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I don't know if you're still doing any more but 63 if you feel up to it :)

“It’s not what it looks like!”

“Will you marry me?”

(Combined 17 with another request for 63.)


Everyone around them is getting married. Audrey and Ben’s wedding was last month, Jane and Chad’s is just around the corner, and Carlos and Jay are tying the knot in less than a month. Evie though? Evie isn’t even engaged. She plans the weddings and gushes with the brides, but she has yet to feel the same happiness all their friends do. She has thought about proposing to Mal on multiple occasions but marriage is something her girlfriend has always sneered at. So, Evie keeps her mouth shut and moves on quietly with her life. There’s a part of her that’s afraid, she’s terrified that Mal just doesn’t want to settle down with her. She’s afraid that this whole blissful thing they’ve had for the last six years is going to blow up in her face.

“Are you cooking?”

Evie jumps as she turns to see Carlos eagerly poking his head into the room, “I am. What are you doing here?”

“Jay and Mal ran off to go do something.” Carlos shrugs as he scuffles over to peek into the pan that Evie is slowly stirring. “You’re making homemade spaghetti? Can I stay and eat? Please? You’re the only one who cooks homemade meals.”

“Of course.” Evie laughs.

“Sweet.” Carlos beams as he dips his finger into the sauce before he pops his finger into his mouth with a satisfied hum. “So good.”

Evie grins as she focuses on keeping the sauce from sticking to the pan, “Where did Mal go? She didn’t even say goodbye.”

“I dunno. She just grabbed Jay and left.” Carlos shrugs. “Maybe it has something to do with the wedding?”

“Cute. I highly doubt Mal would involve herself in a wedding.” Evie scoffs as she furrows her brow. “I don’t even think she’d want to talk about our own wedding…if we ever get married.”

“What do you mean?” Carlos frowns as he jumps onto the counter.

“She’s just…weird about that stuff.” Evie explains as she scrunches her nose. “She never wants to talk about it, and if I bring it up then she somehow manages to change the subject. I just feel like marriage isn’t something she wants.”

“But you’re Evie and Mal. You’ve been through hell and back together.” Carlos points out with wide, confused eyes. “You’re supposed to get married and prove to all of us that love exists.”

“Carlos, you’re getting married in a month,” Evie giggles as she rolls her eyes. “I’m pretty sure you already know what love is.”

Carlos gives a goofy smile, “Yeah.”

“I don’t know.” Evie sighs as her own smile slowly slides away. “I think marriage just isn’t in the cards for Mal and I.”


“That is…gigantic.” Mal breathes out.

Jay nods with wide eyes, “Whoa.”

“I mean, do you think she’ll like it?” Mal murmurs.

“This is Evie we’re talking about. The bigger, the better.” Jay chuckles as he glances to a wide eyed Mal. “You good?”

“I’m really going to do this.” Mal breathes out as she continues to stare at the engagement ring before her cheeks flush in shock. “I’m…I am actually going to ask Evie to marry me.”

“It’s not as scary as you think.” Jay shrugs. “I was terrified when I started thinking about proposing to Carlos, but my mom sat me down and talked to me about love and stuff and I realized it was definitely what I wanted. You love her, right?”

“Of course.” Mal scoffs. “More than anything.”

“Then what are you so afraid of? I mean, all that changes is her last name and her title. She’ll go from being your girlfriend to your wife.” Jay points as he nudges her and watches a grin play at her lips. “So, what do you think?”

“I think that I need to talk to Adam.” Mal sighs.

Jay beams excitedly, “Awesome.”


Mal sips her coffee as she looks through the magazines that Evie had bought for Jane. It kind of amazes her how much thought and planning apparently went into a wedding; there were flowers, venues, wedding cakes, table toppers, dresses, and invitations. Personally, all Mal wants is to be able to marry Evie in an intimate ceremony where they don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. She wants their day to be about them, and not about the royals that will flock to the wedding. Mal runs her fingers over a small section about wedding dresses and she can’t help but wonder what Evie’s will look like and how her blue hair will fall.

“Planning a wedding, babe?”

Mal is quick to jump her hand away from the magazine, “This isn’t what it looks like…”

“So, you weren’t looking at the bridal magazines I bought for Jane?” Evie teases as she brushes past Mal and presses a kiss to her cheeks.

“Well, I mean…” Mal trails off with a wince. “I was just thinking how stupid it all is. All that fuss for one day? What’s the point?”

Evie deflates as she forces a smile, “Totally.”

Mal cringes as Evie slowly leaves the room with a somber expression. With a groan, she drops her head to the counter and tries to remind herself that in four days she’ll be proposing. As much as she hates seeing Evie upset, she has a plan and she’s going to stick to it. With a determined breath, she lifts her head once more and reaches for the magazine as she flips back to the section discussing floral arrangements.


“Will you marry me?”


Mal groans in frustration, “Audrey, come on.”

“That was the worst proposal, you had absolutely not emotion in your voice.” Audrey scolds as she folds her arms across her chest. “Mal, just think about how much you love her. Think about how happy she makes you.”

Jane nods along, “Just tell her about all the things you see when you look at her.”

“That’s a good start.” Lonnie hums.

“But don’t be too sappy.” Carlos offers with a shrug.

