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Vilde will be okay❤️

It is no secret, that I really really wanted to see Magnus as a main in this last week of season 4. Because it means so much to me to know that Vilde will be okay. To know she has a support system in her life, and that she is not alone. I had no doubt Magnus would be a big support for her (we all know how he supported Isak and has a really rational view on mental illnesses). But I just needed to see it! To have some peace of mind.

So the confirmation in the last clip, made me so happy. I am so proud of Chris for having that talk with Vilde. She has grown so much the last couple of days. And Vilde confirming to Chris, that she IS an amazing friend. She is everything Vilde needs, and she is so validated.

But to get confirmed that Magnus supports her, means the world to me. His subtle “Everything okay?” across the room was all I needed. He cares so much about her, and she feels so safe with him.

They have been portrayed like this really cheesy couple through this season. Almost exhausting to witness at times (that coffee scene haha)… But there is so much more between them. Under the surface of their relationship, they deal with some really serious things together. But they do it together. Vilde is not alone.¨

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For a prompt! I really wanna see genderfluid Lance, but he gets a virus that physically changes his gender on a daily basis and it's cool at first (everybody else is super ??WTF?? ), but then he has a day where his body and gender don't line up and he tries to find every way possible to irritate the virus to change it and then it ends in fluff?? Maybe...i just really want to see genderfluid Lance...

“Ugh,” A lethargic Lance moaned as he held onto his bloated stomach, “I don’t feel too good,”

The team looked at Lance as he doubled over, Hunk made his way over to him in worry and rubbed his back. “Maybe you ate something a bit off?”

“All I’ve eaten is that food goo,” Lance moaned and he sat down to ease the pain, he massaged his lower stomach, some relief was given but he still felt uncomfortable. 

“Maybe you just need some water and sleep!” Coran exclaimed and ran out of the room, apparently to get some water.

“Virus’ aren’t too uncommon in space, they endospore and when they find perfect conditions they release themselves and begin reproducing.” Allura stated and pulled Lance up by his arms, Lance sluggishly let himself be lead by Allura. “We’ll run some tests in the pods and see if there’s anything we can do, who knows how a human will react to an unfamiliar sickness,”

Lance heard what was being said and tried to protest but the pain in his stomach was too much, Allura easily maneuvered him into the medical bay and set him up in a pod. After pressing a few buttons the pod began scanning.

By then Coran had found them all and had a bottle of water ready for Lance. The paladins looked at Lance in worry, none of them had gotten sick while in space, they had no clue how this may effect Lance. A few beeps omitted from the pod, Allura and Coran began to read the results and a confused look over came their faces.

“What’s the matter?” Shiro asked and stepped up to the from behind. 

“The pod isn’t detecting anything that could be causing this,” Allura stated and opened the pod, Lance caught himself before he fell out. He looked around in confusion before shifting uncomfortably. He reached his hand down and felt his chest, when his hand met with a soft, squishy surface Lance jumped in surprise, he let out a feminine squeak before bolting out of the medical bay and into the nearest bathroom.

“What’s his deal?” Keith asked. Allura and Coran shared a long look before they both left the room in search for Lance.

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I kinda like the subtitle Ravnica: The city of Guilds. The word Zendikar doesn't really convey a lands matters adventure world, but if you made it something like Zendikar a world of adventure or something, then people might know what they are getting themselves into right out of the gate. Do you think you'd use subtitles on a set again if you felt it needed it?

We already have Magic: The Gathering - SETNAME. I think subtitles just make a name too long.

How about unofficial subtitles that don’t actually go on the box or boosters?

Zendikar: It’s About Land, Get It?

Amonkhet: Cats & Mummies, Baby!

Kaladesh: Energy, Finally!

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Do you think ravenpaw and barley are a couple?

SO i’ve got a weird relationship with Ravenpaw and Barley like ok. I do really like them together but I don’t feel comfy with them being together while Raven’s still young u know?  I kind of headcanon that Ravenpaw kinda went off on his own and was a wandering loner for quite awhile.  I know that doesn’t really fit in with the books, as he’s mentioned at Barley’s throughout the series but idk. 

First off I honestly can’t see Ravenpaw being completely content just hanging around the barn. I envision him getting restless and wanting to go beyond the farm and explore and get a taste of the wild warrior cat life he had back in the forest. In Ravenpaw’s Farewell, we definitely saw that he did still have that warrior spirit in him

Second, I think for Ravenpaw to really fully develop and become independent and confident, he’d need to sorta grow up a bit on his own and realize he wasn’t a weak coward like Tigerclaw made him believe he was.  I think if he stayed with Barley, he’d be really really dependent on him, and tbh Ravenpaw’s Farewell shows us that Barely was way more dependent on Ravenpaw.

