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hailey: audrey..

audrey: hey, there you are. i was starting to think you were serious about not coming out

hailey: i only came outside to tell you to go home. you’ve been stood out here for 40 minutes, why? what’s there to gain by standing outside my house?

audrey: i.. really needed to see you. it’s been a full week. i left you alone for a week, and i’d hoped you’d like fucking text or call me or something but you didn’t. so yeah, i couldn’t wait any longer

hailey: uhh.. i’m kinda confused right now. what makes you think i’d have a reason to text or call you?

audrey: well..

hailey: *sighs* i thought i’d made it pretty clear we were done but let me clarify, just for you princess. our relationship? it’s over. i can’t do it anymore. i can’t play by your rules, i’m sorry

audrey: play by my rules?

hailey: yeah audrey, your rules. your rules of “we do anything and everything when it’s good for me. fuck your feelings hailey”

audrey: that’s.. not how it was at all

hailey: okay well you can stand here in denial for as long as you like. i’m going to bed now. sweet dreams princess

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OMFG talk about hijacking a fucking post about writer positivism, just a simple honest harmful example of support and how even the greatest want to give up and turning it completely into a hate spew-- thank you for that, real honest, it's what we writers all longed for and NEEDED

Anon then chose to add, magnificently:

how can you even be so aygihkgpo just stop pushing your sw bitchiness onto everything??? it was just a motivation for writers, not a whatevs you made it

Normally I only reblog anon hate if my response is going to be positive or educational. But this one is really funny to read aloud, so I’m submitting it to the “Found Poetry” prompt at my writer’s group

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What did you think of today's gaming video? I thought it was kinda cute, mostly because of Dan impulsively ripping the sticker in half and Phil's shocked face haha, but also there was a little peek at Phil's sense of humor

I actually really liked it. Dan seemed tired, but there are lots of reasons they might be tired - I imagine now is when all the big tour decisions, performance wise, need to be made. But they were both in a strangely sweet mood, I think, still playful and with the familiar banter but it’s the kind of mood that makes me want to write soft cuddly fic where they’re just tired and quiet and recharge together. 

Living In The Past

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Living in the Past

Pre-Serum Steve Rogers X Reader

Prompt(s): Okay, could I get a Pre-serum Steve imagine? The reader is Tony’s niece and he accidentally sends her back in time where she meets Steve and Bucky. Let’s say she finds Howard Stark and proves to him that he is her grandpa so she lives with him. But, she starts to fall for Steve and I just want something cute and fluffy because Skinny Steve needs to be loved! And those other stupid girls that scoffed at Steve need to leave! Thanks Dearie!!

Notes: ok so this was rEALLY far down in the inbox and my first time at writing Pre-serum Steve, so I hope I didn’t bomb him whoops! Also if the reader is Tony’s niece I wasn’t sure how Howard could be her grandfather so I made him a great uncle, if that’s okay.

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 935

You couldn’t remember much. It was a haze, all the chaos that had led to your current position. All you remembered was your Uncle Tony screaming something about an unfinished device, then your name, and then….that’s where you couldn’t remember anything anymore.

This….was weird. You remembered being in New York at your Uncle Tony’s tower, spending the summer with him. But New York was loud and smelled of exhaust, not to mention filled with creepy weirdos always trying to enslave humanity. But this? This city was smaller and quiet, sure it was populated but this wasn’t….New York!

Everything felt different. The people talked differently and dressed so proper and prim, it set you off. Slowly, you wandered up to a newspaper stand and looked at the date on the papers.

Gasping, you stepped back and looked around the city- you were in New York, 1941?! Great- Just great. It would explain a lot, though, you mused. You also thought that a place to live would be great, and you had an idea about who could house you.


A year had gone past, now 1942, and Howard Stark was holed up in his own lab. You sat beside him, leg bouncing while you handed him tools. The genius inventor had agreed to house his great niece after some convincing. The proof came from your phone (which he was obsessed with); it was a picture of your family tree that your mother had put together years ago. Howard Stark fathered Tony and your mother, and you were descended from her. The inventor seemed so perplexed by the thought of having kids.

Speaking of, your great uncle was busy at the moment.

“Hey, kid, can you uh, hand me a screwdriver?” He mumbled.

You hummed in response and handed him one before walking towards the stairs, “I’m going to go up. I’ll send Jarvis down around dinner time.” You didn’t hear his response as the door closed behind you.

“Hey Jarvis, can you check on Uncle Howard around dinner time? He’s working on a project again.”

“Hm? Oh yes, quite certainly. I figured he was since the house was quiet, I was going to check anyways. It’s good that you care so much, Miss (y/n), but perhaps you should enjoy your afternoon and go downtown, hm? I’m sure there’s something better for you to do other than hover over your great uncle.” Jarvis suggested with a grin.

You thought about it for a second before shrugging and going to your room, “Drive me?”

“Absolutely, Miss (y/n).”