Mal swallows hard as she looks down at the blue ring box in her hand; she’s planning to propose later on that night, she has an entire date night set up at the lake where their first date was. Everything is perfect, except Mal can’t get the proposal down. She wants Evie to be able to gush about it, she wants it to be romantic, because that is exactly what Evie deserves. But every time she opens her mouth, every time the words choke their way up, they never seem good enough. She could go on for hours about Evie and all the things she loved about her, but Mal is afraid that if she starts then she probably won’t ever stop.

“Evelyn Isabelle,” Mal whispers as she lowers herself to one knee in front of Audrey. “The first time I saw you, I think my entire world lit up for the first time. I can’t say it was love at first fight, but it was something. And that something? That something just kept growing until you buried yourself so deep into my cold heart that I could feel it slowly beginning to thaw out.”

For a moment, Mal is able to replace Audrey’s face with Evie’s and a goofy smile appears on her face as she blushes.

“You are my constant, my strength. You have, and always will be, my main priority. Your needs are my needs, your wants are my wants, and I will forever ensure that all of them are met.” Mal nods, and she clears her throat as a lump appears. “I love you, and I will always love you. You taught me what this was, what it meant to be genuinely happy. I never want to be without you. You are the other half of my heart.”

Mal sucks in a breath and cracks open the ring box.

“Will you marry me?”


The four voices snap her from her spell and she blinks in slight shock as she looks at four pairs of eyes that glisten with tears. Immediately, Mal grows uncomfortable as she quickly fumbles from her knee and awkwardly rubs the back of her head. She feels exposed, like she has let others see a side of her that was meant only for Evie. With a forced scowl, Mal snaps the ring box shut and shoves it deep in her pocket as she flashes her eyes from each person in the room.


“Mal, that was beautiful.” Jane breathes out with wide eyes.

Carlos sniffles, “You were on fire, girl.”

“It was stunning, Mal.” Lonnie assures her.

“You’ve got this.” Audrey smiles. “There’s no way she’ll say no.”

Mal wraps her hand around the ring box, and silently hopes Audrey is right.

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How do you make time to read so much AND be online in your free time?! I have so much I wish to read, but life and obligations and unexpected appointments keep getting in my way. There are days when, in my only bit of free time, I am just too exhausted to read. Do you have any advice on how to juggle these things?

I’ve been thinking how to answer this because the answer is wrapped up in a lot of shame and defensiveness though I know that wasn’t anybody’s intent. 

I have a mental illness that involves things I generally don’t talk about with people such as paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, mixed with a mood disorder that adds its own complications. Due to this I’m unable to work, socialize with people outside a few, participate in what most people think of as daily living. I’m not a shut-in though I would be if it weren’t for some exceptional people in my life. 

I’ve been dealing with mental illness in some way since i was about eleven but I used to work, got my degree, ran an at-one-point large online support group & resource for those who engage(d) in self-destructive behaviors, advocated for and participated in studies involving self-destructive behaviors, media stuff like interviews for articles, wrote content that I put online, all of which also involved being sysadmin and programming, 

I shut down the support group/website in Fall 2016 after having run it since my teens and turned my attention to this blog, some other related social media projects, and reading lit, side interests that kept growing larger and that I wasn’t burned out on.

Sorry for writing so much but I have extra time for reading for the above reasons, It’s not something I do entirely for pleasure but neither is it to just fill up time. I rarely look at my dash or just browse for pleasure because of the guilt.

So I can’t answer your questions because from the sound of it we live in entirely different worlds. Again, sorry for writing all this.

Superheroes (requested)

Synopsis: Jughead is totally head over heels in love with y/n which is why it hurts him so deeply when he finds out the reasons you missed Cherly’s latest party.
Pairings: Jugheadxreader, VeronicaxArchie mentioned.
Warnings: Swearing. Fluff. Mentioned and implied domestic//physical abuse. Bruising.

A/N: I absolutely adore this request. Even if you all hate it I don’t care because I love it. Thank you for the request. Protect yourselves little Superheros.


Jughead POV

Cheryl’s House parties. A conclave of wasters, and me. I had no intention of going, didn’t even wanna talk about it but then Archie used my kryptonite. Y/N Y/L/N.

“Come on Juggy you have to come!” Archie’s whining was getting tiresome.

“No Arch I don’t feel like joining a cult tonight thanks” I retort, vaporizing his character on screen.

“Hey! Uncalled for!” At least this whining had a different subject.

“Fine I won’t make you go….you know who might though?” Grinning ear to ear, pausing the game. Oh he’s evil.

“Don’t.tell.y/n” I looked from the TV at Archie as seriously as I could, he was busy on his phone and i threw myself back into the air mattress exhaling loudly. Y/N was my best friend in the entire world, I’m just sorry I told Archie that I was totally in love with her. A fact himself and the gang would never let go of but Y/N couldn’t catch on to…or she did and was being polite.

Y/N, like me, was adverse to such displays of wealth and status that Cheryl Blossom relished in. However y/n went to all the parties just to drag me along and get under my skin. How could I not love her for that.

“Too late” he grinned. Oh fuck. As if on cue my phone lit up as I threw Archie a dirty look sitting up to retrieve my phone.

*Sms: MassiveGoof:’re going. End of. Xx    :P -6.57pm

I threw myself back onto the bed.

“I hate you both” when I loved them both. “Come on let’s get ready” Archie was clearly gloating at the use of my kryptonite against me.


The party had been drumming on around me for hours. I stood waiting for y/n, the entire group knowing exactly what I was doing. I looked at my watch, she should have been here 3hrs ago. I had texted her when she was 5minutes late and then every 15minutes after that. Nothing.