And also if that were the case, it feels less idk taboo because then, when they did get together, Ravenpaw would be a fully developed, well rounded, full grown tom and much more at Barley’s level. I mean tbh I always imagined them having a gap similar to Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s anyway, which no one kicks up a fuss about, but either way. I like my hc so yea h

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I haven't been on Tumblr for a while,and when i finally wanted to come back,it was your comic that made me excited.While i read through all the stuff i missed i got a case of the feels in some parts,other parts made me sit at the end of my seat!The part that really got me was when Sans turned into Chara! You've improved so much and i just want to say how proud i am to be part of this fanbase!Also when you need to take a break, DONT BE SORRY!You've worked really hard you earned it! Love ya! ^///^

Oh man thank you so much!! ;///; I’m so happy you enjoy reading my comic and liked that part so much ;; thank you for your kind words! I’m very happy to be in the fandom too since there are so many awesome and kind people like you ;; I’m having so much fun being here thank you

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i understand you have a right to your privacy but you've been pretty absent for about six months now and you haven't even given us a vague explanation as to why. All i really need is an "I'm okay" from you and i'll feel 90% better but you silence tells me you're not okay and thats what worries me. I'm not worried about you as a blogger I'm worried about you as a person. so please i don't need your life story i just need a yes or no, are you okay? If anyone can make it through tough times its you

I’m 200% okay. 

A lot has happened while I’ve been gone. I was given a leadership position in my organization, I began an internship where I code and write news articles under a pseudonym, went on a life-changing trip to Israel, and I made some really big life changes. I’m going to see my favorite band in a month and absolutely die. I’m planning on starting a clothing company soon to make clothing in a vein that I’ve never been able to find. I haven’t been ignoring you guys, I just haven’t checked Tumblr. 

This isn’t a goodbye, I may be back again some day, but the past few months I’ve been living life to the fullest and trying not to let social media drag me down. If you want to hear from me a little more often, you can follow my newly birthed artsy instagram


Take Care

Summary: When the kitchen is the best place to confess your feelings.


Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Genre/warnings: lots of fluff
Words: 2.5K
Notes:  Just a little scenario because we all need some positivity now and then. Special thanks to @noonachronicles for being my muse (like always). 

Opening the door to his bedroom, Jiyong fell face first into the mattress. As soon as he had left the YG building his body was hit with exhaustion that felt like it had been piling up for weeks. Even though getting home was tough – he thought he was going to crash his car at one point - he made it there safely. He had you to thank really. Had it not been for your concerned call asking him when he would return home, he would still have been in the studio neglecting his needs.

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you know...i just realized. have you played love is strange, the life is strange fan-made visual novel? it's 400% gay (accurate percentage) where max can romance any of the four main girls (chloe, kate, victoria, AND rachel who isn't dead) and it's really superbly well-written, seriously, with multiple endings and lots of cute things. it was the best, and i'd be surprised if you haven't heard of it, but i /need/ to make sure you know this exists because i think you'd love it.

I’ve heard of it!! Where can I find it?

ok ok i guess it’s that time! where i say embarrassing sappy things!

i shared a bit of this at the end of season 3 but i think it’s worth sharing again: i was in a really intense depressive episode when i first started watching skam. there were so many changes and question marks in my life last fall, and i’d just come out. it was an incredibly isolated time for me. i thought that finding isak was exactly what i needed to get me through that time, and of course he was and will remain one of the most important characters to me forever. but it’s really been the community of people i’ve gotten to know and love through skam that has made me so much happier and healthier. some of you are my friends for life, some friends in passing, but all of you were a part of something so important to me.

i admire all of your creativity and courage, your passion to advocate for what you want to see in the world. you guys inspire me and i love you!

i guess the hardest part about skam ending is that i never really told anyone about it to begin with. so now that it’s done i can’t really explain the kind of void i feel in my life right now. i look up and everyone is just going about their lives, and they have no idea that what made me so happy, the thing that helped me cope, is done. that what has kept me going for these past nine months is slipping away.

so i can’t explain how difficult life feels now because no one has the context. no one knows that i found skam right when i needed it to, no one knows that it saves me every fucking day.

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suga was the very first character i fell in love with. he was just so genuine and so motherly. and this is really weird to admit but his voice was so soft and comforting. also his features were striking, like his little mole underneath his left eye and his silver hair and his caring eyes and wow i'm so attached to a fictional character and i'm not sure why i felt the need to tell you all this but here it is ._.


I agree, his voice was soft IT MADE MY HEART FLUTTER, he had cute grey hair, he was really helpful with Hinata and just in general seemed to be a happy bean. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

And now we know how sassy he can be too!!!!

