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Not A Good Look Pt II [Kim Taehyung]

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Genre: Angst + Fluff?

Words: 980

Kim Taehyung has many regrets, but he regrets this the most

[Part I] [Part II]

“But…I’m not your type,” (Y/N) said. My heart sank, my eyes widened and my face had paled significantly. What…? I didn’t want her hurt. Why was I suddenly so conflicted? I had to say something, anything.

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Best Parts of HPCC
  • Ron’s dad jokes (“It’s a lame trick. Everyone enjoys it’s lameness”) 
  • Of course Hermione and Ron hyphenated their names 
  • Scorpius “I’ve always regarded the Pepper Imp as the king of the confectionary bag” Malfoy 
  • Slytherin getting characters that the whole fandom adores (see above) 
  • Hermione’s toffee rebellion 
  •  Rose smells like fresh flowers and bread for some reason “What’s wrong with bread!“ 
  • “Okay. Hello. Um. Have we hugged before? Do we hug?” my gay sons 
  • Trolley witch and her pumpkin grenades 
  • Delphi = home of prophecy in the ancient world = so much foreshadowing 
  • Ron: “Nothing scares me. Apart from Mum" 
  • *Hermione swings* Ron: “Missed” *Ginny smacks him* Ron: “A very solid hit.“ 
  • But Ginny is so fierce in this entire thing and still processing her childhood and *sobs* 
  • "I want a baby or a holiday and I’m going to insist on it”
  •  Albus and Scorpius constantly voicing their “friendship” mY GAY SONS 
  • The French being so unenthusiastic 
  •  Just Ludo Bagman
  • Harry not wanting to bear bad news so he steals his son’s chocolate 
  • “Keep up, old man” “We’re the same age, Draco” “I wear it better" 
  • Ginny’s snark described as "dryer than dry" 
  • "You two belong together” SO GAY 
  • Harry does most of the cooking 
  • Albus thinking Scorpius is kind from the depths of his belly to the tips of his fingers 
  • “Friends?” “Always" 
  • Moaning Myrtle: "Isn’t everyone so naughty?”
  • AU Draco supporting his treasonous son *SOBS MORE*
  • The whole of history pivots on my hero NEVILLE FUCKING LONGBOTTOM
  • Snape is still motivated by Lilly (and also less of a jerk)
  • AU Ron and Hermione’s constant surprise that they’re in love
  • Snape telling Scorpius to think of Albus his best straight bro when casting a patronus charm
  • MCGONAGALL: “Please don’t be tiresome, Craig.”
  • Scorpius’s savage slytherin sarcasm mygOD
  • SCORPUS MALFOY GEEKBOY SUPREME: “Oh my, that’s her. Wow. Squeak. My geekiness is a-quivering.”
  • Harry reducing Dumbledore to tears because he was a crappy father figure
  • All Draco wanted as a child was to be happy
  • the whole Draco Malfoy fucking subplot omg his development and concern as a father and redemption I can’t
  • ROn your ponytail sass
  • and the fact you self declare yourself “the most chilled out of us all”
  • “Rubbish. Beautifully put, but beautiful rubbish” RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY I CAN’T
  • Ginny and Albus bonding over falling in the respective Riddle webs of lies
  • Draco: “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger. (she turns toward him. he smiles) And I’m heavily mildly enjoying it” (the dramione fandom screams)
  • “Hello, Harry Potter. I’m Rubeus Hagrid. And I’m gonna be yer friend whether yeh like it or not” Hagrid is the most pure cinnamon roll in the entire franchise and I can’t handle my emotions
  • the boys still hug in the middle of a forced “i’m totally hetero” scene because they’re boyfriends
  • and he visits cedric’s grave the fEELS

This was not at all what I was expecting and I still have questions but THIS BOOK MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD THANK YOU JK

tini21  asked:

funny/embarrassing stories, please. have a pleasant night :)

Okay, so the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me/the reason my greatest fear is joining the military:

When I was a freshman in college, I was in this really tiny honors world lit class. There was this guy in my class who was in ROTC and would come to class in his fatigues sometimes and whatever. Once after the lecture he made an announcement to the class that the ROTC was having a wall repelling day that was open to the public that Thursday and that we should all come and it would be super fun.

I was 19 and up for pretty much whatever. I wanted to spread my little freshman wings and experience the world and like, wall repelling sounded hella fun. I made plans with my roommate, who was also in the class, to go on Thursday to this thing that was totally going to be a blast.

So Thursday rolls around and I make my way over to the armory for this shindig, thinking I’ll meet my roommate there. Well, she’s late and I walk in by myself. 

It occurs to me as I push through the double doors to the armory that I don’t actually know dude’s name that invited us to this thing. I’m alone, just waltzing into this big warehouse looking building and I don’t know who the hell I’m meeting. I take the tiniest peek into the HUGE room at the end of the hall and see A SHIT TON of people in full army garb and NO DAMN CIVILIANS ANYWHERE.

I decide to abort the mission, as they probably don’t say in the army. I have a really crazy-stressful anxiety thing about being places I’m no supposed to be or showing up to the wrong event or whatever. I'm out.

As I am scurrying back down the hall for the front doors, this booming voice says,Young lady." 

I turn around, and General Fucking Patton is staring me down from the end of the hall. I am in full on panic mode. I’ve got the wrong day. I’ve got the wrong place. These are not the droids I am looking for. Shit.

"Can I help you?” Patton asks.

I’m stammering and literally scrambling backwards to get to the door.

“N-n-no, I’m sorry, Mr–Sir. I was just–classmate said some shit–SOME STUFF, SIR–about a repelling d-day. Obviously wrong..I’ll just–”

“Who told you this?”

Fuck. FUCK. 

“I– I’ll just go.”

“No, no. Who told you this?”

“I–I don’t know his name. He–he’s in my honors world lit class–”

And Patton turns on his heel and literally fucking marches me into the great big room at the room.

He yells: “COMPANY.”


“Who knows this young lady from–”

*whispers*“–honors world lit–”

“–Honors world lit?”



Then this lone hand in the back raises, and not the boy from my class comes forward, oh no,the hugely douche-y jerk that I hooked up with like my second week of college because he was like 6'9 andIthoughtthatwouldbefun steps forward and claims me.I tell Patton that I’m just going to go but he like shoves me over to Tall Jerk and then I was in the Army. 

I make really bad small talk with this guy and say over and over how I just want to go, this is obviously the wrong day, there are NO OTHER CIVILIANS HERE and then they call us (BECAUSE I’M IN THE ARMY NOW) to attention. I’m about a half step behind everyone in falling in, then at-easing, and wtf else they had us do BECAUSE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

Patton talks about the missions, THE MISSIONS, for the day, and I am just sweating freely at this point. I am so not at fucking ease. Then we get divided into platoons or some shit and I’m, thankgoodness, still matched up with the only person I know in the room, Mr Tall Bootycall. We are marched outside to 


Let me remind you that I am still the only civilian in the crowd. Let me remind you that I am in skinny jeans and a cute, but fashionably rugged tank-top. With sequins. And I am easily the smallest person in the crowd. 

So, turns out, this day is all about making it through the obstacle course or, as I was to find out, The Floor Is Lava With Terrorists. We apparently have to make human bridges to get across these fucking sandboxes of varying sizes and not touch the red places lest we blow up the entire platoon. And, as I am tiny, I am the one being tossed over walls TO SAVE US ALL and crawling over these bridges MADE OF DUDES and hopping and jumping through literal hoops in shoes that are technically sneakers but more accurately are something being worn by a back-up dancer in a rap video.

Far, far in the distance is the repelling tower. For our platoon, IT IS THE LAST STOP IN OUR ROTATION. 

Fast forward two hours. My roommate never showed. Honors world lit dude never showed. I am still the only person in street clothes and I am currently being instructed on how to make my own harness out of rope.

