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Nah. I got a real fucking question. Tyler the creator said he only dates white men. And Kodak said he wouldn't date black women.

Is there really a difference in these statement? Her made a big deal about Kodak.
I mean yea Tyler’s comments don’t effect me directly cause I’m not Gay. But at this point. Do black men just not like black People? Or…. is it because it’s about black men that we not really saying anything?
I need some answers.


I have been the worst at posting.

Soon I will post an update, but for now I just have to say that so many great memories were made last week when @erin-irl came to visit. We hiked Lair O’ the Bear, Garden of the Gods, and Forgotten Valley. We drank lots of good beer and ate good food.

We explored.

All of it was much needed.

I just really freaking love the Internet.

@arborescent because Tucker


Many of you know that the remains of the pool/deck has weighed heavy on me the past few years.   But after doing all my price research and finding a company that gave a great quote - I saved and scrapped and scraped together extra funds to book them.  Risky I know giving how tight to the monthly budget I had been living and the savings I had used up in the past.  But I just really needed to do this for me.

And the moment I saw what a challenge it was for them with heavy machines to get out the —36— yes THIRTY SIX - cement footings I knew in that moment I had made the right choice.  And there is no way I could have tackled those on my own.  And then seeing how many loads of dirt it took to back fill the area and the art it was for him to level/grade it - I knew I made the right choice. 

My yard was always large but now it feels massive.  And I am sure I will be cursing myself when the seed grows in and I have that much more lawn to mow.

But right now I feel so happy, relieved and free of the burden it has been for so long. 

They also removed the old bush stumps between the driveways, leveled it off and put down river rock.  So its nice, clean and simple there too.  Even with the neighbors driveway being in not so good shape as the people renting park their work truck there for a few hours a day and its too much on that old asphalt driveway so its sicking.  But hey - that is there concern - my side looks great now!

And in pulling out those stumps, the cable line got cut so I was out of phone/internet/tv for over a day - which is a challenge given I work from home and use the cloud and dropbox to share files with clients etc.  But that is back up and running now too.  And the line line was run before the rock was put down so its safely buried below as well now.

the tumblr/twitter attitude re: shipping has become so toxic and flat out nasty in even just the last year or two…,,. like when you are genuinely at the point where fandom has become your entire life & you’re unable to differentiate between fiction and reality well enough that you personally attack people for having different opinions on who literal fictional characters should be with..,,, you need to do some serious self evaluation and break with the toxic fandom mob mentality that has made you believe that sort of behavior is ok, because it’s not

like, ive been in fandom long enough that i really dgaf what anyone says about me, but other people who struggle with mental illness and anxiety and are told someone hopes they choke and called a dumbass bitch.,,, it can seriously affect them and make that anxiety worse. just think of the power of your words before you say them, please. i understand bitterness over losing a ship/character but this has gone to a whole new level of ugly, and you need to remember people are fucking people

Haters gonna hate (and thanks)

Hey guys! 

So, I just wanted to pop up and say thank you! After I posted a respond to a hate comment a lot of you guys came up and stood up for me and sent me really sweet and supportive messages! I really, really appriciate that and it made me so happy to get this kind of feedback and people standing up for me. Not only today but since day one and up to today! I’m so thankful and so happy that you guys seem to enjoy my work! It really does inspire me to keep on writing!

ANNDDD we actually just reached over 50.000 followers! Which is absolutely crazy so thank you! It’s funny because when I started this blog I never expected it to grow as fast as it did or at all! I just needed a place to get my thoughts out and to express my feelings without bothering my one friend I felt comfortable sharing my writing with. 
That’s the other thing, I was never comfortable sharing my passion of writing with my friends and family, so I chose to share it here with you guys and I don’t regret it! So, I just wanted to thank every single one of you for reblogging, liking and messages me! It actually means a lot, I can’t even put words on it (oddly enough) 

Also, just want to remind you that I have my inbox open so if you need someone to talk to or just wanna have someone to talk to, I am here and I’ll try my best to respond and help! I’m all down to be ya friend! 
Also feel free to ask me questions and I’ll also try and answer as good as I can!

(Also wanna apologise if i have any spelling or grammer errors in any of my posts, english isn’t my first language. So feel free to (kindly) correct me)

Again, thank you and I love you all!

