting out supplies next week.”

He extends his hand and I hesitantly bring my hand towards his.

It feels like as if a current of electricity has passed through me. I can see that he felt it too, by the way the handsome blonde boy bit his lip and let out a light groan at the contact.

“Names Newt.” He says softly pulling me up.

I miss my footing and I collide into his hard chest. I could feel his strong arms hold me up and he smiles down at me.

“Y–Y/N, that’s my n-name.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. No lets get you out of this box, Y/N,”

The glass is still curled in my hand letting out my strangled cries, nuzzling my head deeper into my pillow.

“You’re so gorgeous.” He mumbles softly into my hair as he cranes his neck slightly to peck the top of my head.

My arms are wrapped around his torso and my breathing is still ragged as I nuzzle into his chest. We were a sweaty mess, tangled into each other.

“I love you.” I whisper and he pulls me closer to him, letting our lips connect.

“My forever.” He whispers back.

I press the sharpest edge deep into the closest artery I could pinpoint. Seeing the rush of crimson flow down my arm caused me to cry out slightly.

“Y/N!” Thomas screamed, “Minho come quick.”

When he runs in he finds Thomas holding my body up and attempting to stop the flow of blood.  Minho rips a piece of his shirt apart and tries his best to stop the bleeding, but at this point it’s to late.

“Newt…I see him…I love you.”

I could feel his warmth embrace me as my body runs cold and Thomas still holding me in his arms.

