this just really really bugs me

soft like roses?
no, fade not into this.
for rose petals clenched in cold fists 
will wither and wilt away in their docility.
and although they may swell
into a sweeter scent,
the fleeting beauty collapses in 
the radiance of sunlit souls
—  keep your thorns / for eve🌹

So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~

I really don’t understand why some people hate Slytherins. It’s really horrible. They say that we’re all evil. But we aren’t! Even within the canon of the books people hate us. Hagrid even says, “There wasn’t a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn’t in Slytherin.” But there were! Wormtail was a Gryffindor, and Quirrell was a Ravenclaw. So we had Tom Riddle in our house. We also had Merlin! It just really bugs me how much people hate us. Hogwarts is our home too.

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Would you mind explaining your love of Shance? I feel like I'm missing out on something that I missed during the seasons. I'm usually a horrible multishipper lol but I just haven't been bitten by this bug yet! Please enlighten me :3

I’m not even sure I can explain it in a way that will give them justice! 😭 But I will try!

To be honest, I just really, really love their interactions, few as they are. It might not be as obvious as Shiro and Keith’s or Lance and Hunk’s friendship, but it’s the small things in Shiro and Lance’s connection that makes me really fall for them.

I think to most shance shippers, it all started with Lance saying Shiro was his hero. The indignation in his voice here, the way he shouts “hero”, you can tell it’s a very personal thing to him and he’s confused as to how 1) Shiro is alive, 2) the garrison knows and 3) the garrison is holding him captive.

Lance regards him high enough that he wanted to stop Keith from saving Shiro just so he could be the one to do it. It’s a silly thing to do because what matters is that Shiro is safe, but it just goes to show how much he really admires that guy.

When Shiro finally introduces himself to the team, it’s Lance whom he extends his hand to first, and there’s a heavy focus on their handshake, whereas there isn’t with the others. Shiro acknowledged Lance’s efforts in rescuing him and thanked him for it.

Others have already also pointed out how Lance hesitates a bit to hold Shiro’s hand here because of his galra arm (in this scene in particular, the noise of the metal arm is really prominent too), but does it anyway. Lance doesn’t care what happened to Shiro, he is still his hero.

When Sendak attacks the castle in 1x4, Shiro is the one who rushes to Lance, and also the one who stays behind to tend to Lance’s injuries while the others are busy helping the arusians and grabbing a new balmera crystal for the castle.

Shiro really cares for him. After everyone was gone he stayed behind to take care of Lance. It’s a good thing he did, because otherwise Sendak would have gotten to him. I don’t even like to imagine what would have happened then.

Lance has his one sided rivalry going on with Keith. When it comes to Hunk, Coran and Pidge, they’re good, close friends. Allura is someone he is constantly flirting with, though I don’t think anyone takes it seriously, not even himself. To Lance, Shiro is “their awesome leader” (2x10) and Lance always trusts him with respect, even when he doesn’t agree with Shiro’s dicisions (2x2, Lance disagrees with Shiro that they should trust Ulaz and in 2x8 he wants Shiro to take him to the Blade of Marmora, not Keith and he confronts Shiro about it).

And Lance may not think much of himself, shown by the way he second guesses his worth to the team constantly. But Shiro is always there for him, either tending to his injuries, making sure he is fine and trusting him with the important missions, like the Beta Traz prison escape.

Those tiny moments, very subtle connection between them is what really makes me love their relationship. Lance trusts Shiro, but not so blindly that he won’t voice his own opinion. Shiro trusts Lance just as equally, and believes in Lance’s potential.

To me personally, I like that subtlety in their interactions because it’s easy for me to fill in the gaps. That’s why it’s so dear and important to me.

So, here’s where we are in Ghoul School:

The gang just made it inside the mansion, and met the lady whose design and shape reminds me of –

–Gossamer from Bugs Bunny for some reason.

Anyone else? No? Just me? Alright.

They meet this thing, which looks like strange The Rescuers + Rouge the Bat crossover fanart…

…which promptly turns into a vampire girl. 

Y’know, just like all mousebats do.