- R  

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Hey. I'm sorry for sending in an ask, but I need someone to set me straight. So I'm pro-choice, I'm just going to say that now, but I read something where as an argument for pro-life, someone made the argument that to be pro-choice, you'd have to be able to tell your peers, it's okay if you never existed. It kind of made me think, could I really say that to my friends? My family? I just need someone to set me straight. I'm a bit lost now. Help?

While it may be sad to think about, it’s a pretty moot point because in a world where I didn’t exist, my friends and family wouldn’t really be missing out on anything because I wouldn’t exist. Like, are you sad about the friends you don’t have because they were aborted and never existed? It’s kind of ridiculous. And also, on that note, are you sad over the friends you could have had but didn’t because they died as an infant due to inadequate healthcare? There are so many possibilities and “what if”s, but we can’t make arguments based on what ifs


Seungbae 😒

I’m sorry, but I don’t like him at all. This creature just makes me mad as hell.
Seungbae just gives me this feeling that he doesn’t care about the person/victime being Bum in this case at all, just as long as he gets the information that he needs to take down Sangwoo. He doesn’t care about Bum, he is his just using him to get want he wants.

What made me so damn mad was the fact that Seungbae treated Bum like he was just a rag doll that you could throw around.
My damn, he purposely tripped Bum when he knew that Bums legs might be fucked up, he even comment on the the blood when Bum was getting up, but didn’t really even care about it, he just said
*Oh let’s clean you up.* BUT NO! What he do? He then grabs Bum by the hoodie and threw him into the bathroom stall and is like *Pull up your pants.* to see if Bum had injured legs and goes “ Phew? ” Excuse me? Phew? I’m sorry so you tripped Bum knowing that he might have bad legs and then… ok, calm down. Calm down. ANYWAY!
And Seungbae started to interrogate Bum, basically saying
And not even letting Bum speak whatsoever and then they lowkey hear the Jaws theme song playing in the background when Sangwoo finally enters the bathroom to see if Bum was there and what did Seungbae do? OH HE FREAKED OUT AND COVERED BUMS MOUTH AND GRABBED BUMS INJURED WRIST AND HELD HIM DOWN AGAINST HIS OWN WILL! Bum even tried to get to Sangwoo and Seungbae held him back. And finally Bum got away from Seungbae and went out of the bathroom stall, but didn’t say anything about the incident because Bum is either gonna wait till later to tell Sangwoo about what happen or he is gonna be hush hush about it, to which I hope he does actually say something about this for his own good. I can’t handle seeing Bum get hurt again just because he didn’t tell Sangwoo. But anyway, what does Seungbae do? Hides like the little bish he is. I swear I CAN NOT EVEN DEAL WITH THIS MAN.

And before anyone says anything, I KNOW. He needs to get information about Sangwoo, Bum is the best target for this information that he needs. But Seungbae could have handled this entire situation in different way, he could have been at least waaaay more gentle about it and treated Bum as a human being with feelings. I mean Bum is going through a very hellish time right now, at the very least Seungbae could have treated Bum with kindness, not forcing him into a bathroom stall! And I mean to me personally, Seungbae didn’t even consider Bums feelings at all. He just sees Bum as a target for information. And like I said he didn’t even let Bum talk, he just automatically says
*SANGWOO!* and then Bums is able to get free from him. Seungbae didn’t even care about anything else that was wrong with Bum. Just… I need to calm down😤

And I’ve seen people ask if Sangwoo actually cared for Bum when he said “ I was… worried. ” I’m not for sure on that one just yet really. I mean it’s Sangwoo, who really knows with him. But we know Sangwoo isn’t stupid. Well… maybe at some stuff he’s pretty stupid with it, but that’s beside the point. He knows Seungbae is following him. Like I said Sangwoo isn’t stupid and you can’t play Sangwoo that easily. I honestly do feel like Sangwoo knows he is being followed by Seungbae and when he realized that Bum was gone and then sees that Seungbae was gone from his table as well he put two in two together and might have known that something was up. I mean he even checked the stall to see for himself if anyone was in there with Bum but then was distracted by what he was doing due to another employee saying that they needed his help because of that drunk guy. Sangwoo knows something is up. And tbh I think he even knew that Seungbae was there when he was putting Bum into the car, he glanced right at him basically! I think Sangwoo was choosing his words carefully for the sake of himself so he doesn’t look suspicious and maybe for Bum as well. But maybe I’m reading this chapter wrong or something. But to me Sangwoo knows he is being followed and I HOPE THAT BUM TELLS SANGWOO THE TRUTH WHEN THEY GET HOME! I can’t see my boy get hurt again. I just can’t.

