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"we've always known each other" ninette (you are perhaps the only person i kno who loves ninette as much as i do??? bless)

“We’ve always known each other,” Marinette started. “From my earliest memory, remember knowing you. You were there when I first rode the carousel, and when I fell off it; you patted my hand while I cried and encouraged me to get back on, promising we could ride together. You were there on our first day of school, and even though we were just kids, having you nearby made me think I could take on the world. We grew apart for a little while, thanks to social pressure, but our best friends pulled us back together through collège and lycée, and we brought ourselves even closer.”

Nino smiled wide and reached beneath his glasses, wiping a few tears away. Marinette echoed his action.

“You made me feel like I was walking on air whenever we were together, and when I broke down over a rejection from my first chance at an internship, you helped me remember that there would be more chances. You’ve been such a positive influence and an amazing friend through and through, I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better person to be in my life. Probably because I don’t think there is a better person.”

“Now, standing here with you, staring into your eyes, I can see all the possibilities the future holds. All the laughing, the crying, the arguments, the apologies, the support… I wouldn’t trade you or them for anything. I love you, with every inch of my being, and I’m so happy to take this next step into life with you by my side. Truly, thank you,” she finished, reaching for his hands and squeezing them when he reached back.

The man that stood beside them both started speaking again, and they’d gone through the motions enough times to ignore his words and say ‘I do’ when they were supposed to. As soon as he stopped speaking, Marinette tugged on Nino’s hands and brought his lips to her own, the sparks that flew forth louder than the applause and cheers that filled the room.

Their dynamic is so cute like I love it so much?? I also love alyadrien but that seems to be just as rare :’)))

Send me a sentence starting a fic and I’ll write 5(+) more!

Here we go, the first shot of alcohol- it burns my throat. But not as bad as when you left.

Second shot. My nerves are set on fire, straight down my spine. Just like when your finger tips used to graze my skin.

Third shot. Everything is numb. It cures my sadness, kind of like how your smile used to.

Fourth shot. Are those tears or are the drinks making me blind, so that I no longer need to see the face that made me weak in the knees?

My fifth shot of alcohol- it’s almost as warm as your breath was…and
Thank god, it knocks me out,

But the first thought that crashes through my unconscious mind, are your eyes; how much I loved them when you gave me your sweet promises, how cold they became when you broke all of them.
—  Nicole Torres // when someone whispers your name, bring out the drinks //excerpt #59
Just a Dream (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Character: Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 651

Warnings: Blood, Death, Nightmare

A/N: So this one really made me tear up because originally I wasn’t going to have it end the way it does, but I changed it and made it a fluffy ovo

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Happy Birthday sweetheart! You're literally the sweetest and so cute and kind. I know things are stressful sometimes but you've pulled through and came out on top and I think that's so admirable. I hope you have an amazing day! I hope you watch all the cute Hallmark movies, cuddle the kitties and just smile lots! Because you deserve all the happy!

OMG you…you made me tear up!! This is so sweet and thank you for the message. This is beyond the sweetest message ever! <3

Date Night (JB)

Plot: JB comes home from practice as a surprise and decides to take you out to a nice dinner and a movie, but the night comes to a more exhilarating end than you expected. - K.L.

Length: 1,766 words

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive/Almost smut

*A/N: My best friend actually wrote this for me since she knew I’ve been so stressed out with finals and working and it honestly made my entire month. I just thought you guys should read it too because it’s seriously amazing and it made me tear up so much from smiling hehe, not to mention that ending really gets you goin’. I’m still on my hiatus until this Wednesday, but this is just a treat for you guys from me and my bff :-)

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Sometimes I’ll just watch one video, any video really, of Super Junior and then it just hits me of how much I love them and how much I am proud of them and then I think of all the troubles they’ve been through and I just start tearing up and smiling because they’ve done so much for me and for others and all I can really do is watch their MVs and buy a few albums every now and then and it just makes me want to do more for them like they’ve done for me. I am so incredibly proud of these people who have gone against odds and just made a name of themselves. I love these dorks so much and I want the best for them.