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I took a deep breath as I looked at my reflection in the long mirror in front of me. 
My hair was curled and fell down my bare back. 
My dress looked more beautiful than I had remembered; the neckline came up to my throat in a detail of fine lace and then spread out in a deep V-shape down my back, meeting together at the bottom of my back, and the bottom of the dress fell down in an elegant pool on the floor.
I couldn’t shake the nerves that were convulsing through my body at an abnormal rate.
I hadn’t been this nervous about anything ever in my life and I knew that it wasn’t just because I was about to get married.
It was because of Harry.
His confession of loving me came as a shock, at the very least, and it was all I could think about last night. And now today, too.
Would he still come to the wedding? Did I want him to?
Of course I did. I couldn’t get married without my best friend by my side.
“Y/N, are you okay?” my friend, Kelly, stood behind me and frowned at me through the reflection of the mirror.
I’d chosen not to have bridesmaids. I wasn’t close enough to any of my friends to ask them and I had a best man after all. I think.
I took a deep breath and tried not to let myself cry for the millionth time in the last twelve hours “I’m fine. Is Harry here?”.
Kelly gave me a sympathetic look and shook her head solemnly before brushing some invisible fluff from her blue dress.
I didn’t know how I was going to get through today without him. Or any day, in fact.
Leo had told me last night that he didn’t want me to see Harry ever again and of course, I told him that was never going to happen and we argued about it until he left for his stag do.
But would Harry ever want to see me again, knowing that I’m married to someone else when he feels the way he does? Knowing that I feel the same?
Was I making a huge mistake?
I didn’t have time to let myself panic because my Dad knocked on the door before popping his head in the small room we’d taken over in the back of the church “It’s time, Sweetheart” his eyebrows raised “Wow, you look absolutely beautiful”.
I smiled at him fondly and Kelly handed me my bouquet of pink and white Peonies “Thanks, Dad”.
I let him take my arm and lead me out of the room, my friends and mum rushing out ahead of me to take their seats.
We stood at the end of the aisle, waiting for our queue to walk down the white carpet in front of us.
I didn’t want to get married in a church but Leo had convinced me because his parents were highly religious and because mine weren’t, I couldn’t really protest.
“Harry?” I whispered in Dad’s ear, craning my neck to look at the crowd of people in seats with their backs to us.
“I’m here” I heard my best friend’s familiar deep voice and my head swung round immediately.
My eyes welled up as I took in the sight in front of me.
Harry, who had clearly rushed to get here, was wearing a black suit and shirt, his curly hair had been cut and sat around his face in a perfect mess. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes glistened from being in the cold. He looked incredible.
“You’re here” I said through the lump in my throat.
He smiled and it didn’t reach his eyes. He leant close to me and kissed my cheek “I’ll always will be here for you” he walked ahead of me slightly and grinned “Don’t fall over”.
I glared at him through a quiet laugh, grateful that he’d shown up.
Suddenly, the music started and Dad gave me a reassuring arm-squeeze before we started walking down the aisle.
Everyone was staring at me and I was so nervous that I was finding it hard to catch my breath.
Leo turned around as I approached him at the alter and he smiled when he took in my dress.
I smiled back slightly before glancing at Harry.
He was stood to the left with his hands clasped together in front of him and he gave me a half-hearted, yet encouraging smile.
Dad gave my hand to Leo when he was instructed and I looked at my husband-to-be as trembles ran through my body.
Leo was undoubtedly handsome in his dark blue suit. He had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, and his trips to the gym were definitely paying off.
He began repeating after the Vicar and I had tears in my eyes again.
As I looked up at Leo, I couldn’t tell what I was feeling. Surely a bride shouldn’t be this nervous standing in front of her groom, even on her wedding day. But I was and that made me wonder again if I was making a mistake.
“Y/N” the Vicar said, catching my attention.
I hesitated before following the same procedure as Leo and repeating every line he said.
And after Leo said ‘I do’, it was my turn.
But nothing was coming out of my mouth.
After a few seconds Leo’s expression changed to uncertainty and I swallowed the lump in my throat before looking at all of the people around the room, waiting for me to respond.
Then I looked at Harry and I immediately knew that I couldn’t do this.
I pulled my hands out of Leo’s and looked him straight in the eye “I’m sorry. Leo, I can’t marry you”.
He looked shocked and took a step back “What? Y/N, what are you talking about?”.
“I can’t stand here and make all of these promises to you when I don’t mean them” I took a deep breath “I-I’m in love with someone else”.
Gasps filled the room around us and I looked at all of the stunned faces beside us. My mum’s mouth was wide open, but my Dad was smiling.
I turned my head to look at Harry “Harry, I love you” it was a relief to finally say it out loud and he looked just as stunned as everyone else “I always have and I know that marrying Leo would be a mistake because…because I belong with you. If you’ll have me”.
The room was silent, waiting for Harry’s response.
Harry’s face broke into a heart-wrenching smile and he strode forwards me before pulling me into his arms and kissing me in front of a room full of silent watchers.
I kissed him back eagerly, our tongues colliding. This was way better than the drunken kiss we’d shared on my eighteenth birthday down an alley in the village.
When our lips parted, he smiled down at me “I love you, too”.
Someone cleared their throat, interrupting our moment.
I looked up to see that Leo was marching down the aisle in a very pissed off manor, his mother following after him with a packet of tissues in hand.
“Well, this has never happened before” the Vicar spoke up in the silence, he didn’t looked shocked though, just tired.
“I’m so sorry” I said genuinely “i really didn’t mean to waste your time”.
“Wait” Harry said, putting his hand in mine and turning me to face him once more “What if it isn’t a waste? Y/N…marry me”.


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Arranged Marriage (prince!Luke) Part Two

Part One

When you agreed to marry Luke, this was the last thing you expected to happen.

You wish you could turn back time.

Back to when you first arrived at Castle Hill, Luke’s country. When you were greeted by a flood of villagers who threw rose petals at you, as you’d slowly risen to the castle gates, tight smiles wound faces who reluctantly celebrated your arrival.

King Andy hated you with a passion.

You saw it in his eyes, his warm smile never felt so cold. You can recall clearly when you were allowed to visit the towns and you had bought a gaggle of children who were starving food instead of buying yourself clothes like he gave you money for.

You sensed his distaste for you when he noticed how bright Luke’s eyes would light up when you were in his sight. He called you weak.

But deep in the pits of your guts, you had a feeling this would happen. Luke’s parting words echoed in your mind.

He’s sending me off lead a war, I don’t know when I’ll return.

He’s punishing me.

It had been three months since that night. Two months since you found out you were carrying Luke’s child. There had been no word from Luke. The country where the war was happening was a sea away and no troops could be spared for communication.

“Y/n, please finish your fruits.” Queen Liz reminded you sternly.

She had always been formal towards you but once she discovered the pregnancy she had softened up.

“There’s our lovely sister in law, how’s my nephew doing?” Jack cooed, flitting his eyes down to your slightly pudgy stomach.