Sooner or later Sangwoo is gonna be like this to Seungbae.

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Ok I need to ask someone to make sure this is a normal reaction? I like Gajevy, I just kinda disregard how undeveloped it is in canon and imagine more interaction that would actually make it seem like a good pace. But if the -cough- thing is happing, it feels too fast. I hate the pacing of all of the relationships and I'm getting really pissed even though everyone else who ships Gajevy is really happy. Idk, I still like the ship but Mashima somehow managed to mess up one of my fav ships for me?

Gajevy is actually really rushed, so I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Most of it was totally off-screen and I’m still not totally sure when exactly it became canon. It was just a total mess, like the rest of the Big 4.

If I were a shipper I still wouldn’t be satisfied with any of this. Keep hold of your interpretations, though! I’m sure what you have is way better than what Mashima gave us.

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Hey, this is obviously something I could ask a lot of people, but I just wanted to get your opinion on this since you're learning a lot of languages at once on Duolingo. I really want to learn Norwegian, but I also know I'm going to need French for my job later (I'm going into Egyptology), and I don't think I could handle both new additions. Do you think I should go for the language I'm really interested in or the language that is going to be more practical and useful to me throughout my life?

Alright, well, I don’t know much about Egyptology (I didn’t even know french was involved?) or how long it takes a establish a career in that, so I can’t give any real specific advice about this, and as a result, I have a boring suggestion and a fun suggestion.

The boring suggestion- learn french. It will pay dividends to know it not just for your career but your life in general. I don’t know where you live, but barring some scandinavian nations, you’re much more likely to encounter french in your day-to-day life than norwegian. It will also make you a better job candidate if you speak (or have some familiarity with) such a useful language.

The fun suggestion- learn norwegian! If you’re excited about it, you’ll probably work a little harder and pick it up a little faster. You can always learn french closer to when you actually need it. If you’ve got the time to do something a bit frivolous, take it! To borrow a phrase from One Direction, live while you’re young!

I actually have a third suggestion- do both! French and norwegian come from different language families, which means they’re very dissimilar and not prone to confusion. Norwegian grammar is structured a lot like english, which makes that aspect fairly easy to pick up. Spend most of your time on french, but treat yourself to some norwegian from time to time. You can always shift your full focus to french when it becomes a more pressing need.

Sorry this wasn’t a more definitive answer, but I hope it helps you in some way. Best of luck!

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I love your writing. I read a story of yours and then I find myself re-reading everything else I can click on. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was when you updated "Put on the Red Light." You rolled Cinderella/Pretty Woman/Fake Dating (I know there some redundancy there) with humor and so much heat, I needed an industrial fan to cool off. I just wanted to say thank you for the many hours and late nights I spent with your stories.

This is such a sweet and thoughtful message. Thank you so much! It’s nice to be appreciated even if just writing for fun/yourself, so I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done and also that you liked it when I updated PotRL. That was never really my most popular story (or the one ppl wanted updated the most), so I’m happy that it made you happy. 💕😚

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did u ask him yet??? how did it go? he must be really lucky!!! sending love!

It was great!
ok so i went to the shop because i needed to get more spray for my piercings and he, of course, was there so like his boss was like yeah he’s in his studio you can head back. so he’s sitting like sketching when i go back and he asks how i am and all that and we chat a bit about work and how my friends went to mexico without me and made this joke about being upset that i came for piercing stuff and not just to visit him and then i was like well since all my friends are out of town do you wanna go with me to this 24hr coffee shop when you get off work and he said if he doesn’t have to work too late then he’s gonna meet me there and then i also had to get my tupperware bc i lent it to him and on my way out he gave me a hug and a lil side squeeze and it made me happy

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Saw that post. Rolled my eyes because it was just the usual untrue crap about vaxleth the haters always spout. At least they admitted they were a petty vaxmore fan. The thing that really made me mad was the way Vax's bisexuality was being erased by someone in the comments.

I can’t believe that there’s still so much bi erasure in this fandom. You’d think that with how much people have talked about it and condemned it that people would at least not say it out loud.