I’m exhausted. I’m sweating and panting and am incapable of tying the knots that will keep me from plunging to my death. Tall Bootycall is helping me out (turns out, in my delirium, he’s pretty okay.) and I’m just mumbling, “I don’t want to repel anymore. I’m good, man, just call me a deserter and let’s be done with it.”

At this point, I’d be fine with being executed by firing squad for treason if is meant I could SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Of course, I am instead hauled up onto the repelling wall.

Now would be a good time to mention that I am really afraid of heights. 

I KNOW, SHUT UP. (I didn’t think this through. I was young. I was open to new experiences.)

So I ask to go down the short wall instead of the full-sized wall. The army guy on the mid-level told me that was not an option and they send me on up to the top.

I’m openly weeping at this point. The army dude at the very top says something along the lines of “There’s no crying in the army.” and pretty much dumps me off the top. I bounce and boink my way down to the sandpit below, utterly failing my platoon and not giving any fucks about it.

Once I hit the sandpit, I just keep on rolling down to the bottom of the hill, VOMIT EVERYWHERE and just run away,trailing the rope from repelling, still wearing my army-issued rope harness.

Into the sunset.

And that’s why my greatest fear is joining the army.

anonymous asked:

Im taking ap bio, ap us, and ap lit & comp and all my teachers say id be ready for the ap courses and the next level up thats not ap would b boring for me to sit through and my councilor was like "u can cross off one u dont want to take if u want" but i dont want to take english 4, any of the semester science classes (chem is as far as we go), or world history next year (im afraid id forget the stuff from us history aaaaa)

AP World History and English are a lot of work so I wouldn’t recommend taking it if you don’t want to. But I don’t even remember the US being mentioned in AP world so it’s ok if you forget some AP us history stuff

Dear G,

I walked over during intermission. During the entire first half I wondered if you had flaked or if you were just late (again). You were talking to some other people,

Maybe my desperate eyes were playing tricks on me. But what I saw: your eyes lit up when you saw me, and a smile appeared on your face.

Wishful thinking on my part, or an actual thing that actually happened? Either way, you're actually adorable. It’s not something I can explain to our friends. I’ll just shrug helplessly when they question me as to why in the world I’d like you.

I think I’ve liked you since… November? December? I remember clearly one of the first days we had an actual interaction, in math class. You sat in front of me for the quiz and read motivational posters to me in the back of the room. You also pulled off my earbuds at the end of the period. Damn. Sometimes I see myself in you, more than I ever thought I would. We’re both impulsive, at the least.

And today we held hands for at least solid ten seconds. Sure it was platonic, but in my head I was screaming yessssss

I took the first step last time, and that ended up… weird. You took the first step last time, and that ended up awkward, but eventually healed. 

When I pulled up DMB, I didn’t expect to be writing so much. I’ve lost myself in my ramblings, again. See you tomorrow?

Sincerely, L

P.S. One person has said we’ll make a good couple. One other person has pointed out how similar we are. *cough*youshouldtotallytakeahintandaskmeout*cough*

me after sma
  • what she says: good morning
  • what she means: dO YOU KNOW WHAT MY SONS DID LAST NIGHT they're so freaking talented and deserving and i still can't believe they haven't won a rookie award but oh well they won a freaking Hallyu Special award which means they're up there with exo and infinite and they're an overseas favorite like wow do you know what that means for them im so happy that they're so happy and their smiles when they won the award lit up my entire freaking world and i've been softly sobbing tears of pride into my pillow for the last hour and just wow i didn't think it was possible to love and support people i've never met so much

@in2fiction asked:  i’d love a magnus and cas having a conversation about the way they live through time and how they deal with loving mortals

Magnus did not doubt the love and affection he had for Alec. He knew that after his time with Alec there would be no other, that he had been changed, body and soul, and there was no coming back from such a thing. However, not even he could manage to look at Alec with the same soul crushing devotion that Castiel the angel held in his eyes for Dean Winchester. 

Their groups had crossed paths because both Shadowhunters and the Winchesters hunted monsters; and Magnus was grateful for their existence. As it turned out, having Sam, Dean and an angel in your contact list worked out very well. Alec was teaching Dean how to shoot a bow, and Dean was laughing at something Alec had said. Magnus found that weird because Alec wasn’t the type to crack jokes, but Castiel seemed to answer the questions in Magnus’ mind.

“They relate.” Castiel murmured, a soft serene smile on his face. He was looking only at Dean, like the setting didn’t exist, only the Winchester did.  "Dean sees pieces of himself in Alexander, that’s why they get along so well.“ 

Magnus tilted his head and crossed his arms. "I found Sam and Alec to have more in common.”

“In many ways yes,” Castiel admitted. “But Dean understands the burdens of being a leader, of having to make decisions, of being an older brother. Alec shares that.”

“You understand people quickly.”

“It took me a very long time.” Castiel assured him. 

Magnus nudged him softly, but Castiel’s eyes never strayed. “What’s it like, loving him? A mortal?”

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SugaKookie (A/B/O Dynamics)

Pairing: SugaKookie

Rating: R

Warning: A/B/O Dynamics, Mating, Smut, Sex, Obscene language. Body worship.

Summary: Jungkook is interest in an Alpha who just entered his campus, He desperately tries to grasp his attention, but things doesn’t always go as planned….

(A/N: This was requested. I hope the anon who requested this enjoys it <3)

Jungkook tapped his fingers nervously against his leg, watching the pack of Alpha males stride past him. He almost felt his heart drop watching one particular green haired Alpha who was wrapping his hands around Jimin’s waist. He hadn’t seen this Alpha before, and it was evident that he didn’t have a mate. His scent was numbing Jungkook’s nose and it almost scared him how much he wanted bask in that lovely scent.

“Jungkook-ah, do you think Alpha Hoseok will be into guys like me?”

Jungkook turned to face his best friend and shrugged. He didn’t know how to answer that question. Taehyung had been pining over Alpha Hoseok since he presented as an Omega, and he’d been obsessed ever since. But who was Jungkook to judge.


There were times in Jungkook life where he wished he could just disappear into a World of nothing; A World where he could be alone and not face unfair bullshit like this. Why did he let Taehyung convince him that stalking the new Alpha was a good idea?

“Jungkook, it doesn’t mean anything, they could just be friends!”

Taehyung was desperately trying to convince Jungkook that the Alpha he’d been crushing on for a week had nothing to do with the cute Park Jimin. Who would be an idiot to believe that? Park Jimin is basically a god, every Alpha wants an Omega like him. It didn’t surprise him that Alpha Yoongi wanted Jimin.

He saw the picture whilst scrolling through the timeline on his phone. Alpha Yoongi was holding Jimin on his lap with his nose snuggled deep into the little minx’s neck. Jungkook wanted scream, but most of all he just want to escape it all.

“I’m going for a walk, don’t wait up okay.”

Jungkook left, ignoring Taehyung’s protest and walked where ever his legs lead him. It didn’t surprise him that he ended up at the dance studio, after all his he’s majoring in dance. He didn’t know why seeing the new Alpha with someone else bugged him, but all he knew was that he wanted to get rid of the hallow feeling inside his stomach. So he did the only thing he knew, he turned the music up and let his body take over.

Completely lost in his own World, Jungkook didn’t notice when the door opened. He didn’t notice when someone sat on the floor and eyed his every movement. Instead, he continued his routine, until sweat was soaking into his shirt and falling gracefully down his neck.

As soon as the music stopped, he heard a clap that bounced off the walls in the studio. It made his heart constrict. Had someone been watching him the entire time…?

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Request: Together

Request: Can you please do a castiel one shot where like the reader and cas are in love and basically Sam dean and the reader find out cas was working with Crowley and cas tries to like get the reader to understand and Sam and Dean try to get him away from her because she’s so hurt about it

Word Count: 1,699

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“Look me in the eye,” Dean demands, “And tell me you’re not working with Crowley.”