“Archie I’m going to bounce” I had interrupted him attached to Veronica’s neck. He waved me off and threw me the keys. Great.driving.

*Sms:Dork: hey y/n I’m coming over okay? I swear you better be eaten by a shark or something for standing me up :P Just want to make sure you’re okay, be there in 15. -12.43pm.

I made the short drive from Cheryl’s to y/n’, granted it wasn’t smooth by any means. If y/n was here she’d yell at me to stop driving like a boy and drive properly like a woman. I hated to lover her berating.

I pulled up outside the sweet old English style house, picture perfect in every way.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by y/ns mother smiling.

“Hi mrs.y/l/n…sorry I know it’s late I just really need to talk to y/n right now…school project emergency”

“I’m sorry Jughead, y/n is out right now but I’ll let her know” she smiled closing the door before I could protest. She was always a lovely woman to me, sweet as can be but in this moment I felt uncomfortable around her.

Where was y/n? Why wouldn’t she reply to me? Time to brazen.

I peeked in the sitting room window and saw her mom watching her soaps, no y/n. I crept around the back of the house and looked up to where her bedroom is. Huh, the lights on. Things aren’t adding up.

Okay time for athletic Juggy. Oh God y/n would love to see me try and climb this tree. She’d probably try and knock me down, wow I love her. I shakily climbed the tree to her window. I hadn’t done this since I was a kid, her mom caught me once and I wasn’t allowed to see y/n for 2 weeks, worse 2 weeks of my young life.

I looked in the window of her room and almost fell out if the tree in shock.There was y/n, except she wasn’t my y/n.

This y/n was bawled up in the corner of the room, knees tucked tightly to her torso, shaking. This was not my outspoken, outlandish best friend I had come to love and adore, this was a shell of her.

I watched her a little longer and she didn’t move from her corner. I don’t remember the last time I saw her in shorts and a tank top…come to think of it I had never seen her in them. She always wore hoodies and jeans and when it was hot she wore loose shirts and long leggings. It was then I saw why.

My beautiful y/n was coated in bruises. Neck down. I couldn’t stand to see my beautiful doll broken like this. I couldn’t just look at her anymore.

I lightly tipped the glass, so lightly I was afraid she wouldn’t here it and I’d fall out of this stupid tree. I was wrong. She practically jumped out of her skin at the sound. This made me so incredibly sad to see.

She slowly and unsteadily came to the window and unlocked the latch before sitting on the edge of the bed with her head dipped down.

I slid across the tree .and took the big step in. The whole time she kept her eyes on the carpet. I was half glad of this cause I made a right ass of myself trying to get in that stupid window.

I sat down next to her on the bed and took her shaky hand in mine. She leaned on my shoulder.

“Y/n” I whispered and she started crying. My least favorite sight in the world…that and Archie in the morning.

I rubbed the back of her hand gently and just let her cry on my shoulder. My heart was breaking for the girl with the broken heart.

I slipped my hand around her waist to support her practically limp body.

“You don’t need to tell me what happened if you don’t want to” I tried my best not to push her too much but I wanted to help her and needed to know what was going on. I looked down at the marbling decorating her body, my stomach twisted. How could someone do this to my y/n, my beautiful, perfect y/n.

“N…no it’s time you knew” her voice was hoarse as if she had been screaming for hours.

“My mom….she gets mad and just….its my fault I left my mug on the counter and and and” she began but couldn’t finish and soon started sobbing. I cuddled her in close to me.

I want to take her pain from her. I kissed the top of her head tenderly. I want her to feel nothing but love.

“Y/N what your mo..what that woman did to you was never ever your fault okay? Now I know, I’m  going to help you okay sweetie”

Y/N suddenly pulled from me panicked but not letting go of my hand.

“No no Jughead she’ll hurt you for even being here. She’ll hurt me for you even knocking at the door I know she will, she’s waiting for her show to finish in..” she glanced frantically at the clock on the wall “13minutes, please Juggy go” she let go of my hand and stood next to the window,  crossing her bruise checkered arms over her chest.

I stood and gently put my hands on her shoulders,careful not to grip too hard and hurt her peppered body even more. “No” I said with force.

I started moving quickly but quietly around the room grabbing random things and shoving them into the bag as y/n watched me.

“Y/N/N 13minutes isn’t that long and I want to rescue my damsel…my Superhero and unless you want me grabbing all the wrong underwear I suggest you help" she gave me a weak smile with thankful eyes as she busied herself quietly grabbing things.

We finally had everything we thought she might need and I helped her fragile body onto the tree so she could shakily climb across and down the tree with a small bag. I tossed the the gear bag down to her.

Then I noticed something. Complete quietness. Shit. Not good.

I heard ferocious stomping uo The stairs as I lunged off the window onto the tree.

Then I saw her. The beast.

Y/Ns mother had her arms flailing as she wielded a fireplace shovel, crashing in through the door. She frantically tore out the closet looking for y/n. She looked up and met my eyes as I was about to climb down the bulk of the tree, nothing but insanity and anger behind them.

She hurled her body towards the window. Adrenaline pumping I practically dropped out of the tree. I grabbed the gear bag and y/ns hand and we ran. I’ve never run so fast in my life.

I threw the bag in the back of the Pick Up Truck and y/n ran around the side of the car to the passenger seat.