Stop erasing bisexuality and bi representation just because the ship you liked ended up not being canon and just because it’s not the exact representation YOU wanted. Stop treating bisexuals and people who are happy to have Vax and his relationships as representation like they aren’t valid. With all these characters and the how diverse the sexual and gender identities are, the Critical Role fandom should not be one of erasure. You can be disappointed that your ship didn’t get together without erasing bisexuality and the representation that’s important to other people. You can be disappointed that a character didn’t end up being the representation you wanted without treating people who are happy with the representation as invalid or wrong.

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The romance was just.... ugh. Unnecessary. And one of my worries about Starfire possibly being introduced is that they'll focus more on romance with her when they really don't need more of the compulsory romance. Like, for example Tim had such little scene time, and they chose to use up some of it out of nowhere introducing him dating Cassie. Like, Tim you don't even have a personality yet you're not ready for a girlfriend

I hated that they made Babs younger than Dick (she looked older than him in Season 1 I’m so ???) but what makes me grind my teeth is that I know they did it because they wanted to pair them and they’re doing that The Guy Must Be Older thing that’s so weird and uncomfortable. 

(I’m not exaggerating it showed up in the comic Greg did as well, called out explicitly. This is why I name drop Greg rather than the other showrunner a lot.) 


So, story updates will pick up again fairly soon since I’m almost done uploading everything to Ao3. However, I am going to change up how I do it.

All story updates will be on Ao3, then linked here. You don’t need to be a member of Ao3 to view the story. I know this is an inconvenience, but the quality of the images as well as always being able to read it chronologically, on mobile or not, has won me over, and I hope it will be worth it for you too. I spend a long time getting their facial expressions and body language to match the dialogue just to have the images end up so small and blurred on Tumblr. Tumblur? Ha. Anyway. Tumblr is really not made for long series stories. 

It also allows for me to tag adult content when it appears in story in a way that you’ll see before you click it, so you can plan reading it or not while not having the images separated entirely from the story post on a different blog. I don’t want to surprise people with adult images, especially since you can’t block the tags on the app, but I also never really liked separating the images from the context of the story.

I will still be posting random pics from gameplay, outtake pictures from story or portrait taking, townie shenanigans, build stuff, etc as well here. You’ll just have to click through a link to get to story. I will probably also being going a little longer between story updates, since it works better to have the entire episode done before I put it in on Ao3.

Side note: Episodes on A03 are what I’ve been calling chapters here, and chapters there are what I’ve been calling parts here. I had to go with that out of necessity with their system, so it might be slightly confusing initially.

Link to entire series is here!

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So Harry is why they went on break because he wanted to go solo and nobody else wanted it and Louis still sounds really bitter about it

No, he doesn’t. First, he hasn’t said a bad word about Harry, he has only stated facts. Secondly, he said that he didn’t want the hiatus at first because he had only just started feeling confident and didn’t want it to stop at that moment. He said that he felt lost during a part of the hiatus, that he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do now. But then he also said he also sees how the hiatus we needed, and that it was good that they made that decision. He also hasn’t stopped talking about how excited he is about releasing his single, and about finally making his own album.

If that sounds like someone who’s bitter to you, then I don’t know what to say.

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Hi, putschki. I just want to give you my really big virtual hug for sharing the Kalafina stuff :"). I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing and translating the whole Kalafina news and especially Kalafina Club. It really help me. And I love Kalafina Look for my mix and match reference. Thank you so much. Love from me :*

Hi anon!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

OMG! *sobs* Thank YOU for this precious message!!! I’ve had a pretty rough week and this was the kind of pick-me-up I needed!!

You made me really happy with this (´・` )♡

As long as I can, I’ll continue to share my love for Kalafina with all of you!!
Also, I am particularly happy that you like my fashion posts! (*^ω^*) It’s my personal little hobby and to be honest, it’s one of the things I enjoy most when it comes to blogging XD.

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I'm studying for the MCAT right now, and it's in a week and I'm nowhere near ready. I've been so depressed I can't get out of bed some days, and I've been feeling awful and anxious about it. Being a doctor's been my dream for as long as I can remember, and I've always worried that I wasn't strong enough emotionally. I still don't know if I am, but reading your note made me cry and I think I really needed it. Thank you.

