this just seems like the last crushing blow


Summary: Dan is an innocent virgin and Phil is the bad-boy who likes to make him flustered. High school Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil AU

Genre: Smut that’s kinda kinky but mostly cute

Word count: 4,039

Kinks: Feminization, daddy kink, dirty talk, a little verbal humiliation

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Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole - Part II

A/N: 1) I REALLY like this ask. So thank you! 2) woah this is a good way for me to find out just how long my hiatus has been lasting, damn. Anyway, better late than never? 3) I get overenthusiastic and write too long texts… I’m working on it. Anyway, it’s the reason why I decided to post this in parts, 2 companions a day if I can get that done. - next up Hancock and MacCready-  4) obviously I’m also writing one for the girls 5) when they’re all up I’ll make an overview with links.

Deacon hadn’t minded following Sole around before, and his glowing recommendation to the railroad might have… reflected that a little. Laying on a bit thick how impressive he was, but did that matter when he lived up to those impossible expectations? If anything, it made him even better than advertised. The more he learned about Sole, the more he liked what he saw. A wit to rival his own, but with a kidness hidden underneath it. Whenever Sole’d return to the railroad he’d drop everything to hang around at the headquarters,   inconspicuously of course. Yes, hoping Sole’d want him to tag along, and yes even more so because he like the rush he felt when he saw him. He knew damn well that that didn’t exactly indicate that he felt no more than a sense of friendship towards Sole, but didn’t give a damn. Sure, he never before had felt like this about a man but if there was one thing he’d learned it was that life was too short to drop a good thing when it was right in front of you. Besides, with all of the roles he’d played, it was refreshing to discover another aspect of who he really was. And this… this was real. Finally, something undeniably real. He didn’t know how much he craved it until he felt it. Deacon threaded carefully, testing the waters, trying to figure out if Sole would even be remotely interested. He had a contingency plan; he could always claim he was practicing for an undercover mission or something. It didn’t take long before Sole called Deacon out on his different behaviour. “ Say, Deacon, are you… flirting with me?”
Deacon laughed, as it turned out it was a little more difficult to lie once you were a little bit too personally involved. They had gotten too close, damnit. He looked Sole in the eyes and after a flicker of doubt whether he should lie just said “You noticed, I’ll take it?”
“ Hard not to. I mean, I have no problem with this at all, You may have noticed I am all for checking out both women and men I come accross…”
“ Yeaaah… you’re super good at keeping that under wraps, boss.” Sole shot him a side-glance
“ But… I thought you were into women? I mean, you never seemed interested in men and it never came up in conversation so I assumed… I mean with… your wife and all that?”
“ This is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. But what can I say? You are just so pretty! The way you sway your hips, for one. ” Deacon mimicked an overly swaying walk, only to receive a shove from Sole.
“ I’m serious, Deacon. What’s going on, is this a con or?” Deacon kept looking into Sole’s eyes for a moment until the smile faded and he was looking down. Damnit, this is why he preferred lying. Less chance of getting hurt when they saw a persona instead of you. 
“ In all honesty,…”
“ Alert the media, Deacon’s going to say something honest! Where’s Piper when ya need her?”
“ Yeah, I had that coming. But eh… you are handsome.”
“ Ruggedly, I know.” Sole brushed through his hair dramatically while rolling his eyes. Deacon was distracted by his hands for a moment so he closed his eyes for the last bit.
“ Aaaand I dunno what happened but as it turns out I’m not as straight as I thought and I may potentially perhaps have a crush on you.  “
That last sentence came racing out. Sole couldn’t remember a moment when Deacon seemed this uncontrolled when speaking. Which brought up a certain concern… 
“ How do I know this isn’t just  some sort of prank? If so, low blow.”
Deacon took off his sunglasses and winked with a grin still set on his face.
“ Woah Sole, low blow? Let’s take it one step at a time huh? “ Sole buried his face in his hands. When he looked up again, Deacon was still looking at him.
“ Like… I dunno… see how a kiss feels?”
“ You’re serious about this?”
“ Yeah. Have been for a while, actually. Shocker, huh? ”