I literally just spent like an hour going through the #ILoveTaylorSwiftBecause on twitter
It’s so amazing and it’s made me so emotional to see how many lives Taylor had touched
How many stories Taylor fits into
How many families she’s a part of
How many tears she has stopped
How many smiles she has made
How many laughs she’s been apart of
How many ups and downs she’s been there for
It’s just so powerful
We are so lucky to have Taylor in our lives
So lucky
I am so proud to call you my friend @taylorswift

ok so i was going to wait until i hit 2k to make this, but i really just want to get it out of the way lmao.

you all make my dash a better place! i’ve been going through some rough times lately, but everytime i log on, you guys/gals never fail to make me smile! like holy crap i’m tearing up because you are all such amazing people and i want to be your friend but i’m trash lmao. not only the people i follow, but my followers too! you all inspire me tbqh ಥ‿ಥ

a special shoutout to zechilledchaos! we’ve getting to know each other better lately and i adore you! i would love to call you a good friend! i’m definitely going to follow you forever haha ( /)w(\✿)

now on to all of these other lovelies. thank you! <3


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i finished this at like 5 in the morning so i know i missed some people, i’m sooo sorry! +blogroll

5 Years of One Direction!

THANK YOU One Direction for amazing 5 years! One Direction touched my heart, wipes my tears and most of all they make me smile through their songs. i know that sounds cheesy but it’s true haha! i’ve been a fan for four years now and yes i wasn’t there from the start, but like everyone says “i wasn’t there from the start but i will be there till the end”. being in this fandom is like a rollercoaster ride, we have our ups and downs and so as the boys. i just love One Direction and i never regret the day i made this blog and dedicate it for them. i’m still hoping that one day i will meet them personally. One Direction will always be a part of me and i’m always proud to be a Directioner. Thank you One Direction for 5 years of drama and happiness in our lives, haha! Thanks to Zayn even if he leaves, he’s always in my heart, that zayn is still in One Direction in my parallel universe and he’s still my 1/5. Thank you to our FOUR boys Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall who stayed for us, who continue their dreams and keep on surprising us. I’m proud to say that i’m in the right fandom even if it’s too dramatic sometimes haha what matters at the end of the day are the boys. Thank you One Direction. Till the end. 

Thank You!!

Hi friends I’m so so sorry I’m making another post I know I posted a lot of content last night/today.

But I can’t not say this. Just really thank you from the bottom of my heart. For all of the support I’ve gotten for everything, from the bullying to the CMV. I can’t even begin to reply to all of the tags and comments and reblogs I really wish I could but it’s so overwhelming so I just want to let you all know that you guys make me cry. Happy tears of course. And that I love you so much.

To those of you messaging me privately thanking me for making the CMV - don’t. It’s the least we could do to make you guys smile like you have made us smile. 

And for those of you who have stuck around since the beginning, through all the drama, I can’t thank you enough. I know I’ve lost followers but I have gained so, so many friends.

The support I received after posting both videos is just… I could’ve never imagined this sort of response. Even the responses to our fan art recreations is incredible. 

All the fan art, all the fan works and videos and edits just holy moly I love you all to bits. It’s all going on my wall (except the videos, wish we were in the HP universe in that aspect but sadly not yet hahaha).

And I hope it is okay to call you all my friends, because I consider you as such. And I hope you all know I am available to talk about anything and everything at any time. I would love to get to know you guys better. ALL 3K OF YOU YES. 

Some of you have actually reached out to me and become my best friends so I can’t thank you enough. Tumblr really can be a beautiful place and you guys have shown me that!! So please feel free to talk to me at any time and let me know if you’re ever in LA or the Inland Empire!

Gah I made this too long but I needed to get this out like a fart I’ve been holding in ok not really sorry I’m a bit sleepy please don’t unfollow me for the fart comment hahaha. <3 <3 <3

The Vampire Diaries

ok, lemme just tell you what is happening inside of me right now….


DAMON AND BONNIE, BAMON!!!!!!! UMMMMM, THE MOST EPIC REUNION TO GO DOWN IN THE HISTORY OF REUNIONS!!!! like she came back and the first person she went to was DAMON!!! DAMON!! because that was the person that she went through hell with!! she made him pancakes, she waited for him and then he shows up and just opens his arms and then she runs and jumps and wraps her legs around him and they hug and they smile and THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!!! THE TEARS JUST STARTED POURING DOWN MY FACE AT THIS POINT!! I LITERALLY SCREAMED “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL SEASON!" 

i’m not even sorry for the amount of the same post Bamon posts I reblogged!