The vampire girl is also purple. 

I… really don’t know why.

The vampire girl is also immediately presented as gratuitously sultry for being in a kids movie, and I really, really don’t know why.

Understandably, Shag and Scoob seem more freaked out by that than the fact that she’s a vampire, and their reaction is pretty priceless. Commercial break begins.

Phew, six whole days of posts done! Ghoul School sure has had a ton of material to work with. 

How far through are we, again? 45 minutes? An hour?

*checks video player*

7 minutes?!

Oh my. This is gonna be interesting.

@ trans guys trying to pass:

don’t colour your eyebrows in. don’t fill them with a pencil, don’t draw them on thicker, please please i am begging you. it doesn’t work. it’s just really obvious that you’re wearing makeup (if you want to wear makeup by all means, do you. this isn’t about that tho, this is for those who want a natural look)

instead, find eyebrow/lash dye/tint or a really basic mascara (no lengthening or whatever - waterproof is good though). make sure it matches your natural hair colour or is just a little darker. don’t go for jet black unless you actually have black hair, it’ll look fake.

use that instead. only colour the hairs, not your skin. try to get all the little hairs. done. dye is good because you don’t have to reapply it every day! but if you use mascara use it lightly & try brushing your brows around a bit so they don’t look too neat. 

it’s a lot more subtle and i promise will masculinise your face more effectively than pencilling on unnaturally thick brows. 


I lied, I didn’t go anywhere. Who knew? Not me, apparently.

Still not set on keeping this water mod, but I do adore the fact that the neighborhood water actually blends into the horizon now. It looks more like a real sea! My version of Middleground actually just has a big lake, but whatever.

The Nutcracker - Michael Clifford

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I really need to get back on track with this. Like ASAP. It’s really bugging me.

There’s one thing Michael would never admit about the holidays. And that was that he loved the Nutcracker. He despised everything about ballet from the stupid slippers to the fluffy tutu’s that were, in his mind, just a waste of fabric…yet, somehow, that boy was infatuated with one of the most classical parts of Christmas. And somehow, this boy ended up at the show every year. He had been going since he was younger, his best friend’s mom taking the two to see the ballerinas since it was her favorite thing in the world, her dream one day to be the lead in the show. It was his Christmas tradition whether he wanted to admit it or not.

When they were twelve, y/n had come running through the fence in their yard, envelope in hand with the casting roster to the show for one of the major production companies in their province, y/n getting a role as a sugar plum fairy, her entire being jumping with joy at the fact she was going to be on the big stage, even just as a sugar plum fairy because, “you can’t get better if you don’t take the roles you’re given.”

This happened for the next year and next year until she was eighteen where she was offered a full time position in the company performing in shows year round, gaining leads in swan lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty, yet still not gaining the one roll she had been striving for since she had started as a dancer, her hope dwindling down with each passing year.

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BTS reacts to their s/o’s group having more theories for their MV

**changed to gender neutral terms, but can be changed upon request**

Jin: It wouldn’t bother him that your mv had more theories than his, he really would just want to know what was real, since of course he has seen your MV multiple times, it would begin to bug him. He would try to squeeze the information out of you, in every way that he knows how.

“Jagi~ if you tell me what the truth about your MV, I’ll give you kisses and food!”

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Suga: Yoongi doesn’t care about the theories, he is more of a music man, but the vagueness of the story would draw him in. He would play his curiousity off by being really nonchalant, and when you brought up and even you don’t know what’s going on, he would try to piece it together with what you both knew.

“Well, maybe all of you are dead and it’s a metaphor for the afterlife?”

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J-Hope: He wouldn’t be bothered that your MV had more theories, he would just be bothered that he doesn’t understand any of them. They were all abstract and obscure from the original MV. You two would mainly laugh about them, since your MV was much simpler than they all believed. 

“Shouldn’t you tell them that it’s all for aesthetic, jagi?”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be proud that your MV was just as puzzling as BTS MVs are. He would already have a solid theory about yours, so you asked him about it over dinner he would spill out all of the information that he compiled together about every little detail he noticed.