In the end Jarvis went to the movies with you. Howard had deemed him a break so Jarvis took him up on the offer. You both decided to go to a diner for dinner and would bring Howard back a doggy bag. You sat at the bar with Jarvis, sipping your milkshake when you felt someone bump into you.

“Oh- I’m so sorry, my friend pushed me and I didn’t mean to bump into you-” A small laugh passed your lips when you turned around. A thin, blond man was standing there, nervous, babbling an apology. He stopped at your laugh.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s okay, you did nothing wrong.” He took this in and nodded before nervously extending a hand.

“Steve Rogers, by the way. Uh, would it be too much to get yours?”

No way. No way- Steve Rogers?! You thought. He was so tiny and small, you were used to the buff man who argued with your uncle on just about everything. Well, you got along with him then, maybe you could get along with the little cutie now.

“(y/n) (l/n). It’s nice to meet you, Steve.”

“It’s nice to meet you too. Oh, uh, this is my friend, Bucky.” Steve introduced. His friend, James Buchanan Barnes you assumed, nodded back at you. It was weird to see Bucky with less than one metal arm, to say the least.

“Hello Bucky.” You waved sweetly. Jarvis sipped his milk shake and looked on fondly.

“Nice to meet ya, (y/n). You know, my friend Steve here thinks you’re awfully pretty.” Steve flushed and looked nervously between you and Bucky. He looked like he wanted to swat and push Bucky away, to be honest.

“Haha, yeah? Well I think he’s pretty handsome too.” You grinned as Steve perked up, a small smile on his red lips. He looked nervous again but, when Bucky nudged him, he looked into your eyes, determined.

“(y/n), would you, uh, well, would you go on a date with me this weekend?” Steve fidgeted but remained pretty still, hoping you’d accept.

“Of course I’ll go on a date with you! Next weekend, Saturday. Say…pick me up around 7? Oh, and you’ll want to go to Howard Stark’s residence to pick me up. See you then?” You asked, humming.

Steve nodded confused and slightly overwhelmed. You kissed his cheek and left with Jarvis, who was ready and waiting and had a doggy bag for Howard. Bucky patted Steve on the shoulder as you left and laughed, “Howard Stark residence? I heard his niece was in town. You got quite the catch there, Stevie boy!”

“Hell yeah I did…Let’s hope I don’t screw it up.” Steve mumbled, a trembling hand running through his thin hair. A Stark accepted a date with him? It was intimidating, to say the least. But (y/n) was beautiful, and seemingly witty, and Steve found himself excited for Saturday night.

He went to bed thinking of you, and you thinking of him.

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Hi, I really enjoyed the podcast episode you did with Dann! It also made me very excited for the fics to come this year. Can I ask something specific? You said you've been writing Dan as depressed for 1,5 years. Genuinely interested, why? Did you pick up on him possibly being depressed instantly?

I think he treated talking about his mental health the same way he treats talking about his sexuality still: he’s not hiding it, he just - for most of 2016/2017 until his video - wasn’t at a point where he felt like we needed to know everything that was in his head. He put the dots out there and a lot of people connected them accurately. And yeah, like with his sexuality, some people pretended there was no picture at all, some people argued we couldn’t possibly know what the picture was until Dan himself connected the dots, some people stared at the dots, saw the picture, and then got mad that Dan wasn’t giving them the whole picture immediately… etc etc rambling analogy, you get my point. 

Basically, I just picked up what I felt like Dan was laying down. There are a few specific fics (like this one or this one or this one) in particular where I wrote with that slant. 

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How does it feel to know you have layers and layers of bulbous sloppy fat under your skin? I bet you don’t even think about it, judging by your size. No worry, all you have to do is stop stuffing your fat cheeks with disgusting calories and get up off your fat ass and work out. You don’t need to eat today. Hell, you don’t need to eat for the rest of the week. I’m not the one that made you fat, and I’m not the one who is going to make you skinny. So get up off your lazy ass and go do 100 crunches

I have saved this in my inbox for a few days now and it’s just really motivated me. If anyone has more like this please please please send it me!! Thank you also much and stay safe 💖

What is the deal with everyone fighting between millennials and genX lately… Like I just really don’t understand the hyperfixation on dividing millennials and genX?? From what I’ve seen most people aren’t even sure what the cutoff for changing generations is… Like…. Guys you need to chill… Generations aren’t real. It’s made up. Most of y'all can’t even tell if someone is a millennial or genX because the definition is so vague… So stop yelling at each other over eating detergent. I’m sure both “”“generations”“” have eaten/done shit they shouldn’t have so everyone needs to chill out and stop screaming at each other.


We just wanted to post a couple reminders for everyone in regards to trips and starters. As far as trips, we have made this clear from the start that they should be few and far between, and should always be brought to us for approval beforehand. The point to the group is that everybody is so far away from each other, and the emphasis is on the struggle the distance causes. This is something we cannot stress enough, so really need to know that everybody understands.