Cas does try. He does. He takes one look at the elder Winchester and his resolve breaks and his eyes flit away, running. Always running.

“You son of a bitch.”

And then everything crumbles. The last hope you held extinguishes immediately. And the worst part is that Cas tries to explain himself. Excuse himself. Make it okay; cover the Grand Canyon of betrayals with a damned band-aid. He’s stood in the ring of holy fire, his face lit up in orange that only serves to highlight the fear that’s etched into his features.

Good. Let the bastard be scared.

“Did I ever mean anything to you?”

It just slips out, and the attention of everyone in the room snaps to you – to the wideness of your eyes, to the tear sliding down your cheek; to the way you’re hugging yourself tightly with one arm.

“Y/N, don’t. Please.” Cas begs, “I’m doing this for you. You’re my entire world.”

“Well, it doesn’t freaking seem like it.” You say heatedly, “I thought we trusted each other.”

“We do.”

“We obviously don’t!” You snap, “Or you’d have told me. You told me Heaven needed you. You crept around behind my back and you lied to me. You’d turn up in the dead of night and you’d lie with me and whisper that you were sorry, that the damned garrison needed you. All that time, you were off with him.”

“Y/N, that’s not how it was. The garrison did need me. I needed to do this, you’re not understanding!”

“I’m understanding that you’ve betrayed us all, Cas. That’s what I’m understanding, and I don’t think you are!”

“I’m trying to protect you!”

“No, Cas. You’re stood there trying to protect yourself.” You say in a quiet, tremulous voice. You’ve commanded the attention of everyone in the room – they watch raptly as your lip trembles.

“Y/N, no.” He begs, “Please.”

“Don’t talk to her.” Dean interrupts stonily, “Just shut up. Sam, get her out of here.”

Sam doesn’t protest, wrapping a secure arm around your shoulders and guiding you from the old house and out into the cold night. A miserable drizzle whips at your face but does nothing to conceal the tears cascading down your face. You take a hitched breath, raking your hands roughly through your hair.

“Y/N?” Sam asks softly, “Are you okay?”

“No.” You say, “I’m about as far from okay as I could be.”

Sam chances a look through the ajar door – the light from the fire still flickers ominously.

“He just wanted to-”

“I know, Sam. Just… go help your brother. I’ll be fine.” You insist, just wanting to be alone, “I just don’t want to look at him.”

Sam has this skill, he’s so perceptive of other people’s needs and desires and emotions. He nods in understanding.

“Yeah, sure. Stay here, okay? Promise me you won’t go anywhere.”

“I promise.” You nod, and Sam disappears back inside. You, however, lean against the cold stone wall in the rain and let yourself cry.


You can’t sleep. You’ve tossed and you’ve turned and you’ve gone on a walk and had a glass of lukewarm milk and listened to music and counted sheep. You’ve tried everything, and with too many hours to go before the dawn, you’ve resigned yourself to lying in the darkness, letting thoughts and memories wash over you like an incoming tide.

Trust me!” Cas insists, but you’re both laughing. He’s behind you, his hands over your eyes. You keep tripping, though, and you’ve bumped into things more than once.

Not if I don’t want a concussion!”

He chuckles, “We’re almost there. Just a little further.”

Are you sure? Because you said that about ten minutes ago.”

That was before you fell over and demanded I kiss you better.”

Details, details.”

You smile slightly at the memory – it wasn’t that far into your relationship, and with Sam and Dean’s help, he’d planned a small picnic for the two of you – a secluded field full of flowers and some beers… it was less than conventional but it was amazing.

Y/N, don’t leave me!” Cas whispers, “Stay with me, hold on!”

Cas… I can’t.” You mumble, words muffled by the panic, “Go on without me.”

I can’t do that.”

Just… let me go.” You beg of him. He shakes his head, but you disentangle his hand from yours and let yourself fall.

You both burst into giggles as you hit the soft green grass below, the brightly coloured climbing frame towering up above you and shining in the bright sunlight. Cas looks down on you, grinning.

You’re right, this is rather fun.”

Of course it is, you’re with me.”

You both laugh, and Cas swings himself down and pulls you to your feet. He’s very adept when it comes to climbing.

You took a day for yourselves, and you came across a pretty much abandoned kids’ park. Ignoring the disparaging looks of the odd dog walker, you’d decided to have a look, resulting in you playing like a pair of children.

You pull the cover up to your chin, biting down on your lip to keep the tears at bay. It’s nights like this you’re glad for motels that don’t do rooms with three singles, and you get a room to yourself.

“Y/N?” There’s a quiet voice from the corner of the room. You jolt upright, looking around in panic.

“What the – Cas?” You whisper, throwing yourself out of bed and towards the door. However, you find it locked.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He says softly, “I wanted to talk to you alone.”

“What the hell do you want with me, Cas?” You ask, “We’re done.”

His face looks like you’ve just stabbed him. Maybe worse.

“Will you please just hear me out?” He begs, “Please. Five minutes.”

Conflicted, you press down on the door handle once more. It goes easily; the door unlocked.

“Please.” Cas says from behind you, and you crumble.

You nod, “Alright, fine.” You turn back to his stupid, pitiful face and something inside you breaks.

“I know I made the wrong choices, but I have the right destination.” He says softly as you stare at him, your arms folded, “I never wanted to hurt you. I just knew that you would disagree with my plan, but Y/N, it is the only way to defeat Raphael. It is. I had no intention of betraying you or hurting you, please believe me.”

“You could have told me,” You whisper, “You could have. I would have backed you, and then-”

“I didn’t think you would. I thought you’d tell Sam and Dean. I didn’t want the load to be placed on your back.”

“It wouldn’t be placed on my back. It would be on our backs, you moron.” It’s not unkind and you’re not even angry, just upset and conflicted and confused.

“I didn’t want you to suffer.”

“I didn’t want you suffering, either! Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters here!”

“I’m so sorry.” He murmurs after a moment of silence, “I was selfish, and stupid, and- oof-” You barrel into him, your arms wrapping around his neck and your face burying in his shoulder. You couldn’t handle it anymore and you just needed him to be close to you.

His arms wrap around your waist and he buries his face in your hair, whispering apologies that you dismiss with murmured confessions of love.


His hand winds slowly through your hair, stroking the soft strands methodically and repetitively. He watches you, but you can’t look at him. His fingers brush over your cheek, and when you wince, his arm tightens slightly.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” He breathes, his hand freezing. You nod.

“I’m fine. Sorry.” You say quietly, glancing at him with an attempt at a smile.

“Are we okay?”

“No.” You say bluntly, “I think we’re about as far away from okay as it gets.”

He stays in silence, his hand continuing, but much slower.

“Do you remember the climbing frame?” He asks, and you nod.

“How could I forget?”

He chuckles, obviously reminiscing.

“So childish, but so… amazingly freeing.” He says quietly, “That’s my heaven, I think, if I had one.”

“Really?” You ask, looking up at him, “All of time and space, and you choose me and a damn climbing frame?”

“Does that tell you something?” He asks quietly, “Y/N, you are my favourite choice, my favourite memory. I didn’t – I never do – want to cause you any pain or suffering. I just thought hiding it from you until it was done would be easiest for you. I can never apologise to you enough, I can never make this up to you and I know that.”

You look up at him from where your head lies on his chest.

“It’s not about making it up to me.” You say, “It’s not even about making me forgive you. It’s about doing the right thing. And that’s what you thought you were doing.”

You take a long breath, and his breathing seems to stop for a second.

“I’m not mad, Cas. Not anymore. I’m not even upset. I just… I don’t ever want you to think that you’re on your own with anything. You need to defeat Raphael, great, we’ll do it. We. Together. You have me, you have Sam, you have Dean.”

“But they don’t want to help me.”

“Not now. But they’ll come ‘round.” You promise, “I’ll work on them.”

You let out an inadvertent yawn, and Cas frowns.