“Been doing alright, just giving me a lot of sickness.” Ben laughed before reaching down to ruffle your hair.

Jack opened his mouth to say something when a maid rushed in.

“Prince Lucas has been found!” Your heart stopped at her words.

You wrenched yourself up from the stairs and almost broke into a sprint before two hands grabbed both your wrists. Looking up, you saw that Ben and Jack were pointedly glaring at you. You quickly realized what the they meant and began walking towards the gates. You stopped short when the guards carried in a body.

Luke’s body was tattered, his hair matted with dirt there were gashed all over his body and his clothes were torn. Some of his wounds had turned a nasty purple and green- but he was breathing, you noticed with relief. Queen Liz was crying by his face, Ben and Jack were rubbing their eyes as well.

The next day news came that Luke was awake and Ben was said to leave for the war at nightfall. You cautiously made your way to Luke’s bedside.

Luke’s face looked marginally better than yesterday, his bruises had darkened however. It pained you to see what punishment he had been forced through for you.

“Y/n,” Luke croaked when spotted you, flinching as his lips had cuts. “I’ve missed you love.”

“As have I Luke I’m sorry you had to do this for me.” You gushed out, feeling the tears well up in your eyes.

“I did this for us. He promised-” Luke began to cough and you hurried to give him water. He gulped it down gratefully before clearing his throat.

“Father said its okay, he’s going to let us live in the Northern Palace. I don’t know why.” Luke said frowning, evidently confused about his father’s sudden good deed.

That’s when you remembered you hadn’t told him yet.

“Luke…” You began nervously chewing on your lip.

“What’s wrong?” Luke asked quickly, noticing your state with concern.

“Are you not well?” You let out a nervous laugh.

“Actually, I’m really well. I’m- I’m with a child Luke. Your child.” You mumbled shyly, staring at his bedding rather than his face.

You felt a shock of surprise when Luke lifted your chin and kissed you out of the blue.

“It’s going to be a boy.” You breathed out once you’d pulled apart.

Luke was smiling despite his injuries, the sparkle had returned to his sky blue eyes.

“Yeah? How’s my boy been?” He asked eagerly.

“I suppose you could say he’s a royal pain.” You answered, giggling at your joke along with him.

It felt as if everything was going to be good now. If not forever, atleast just now.

And now is all you really need.

post-it memos

“i can’t wait until i’ve been married for like twenty years so i can slip my spouse a note telling them that i have a crush on them” (x)

Kageyama stills with his hand halfway to their carton of milk, an eyebrow quirking in confusion at the white slip of paper that suddenly appears under his arm. Small, pudgy fingers quickly pull away to leave behind the peculiar note, but Hinata can’t keep from giggling when their eyes meet.

“What’s this?” he asks gruffly, picking it up and holding it tentatively in front of his face. Though folded in half, he can faintly see words scribbled onto the paper in the right light.

“Just open it,” Hinata urges, eyes twinkling, quiet laughter still bubbling past his lips.

Gruff, just a tiny bit irritated about such shenanigans this early in the morning, Kageyama rips open the message and half-glares at the content.

Hey, Kageyama, did you know? I really like you a lot!

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A Olicity Historical Romance AU inspired by the movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel.

A/N:  I was so excited to see so many of you were TSP fans!  It’s a wonderful Romantic Adventure.  After being asked by a few readers why this will only be a few chapters I wanted to explain that this story was only inspired by the movie and really started out as a one-shot, but became too long, so it will be posted as a few chapters.  My story will not do the full adventure of the original story/movie justice, so I totally recommend you read the book and/or watch the movie. You will not be disappointed.

Previous chapter can be found HERE or AO3


Chapter 2

The male voices grew indistinct and then completely disappeared as the men left the conservatory and Oliver Queen, the Duke of Starling…and the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel, took one last moment to savor the delicious feel of the female he held in his arms and the only woman he had ever loved, Lady Felicity Smoak.  Love, it was a word that could never fully encompass what it was to admire, and to appreciate and care for a woman who made him want to be a better man.    

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One shot based on this imagine.