As for starters, it is stated in our rules that you should reply to at least three starters in the starter tag before posting your own. We do not have a code word in our rules, as we trust that everybody has read them before applying, so it’s important that you show us you have actually read and acknowledged them by following them. We’re noticing a few people posting starters lately without replying to new ones beforehand, and this really isn’t acceptable.

Those are the only negative things we have to say, and for the most part, everything is running very well here, so please just pick up the two aforementioned issues and everything should be perfect. Thank you for your time! Please like this post so we know you’ve read it!

okay hey so i don’t know if anyone cares about this, but i’ve been thinking about this for a few days, i’m going to take a few days off tumblr (like only 3-7 days) for my mental health, i’ve been feeling very shitty recently because of things happening irl that i’d rather right not say on the internet, i thought that using humor as a coping mechanism would help, but it didn’t help very much and it’s just made me ignore the problem which wouldn’t help. also i really need to focus on school cause ya boy’s grades are DROPPING (👉😎👉) so yeah uhhh see ya

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DUDE SAME THAT’S WHY I’M PLAYING IT AGAIN LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But gosh my dude I enjoyed this game so much???? It made me happy but so so sad too??? OTL TOO MANY EMOTIONS !!! PROMPTO IS MY BABY AND HE DESERVES ALL THE SMILES IM GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! 

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Thanks for asking for input. I wish I wasn’t a book reader because the show is sometimes a very shallow substitute. It’s pretty to look at and entertaining for sure. The depth of the characters and of the main relationship is not there. I don’t know if it is because it is not a priority or if the writers try to jam in so much book that the forgot the main theme of it all. Everything happens around the anchor of Jamie and Claire. S3 was like a plot hurricane where I wondered wtf just happened.

that’s understandable.   when i hear how scenes play out in the book, i question some of the choices they made with the show?   they’re leaving out key context information and giving us a lot of scenery and exposition that we really don’t need.   JMO.

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This isnt vore related..But can the black jester eat? It made me think that because i came across that post where you almost ate @missydripheart...Or something like that.

Y'know… that’s a detail i never really thought of. He smokes. He drinks. Never really thought of eating. So now I will.

He doesn’t NEED to, just like drinking and smoking. He only does it, so he can fit in with the rest of this world. Like Hellboy shaving his horns down.

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hi!, i just needed to thank you for keep sharing jjong's things and making jokes and loving him in a happy way, i was feeling kinda weird bc everyone was sad with the MV but it made me really happy instead? but seeing u tagging things with jokes or just normal tags and not .. like sad and thoughtful tags actually makes me feel better... feel normal, idk is such a small thing but yes, thank you!

hello! and of course! i feel similarly, i was really happy to see him all cute and happy in such retro settings, no matter how lame it was hahaha! i can’t say the same for everyone, but i always feel better making as many jokes as i can so i can remember the happier things! long story short! thank you for taking the time to send this muffin <3

Most of the time, when I have time and opportunity to get dressed with makeup, it’s after a long work day. I’ve also long been anxious about going out dressed; I’ve only done it a few times. So, both of these together mean that I often get made up, maybe take some selfies, and just hang out.

I was determined tonight to break that cycle and went out for a drink. As always, it turned out to be not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Sometimes progress is a whole bunch of baby steps; I really need to do that more often.

i finally pinned down my want to be with a trans girl as less of a “i want to be with a girl like me” to “i want to be with a girl that has a body like mine” because i already have somebody i relate to entirely on gender, and he’s not a trans girl. but something about the idea of getting to hold and touch a body that’s more similar to mine still feels really enticing and it makes me nervous because at this point i’m not sure if it’s all a part of the bad healing or if it’s something i really need in my life. the desire existing at all led me to make mistakes, the worst of em being taking time and effort and affection away from my girlfriends just to give them to girls i barely knew. to be somebodys girlfriend-for-the-night. that shit always made me feel a little guilty afterwards and i never understood why, and now i know its because there’s a metric fuckton of reasons why.

Yeah I just made a semi passive aggressive post about it, but like, I need to get this out of my system. The specific scene in It I keep seeing people nitpicking and complaining about being gross and uncomfortable is in the pharmacy scene when Beverly is distracting Mr. Keen for the boys, because it’s actually a really brilliant scene but ya’ll so fucking caught up in the “ew gross old man flirting with a baby” to fucking notice

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Ballet Au

Just finished watching Leap! and while the film wasn’t super amazing, it was cute and it really made me think about a Ballet-School AU. 

Otabek struggling to make the cut because he’s got strength, he just lacks the flexibility needed and his leaps and spins are powerful if not as graceful as they could be. But he’s a natural at Pas de Duet and the best Lifter they have.. 

Yuri Plisetsky is the Star of the school. But he just can’t seem to work with anybody. They aren’t good enough. Their hands are too rough, their out of rhythm, they’re too tall or too short.. he comes up with a million excuses and he’s MEAN to his partners. Until they run OUT of partners and the only one left is Otabek, who is desperate to keep his place. 

Sort of a Ballet and Ice Princess crossover thing.. 

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)