“I’d appreciate that. But Y/N, you’re exhausted. Get some sleep.”

“Stay?” You request, and Cas chuckles.

“I promise.” He says gently, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.

fluffynessgalore  asked:

There's this song When I Met You by Apo Hiking Society and it made me think of Nico singing this to Will in an anniversary or before proposing. So I'm wondering if you can make a story around it or just based on the song itself? If you're interested

The song really wasn’t what I expected it to be. It had an old vibe, so I tried to give the fic the same vibe

There I was, an empty piece of a shell,

Just mindin’ my own world;

Without even knowin’ what love and life where about.

Nico accepted the mug pressed into his hands gratefully, smiling as Will sat in the chair beside him. “Do you remember,” Nico began, a cough breaking his sentence. Will frowned and his hand landed on Nico’s back several times, though it lacked the strength it once had. “Do you remember when you met me?”

Will grinned. “It’s the one thing I can remember. Almost as good as our wedding day. You were just a shell of yourself, cold and tired, but still just as feisty. You fought with me like there was no tomorrow.”

Nico felt himself smile. “I didn’t even know what love meant anymore.”

Then you came,

You brought me out of the shell;

You gave the world to me

And before I knew,

There I was so in love with you.

“It still amazes me that you never left.” Will pushed his feet under his chair and let it rock, the wood creaking. It made the same sound as Nico’s bones did now a days. “You brought me out of my shell, staying with me and showing me that the world wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I was such a sucker for you. I was in love with you before I blinked.” Will gave him the childish grin that refused to age with their bodies.

And I’m sure my love for you will endure,

Your love will light up my world;

And take all my cares away with the aching part of me.

“I never thought it’d last fifty-one years.” Will laughed and Nico looked over at him. This was not the boy Nico had fallen in love with. This was a man who saved countless lives, who lit up Nico’s entire world with just a look, a man who swept away Nico’s aches and pains. This was Nico’s husband.

“I thought we would’ve killed each other by now. You’ve given me more heart attacks than anybody should have to endure.” Will took Nico’s hand and Nico smiled sheepishly.

You taught me how to love,

You showed me how tomorrow and today

My life is different from yesterday;

And you, you taught me how to love like never before,

My love, who could ask for more?

“It’s been an honor getting to love you, Will. You taught me how to love again.” Will rolled his eyes playfully.

“Someone’s sappy tonight, old man.” Nico laughed.

“You’re older than me.” Will kissed Nico’s hand and Nico couldn’t ask for anything more. He could never ask for anything more from Will. Will always gave him everything, and Nico held onto it with everything he had. Both Nico and Will’s health were starting to decline, but they both knew that it came with being eighty-something. They stopped keeping track after Carter had kids.

You gave me a reason for my being

And I love what I’m feelin’,

You gave me a meaning to my life,

Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing

And it all began when I met you.

When I met you.

I imagine they’d move out of the city when Carter’s kids grow up

CEO Calum (Part One)

So, guys, this is my first fanfic. It’s kind of 50 Shades of Grey inspired? I promise that it’s not going to be based around all of that. Really the main shared points are the CEO part and a tiny kink? It won’t be centered around it though, so I hope you guys like it

Cal’s POV

     "Where is she?“ I barked at my secretary. I had an interview today for a new assistant I needed. The last one didn’t work out for… Reasons. My secretary shrugged, practically shaking in her hooker looking boots.  

   "I… I don’t know Mr. Hood, I scheduled the interview for 3:00 P.M.” She murmured, looking at the floor. I waved my hand at her, “Fine, go, schedule me an appointment with my trainer for tomorrow morning.” She nodded and I think she curtsied before leaving the room. I sighed and sank into my chair behind my oak wood desk. I stared out the window that took up an entire wall, just wondering when she was going to show up.

     "Mr. Hood?“ The phone rang out on speaker. "Miss. Y/L/N is here for her interview, shall I send her in?” Andrea, the secretary, asked.
“Of course, wouldn’t want to keep her waiting,” I mumbled sarcastically and hung up on Andrea. Soon enough, my blonde secretary walked in with my potential assistant. “Whoa,” was all I could think.

     A gorgeous girl stood in front of me. She was beautiful, her black pencil skirt flowed over her body smoothly with a white button up was tucked into it with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her hair was in loose curls, framing a face that drew me in right away. Her eyes stood out like the first flowers after a long winter. Her smile made me smile, and I enjoyed every minute.
     "Ah hem,“ my secretary cleared her throat. "This is Y/F/N Y/L/N, interviewing to be your new assistant.” I smiled at the both of them.

     "Thank you, Andrea, you’re dismissed,“ I nodded politely and she left. "Please, take a seat,” I gestured to the two chairs that were in front of my desk. She smiled and took a seat.

     "It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Hood, I’ve heard great things about your company,“ she looked up at me through her eyelashes. I could get use to that. I sat down next to her, smiling.
     "Is that so? With how many people I’ve fired lately, I feel as though I could’ve gained a terrible reputation to new employees,” I chuckled a bit. “But, based on your resume, I feel as though I don’t have to worry about you. You’d be a great addition to the company, Miss. Y/L/N,” I nodded and her face flushed.
     "Really? Why, uh, thank you Mr. Hood,“ she spoke, her voice was a bit shaky. I’m sure I could whip that out of her, I bit my lip and let it go quickly. I couldn’t think that way of her if I was going to hire her. Fuck.
The interview continued for awhile, asking about the basics and such.

     "Well, Miss. Y/L/N, I think you’re definitely a contender for this job. We’ll call in a few days,” I stood up and held out my hand. She followed in suite, shaking mine back. Wow, her hands were soft.

     "Thank you so much for this opportunity, I look forward hearing back,“ she smiled and we walked out of my office together. I led her to the elevator, glancing over her presence as we waited. Her bum was perfection, and then she smiled at me. Her smile lit up my entire world. Too bad I could never let her in.

*A few days later*

     "F/N, I don’t think you understand. This man was gorgeous, and his lips, oh my god I just want him. I don’t know if I can take this job…” You told your best friend over a cup of tea.

      “Y/N, I -” she was stopped by the sound of your phone ringing. “Hold on one moment,” you told her, proceeding then to pick up your phone.

     "Hello, Miss. Y/L/N, this is Calum Hood from Hood Corporations and Productions. I’m calling in response to your interview, we want to offer you the job,“ he spoke over the line. I smiled brightly and almost squealed with delight.

     "I would love to take the job!” You responded. “Thank you so much for this opportunity, I will be there at 8:00 A.M.” You told him. “Are you at home? I would love to take you out to celebrate,” he stated. “If you’re not, that’s fine. I’m sure you have other plans." 

     "It would be my delight Mr. Hood, I’ll see you in an hour?" 

     "That’s fine, see you then Miss. Y/L/N,” he hung up afterwards.

     "I have a date, get out,“ you told your friend. She looked at you dumbstruck. "Go, go, go!” You practically pushed her out the door, and began to get ready. You spent about 45 minutes transforming yourself into an outfit that was respectable but flaunted your assets. You left your hair straight and was putting an earring in when the doorbell rang.

So, what did you guys think? Part two, possibly?

The Patronus Charm

Chapter One

Summary:  One by one, the sorting hat began to be placed on heads. Dan was pondering the likelihood of getting lice when his name was called. 

“Daniel Howell.” McGonagall called out. Phil smiled encouragingly at him as he stumbled up to the stool.

Word Count: 1890

Warnings: None

A/N: This is the first fic I have ever posted on tumblr! (I used to use Wattpad) I have been wanting to write a harry potter au for a while, so here is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

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Can we pretend I didn't just say that Karmy :D

“Finally my favourite class of the day” Karma said collapsing onto the grass beside Amy in their usual lunch spot.

“What seeing me?” Amy smirked and Karma rolled her eyes.