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i'm queer in all senses and my best friend is a transman and gay and we both adore the grumps, never have we felt offended by any "gay jokes" they've made or anything like that. we're both so excited for dream daddy and really don't get all the Tumblr Hate, tumblr really needs to let people enjoy things

The quick turn-around on how Dream Daddy was everywhere and people were loving on it and excited, to me seeing a bunch of people shitting on it for Grump involvement was so weird. Maybe it’s just that idea of people wanting to hate a popular thing or a thing a lot of people love. Dream Daddy is the buzz right now so people want to make others feel bad for liking it.

Sadness and New Adventures (Elina’s post on the trade)

Yesterday didn’t really start the way we thought, we woke up and found out that we got traded to Arizona, just like that, It came as a shock, even tho we knew that the Blackhawks had some issues with the salary cap we didn’t think that we needed to worry, but oh we where wrong! For ten years Chicago has been our home, thats 1/3d of our lives! In ten years you build a whole life, all the friends you made through the years, all contacts you’ve gotten, the city we know so well, you know how the organisation works and where to go and all the guys on the team that we pretty much been growing up with thats our family there, you now have to leave it all, just like that and you don’t have a choice or a voice to do anything about it.

I was incredibly sad all day yesterday and it was hard to keep the tears away but now when most of the shock has simmered a little, Im just trying to think positive. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I guess we just have to see this as a new chapter in our lives and as an adventure even tho I still have a knot in my stomach from everything thats been going on. But I just have to say one thing and that is THANK YOU everyone who’s been texting and calling us and all the messages and kind words and LOVE that we have gotten from family friends and fans, we appreciate it more then you think and you all are making everything feel a little bit better, it really warms our hearts! Me and Nik is now going to sit down and try to figure our how to plan out our nearest future with all the changes! Hope you all have a good night! lots of love to all of you!

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The og artist for the reposted nsfw chocobros is actually Maorenc and he's got a insta- kudos to my friend for finding him cause we were all trying to find the artist in our chat cause I can't with people that repost without crediting

Like… artists really need the cash to continue gifting us with their talent. And if you want the good stuff, ya gotta pay for it just like anyone else. I know the fandom can be thirsty asf (and boy those were some nice pictures ITELLYAWHUT), but it doesn’t justify stealing the art to sate it. I wish more people thought of that before uploading someone’s exclusive art.

In some ways I know to a certain extent that artists expect this kind of thing to happen, but I don’t wanna inadvertently perpetuate that with a reblog. It doesn’t erase the fact that someone still has it uploaded but I can do my part to not be that kind of problematic.

I’ll just be other kinds of problematic instead. Like writing trash fics and openly thirsting over a variety of fictional characters, LOL

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Has Zero and the other little one woken up yet? I'm sure they need their rest, but I'm dying to see them!

Zero: “Hi  guys! I’ve already woken up, but, eh, Sans is still asleep… Taffy says that’s normal, though! Babies need their sleep… even skeleton babies!”

“And skin-on-skin contact is important too, even though I don’t have skin, so I took my shirt off! Good thing I don’t really feel any cold! But Taffy wasn’t sure about the, eh, babies… so I made a blanket nest! Haha!”

“… I just hope I’m doing good… ”

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I feel bad for not... 'loving' ( idk. This isn't a verb tho ) Jefferson, yeah I mean Daveed made him awesome and amazing and.. sexy? Idk ppl say that, but... man he was sort of a total d-bag if u know what I mean; he was a pretty terrible person tbh and no matter how awesome Daveed is I can't bring myself to like him tho ( just ignore it i needed to say it to someone oops)

Of course the real Jefferson was some big douchebag ass guys pfff
I really just adore him in the musical like.. let’s just say it’s whole other character there (even tho it isn’t) but maybe you know what I mean? :|
Obviously I also like him because of Daveed I mean…………Daveed

Limon Yuja | 16 | 5'5” | Inkling |

Limon is a very anxious Inkling. She was shielded her whole life and doesn’t really know how to interact properly with others. Her family had finally decided to let her try turf wars on her own. She has made many attempts at making friends, but said attempts have resulted in her being called annoying or being bullied by others. She is very sweet deep down and just needs help with building her confidence.

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hey~ It's me... it's been a while since I chatted you through the page: cool story bro but it needs more undertale page in fb... I'm really sorry that I couldn't share some of your artworks cuz... I got kicked out because I was busy with my graduation ceremony practice and school work in February... but hey... I'm glad that the artworks you made for the fandom have helped you with your funds.... till we chat again~ #exadminblooky

It’s fine blooky! no worries and I’m sorry that happened! it was fun chatting with you while it lasted! I’m just one message away if you still wanna chat! Again, thank you for your support!