I jumped into the seat of the car and tried to start the car as it hissed. Y/Ns mother came flying out of the house throwing things. Y/N screamed an absolutely blood curdling scream. I had never and want to never again hear the likes of it.

The car finally turned over and I hit the gas harshly as her mother was about to reach the door handle. Yup, i would definitely fail drivers Ed.

I was panting hard and didn’t slow down until I was far from her house.

I have never been so afraid in my entire life, how did y/n survive this long. I looked over at y/n and she was clung to the seat, fear had stolen her ability to move and speak.

I kept one hand on the wheel and the other sweetly wrapped around y/ns hand, never wanting to let go again.

About 20 minutes from y/ns house I pulled over and rang Fred Andrews. I told him everything, I gave y/n the phone at his request and she attempted to tell him what happened but she had to stop half way through because she was crying too much. Mr.Andrews told me to come to theirs and he was ringing the gardí ((police guards etc.that’s a but of Irish now for you haha)). I told him we would be about 40 minutes because we had driven so far out of town to escape the witch and also y/n needed a moment to catch her breath…we both did.

I hung up and went to the back of the pick up where y/n was sitting looking at the stars. She’s still so beautiful even in this state.

I climbed in next to her and she draped some of the blanket over my legs. I wrapped an arm around her and returned my other had to hers. I kissed the top of her head again and she cuddled in next to me.


“I know Juggy, I know…I love you too” her sad eyes were slowly looking more hopeful.

“I will never ever let anyone ever do anything even close to that to you ever again, I Forsythe Pendleton Jones the III swear” I smile at her and she returns it, there’s the y/n I know.

We both leaned in till our lips met. It was the sweetest of kisses, pure and tender.

“Thank you so much for saving me Jughead” she squeezed my hand tightly.

“Thank you for being worth saving. I love you so much” I kissed her again.

“As much as I want to stay like this forever y/n/n, and trust me I do, Mr.andrews is waiting for us, he said you can stay with us, even coaxed him to letting us share the bed if that’s okay, I don’t want you out of my sight ever again” this time she kissed me.

“If you’re driving I won’t even make it to the Andrews’” she laughs. Oh that sound. The sound I want to hear every day for the rest of my life.

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Child Line - 1800 666 666
United Kingdom 
There-4-Me Childline UK - 0800 1111
Muslim Youth Helpline – 0808 808 2008
Childline Scotland - 0800 44 1111
United States of America
National Runaway Switchboard- 1-800-621-4000
Childhelp USA - 1800 422 4453
Covenant House - 1800 999 9999
Kids Help Line - +61 7 1800 55 1800
New Zealand
The Kids Help Foundation Trust  – 0800 942 8787
Youthline Charitable Trust  – 0800 376 633
Kidsline - 0800 543 754
Kinder- en Jongerentelefoon Vlaanderen VZW – 0800 15 111
Kids Help Phone – +1 800 668 6868
Allo Enfance Maltraitee  - 119
SOS il Telefono Azzurro-19696
Acercatel - 01800 110 10 10

Eight Seconds: Morphine Rambles

Thanks so much for all your comments about this new series! I absolutely love it! Massive shout out to my beta, @diversemediums and to my fount of medical knowledge @outlandishchridhe! Just keep in mind, this IS fan fiction so things may not be as accurate as real life. 

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This buzzing of stars under my skin only happened once. I was 6, strolling down the streets of my dear hometown with my mom, in a desperate search of my sister who was missing. There were lines of worry carved onto my face, nothing new. It wasn’t like it is in movies, I don’t ever so beautifully run into you and we stare deep into each other’s eyes, knowing, this is it, this is how you fly into the sky whilst having your feet grounded. It was more like two scared yet lost souls, busy with crowds of thoughts raining upon us, unintentionally grazing palms against the other. The young me felt like she was on fire, a fire she wanted to burn in, a fire that lit up her entire soul. That frown on her face was no longer available for the world to scrutinize, it’s gone, extinct. That is how you stole my frown or maybe just simply replaced it with its cousin, the one that doesn’t know to leave. And just like that I turned to see you, but you were already gone. I didn’t know about how you smiled too and how you felt those stars buzz inside of you too. Maybe we were part of the same stars.
—  I wear that smile every day now, I hope you do too.

Kyle hated seeing Randel in the gym. It’s not that he didn’t like looking at Randel; it was just that Randel knew how good he looked. He was so big and muscular from working out that it was hard for straight guys not to look at him. And he was so annoying about it too. You couldn’t just get a look. It had to be an entire show. And today he seemed extra excited to show off his muscles.

It took Kyle a few moments to realize that Randel was headed his way. He hadn’t realized that he’d been staring again. It was one of his vices. He just wished Randel wouldn’t be such a jerk about it. It always had to be a show. ‘Hey, feel my muscles. Aren’t they great? I’ve been working on them for years.’ Randel would smile stupidly bragging about himself. It wasn’t the first time that he’d been through the song and dance. But it was starting to get frustrating.

Kyle groaned. He looked up to see Randel grinning in front of him. “Hey, feel my muscles.” He’d purposely brag about being so pumped or swole to Kyle. The problem was Randel wasn’t even gay! Kyle always felt weird how Randel wanted to be around him so much. Not because he didn’t like feeling him up but because he knew it wouldn’t go anywhere else. The bodybuilder was constantly alluding to Kyle’s private fantasies but never wanting to go further.