“I was going to say lunch, but now that you mention it” she leaned over and gave Amy a light kiss on the lips. Their transition from fake girlfriends to real girlfriends had gone completely unnoticed, except for Shane who was going round asking people “don’t you think they just look more in love than ever?” much to Amy’s displeasure.

Amy tossed an m&m into the air and caught it with her mouth before noticing that Karma hadn’t stopped staring at her since she had sat down. 

“Are you okay?” Amy asked with a smile as Karma bit her lip and forced herself to look away.

“Yeah I’m just…happy” she answered stretching her legs out and looking at her shoes.

“Me too” Amy admitted and leaned forward picking up one of Karma’s hands and playing with her fingers.

“I was just thinking that… you’re like all of the stars in my sky, without you I would just be lost in darkness” Karma said watching Amy play with her fingers. When Amy looked up at her and their eyes met she realised that those words had actually come out of her mouth and she felt her cheeks flush pink.

“Oh my god” Karma mumbled.

“I can’t believe I… can we pretend I didn’t just say that?” she begged but Amy had an adorably amused grin on her face.

“I don’t want to pretend you didn’t say that though” she smirked and Karma groaned.

“Why is it that when you say cheesy things it’s cute but when I do it’s massively embarrassing” Karma pouted and Amy just laughed.

“I think you’re cute” Amy grinned “and I love you”

Karma looked at Amy, her smile was like sunshine. Her entire world felt like it lit up when Amy smiled. God she loved her too much, was it even possible to love someone too much? 

“Your smile is my favourite thing in the world” Karma couldn’t help but tell her, she loved Amy so much she almost thought about nothing else.

“You know what mine is?” Amy smiled pushing Karma back onto the grass with a cheeky smile and pinning her arms down. 

“Do I want to know?” Karma asked not noticing the people around them who were staring at them like they were two little kittens. She couldn’t take her eyes off Amy, those twinkling blue eyes stared down at her captivating every inch of her.

“When you tell me I’m the stars in your sky” a small laugh escaped Amy’s lips alongside those words and Karma groaned.

“Stop it” she stuck her bottom lip out in desperate attempt for some sympathy. 

“No” Amy grinned keeping her arms pinned to the grass so she was unable to do anything.



Karma sighed and stared at her girlfriend before running her tongue across her top lip as an idea hit her.

“You have something on your face” she said and Amy lifted an eyebrow.


“I’ll get it” Karma said “If you come closer”

Amy hesitantly leaned in closer and Karma lifted her head and kissed her as soon as she was close enough. Amy’s hands immediately moved off Karma’s arms as she melted into the soft caress of Karma’s lips across her own.

Karma pulled away from Amy and grinned sitting up.

“I won” she said and Amy lifted an eyebrow.

“Won what?”

“I don’t know, you?” Karma giggled and Amy just rolled her eyes.

“You’re ridiculous” she said “You already had me idiot”

Maybe it’s that I am so organized that everything seems so chaotic or everything is so unorganized and messy that I have just come to learn where things are in the piles of thoughts and chaos. And I can’t help myself because it would unbalance the entire world if I started cleaning up.
—  e.l.m., my unbelievably crowded mind







你像是闪电 剎那的光芒

世界被点亮 又隐藏






Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

向你召唤 这一切都已太晚


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 事到如今我才懂

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 现在才因你心痛

Thunder Thunder Thunder 想要把你紧握

Thunder Thunder Thunder





会不会是我 终於陌生的星光









Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

向你召唤 这一切都已太晚

让我 跟随着你 跟随着你

追逐着你 追逐着你

寻觅着你 寻觅着你







Thunder Thunder Thunder 想要把你紧握

已远去的你 想要把你紧握

Thunder Thunder Thunder 想要把你紧握

Thunder Thunder Thunder



shùn jiān xiāo shī de yī dào guāng

chōng mǎn xìng fú huí yì de nà yī dào guāng máng

jǐ hū ràng wǒ biàn dé mù máng

nǐ què yǐ yuǎn qù dào dá wǒ jiē chù bú liao de dì fāng


nǐ xiàng shì shǎn diàn chà nà de guāng máng

shì jiè bèi diǎn liàng yòu yǐn cáng

xiàng quán shì jiè dōu shǔ yú wǒ yī yàng

què zhī néng cāng cù yī yǎn de zhāng wàng


wǒ xiàng léi shēng yī yàng de chí huǎn

xiǎng zhǎo xún nǐ què tài màn

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

xiàng nǐ zhào huàn zhè yī qiē dōu yǐ tài wǎn


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh shì dào rú jīn wǒ cái dǒng

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh xiàn zài cái yīn nǐ xīn tòng

Thunder Thunder Thunder xiǎng yào bǎ nǐ jǐn wò

Thunder Thunder Thunder


nǐ de bèi yǐng yǐ zǒu xiàng yuǎn fāng

shí jiān bǎ wǒ men de jù lí biàn dé gèng zhǎng

zài nǐ yuǎn qù de fāng xiàng

huì bú huì shì wǒ zhōng yú mò shēng de xīng guāng


nǐ jiù xiàng shǎn diàn yī yàng de cōng máng

shì fǒu wǒ yǒng yuǎn zhuī bú shàng

wǒ men zhī jiān zhè yáo yuǎn de shí chà

wú fǎ zài tóng yī gè kōng jiān lǐ dào dá


wǒ xiàng léi shēng yī yàng de chí huǎn

xiǎng zhǎo xún nǐ què tài màn

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

xiàng nǐ zhào huàn zhè yī qiē dōu yǐ tài wǎn

ràng wǒ gēn suí zhe nǐ gēn suí zhe nǐ

zhuī zhú zhe nǐ zhuī zhú zhe nǐ

xún mì zhe nǐ xún mì zhe nǐ

màn màn de yuǎn lí qù


jiù ràng wǒ chāo yuè shí jiān chāo yuè zhè zuò gāo bì

cóng xiàn zài dào kāi shǐ nà xiàng tóng de fēng jǐng

xiàng xìn wǒ kě yǐ zài ,zài huí dào guò qù

wǒ yī èr zài xīn dǐ dú miǎo cè wǒ men de jù lí

Thunder Thunder Thunder xiǎng yào bǎ nǐ jǐn wò

yǐ yuǎn qù de nǐ xiǎng yào bǎ nǐ jǐn wò

Thunder Thunder Thunder xiǎng yào bǎ nǐ jǐn wò

Thunder Thunder Thunder



A light that disappears in a moment

That light that was filled with happy memories

It has almost made me blind

Yet you have already gone to a place that I cannot touch


You’re like lightning, a flash of light

The world is lit up, then hidden again

It’s like the entire world is like me

Only able to look around hastily


I’m slow like the sound of thunder

Trying to find you but I’m too slow

Boom boom boom boom boom boom

I call to you, all of this is already too late


Oh oh oh oh oh I just understood things now

Oh oh oh oh oh only now is my heart hurting because of you

Thunder thunder thunder I want to hold you tight

Thunder thunder thunder


Your silhouette has already gone far

Time has made our distance even longer

In the direction that you have gone away

Could it be me, the finally unfamiliar starlight


You’re in a hurry just like lightning

If I can never catch up to you

The distant time difference between us

We can’t arrive in the same space


I’m slow like the sound of thunder

Trying to find you but I’m too slow

Boom boom boom boom boom boom

I call to you, all of this is already too late


Let me follow you, follow you

Chase you, chase you

Search for you, search for you

Slowly going far away


Just let me surpass time, surpass this high wall

From now until the beginning, that same scenery

Believe that I return, return to before

I count down our distance in my heart, one, two


Thunder thunder thunder I want to hold you tight

You who has already gone far away, I want to hold you tight

Thunder thunder thunder I want to hold you tight

Thunder thunder thunder

trans cr; hyewon@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

The first time I was bullied I was in elementary school




they would call me

So I ran to the teacher, tears burning my eyes

She told me to get over it

I never told my parents what happened

Then came middle school, it was like a small town

Full of pre pubescent vicious parasites




They would call me

So I ran in my room, tears burning my eyes

And tried to swing from my ceiling fan

I never told my parents what happened

By the time the middle school was coming to an end

The hallway walls were breathing,

And my inside walls were screaming

I wanted to rip myself apart from this Axe Body Spray hell

“omg tbh fml”