Oh, honey. 

You are strong enough. You are. 

I’m too tired to offer you any profound words of advice right now, but I’ll reblog this over the weekend with some proper thoughts. 

For now, just know that it’s okay to cry, and that I believe in you. 

never, never forget that it’s okay to cry, not for the rest of your career

My childhood hero, Chester Bennington

It’s been a whole day and i haven’t really cried. I felt an overwhelming need to cry my eyes out, but my body seems to shut down the emotion as soon as it came.

I guess it’s because a part of me still refuse to believe that I have lost my childhood hero.

I read about it and even talked about it, but deep inside, I still hope that this was not real.

Some might not understand why he means so much to me, so let me explain.

When I’m having a bad day, or feeling down or just a little misunderstood, listening to his music made me feel like I’m not alone. That eventhough I’m not good with words, it’s okay because these lyrics explained everything.

Sure, he didnt even know me and he did music for a job, but his music was what comforted me. He’s special to me, even more than some who claim to be my friends. It wasn’t their hand that held me together when I was falling apart. It was this man’s honest lyrics and beautiful voice.

Thank you, Chester. We love you.

I wish I could’ve said this to you personally, a few years back. I took that moment for granted, thinking I could see you again.

I miss you already. Why did you have to leave so soon?

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1,2,3,4, 37, 49

1. What book did you last read?

I literally LAST NIGHT finished ‘Rivers of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch, and I really enjoyed it! It’s a lot like a UK based version of The Dresden Files, so if you like those you’ll like this. Also the protagonist is a black man, and the first book has this super creepy plot and it’s great. It packs more of a punch than the first Dresden I think.

2. What book at you currently reading?

I have a large textbook called “Copyright Made Easy” in my bag at the moment, for dissertation purposed.

3. Do you read books just because you saw them on tumblr?

No, actually, never. Although I am beginning to feel I should just give it up and read The Captain Prince already.

4. Is there a book you think needs a bigger fandom?

I am not really in book fandoms? I am basically in Gundam Wing and that’s it, although I dabbled a bit in the past. BUT THAT SAID, I really thing the Checquy Files by Daniel O’Malley should get WAY MORE LOVE. Contemporary urban fantasy, with female protagonists, who are not sexualised, and there is NO ROMANCE. It’s women owning themselves, their skills, and kicking ass.

The first book, The Rook, follows Myfanwy Thomas, who wakes up with no memories of who she is or how she got there. But she finds a letter in her jacket pocket from her past self, explaining the situation and giving her some options. She is a senior member of the Checquy. Someone is trying to kill her. She has the power to read and control people’s bodies - a power never seen before. Previously timid, but very organised, Myfanwy has left herself binders and binders of research and clues to help her pretend she knows what is happening, and to find out who is trying to kill her.

The second book, Stiletto, introduces two more narrative characters. I was disappointed at first because I really wanted more Myfanwy, but instead we got to see her through the eyes of people who are in awe of her, whilst being perplexed by her sudden personality change. These two girls are opposites, but both anxious and feeling out of place. Seeing their relationships and understand grow is amazing, as is seeing their perspective of Myfanwy just Getting Shit Done.

37. Is there a book you think everyone should read?

Ah. Um. Well, The Rook and Stiletto, as above, are marvellous.

I think Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes is quite an important one. Written by a German author, it follows the reappearance of Hitler in modern day Berlin, and how he rises to popularity again as a youtube sensation, people thinking he is a satirist. But it’s so well done. Hitler is the narrative character and very charismatic (as the man himself was) and sympathetic. You like him. And then half way through the book you think, “…OH.”

It’s an uncomfortable realisation, and then you keep reading, and it passes, and you settle again, and then: “…OH.”

It’s very cleverly done without being prosaic, about how certain ideals can be very pervasive in a culture without seeming aggressive, and how dangerous that can be. 

49. Worst book you’ve ever read??

I mean, the worst book I EVER read was I read the first four chapters of Fifty Shades of Grey because I wanted to prove a point to someone I worked with about how awful it was. But I couldn’t make it past that point, it was too atrocious and it was just making me angry.

The worst book I have finished is probably Cinderella: Ninja Warrior, which @mariana-oconnor got me as a Christmas present, and it is a Choose Your Own Adventure story and it’s AMAZING and AWFUL.