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Tbh I can have sexual thoughts but I don't ever want to carry them out. Like when I told my mom "I'm not gonna have sex, I don't want kids" she kept repeating "That'll change when you're older!" "You'll get over it!" "The people that say 'never' end up doing it (:" so I'm just really grossed out that she assumes I can just magically find sex intriguing or nice. No. I don't want it, I shouldn't have to want it. What I WANT is to be taken seriously.. you know?

Totally, my friend. Parents assume you are going to follow their choices and that’s not how people work.

Before Gaiden ; part 1
  • Location: in the basement
  • 9 year old Sarada: * stumbles into a collage of pictures and noticed a boy with yellow hair in a lot of them*
  • Sarada: Who is that yellow boy mama? *points at yellow-haired boy*
  • Sakura: *putting away boxes and noticing Sarada is holing an old picture of her*
  • Sakura: *gasps and let boxes fall* Sarada! you shouldn't even be here! *sighs and points at door* You're food is ready downstairs. Go eat before it gets cold *forcing a smile*
  • Sarada: geez mom, don't give me that.I was just asking..
  • Sakura: *sighs.. then smiles at picture* That's Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Sarada: huh? Naruto Uzumaki? *looks back at picture*
  • Sarada: you look so happy mama.. I've never seen you like that before..
  • Sakura: *blushes* haha! That was a long-
  • Sarada : *interrupts* he seemed to make you smile alot.
  • Sakura: Well... He was always there for me.. He laughed with me. Protected my smiling face. Suffered with me. Cried with me. Saved me... And even though i didn't always understood.. His pain.. His grieve.. His humor. :)
  • I still loved him very much... *noticed she said to much*
  • Sakura: SHANNARO! I said to much! Enough for you young lady! Dinner is ready!
  • Sarada: *sighs and leaves*
  • Sakura: Phew...
  • *graps picture of floor*
  • ... *whispering*
  • I love you. baka. ♡

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i was about to message you but i couldn't so i'll send you an ask instead. thank you for sharing what kfans think about kaisoo. now that i read all of that, finally after stanning them since debut everything becomes clear (especially the 2nd box thing, the only thing sm gave us). but seriously thank you, i know we shouldn't believe it directly but i've been shipping them since forever so i guess my mind just comes believe in them naturally...

Hey there, 

I’m happy to hear that. Kfans are really happy to share these with us tbh. They are really happy about it. They even asked me how does ifans react to kfans thoughts? I can’t stop smiling about it.

Kfans are like ifans as well. We watch them, talk about them, come out of theories and discussed their interactions. The only difference between kfans and ifans is they are in SK while we’re out here, somewhere looking over Kaisoo onscreen. The way they described kaisoo is really different from how we described kaisoo. They said it’s impossible if there’s nothing going on between kaisoo. There must be something happens between them. They have seen kaisoo for more than 10 times and kaisoo never failed to amaze them with their aura/atmosphere. Even though they’re not talking or just standing next to each other, there’s this special atmosphere hanging around them.

All I can say is just believe in what you want to believe in :))))

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my mom just teased me that i "probably shouldn't have kids" because of my "personal space issues" (ie i HAVE personal space which is apparently a bad thing) even though i've told her repeatedly that i'm asexual and sex-repulsed and never having kids. she said it as though i'm just going to have to get used to having my space invaded when i inevitably have kids. she must be trying to set a record for how many ways she can make me uncomfortable with a single sentence. just need to rant. thx

parents, shaking my head. thanks for sharing with us!

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[1] OK long ask, so sorry! I keep seeing headlines linking Zayn with 1D and even suggesting a reunion pretty explicitly, and I saw your posts with more headlines. My confidence level that Zayn will come back is like 90%+ now. On another note, TONS of folks are in my ask box who are fed up with the big Larry blogs because of how they treat Ziam/Zayn/Liam. And I kinda strolled over there (I know I know, I probably shouldn't have) and they're so OT4 and STILL shading Zayn but they can't explain any