“No you feel mine.” Kyle had no idea why that came out of his mouth. The huge muscled jock in front of him would have easily laughed him off. Kyle was the kind of guy who stayed on the tread mill where he was supposed to be. Now he was giving commands to one of the hottest guys in the gym?

However Randel stared at him stupidly. He looked like he was ready to comply. All Kyle had to do was throw up some kind of flex and Randel would obey. But Kyle was too awestruck of what had just occurred. He didn’t know how to move. Randel was going to take his chance regardless. He reached forward to feel Kyle’s arm.

“Wow,” Randel moaned in awe. Kyle almost felt like he was joking. There was no way that someone as big as Randel would think his scrawny arms were impressive. “Why do these feel so awesome?”

Kyle still stood in shock. Why was he doing this? The gym rat could clearly stop whenever he wanted. Not that Kyle wanted him to. It felt so good having someone feel him up. There was some kind of other feeling too. A strange tingling throughout his body that he couldn’t quite understand. He looked over at Randel again and realized they were closer to the same height. It didn’t seem right. Randel was supposed to be a lot taller right?

Randel was spending so much time feeling his bicep.The muscle bound giant could easily fit his hand around the thickest part of his arm. Then he looked over to see how big his arm is. He never knew the measurement but it sure as hell wasn’t as big as it was now. He actually looked like a guy who worked out. Not to mention how small Randel’s hands had gotten. They seemed to have lost the thickness built from carrying the heavy weights in the gym. 

Kyle flexed his arm feeling the new found strength. Randel moaned. It was a lot louder than Kyle expected. No one looked over though.

“Man… How did you get so big…” Randel said it with a blank expression. “I wish I could be as big as you.” He looked like he weighed about half of what he used to. His entire body had pretty much deflated.

Randel didn’t want to stop feeling up Kyle though. His hands started moving away from Kyle’s arms. They quickly found their way to his chest. He squeezed something unexpectedly.

‘I’ve got pecs?!’ Kyle should have been alarmed. He’d never had pecs in his life. Let alone big enough ones to squeeze. He looked down. “Damn son,” Kyle cursed, “You’re so small.”

Randel’s face turned bright red. “Compared to you most anyone is ‘small’,” he couldn’t maintain eye contact. His eyes kept following the contours of Kyle’s body. They kept drifting down looking for something in between his legs.

Kyle’s entire body moved as he laughed. “Like what you see?” His voice was deep and intimidating. Randel looked like he was trying to say something but ended up just nodding. ‘He can’t even form words,’ Kyle’s face lit up. “Why don’t we go see what else you like?” He shifted his eyebrows. Randel’s mind didn’t seem to be working anymore. “C’mon I’ll show you in my room.” Kyle draped his large arm over his small friend. He was going to show him the world he’d always wanted to be a part of.

Vitruvian Man | MINSEOK

Genre: college!au fluff

Member: Minseok / Reader

Word Count: 1,600+

NOTE: this college!exo series is heavily inspired by THIS amazing edit by @pcyults

The sand was cold beneath your toes and you could feel the salt in the air combining with your hair, tying it together in knots that would be a task to untangle when you got back to your dorm room.

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Hi! I wanted to know if you wanted to write the: ,,I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you" prompt? I'm a really big fan of your cute fics, I've read every single of them and enjoyed them so much!

Awwwwww! Thank you so so so so much!!! You’re so so so so sweet!!!! I really liked writing this one! It was really sweet and sort of angsty. I hope you like it! Enjoy!!!!

“Guys this is Lola.” Tom motioned to the demon girl standing next to him. “Lola, these are my friends.” He told the girl. She didn’t seem like she cared too much.

“Oh… what happened to Jamie?” Star asked a bit confused. She remembered the kid Tom had been hanging out with  just a few days ago.

“We sort of just… lost touch.” Tom shrugged.

“After a week…” Marco nodded. “O…kay.” He looked over at Star who shrugged. Lola said something to Tom and he nodded.

“Okay, we’re gonna head out. I’ll see you guys later.” He waved at his friends and he left with the girl. Marco watched them go and looked out the window. When they were on the lawn Tom gave the girl a kiss and held her around her waist.

“Maybe this one will last longer than two days.” Marco huffed. “What’s been up with him lately? He’s just running around with all these different people that he meets in sketchy places. None of them are nice and he doesn’t seem… happy.” Marco explained.

“I’ve noticed it too.” Star sighed. “Every week he’s got a new stranger.” She recalled. “And he’s been going out like, every night to some parties with them. I don’t like it.” She rubbed the back of her head. “But he can take care of himself I guess.” Star decided.

“I think I should check up on him tonight… see how he’s doing.” Marco decided. Star nodded, worried sick about her friend’s sudden change in personality. It’s like he was a totally different person. “Star I… I don’t like this change.” Marco sighed. “I liked Tom how he was… and he’s not like that anymore.” He explained.

“Maybe he’s just… going through a rough time?” Star suggested. Marco looked away. He had to figure this out. He couldn’t lose Tom.


“Is Tom here?” Marco spoke as loud as he could over the music being played in the bar. It was a sketchy place under a building. And it was filled with people from different dimensions. They were all either dancing or drinking. And a group of people were in the back, handing something back and forth. But it didn’t smell like a drug from earth, and the smoke was glittery.

“What did you say?” A girl called back.