A/N: Huge thank you to yanniesun for letting me use this imagine for a one shot.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, depression, references of suicide and self harm. MAY TRIGGER


Cas paced the bunker, pondering a great many options to his present conundrum. He had appeared in the bunker to address Sam and Dean with a case, but had not found them, but rather you. You had been in your room, a bottle of burbon at your feet, and the glinting little razor in your hands. Not sure what to expect when your sobbing had reached his ears caused him to leave his presence unknown, and he watched you as you cried.

Tears had streaked you face as you shook with each sob. With the boys gone you finally had the chance to let out without them possibly finding out about pain you truly felt. There were no more wounds, bruises, or broken bones; except for what you gave yourself. Your mind said you deserved each and every one of them, that you were just as everyone had said; your parents as they shrieked and lashed out at you, your ex who had taken the belt to you for not meeting their expectations, even Dean’s demon. You were a piece of trash, You ruined all you touched, so why not yourself too. A harsh burning raked your arm as you slid the cool piece of metal across your skin once, twice, three times. Blood seeped out of the little dashes cris-crossing your limbs, creating trickling rivers towards your fingertips.

Cas’ stomach churned at the image of your self inflicted injuries. What could torment you so? He turned once more, facing the bunker door before taking flight and appearing before the elder Winchester, solely occupying a dingy motel room.  

“Dean. I need your assistance right away. It is of great import.” He had said. A rather drunk and grumpy Dean had glared at him.

“What do you want, Cas?” He said, reaching for a half empty bottle of amber liquid, most likely alcohol.

“It is Y/N. There is something terribly wrong.” Castiel replied, concern colored his voice.

“Y/N is fine Cas. Y/N is always fine. Smiling and Happy.” Dean grunted, he took a long draw from the bottle and glared at the angel. Cas saw arguing was pointless and left. Now he paced again, pondering how to get you more help from the library of the bunker when he heard a single thought.

“Even Dean made it clear that my best way to save people is to just die, I have the means to anyway. He won’t care, I love him too much to let my presence hurt him, just like everyone else.”

That had made the final twig of patience snap inside Castiel, and he left the bunker once again. After collecting the necessary items, he reappeared in front of Dean. Sam looked up from his laptop in the corner, just in time to see Cas drop a match into the bowl and chant something in Enochian before standing and taking the bowl to a far less than sober Dean. Cas dipped two fingers into the ashes and wrote Y/N across his forehead and chest.

Instantly Dean’s eyes flew open as heart wrenching pain and torment filled his body. His arms burned as though filled with glass and tears began to fall from his eyes. He sobered up almost instantly at the onslaught of pain.

“My apologies Dean, but as I have said, this is of great import.” Castiel said before making his way back to the bunker to watch over you.

Dean still sat on the ratty bed in the motel, barely able to keep afloat on the torrent of emotions. Images of angry people he recognized from a few photographs flashed through is mind, and voices screaming nothing but hatred rang through his ears. Sam was at a loss as Dean fell to the ground, hands on his ears, your name the only coherent thing from his lips as he cried out, the unadulterated sadness completely overwhelming him.

“Y/N?” Sam asked. “What’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s-” Dean’s voice failed him as his own voice filled his ears, a vision of his demon self in the dungeon, spewing the most vile and worst abuse on Y/N of all. He heard himself taunt you to give in and kill yourself. “We need to get back to the bunker Sammy.” The elder Winchester finally said to his brother through the tears. “Now.”

In the blink of an eye the brothers we well on their way down the highway and back to the bunker. Meanwhile, you were silently composing yourself and getting just a bit more drunk by the minute. As Cas invisibly watched you from the side of your room, you stumbled towards the bathroom, only to drunkenly trip back to the desk in the corner and scribble a quick “thanks guys, bye.” on the closest scrap of paper, and shuffle back into the bathroom. You let the water fill up the tub as Sam guided the Impala through the Kansas back roads, pushing the speedometer to it’s farthest limits and Dean began to cry with new fervor as he felt the pain of your guilt ridden sadness. His heart began to race as yours did, as you stepped into the full tub, still fully dressed. Cas’ heart dropped from his throat to his feet as you took the blade from your wrist and ran it vertically all the way up your arm and dropped it limply into the tub before repeating the process on the other side. As the bunker came into the brothers’ sight Dean let out a scream, because the sadness was seeping and being replaced with a chill he had only known within the grip of death; Cas was meanwhile working to heal the wounds as your vitality faded, and he tried to fix the loss of blood.