High school was different, an entire new world

I tried to keep my nose up, keep them out

But I was just smelling for smoke

So I can follow the trail back to the burning house and save the boy who lost everything

But I was really finding the boy who lit the fire

and tried changing him

But nothing changed except my weight

To be “suitable” for “classmates”

And slide my fingers down my throat

I blamed it on an


But when this arsonist called me “babe” and told me i was “perfect”

I didnt know that he had another walk in “closet” to put his “unmentionables” in

I was just another spare room in his cheap flammable motel

So I built my walls high and locked my door

Kept everything in and nothing explored

But fireproofing myself was the hardest part

“How to rip you out of my veins” wasnt on WikiHow

But the bathroom walls were not silent

My name smeared with lipstick calling me a

“senior banger,”

“12th grade fucker,”


It felt like I was kicked in the stomach and had the wind knocked out of me

But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.

And once I realized that band-aids and poetry cant fix this type of hurt,

And wonder woman wasnt coming

I had to wear the cape all by myself

And no matter how far I stretched my fingers I could not catch all the pain I wanted to heal

All the while he was gaining high fives

All we did was kiss

All I felt was worthless

All he did was kiss

So I gained a new alias

Put all that in the past

Started caring more about books than smoke

The only person that could love me truly was me

And I stopped living along the code of accusations of “not good enough” “never good enough”

I was finally happy

High school is full of big boys and girls just being mean

“teachers pet,”



They would call me

So I walked home, tears no where to be found

and told myself to get over it

I never told my parents what happened

A Moment of Pride:

My LadyLove and I went out for dinner tonight, and the waiter, a graying man named Lou, asked us, “Are you a couple?” We said yes. His face lit up. “Are you going to the Pride parade or anything tomorrow? I’ve been with my partner for eighteen years, and we love going.”

I told him that we would love to go, but that we aren’t able to be fully out to the entire world just yet. We said we are planning to go NEXT year, though.

After dinner was finished, Lou brought us this beautiful dessert, with a lit candle on top.

“Happy Pride, ladies,” he said. “This is on me. Since you can’t go to Pride tomorrow, you can have Pride here tonight.”

Loud Giggles

Summary: Phil makes fun of Dan for his obnoxiously loud laugh and Dan can’t take a joke. Dan stops laughing for a week and Phil assures Dan that he’s actually absolutely in love with his laugh. Angst.

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you guys so much for over 2800+ followers! I’m doing a giveaway at 3,000! I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles now, so without stable internet, I won’t be able to write for a couple of weeks :( 

Based on this prompt  from  @bottomashtonlibrary

Video from this fic: Linkin Bark 

Warnings: Little angst

Word Count: 1151

“No one likes Raspberry, but you Peej.” 

“Oh, c’mon! Raspberry is so much better than mint chocolate!” PJ retorted.

“Can you even count raspberry as an ice cream flavour, though?” Dan questioned.

“You guys need to stop bullying me.” He dramatically threw his hands into his hands and pretended to cry.

Each of the boys then got up to throw out any residue of their ice creams before coming back to their seats to continue their silly banter. 

Phil had invited Pj and Chris to his and Dan;s favourite ice cream parlor in London for a “double date” sort of night. The four used to do this a lot more and he thought it was bout time they had one of these dates again.

“Okay, if the next person that goes up order’s raspberry, you all owe me 5 quid, yeah?” 

The boys had been sitting right next to the cashier and could clearly see and hear every customer’s order.

“Deal.” The others replied in unison and turned their attention.

“How can I help you today?” The cashier asked.

“Yes, Hello. Could I please have one scoop of orange sherbet and well as,” the girl ordering paused for a moment, keeping the boys on edge. “as well as a scoop of raspberry sherbet, please?”

“PAY UP!” PJ yelled, extending his arms.

Phil and Chris began booing at PJ as he cheered in over exaggerated celebration. Dan, however, was howling with laughter. He had been laughing so loudly that the other three had to shoot the other customers looks of apologies.

“Dan, your laugh is so annoying.” Phil said sternly, but chuckled as well. PJ and Chris made sounds in agreement.

“Well, that was definitely the last customer of the night. It’s midnight and Dan’s the only one of us who won’t be dead tired in the next hour. Right, love?”

Dan was too tuned out of the conversation and in his own thoughts to have heard what Phil said. Phil’s comment actually surprised Dan. To him, what Phil said sounded pretty sincere, but Phil didn’t honestly hate his laugh, did he? Dan quieted down after that, but kept a smile on his face. He didn’t want Phil to notice how much it bothered him, especially with Chris and Peej there.

“Alright, you two. We should be heading back. Let’s meet up again before you leave for your tour, yeah?” Chris said as he gave both Dan and Phil a parting hug.

“Ready to go, babe?” Phil asked as he put out a hand to help Dan up.

“Yep.” Dan took Phil’s hand and the two began home.

The cool air of the London night was always relaxing for the two boys and quite usually a romantic walk home for them. Tonight, however, Dan refused to intertwine his fingers with the boy walking beside him.

“Dan? You alright?” Phil looked over, a bit worried.

“Course, I am. I had a lot of fun tonight.” Dan quickly pecked Phil to stop any more suspicion.

Another 30 steps or so, they arrived home.

“Dan?” Phil yelled from across the flat. “Dan!”

“What, Phil!”

“Come here. I have something to show you.”

Dan shuffled his way to Phil’s room with a bag of crisps in his arm.

“Dan, watch this.”

Dan sat down on the bed as a shot of a dog appeared on the screen as the clip began. (x) An amazing rendition of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ was being performed by numerous barking animals.

Laughs from Phil filled the room as Dan’s eyes began to water from the hilarious video. It took everything in Dan to not let out his screeching laugh which he had now been aware of.

“Dan? Are you,” Phil said in-between laughs. “Are you alright? You’re crying!” 

The sight simply caused Phil to laugh more and when the video had finally ended Dan had yet to let out more than a couple unstoppable giggles.

Once they had both calmed down, Phil went to ask his boyfriend what had been up with him.

“Dan, what’s up with you? You were acting weird when we were editing the Dil video yesterday, too. You didn’t laugh at all. You always laugh at Dil.”

“I’m all good, Phil. The video just wasn’t as funny as it usually is, that’s all.” Phil glared at Dan. “I’m fine. I promise.”

Phil didn’t mention it much more for the next few days, but began to worry again when it came time for the two to film another video together.

“Well hello there, dildos.”

“Dildos? Really, Phil?” 

“What? You know, because it’s Dil.”

Dan shook his head and returned to the game. Phil was confused to find that Dan didn’t comment more on the topic and was even more surprised to find that Dan didn’t even chuckle at his joke. 

It had been like this all week. Every time Phil expected to hear Dan’s adorable laugh reach his ears, it never came. He had even attempted to be extra ridiculous, but to no avail, Dan kept a consistent frown on.

Phil reverted his attention back to the video and heard Dan rambling on about something sims related. Phil suddenly jumped out of his seat and reached over the desk to press the stop button on their camera.

“Phil? What are you doing?”

“Dan, talk to me.”

“Um, about what? We have to film.” Dan reached for the camera, but Phil stopped him.

“Why haven’t you been happy lately?”

“Happy? What do you mean? I’m happy.” Dan took both of Phil’s hands into his.

“I haven’t heard you laugh all week.”

Dan went silent. 

“Dan? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Phil. I just..I just don’t want t-to laugh.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s loud,” Dan sighed. “And obnoxious. Even you said the other night that you hat-”

“Oh, Dan.” Phil pulled the younger boy into his arms. “Is this because of what I said the night we went out with Chirs and PJ? About your laugh?”