“IS TOM LUCITOR HERE!?!” Marco yelled. The girl shrugged and swung her head back, drinking something out of an unmarked bottle. Marco looked around. This place wasn’t the type of place Tom hung out at. Sure he loved parties, and to have fun. But this was too much, it didn’t even seem real.

“Marco?” A voice spoke. Marco turned around and saw Tom looking over at him. Tom laughed and gave Marco a hug, stumbling over his own two feet. “Oh my god! It’s so good to see you!” Tom laughed.

“Tom, are you drunk?” Marco asked. Then a boy who was with Tom started laughing and put his hand on Tom’s shoulder to keep him from falling.

“Trust me, he is WAY more than drunk.” The other guy assured. Tom laughed and tried to give Marco another hug.

“Marco! Marco… Marco, this is Bryce. I met him here.” He smiled.

“What happened to Lola?” Marco asked. Tom made a confused face and shrugged.

“I don’t know.” He admitted. “But it’s fine though, Bryce is super cool. He told me to drink this, so I did and now I feel great.” Tom smiled, playing with a little bottle. Marco shook his head and took it away.

“No, you can’t just do that. What has gotten into you! You’ve been acting insane for the past weeks!” Marco exclaimed. “You can’t just drink something that a random person at a party gives you! Do you know how dangerous that is?”

“Here comes the safe kid, right on schedule.” Tom rolled his eyes, looking like he was about to topple over.

“Okay, fine. Call me the Safe Kid, I don’t care. Come with me.” Marco grabbed Tom’s arm and the demon ripped away, nearly falling back.

“Hey, don’t grab at me. I’m staying here.” Tom told him. Marco groaned and gripped his hair.

“Tom, you are a MESS, I’m taking you home.” He told him. Tom just shook his head and pulled away again.

“No, Marco. You’ve done more than enough.” Tom snapped at him. Marco fell back confused, he was about to ask but Tom kept rambling. “You just messed all of it up for me! All of it! And now you wanna make it worse by helping me. I don’t WANT your help! Just go away.” He shoved the human, and Marco growled.

“Fine! Have fun here with your friends!” Marco hissed. And marched off. Tom watched him go and then he felt somebody pull him aside.

“Come on Tom, let’s-” Bryce was cut off by the demon.

“I feel bad.” Tom sighed, looking off at the direction Marco left.

“Who care about him?” The other kid asked. Tom then shook my head.

“No, I don’t feel bad like that… I just feel… bad.” Was all Tom could get out before he collapsed.


Tom opened up his eyes with some difficulty and looked around. The room looked so familiar, but his head hurt so badly he could hardly process anything. “Oh good, you’re up.” A voice came. Tom looked up and saw Marco sit down next to the bed, he looked angry.

“What happened?’ Tom asked, wearily sitting up.

“Your so-called friend left you passed out in the corner of a bar.” Marco told him. “Nice to know you have such good taste in friends. God! Why were you being such a jerk!” He hissed. Tom rubbed the back of his head and Marco kept scolding. “You’ve been dating random people for just a few days at a time, and then going to these dumb parties and getting drunk and hurt! You’ve been acting so stupid!” Marco cried.

“I know… I’m sorry.” Tom sighed. Marco sighed and sat back down, crossing his arms. “I’m gonna stop all this… I promise… I have to stop all this.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I just… I thought it would help but overall… it’s been making it worse.” Tom shut his eyes as tight as he could.

“It’s been making what worse?” Marco asked, scooting closer.

“I thought… I thought if I ignored it it would go away. And tried to repress it with all this other stuff.” Tom leaned back, but Marco still didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Tom, you need to tell me what’s going on.” Marco begged. Tom sighed.

“Marco… I… you make me feel things that, I don’t want to be feeling… but at the same time… I don’t want that feeling to stop.” Tom blurted out. “I… I think I love you, Marco.” He spoke. Marco’s eyes widened and Tom groaned, but continued talking. “It’s torture… the most wonderful torture there is and I… I thought if I kept dating other people soon they’d give me the same feeling you do but… I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.” Tom spoke.

Marco stared at him for a long time. “All this time… you’ve been in love with me?” Marco asked in shock. Tom sighed and nodded.

“I-I’m sorry. I thought by doing all this dub stuff I could cover it up and run from my feelings but… they just keep coming back… I had to tell you. I love you, Marco.” Tom continued. He looked at Marco for a long time in total silence. “Oh Marco please say something. Please just say anything!” Tom begged. Marco bit his lip and then jumped forward, tackling Tom down in a hug. Tom froze and Marco held onto him tight.

“Tom I… I miss you.” Marco sobbed. Tom held onto the human. “I don’t like the way you’ve been acting and the things you’ve been doing because… I love YOU. I do! I love you! Why would you run away from that?” Marco asked.

“I was scared I… I thought you wouldn’t feel the same way I…” Tom trialed off, in total shock. He just clung onto Marco. “I promise never to leave you again, Marco… please give me a chance I love you! I do and I-”

“Shhh.” Marco cut him off. “It’s okay.” He assured. Tom looked at him in shock and Marco kissed the demon on the top of the head. “I understand… and I’m just glad to have you back.” Marco grinned. Tom smiled and hugged the human around the waist.

“Thank you, Marco… thank you.” Tom was near tears and Marco just kept hushing him.

“It’s okay… I love you.” Marco spoke. At hearing those words Tom felt like his entire world just lit up with a million lights. He felt that fluttering feeling in his chest and he felt lightheaded and totally joyful.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” Tom cried, hugging him tight. Marco smiled and held the demon close.