Dean burst through the bunker door like an enraged animal to reach you. Cas had just laid your unconscious body, now dry, on your bed. Sweat broke on his forehead as Dean thundered down the hall.

“Y/N.” He choked out, looking at your innate form.

“Now do you see?” Cas breathed, the strain of healing you apparent in his shaking voice.

“How do I ever? Why didn’t you just tell us, Y/N?”

You woke up to the sound of gentle snores in your ear. Dean was curled up next to your form on the bed.

As you felt the dull throb of your arms, your mind flashed bits of that drunken night.

A grunt alerted you that Dean had woken up.

“Hey there.” He said, feeling your ever lurking sadness in his chest.

“How? Why am I here?” You asked, mentally realizing that somehow they must have found you.

“Cas. He ah, fixed you up and got us here.” The elder Winchester said, a hand gently stroking your hair, a seemingly subconscious gesture.

“Oh.” You said, your heart swelling at their concern. Dean blushed at the love and shame coming from you, and frowned at the sadness of not succeeding.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell any of us? We were here to help?” He asked.

“You made it clear you didn’t care. You-”

“That was not me, Y/N. Not the real me. I  know how much you are hurting.”

“You have no-”

“I do. Cas put a curse on me. I can feel the depression, the hate, the fear and sadness you’re still holding onto right now, Y/N.” Dean murmured gently, pulling you close as tears filled your eyes and thusly his as well.

“You can help?”

“I can’t make it go away right away, but over time. We can do this together, Y/N; just promise me to stay open with us. We want to help you.” You bit your lip and nodded, sniffling still.


“I love you, Y/N.” Dean murmured, pulling you into an even tighter hug. Your heart swelled with love and a hint of happiness in that moment. As Dean kissed your forehead, you smiled, and Dean no longer felt your sadness, Cas’ lesson was made clear. “We’ll get through this, Y/N. You’ll see.”

Mama Swift was telling us how Taylor puts her heart into every song she writes and that the most heart wrenching song she has ever written was All Too Well. This is my all time favorite song so I held on to every word being spoken. She told us that Taylor wrote All Too Well while they were still rehearsing for the Speak Now tour in 2011. Taylor came to the stage and everyone could tell she had been crying. Everyone knew she had just gone through a bad breakup but the show must go on. She picked up a guitar and began to play the opening to All Too Well. She sang bits and pieces of it and the band looked around confused because this was a song they didn’t know. Then it dawned on everyone in the room that they didn’t know the song because she was writing it right then and there. Slowly, the band began to join in with her. By the time she got to the part where it goes ‘you called me up again just to break me like a promise,’ Andrea said she was crying and screaming the words. When she was finished, Mama Swift turned to the sound guy and asked if he recorded it and he tearfully said that he did. She kept the song until the Red album because it was still too raw in 2011.

i am poetry,
i am rotting, despairing poetry,
i’m your good girl-disgust,
the black blood slicking your lips,
staining your teeth.

you like me best in the dark,
i’m your dead-end love song,
you say the dark just suits me better than the light,
ugly beasts pacing the bottom of my belly,
i let you slit me open so they can be free.

i am poetry,
i am touching, heart wrenching  poetry,
i am your 3 am suffocation phone calls,
the girl in the halls who doesn’t look you in the face,
who won’t remember your name in 2 years.

i am poetry,
i am your silencing, hammer of the gods poetry,
i am all over you and above you,
when i say i love you,
i don’t mean it.

hopeless future incarnate,
the ending of every beginning,
you can’t touch me anymore but you do anyway,
acting surprised when you pull back with burned hands,
tell the masses what they already know.

3 steps to become a monster,
to twist yourself inside out:
1-rip up all of your clothes and renounce modesty,
2-cut out your own tongue before you swallow it and renounce propriety,
3-make friends with the devil under your bed and renounce humanity.

i am poetry,
i am monstrous, burning poetry,
i’m your bruised fists and black eyes,
i’m every word you choked on,
and i love it.

—  poetry is being burnt alive; l.m.