“Seriously, Phil. It’s fine.” Dan didn’t look at him as he responded.

“Dan, do you know just how much I’ve missed your laugh this past week?”


“Love, your laugh is perfect. I was just joking about it being obnoxious. Yes, your laugh is extremely loud and yes, it may make random strangers look over to check if anyone is murdered, but..” Phil heard a small giggle come from Dan. “It’s my favourite sound in the entire world.”

“It’s annoying.”

“I love you. Every single thing about you, Dan.” Phil gently placed a kiss upon the top of his head. “And your laugh is definitely one of those things.”

“I’m sorry I’m such a baby.” Dan whimpered.

“Well, maybe filming a video about our baby will cheer you up.” Phil’s expression lit up.



Dan genuinely laughed for the first time that week and Phil was glad that, if anything, Dan was laughing at him.

Tangents (Or The One Where James Wins KCA)


She wanted to believe you were the one. The prince, the happily ever after. And maybe in a sense you were that.

And she would have been happy all along, happy to be the princess rescued from her tower, had James not come along.

Because she was a princess in a tower and you were the prince to get her down.

James was the friend who waited at the foot of the tower, yelling encouragements at her that she can climb out on her own, that it will be hard, and it will be painful, but she can do it. He yelled until he was hoarse. And he caught her when she fell.

She would have been content to stay a princess in a tower, had she never known him. Had she never saw that out there was a man who did not want to save her, but wanted to help her save herself.

So she wanted to believe you were the prince. But you asked for too much, and gave too little.

You took away who she was.

He gave it all back and more.

He allowed her to be a version of herself that was just under the embers.

He made her into a warrior.

He was no prince.

But God, who needs a prince when you can have a comrade in arms, a general of war who you know will march by your side, with you not for you, into any battle?

And I think you knew it, you saw the change in her from the moment they first met.

“I kissed him on the cheek, he was cute about it. He even asked if you’d get mad, I told him nah, you’d get it was just work.”

And you saw the way her eyes twinkled, in a way they never did when she was with you, and you knew in a way that you were killing her and he brought her back to life, but you did not care.

Because that was just a one time thing, he was just a point in her life and you were the road.

What you did not understand was that sometimes, the world brings you what you need.

When she signed on to do the film with him not six months later, you already knew you were losing her.

Sure, she wasn’t friends with him yet. He was going through a rough patch, and he was painfully shy.

But Adventure Time happened. You never wanted to watch a cartoon. You were a politician, and you did not have the time nor the inclination.

That was when they started to be friends. 

That was when they began talking. 

That was then she realized just how much she needed to save herself, because James who demanded nothing from her, lifted her up and made her smile, and happy in  a way you never could.

You hardly ever talk anymore because she never called and when you did she’d drop the call immediately later on because James just got there and she needed to tell him something.

So when she did finally call you, you knew, even if you did not want to admit it to yourself.

She called you just a few minutes after the photos of James sleeping soundly on her lap made rounds on the internet. He was hugging her princess pillow. The pillow not even you can touch because she loved it so much, but she just gave it to him. To hold. And he was holding on for dear life. And she was just fiddling on her phone, while he lay peacefully asleep on her lap. 

You expected an explanation.

You expected an apology.

Instead she told you that you needed to talk.

You did get an explanation - she was done. What you both had was unhealthy, and she needed to take time for herself.

You did get an apology. A sorry I broke your heart, sorry we had to do this.

And now here you are, staring at her fall so easily into James’ arms, resting her cheek against his neck. You stare at her while she stares at him, challenge in her eyes, a blush on her cheeks, and her hand caught up in his, her other hand resting possessively against his arm.

You stare at her while she grins up at James as he recounts a funny tale, as he turns to look at her and grin, just grin, as if he’s just happy to be there beside her.

And you realize… you never, not once, made her smile as if the entire world was lit with light.

He didn’t offer to carry her burdens for her, he offered to carry them with her and that made all the difference. 

You stare at her be happy and some part of you knew it was always going to end up here like this. 

Your phone pings and you get a message from your friend group chat. Because no matter what happened she never forgets her friends.

Hosting a party because my hubby got slimed! Woohoo! RSVP if you can make it - City of Dreams, Penthouse, 9 PM on Saturday. 

She added a photo of her laughing at a slimy James who had his arms around her, getting slime all over her too. 

All your friends were giving a thumbs up, and congratulating James on the win.

You just smile, and send your own congratulations and saying yes to the invite.

You were friends after all.

And now at least, you can support her, in a way you were never able to before.


To be honest your break up had nothing to do with her.

He was just really fed up of all the bullshit, your bullshit and he wanted to focus on the work, on the love team. 

It wasn’t because he cared for her, more than he cared for anyone ever before. 

Or so you try to tell yourself.

James was never the meddle around with you type.

He usually let you do things on your own, wear whatever you want, be your own person.

But somehow, he became overtly involved with Nadine.

You tell yourself it was because he was just looking out for his career.

But you always knew, you always had a feeling because you were a woman. You somehow knew that it was her on his mind all the time even when he was with you.

He cared for her, because they were in this together.

They were partners.

They were able to get each other in a way you could never get James.

She was able to be for him what he needed.

So when you get that cold and callous text one March evening, saying, we can’t do this anymore, you know, you just know that it’s because of her. And then you see it.

Him, sleeping on her lap, and you just know something clicked for him, and he realized, slowly what Nadine will be to him.

Oh sure, he dicked around for a while, and you watched avidly as he hurt her, over and over again because he’s too scared of the truth you and him knew from the first moment he came home after being in Viva and choosing her specifically to be his leading lady - that this was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. 

So when he took that deep breath on the night of his concert, you knew.

You knew he finally got it.

You knew he finally found the courage to do it.

When those three words came out of his mouth you know, it was the first time he meant it in a forever sense.

It was the first time he ever truly meant the words.

And when she hugged him you knew as well.

That she was on the same boat as him, and she knew better than you did.

Because you wanted to keep him as a trophy, you were using each other immaturely.

But she treasured him, and allowed him to find himself and what he wanted and needed. She was there for him, loving him unconditionally when he could never see straight, never asking for anything in return and now… now he looks at her and sees everything.

And you understand it.

You were a body.

She was a soul.

And it’s a bitter pill to swallow because do people understand how difficult it is, to find someone who sees you beyond your looks?

So you can’t help it, be annoyed, be bitter, that he looks at her, and tells her that he loves her, for her, for being what he needed. It hurts you that he tells the world he loves her for her soul, not for her looks.

So you call him a fuck boy, because you know it wasn’t true, it was not even closely true and it hurts you.

It hurts you so much to know that. 

Because you’ve seen it in the way he behaved when you guys met up at the Major Lazer concert.You saw them arrive, his hand in hers as he wrapped an arm around her and just basically held her to his side the entire night.

He even copped out of the drinking binge because she didn’t eat yet and she was coughing slightly from the smoke in the air.

You see it in every photo he posts in his facebook account, and in the group chat you share with him and all your friends.

Your phone pings, and Ashley has sent a new photo.

Lover girl is asking all of us to celebrate hubby’s new award. Also, she’s just finding an excuse to show off the purty purty ring she and James now share ;)

Ashley followed it with a photo of James grinning, his eyes closed behind his hand where a fat gold band with the telling screws around it.

Behind him was Nadine who was resting her chin on his shoulder and kissing his cheek soundly. 

You suck it up, you send a smiley to Ashley and the rest and you hit the nearest gym.

You were thinner than her at least.


You never stood a chance, that much you know.

She was always James’ Nadine. In the same way he was always Nadine’s James.

You’d try to engage her in conversation but you would always be spilled milk and chopped liver blended together in a disgusting congealed mess whenever he’s there. She would not even give you the time of day whenever James was around. 