“You know you threw up in my shoes last night.”

54: “He thinks he’s a mind reader.”

Got another prompt through a message! Posting it here so I hope you guys enjoy this piece!  



Dick’s sapphire eyes fluttered from the book he was reading and found Tim standing at the foot of his bed. He arched a brow at him and set his book down in his lap. “Yes Tim?”

“Quick question—“ the teen said, plopped down at the edge of the mattress and pushed aside his brother’s legs to make room. “Jason wants to know why you’re ignoring him.”

Dick rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Did he tell you to tell me?” 

Tim nodded and crawled up beside Dick, laid down against him and poked at his side. “Yeah. He was annoying about it.”

Dick hummed, amused and bookmarked his book to set it off to the side. Tim looked up at his brother, blue eyes curious and suspecting. “What did you do?”

“What did I do?” Dick asked, sounded appalled. “You mean, what did he do?”

“So, what did he do?” Tim questioned, was so restless he kept tossing and turning. Finally decided to rest his cheek on top of Dick’s thigh, cuddling against him. Was being affectionate because he wanted an answer. Otherwise, would not have bothered. 

“He—Jason,” Dick paused slightly and shook his head. “He thinks he’s a mind reader.” And groaned, remembered clearly what Jason had done the other day. Caught him by surprise that Dick didn’t even know what to do and just straight up ignored him. 

Tim arched a brow at him, still had no clue what Dick was talking about. “What?” 

“He was—I don’t even know why. But he—“ Dick huffed, was tongue tied and couldn’t even explain himself to Tim. Felt warmth crawling onto his face, slightly embarrassed at the thought. 

“What? Spit it out.” Tim urged, grew impatient. 

Dick chewed on his bottom lip, contemplating whether to tell Tim or not. It might have been better to just ignore the both of them. Yeah, that would be the best option because the more he thought about it, the more he felt like he’d just humiliate himself. The stunt that Jason pulled wasn’t a big deal. Okay, it kind of was.

Dick drew in a shaky breath and carded his hand through his hair. Pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut as he let the words flow from his mouth. “Jason…kissed me,” he mumbled, voice hushed and low.

There was a quiet moment and Dick hoped that Tim hadn’t heard, but of course that wouldn’t be the case. “…That’s it?” Tim said, not at all surprised. Instead, gave Dick a look, the one he used when he was judging people.

Dick was exasperated and bit down on his teeth, jaw becoming tight and rigid. “He didn’t just kiss me. He—he freaking thought I had the hots for him. Which is why he kissed me out of the blue.” The memories were slowly flooding into his mind and he could feel himself blushing. 


Dick just wanted Tim to let it go, but knowing the teen, he wouldn’t. “We were on patrol, staking out from a rooftop. When suddenly, Jason just decided to push me against the wall—“ 

“Ew.” Tim interrupted, scrunched his nose and Dick glared at him. He cleared his throat and gestured at Dick. “Continue.”

“—pushed me against the wall,” he repeated. “And kissed me. Hard.” With tongue and everything, was even feeling him up. Ran his hands down his arms and to the small of his back. Curved over the swell of his ass, finger brushing just between his cheeks and that’s when Dick drew the line and shoved him back. Despite the fact that it felt really nice and that he’d been wanting Jason to—wait no. That wasn’t what he wanted.

Dick cleared his mind, pushed that thought to the back and finished the story. “Then he smirked at me, all confident when I asked him why. And all he said was that it was because I like him. That I always give him this—this look.” He hissed, fingers curling into a taut fist.

Oh. I know that look.” Tim said, not a single bit surprised. Almost as if he saw this coming or knew beforehand. 

Sapphire eyes widened, jaw dropping with his mouth open wide. “What?” He asked, tone an octave higher than typical.

“Yeah. That look. You sometimes just gaze at Jason, all mesmerized and loving. It was so obvious you like him.” 

Dick stared at his little brother in complete shock. “Wait…what?”

Tim smirked, entertained. “Yeah. Jason wasn’t wrong.” 

“…Does everyone know?” Dick was horrified at that fact. 


He grumbled loudly and scrubbed a hand down his face, couldn’t believe that this was happening. Hadn’t realized he’d been oozing with affection, did such a terrible job hiding his feelings and got caught not just by Jason, but everyone. God, that was humiliating.

“I can’t believe this.”

“I am highly amused.” 

Dick just slapped Tim on the arm for not helping him make this situation better and instead, worsened it. 

“Hey. I’m only helping.” Tim said, held his hands up in defense.

“Yeah right.” Dick huffed, unsatisfied with how this was unfolding.

“You might want to stop ignoring him.”

He gave a look to his younger brother and scoffed. “I am not giving him the right to tell me ‘I told you so.’ It’s not happening.”


“I told you so,” Jason sneered, laughing. 

Dick gave him a dismissive blink and jabbed at his chest. “Whatever!” He grumbled as Jason tugged at the hem of his shirt, pulled it up and over his head. Dick was pinned to Jason’s bed with the man hovering above him. Blue-greens bright with glee, smile wide like his world had just been lit up with fireworks. 

“You just didn’t want to admit I was right,” he teased and cupped his cheek tenderly, could feel the love seeping through his skin, tingling his entire body.