“Well, the fact that everyone but you is wearing shoes means that you are actually a ghost and you’re tempting them to make better decisions so that they don’t suffer with you in purgatory after they die.”

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Jimin: He would think it was funny when he read through the comments on your group’s twitter or MV on VLive or YouTube. BTS went through the same issue, but he always thought that it was comical. People would see what they want, and he loved to hear how creative the fans were.

“Jagi, don’t stress about it! Your fans are creative, they’ll always have ideas, and they may be wrong, but to them it’s the most important truth.”

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V: Taehyung would be slightly shook at all of the ideas that were around, some of the theories were getting really popular, and so you two were talking since he was still super confused himself. After you explained that it was really just an aesthetic MV about being happy with your friends, he laughed. 

“It’s so simple! Jagi, how could you do this to everyone?!”

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Jungkook: You two were sitting eating dinner when you brought up your own theories for your mvs. (since your manager was finally going to tell your group what the story was about at practice tomorrow) So you were shooting out ideas as fast as you could just so you could discuss a few of them, since BTS always had deep MVs. After a few minutes he looked up at you with a confused expression.

“What if there is no meaning, jagi?”

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wowowowowowowow, look a post!! :0 hope you enjoyed!! We are all alive and we’re trying our best to come back!

- Noise 

A Tired Rant

Something that just really bugs me in the Hamilton and In The Heights fandoms is that everyone acknowledges the female characters. They know how strong they are and especially with the Hamilton fandom. There are only 4 female characters in the Hamilton and at least 2 of them play huge parts in the show. Yet, despite this and how the female characters really move the story…there is practically no fanfiction that centers around them. I mean, come on! Then there’s the In The Heights fandom. Nina is a main character, dare I say THE main character, and yet the majority of the fandom simply ignores her!

LOL i can almost promise that mei’s waist/legs thing isn’t a bug. if shit was like, CLIPPING to create that waistline, that would be a bug. that skin is modeled clean as hell, they also test the fuck out of new skins to check for appearance-related clipping/bugs, and something like this IF it was a bug, would have been caught really early on and fixed before release. Studios, especially huge ones, generally do a really good job of making sure everything looks the way they want it to look when it’s released. Also as far as I know, no other bug like this has ever happened for any other overwatch character?? correct me on that if im wrong but this is the first time i’ve heard about something like this happening. 

I have sneaking suspicions that the “bug” excuse is just to make them look better, because “it was a bug” is a lot better for public appearance than being like “oops we shrank mei’s waistline but still wanted to give her that ASS and we would have kept it this way except everyone complained!!” 

If im wrong then this is just a really unfortunate coincidence 

Okay I really don’t want to start discourse over BBC Les Mis before it’s even out but I will because this is bugging me. 

Davies shitting all over the 2012 film over it not being an “accurate” adaption of Hugo’s work- specifically because it’s a musical adaptation, really rubs me the wrong way.

The 2012 film was not trying to be a faithful adaptation of the brick- it was supposed to be a faithful adaptation of the stage show. The thing about interpreting a book into another medium is that no matter how true to the original source material you are, things are going to be left out or interpreted differently. That’s why so many novels brought to screen lose the a book’s original message or tone. Film and television are visual mediums- even with narration you wouldn’t be able to leave in every detail of Hugo’s work, and you shouldn’t want to, because even if you somehow managed to do that, it doesn’t mean your adaptation would be successful because it would not translate well to the screen. 

Furthermore, successfully adapting someones work means something different to everybody. I guarantee you that myself reading the brick would have taken away something completely different than somebody else. I may believe the 2012 film was a successful adaptation because it included themes from the book that I connected to personally. Another person may have hated it for this exact reason- the themes and characters they connected to were left on the cutting room floor.

There’s a certain sense of elitism in Davies’ words. That because the film was adapted as a musical it’s somehow can’t be as emotionally impacting as one that’s adapted straight from the brick. Even if Davies is not a fan of musical theatre as genre, he could have recognised that the film included pivotal and emotionally important themes and plot points from the brick.