It didn’t take long for Nick to be impressed with Sole; the way he seemed to manoeuver through the commonwealth was… had to be a mix between a natural ability to adapt, one hell of a lot of will power and heaps of luck. Travelling with him, the proof that there was hope left yet to obtain some kind of justice and morality in the Commonwealth, brought new colour to his world. A kind of colour he hadn’t really noticed since… well since Jennifer had been in his life, or at least in that of the the Nick before him. Admiration turned to friendship, but now… he noticed that he started to feel something of which he had from time to time wondered of if he’d ever be able to experience it first-hand as a synth. Whether he liked it or not, he felt drawn to Sole, to their energy and to their strength. He tried to ban it from his mind. What would a man who was slowly working up his way to becoming the hero of the world as he knew it want with a heap of scrap metal? But every time he chose to travel alone or with someone else he’d worry and miss him just a little bit too much for it to just be friendship anymore, somehow seeing Sole happy had become what made him happy.He tried to ban it from his mind, but grew distracted from his cases and asked Piper one too many times whether she had heard anything of Sole’s return. It wasn’t really until she mentioned “ Okay, clearly someone’s smitten. Might wanna try to make that bright neon sign stand for something more than just your name. Tell him.”  Before he could protest she walked out with a “ Consider it free advice, ya never know!’
If it was that obvious to her, it’d stand out to him too, sooner or later. When Sole returned to him, a little battered, a little bruised, but still going on with hope in their eyes he just smiled. “Piper said you’d want to see me.” Of course she did. “So what’s up? Just wanted to see if I was still in one piece or did ya miss me?”
“Maybe… you oughta sit down for a moment.”
Sole arched his eyebrows. “Okay… that sounds serious.”
“ All right, I’m gonna try not to make this too uncomfortable and you need to know I just want to hear an answer from you so I can move on from.. this. I… ” How the hell do you come forward with something like this, he stopped talking, tried to think of how to word it. Damnit, he had a couple of times in his head but it all seemed to fall flat now. “ Should I come back, do you need to  run some diagnostics   first or something?” Sole’s lips curved into a grin, a glinster in their eye and the usual pride after perfectly delivering one of their witty comebacks, turning Nick’s words against him.
“Out with it, Nick. “
“ I have a powerful urge to kiss you right now.”
“ Is that so?” Sole leaned forward.  “Then… what’s stopping you?”

The Signs as Pain
  • Aries: Lightning-bolt, hot and urgent and incapacitating, but over too quickly to fully understand what happened
  • Taurus: Building tension, a dull ache that gets sharper when you try to ignore it and threatens never to abate
  • Gemini: Pins and needles, just irritating at first but then you're on fire and don't know how it got so bad so quickly
  • Cancer: Full-body heaviness and exhaustion, a hurt you can't define weighing you down, a stone around your neck
  • Leo: A punch to the jaw, the origin is clear, you see it coming but it's still shock as much as the actual hurting
  • Virgo: A splinter you can't get out, a dull itching hurt driving you to distraction, risking productivity, not life
  • Libra: Something indefinably wrong, you can't quite put your finger on it - your ankle aches, but did you twist it?
  • Scorpio: Blunt force trauma, plain and straightforward - the bruise lasts weeks and reminds you each time you see it
  • Sagittarius: Quick and over quickly, like a shot - you saw it coming, and anticipation made it seem to hurt much more
  • Capricorn: Chronic, dogged, clinging to your bones and coiled around your joints - no clear source, no clear cure
  • Aquarius: Slow-burning white-noise pain that sneaks up on you when things are just going too well - why does it hurt?
  • Pisces: Crushing and intense, a blow to the ribcage with a rock - it can't last forever, not when it hurts this badly
(masterpost) Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole

All male companions’ reactions below the Read more! No nsfw, just put it under a read more because these reactions got LONG. So I did it not to clog up people’s dashes, essentially. They can also be found per 2, in a seperate post which you can get to by clicking the name after ‘includes:’.
Includes: Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Nick, Hancock, MacCready, Maxson, Gage, Preston garvey, Sturges and X6.

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F2F ll Dantana

Dani had just finished with her last appointment for the night and was standing outside the hotel having a smoke and waiting for a taxi. She found herself surprisingly very excited to see the Latina again. Dani was really taking a liking to her, and for once it wasn’t just the sex that was great, she loved just to sit and talk and cuddle with her to. Another thing Dani loved was that Santana seemed to genuinely care about her which was unusual for Dani but she was more than happy about it, she just hoped it lasted this time without something blowing up in her face. Finishing the last of her cigarette she threw it to the ground, crushing it beneath her heel and got inside the taxi headed to Santana’s house. When the taxi arrived in front of her house Dani looked out the window first to make sure her boss wasn’t out before climbing out of the car and walking up to her front door and ringing the door bell.