So you know that you never had a chance from that first instance of his birthday, and he kept an arm around her the entire night.

The birthday that she planned.

And the birthday he left early so he can take her home.

You knew it, even at New Year’s when you were trying so hard to get her to talk to you, but she was too busy on her phone, and then you figured out the reason why when he walked inside the hotel near midnight coming from the airport, with a slight limp and her being all tipsy and over him.

Andre and you drop them off at their place.

And you know you never stood a chance.

Because she only ever had eyes for him.

So you stare at them now, in the party she once again threw for him, this time around, it was her who had arms around him. They were making the host rounds, going around to different people and thanking them for coming, with Nadine hugging James from the back, and him just carting her from point A to point B. 

You sit with Bret and Andre and Yassi who was also sitting on Andre’s lap and when they get to you guys, everyone cheers for them and James lifts and arm and wraps it around Nadine, who keeps both of hers around him, so they’re effectively squished against each other.

“Hey guys my hubby won! I am so proud!”

She pressed a sloppy kiss to his mouth and he patted her head.

“Okay, okay… you’re tipsy Naddie.”

“Uhm-hmm, but that’s because you won and you take me home.”

He sighs and wraps Nadine’s arms around his neck and she tucks his head against the crook of his neck and sways her side to side.

“Yass, I actually wanted to talk to you. She’s been so stressed lately about the whole coming clean thing, and then this issue with twitter and brass forcing us to work with them and… she really wanted to celebrate this, so can you make sure people tell her I had a great time and all that and I partied till dawn?”

“Oh no. No, no, no! I am not closing your party down for you again. LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE! It would take me ages to get rid of them!”

“Fine, then you take her home.”

James tried to untangle Nadine’s arms from his neck but she grumbled and kept a tight hold around him.

“See my point? Come on… please?”

Yassi rolled her eyes as Andre patted her legs, knowing she’d cave in. 

“Why throw this party when you don’t want it anyway?”

James rolled his eyes and scooped up Nadine who was now leaning so heavily into him he was leaning sideways. She wrapped her legs around him and James patted her back, supporting her weight.

“She still thinks I miss this scene. As if. All I wanted was a quiet night with her, our dog and a movie. And now… I’ll be up all night.”


“Taking care of her, mind out of the gutter Pressman!”

But Nadine chose that moment to turn to his neck and sniff him.


And then she bit his neck and sucked.

“Nadine. Still in public love.”

“Hmm. So get us out.”

James sent a pleading look to Yassi who made retching motions and waved James and Nadine away. 

“Go. Get out of my face you disgust me. PEOPLE! WRAP IT UP PARTY’S OVER!”

You watch as Nadine grins up at James and he pecks her nose while they go out of the room.

She didn’t even notice you.

She didn’t even notice anyone.

You never really stood a chance.


The thing was he never liked you.

You did everything.

Seduced him.

Made the move.

Made yourself so available you were like a revolving door.

Still - he said no.

Just smiled at you and shrugged it off and said no thank you.

Because he was hung up on her already.

You hate her, with every fiber of your being for having everything you ever wanted. The career, the hot love team, being the talk of the town, being the it girl. 

You were prettier, you were hotter, you’ve been around longer, and you have the pedigree to go with it.

She was just some nobody.

So you hate her, because she took away everything that was yours to begin with and you cannot even get him.

You show up to his tent, naked but for a coat and sky high heels.

But you don’t get a chance to do anything, because she’s there, in his lap, on his chair, with her phone close to her face, and James face smooshed up against her shoulder blades.

Their RM goes over to you and gives you the stink eye.

“Pagod pareho eh, ayan na nga nakatulog na.”

“I just want to talk to Nadine.”

“Ay pwede mamaya na, iinit ulo ni kuya kapag inalis mo yung yakap niya.”

“Please it’s urgent.”

“Tignan mo ha. Nadz, kakausapin ka daw. Urgent.”

Nadine shifted and saw you, raising both her eyebrows and raising her head a fraction. This caused James to grumble under her and tighten his arm around her.

Nadine laid a hand on his arm.

“James, I need to go.”

There was a frustrated grumble and a slow shake of James’ head.


“Fuck it, can’t people understand it’s a break for a reason! Ate Ca, tell the idiot fucker low life to get out and come back when break is over.”

James adjusted so that Nadine is now facing him and she smooshed his face against her chest and promptly fell back asleep.

Nadine sent a look in your way, and she can’t help but keep the smug smile off her face.

“Sorry, pagod lang. Mamaya na lang ha, kapag nagising na.”

Their RM turned back to Julia a small smile gracing her lips.

“Sorry, masungit talaga. Nap time nila eh. Bawal istorbo.”

You swallow the tears and move briskly away. He said no one too many times and no one refuses you. No one.

Except he was serious about it.

No matter how many advances you do, he just won’t give you the time of the day. 

And now she’s got him, the proposal in Araneta, the world tour and everything and you stare at your glass and you wonder just what it is that she has that you don’t.

Sam scoffs beside you and you look over to him. He chose your side. When that issue that you started spread like wild fire everyone pointed their fingers at you, and just as right. You took advantage, you thought you could get him to come to you. But no… the issue only made him and her stronger and left you in the dust.


You ask Sam because he was staring intently at his phone.

“His highness won a dumb award and her highness naturally wants to boast. Pathetic.”

But you hear it in his voice anyway. The desire to be with his old friends, the desire to belong, to fit in. He was just… not the famous celebrity he thought he should be, and his friends got on by just fine without him. He didn’t even get an invite to this party of the century.

He shoves the phone at you as he gets more drinks from the bar.

You stare at him, wrapped around Nadine who had her nose smooshed against his chin and Bret and Jude crowding them. They were at a party obviously and Jude captioned it “With the surprise party for our brother. Thank you to the organizer - his sweetie baby wifey.”

You throw the phone angrily away. 

Why her? Why is it always her? What does she have? What does that bitch have that she doesn’t?


You were the one to see it all.

Maybe because you come from such a great height.

You see JC by the bar, with Myrtle, who was watching the both of them while they slow danced to some fast song Bret put on the speakers. He had his hands on her hips, his nose nudging hers, and the way their hips moved together left little to the imagination. They were both a little drunk, but you know James. This was him sending JC a message, back off, get away.

And you know Nadine enough to know that she loved every minute of it as well. 

He was watching them with sad in his eyes and liquor in his belly. Myrtle would be busy tonight, trying to stop him from making a scene the way he always does when James and Nadine are involved.

Ericka was with Ashley, and Tom and James’ other friends. She was already wasted, as she threw back five little shots of Tequila when James walked in the room attacking Nadine’s neck thinking this was just a the two of them kind of thing. 

You know Nadine enough to know that she could have made James stop, but that was her way of marking James, of telling Ericka she may be the soul mate but it does not mean that James doesn’t find her the most physically beautiful woman in the world.

You also know James enough to know that he knew this was a surprise party and that Ericka would be here and that was his way of making sure Nadine knew he found her absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word.

So you grin, foolishly, to yourself because you’ve always seen this coming. Always knew one day all of you would end up right here, just like this. 


“Sorry Yassi, I got stuck in…”

You wiggle your eyebrows at her and she rolls her eyes and sighs in happiness.

“Not in bed, in the shower. I got stuck in the shower.”

“I know. James called me a few minutes ago.”

You grin as your friend takes out her phone and lays it facedown on the table next to yours. This was a no boy zone, it was you and her, just hanging and bonding.

Even if your mind is on that thing Andre keeps calling you about.

“I’m happy.”


Nadine grins and raises her hand sporting her simple gold band.

“I’m really happy. So I get scared because this much happy means that the bad is about to come soon.”

You shake your head and you poke her.

“No. It means you’ve work ahead to make sure the happy stays happy.”

She giggles and shrugs. You know she looks forward to the work.

And you know that somehow they’ll make it.

You just have a feeling about it.