I’m just saying that you don’t have to like a medium to appreciate it as an art form and recognise it’s successes. 

And saying straight off the bat that you’re adaption is going to be so much more powerful than an adaptation of one of Broadway’s longest running musical is a tall claim to make- especially when you haven’t even started writing the script yet.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Scouts & Glory


Can you write a Reggie Mantle x Reader? Where the reader is a volleyball player and is the team captain and Reggie is her bf. After their practices they talk about their big games and there’s a scout to watch her play and she freaks out bc she thinks she won’t impress the scout and Reggie comforts her saying she’ll do great bc she’s really good and he’ll be cheering her on. She ends up doing really good and Reggie says I told you so and she just hugs and thanks him for being her rock/ support.

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one, but I’m not big on sports lingo so if I wrote something so wrong, please correct me so I can fix it. I really hope you guys enjoy this imagine and thank you your support on all the other imagines.


Summary: Reader has a bug scout coming to one of her games and begins doubting herself, but her boyfriend Reggie helps her keep her head in the game *wink, wink* lol ok I’m dun.

Spoilers: Game goes well

Warnings: Reggie being supportive <3

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           Riverdale a town that was the epitome of a small utopia to the tourists who showed up every now and then. This idea of Riverdale being a utopia had swiftly vanished when Jason Blossom was missing and turned up murdered by Sweetwater River. Since then every parent became wary of their children and the town had input a curfew on everyone until the murderer was caught. Your boyfriend Reggie was no exception to the rule, he would walk you home every day after school and especially after practices. You took those times to talk about your practices. You were captain of the volleyball team at Riverdale High and Reggie was captain of the varsity football team.

           To the dismay of stereotypes, you weren’t the total self-absorbed athlete with the self-absorbed football captain. Yes sometimes Reggie could be full of himself when he was with his Goonies, but you always made sure to keep him in check. You had just gotten captain of the volleyball team and the pressure was on to be a great captain to your team.

It was your free period, and you had spent most of it in the library with Betty going over some notes for chemistry, you decided to call it so you could meet Reggie in the student-lounge for a while before your next class started.

“Hey Mantle” you noted while planting a quick kiss on his lips as you sat down next him.

“Hey babe” he noted “how was your study session with Cooper?”

“I like Betty, the girl is smart, but I can’t help but think that even after she is tutoring me” you sighed “I just don’t think I’m going to pass and if I don’t pass, I can’t be captain, and if I lose that position I lose my chance on the scholarship” you rambled on as Reggie laid his hand on your back.

“Hey (Y/N), calm down, you can do this” He reassured you “you got that position fair and square and you are such a nerd, so what if you’re having trouble catching up; I know you’ll get it” he continued.

“Thanks Reg” you smiled as he pulled you in for a hug and sadly the school bell rang announcing your next class.

“Do you have football practice today?” you asked Reggie as you stood up.

“Yeah, you?” Reg notified you and you nodded “ ‘Kay then see you after practice babe” and you both left the lounge to your next classes.

You didn’t feel so confident of now having to deal with grades and being captain, but you knew that Reggie would always be there for you and he always reminded you that if he could do it, you could do better.

You were at volleyball practice and as it was ending the coach called it and motioned you to go talk to her.

Reggie was on his way to meet you up at the gym, since football practice was cut a bit because Chuck and Moose kept missing the plays.

“Yes Coach?” you spoke.

“(Y/N), the scout is coming to Fridays game, so I hope you keep practicing and I know you’ll be great as you have shown improvement in the practices” your coach stated “Just giving you a heads up” she informed you while patting your shoulder and leaving you.

You started doubting your ability to be great on Friday’s game, so distracted in your own thoughts you got startled when Reggie walked behind you.

“Whoa! A little jumpy there, you okay (Y/N)?” Reggie guessed as he took your gym bag in his hand.

“Wha- oh, I’m sorry” you spoke as Reggie distracted you from your thoughts and you both walked out of the school.

“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Reggie implied as he put his arm around you.

“Coach just told me the scout is coming to my game of Friday” you answered with a small smile on your face.