[2] of the shadiness around Zayn “quitting” or how much he’s being linked to 4/5 or how well his narrative fits into the big picture. If—honestly, it’s really “when” to me at this point—Zayn comes back I wonder how they will handle that. Mostly, I want Zayn back because I love him and 1D just ain’t right without him, and I think the boys love him and genuinely feel that way too. But I’ve NEVER seen my ask box blow up like this until I posted about Larry/Ziam, and its ALL fans frustrated with the [3] big Larries. I’d like to think this “quitting” stunt is also exposing their fuckery re: Zayn/Liam/Zayn, racism, Islamophobia, etc. Like, I feel and kinda hope all this venting about the big Larry blogs I see in Ziam blogs and how awfully they’re handling Zayn “quitting” shows more fans are fed up with them and WANT a better fandom experience. The reason I tell you is because a lot of the people in ask box mentioned your Larry vs. Ziam posts. You’re a trooper, like MVP in this fandom. <3


Hey thanks me! I say that because some Larries think we’re the same person! Speaking of theories that don’t hold water…LOL 

C’mere you…I mean me…I mean you!

God forbid anybody out there should just plain old agree with me. No, it just can’t be! 

Anywayyyyy, I do feel like some theories out there are cherry picking things that support their view or are just not being terribly logical, imo. Like the theories that literally everything happening is OT4 rebranding. Did Modest just lay down and die? Is all of Zayn’s good press, press suggesting he should return to 1D or that 1D is not the same without him and press that seems to be neutralizing the Zerrie narrative all just stuff that’s randomly happening? Or is Zayn just a rebranding genius who left his clueless bandmates in the dust? Is the Louis the heterosexual partyboy narrative really rebranding? Is Harry’s separation really rebranding? Really? 

I think the only logical explanation is dueling narratives. The positive stuff, the stuff that makes 1D look more adult, the business stuff, the Modest sucks stuff, the stuff mitigating the Zayn leaving stunt seems to be the work of the incoming team. 

The partyboy stuff, the girls who are girls stuff (blondes!, 5 girls!, Sophia!, Melissa Anne!, watch Zayn Malik’s fiancee Perrie Edwards of Little Mix walk while looking glum/happy/glum/smug/glum!), the everybody’s quitting stuff and the hideous gossip stuff about Zayn and drugs, emotional problems, cheating and sex tapes all sounds like Modest’s usual bullshit to me. My theory remains the same: 

  • A management transition is underway and won’t be complete until the end of the year.  
  • A new team has been chosen. That new team is already working on 1D’s behalf.
  •  Modest is covering their ass by making 1D look flaky and/or over it as if they’ve always been difficult clients held together by good management. 
  • The lack of OT4 and hamfisted 5th album promo is meant to make fans suspicious in a this-is-it kinda way in order to push OTRA ticket sales.  
  • I don’t know how much longer this era in 1D’s history will last, but I feel confident in thinking they don’t want to go out with a whimper. When they break to do individual things (whatever that turns out to be, whenever that happens) they want to do it as individual celebrities with a brand that reflects the real them and a 1D brand that’s still viable going forward.

And yeah, it is very frustrating to see smart people descend into utterly biased fan foolery. Because obviously, there’s more than the lack of the ability to understand driving this. 

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"He hasn't found it yet," Sherlock complained to Mycroft. "Just be patient," Mycroft reminds him, "he will." "I just want to be engaged already," Sherlock whines. "Then perhaps you shouldn't have hidden the ring box in his favorite jumper," Mycroft sighs. "But he always wears his favorite jumper the day after he does laundry," Sherlock tells him, "it's been three days! I just want to call him my fiancé." John waits until the weekend to wear the jumper so they can spend it in bed, celebrating.

AH!! SO CUTE!!!~♥

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I have a friend who has been supportive of me being ace but when I talk about it she talks about how her life is harder because she's bi I understand where she's coming from but I'm also scared to mention my sexuality around her because of this. She talks a about how the most discrimination asexuals face is being dumped for not wanting sex. I told her I was insecure about being ace & she told me I shouldn't be because nobody cares about asexuals. Am I wrong to feel insecure? Is my friend right?

Your friend is NOT right, by any stretch of the imagination, and you’re not wrong to feel insecure. Playing oppression olympics doesn’t accomplish anything for anyone involved, at best it just makes the “winner” feel shitty and at worst it creates an unsafe environment that prevents people from discussing or addressing their oppression. You deserve better friends.