“Well, why are you sad, this is good! They’ll finally see you play amazingly and offer you the scholarship!” Reggie praised.

“What if I suck Reg?! What I get everything wrong?” you denied

“Hey” Reggie stopped you and held his hands on your shoulders “You are going to be amazing, why? Because you are captain which means you are worthy of being one of the best volleyball players I know okay?! And I’m going to be there cheering you on” Reggie proclaimed while slipping his hand behind your neck and kissed you and you couldn’t be more thankful over the great boyfriend Reggie was.

Friday’s game came in full swing, the bleachers packed with family and friends.

Reggie entered the gymnasium with a poster board and you were confused because he usually just came, sat down and cheered you on, he claimed posters were only for cheesy girlfriends even though he loved the poster you always made him.

The game hadn’t started and Reggie came towards you.

“Hey babe” he spoke “You are going to be amazing, I just know it!” he cheered.

“Thank you Reg” you spoke nervously “Whatcha got there?” you questioned Reggie while pointing to the poster board.

“Oh nothing” Reggie paused then continued “It’s not as great as yours (Mantle The Magnificent was what the poster read that you always made him), but I needed you know I am here for you and you are so going to leave it all on the court and if that scout doesn’t see that then they don’t know what a great thing they are leaving behind.”

He showed you the poster that read WATH OUT FOR #(Y/F/Number) SHE’S A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH and you smiled and pulled him into a hug.

Reggie went to sit in the bleachers next to your parents.

The game began and you gave it your all on the court, you decided to forget about the scout since you didn’t know who it was and played the better than any other game or practice ever.

The game finished and Bulldogs won and you huddled with your team, smiles all around.

“(Y/N) that dig (when a player passes a strongly spiked ball that is close to the floor) was outstanding!” one of your teammates exclaimed and you chuckled.

“Her spikes were the best, man you just kept hitting them!” another teammate complimented you and you just smiled back.

You approached your coach who was talking to a man in a suit, you suddenly remembered about the scout and became worried that maybe your best wasn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) this is Mr. Jefferson, the scout that came and checked you out” your coach stated and Mr. Jefferson took him arm out and you shook it.

“Well Miss (Y/L/N), you were quite extraordinary, I am delighted to grant you the full scholarship, you clearly are a forced to be reckoned with” He boasted and all you could do was smile and say thank you over and over  and chuckle at Reggie’s poster as he walked away.

Reggie came up to you with your parents “Soooo, what he say?!” he hinted.

“Well he liked your poster” you answered and smiled “and I got it! I got the scholarship!” you squealed as you parents took you in for a hug.

And after they finished hugging you, Reggie grabbed you by the waist to hug and kissed you as he picked you up and twirled you around in circles as he whispered in your ear “I told you so” and you chuckled at his comment.

How they react to bad puns

1. Mark

You: What nation has the most birds?

Mark: What?

You: Portu-geese.

Mark: Not bad, but y’know what?

You: What?

Mark: Toucan play that game.

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2. JB

You: What do you call the security of Samsung?

JB: No, stop-

You: Guardians of the galaxy.

JB: …

You: Boom.

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3. Jackson

You: Hey Jackson, I think something’s wrong with the bathroom.

Jackson: Really?

You: Yeah. Every time I get naked, the shower gets turned on.

Jackson: *gasps* How dare you cheat on me.

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4. Jinyoung

You: I really hate insect jokes.

Jinyoung: Why?

You: ….cuz They really bug me.


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5. Youngjae

You: Having sex in an elevator is just wrong in so many levels.

Youngjae: Where’d you get that from? I bet you had a hard time trying to LIFT it up. Get it? Cause elevator is a lif-

You: Ok stop.

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6. Bambam

Police: Ok, I’ve had it. How did you escape from Iraq?

You and Bambam: *smirk*….Iran.

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7. Yugyeom

You: When I first saw you..I honestly wanted to give you a nasty look.

Yugyeom: Why didn’t you?

You: Cause you already had one.

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I really hope you get these  😂 😂