Ugh. Just fucking kiss me already.“ Jason laughed and dipped down, captured his lips in a sweet kiss, teeth slightly grazing his lower lip. Dick sighed into his mouth, pleased and buried his fingers in Jason’s dark hair.

my new geography teacher genuinely terrifies me and its not even for valid reasons like ?? hes just super strict and intimidating i’m

tini21  asked:

funny/embarrassing stories, please. have a pleasant night :)

Okay, so the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me/the reason my greatest fear is joining the military:

When I was a freshman in college, I was in this really tiny honors world lit class. There was this guy in my class who was in ROTC and would come to class in his fatigues sometimes and whatever. Once after the lecture he made an announcement to the class that the ROTC was having a wall repelling day that was open to the public that Thursday and that we should all come and it would be super fun.

I was 19 and up for pretty much whatever. I wanted to spread my little freshman wings and experience the world and like, wall repelling sounded hella fun. I made plans with my roommate, who was also in the class, to go on Thursday to this thing that was totally going to be a blast.

So Thursday rolls around and I make my way over to the armory for this shindig, thinking I’ll meet my roommate there. Well, she’s late and I walk in by myself. 

It occurs to me as I push through the double doors to the armory that I don’t actually know dude’s name that invited us to this thing. I’m alone, just waltzing into this big warehouse looking building and I don’t know who the hell I’m meeting. I take the tiniest peek into the HUGE room at the end of the hall and see A SHIT TON of people in full army garb and NO DAMN CIVILIANS ANYWHERE.

I decide to abort the mission, as they probably don’t say in the army. I have a really crazy-stressful anxiety thing about being places I’m no supposed to be or showing up to the wrong event or whatever. I'm out.

As I am scurrying back down the hall for the front doors, this booming voice says,Young lady." 

I turn around, and General Fucking Patton is staring me down from the end of the hall. I am in full on panic mode. I’ve got the wrong day. I’ve got the wrong place. These are not the droids I am looking for. Shit.

"Can I help you?” Patton asks.

I’m stammering and literally scrambling backwards to get to the door.

“N-n-no, I’m sorry, Mr–Sir. I was just–classmate said some shit–SOME STUFF, SIR–about a repelling d-day. Obviously wrong..I’ll just–”

“Who told you this?”

Fuck. FUCK. 

“I– I’ll just go.”

“No, no. Who told you this?”

“I–I don’t know his name. He–he’s in my honors world lit class–”

And Patton turns on his heel and literally fucking marches me into the great big room at the room.

He yells: “COMPANY.”


“Who knows this young lady from–”

*whispers*“–honors world lit–”

“–Honors world lit?”



Then this lone hand in the back raises, and not the boy from my class comes forward, oh no,the hugely douche-y jerk that I hooked up with like my second week of college because he was like 6'9 andIthoughtthatwouldbefun steps forward and claims me.I tell Patton that I’m just going to go but he like shoves me over to Tall Jerk and then I was in the Army. 

I make really bad small talk with this guy and say over and over how I just want to go, this is obviously the wrong day, there are NO OTHER CIVILIANS HERE and then they call us (BECAUSE I’M IN THE ARMY NOW) to attention. I’m about a half step behind everyone in falling in, then at-easing, and wtf else they had us do BECAUSE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

Patton talks about the missions, THE MISSIONS, for the day, and I am just sweating freely at this point. I am so not at fucking ease. Then we get divided into platoons or some shit and I’m, thankgoodness, still matched up with the only person I know in the room, Mr Tall Bootycall. We are marched outside to 


Let me remind you that I am still the only civilian in the crowd. Let me remind you that I am in skinny jeans and a cute, but fashionably rugged tank-top. With sequins. And I am easily the smallest person in the crowd. 

So, turns out, this day is all about making it through the obstacle course or, as I was to find out, The Floor Is Lava With Terrorists. We apparently have to make human bridges to get across these fucking sandboxes of varying sizes and not touch the red places lest we blow up the entire platoon. And, as I am tiny, I am the one being tossed over walls TO SAVE US ALL and crawling over these bridges MADE OF DUDES and hopping and jumping through literal hoops in shoes that are technically sneakers but more accurately are something being worn by a back-up dancer in a rap video.

Far, far in the distance is the repelling tower. For our platoon, IT IS THE LAST STOP IN OUR ROTATION. 

Fast forward two hours. My roommate never showed. Honors world lit dude never showed. I am still the only person in street clothes and I am currently being instructed on how to make my own harness out of rope.

I’m exhausted. I’m sweating and panting and am incapable of tying the knots that will keep me from plunging to my death. Tall Bootycall is helping me out (turns out, in my delirium, he’s pretty okay.) and I’m just mumbling, “I don’t want to repel anymore. I’m good, man, just call me a deserter and let’s be done with it.”

At this point, I’d be fine with being executed by firing squad for treason if is meant I could SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Of course, I am instead hauled up onto the repelling wall.

Now would be a good time to mention that I am really afraid of heights. 

I KNOW, SHUT UP. (I didn’t think this through. I was young. I was open to new experiences.)

So I ask to go down the short wall instead of the full-sized wall. The army guy on the mid-level told me that was not an option and they send me on up to the top.

I’m openly weeping at this point. The army dude at the very top says something along the lines of “There’s no crying in the army.” and pretty much dumps me off the top. I bounce and boink my way down to the sandpit below, utterly failing my platoon and not giving any fucks about it.

Once I hit the sandpit, I just keep on rolling down to the bottom of the hill, VOMIT EVERYWHERE and just run away,trailing the rope from repelling, still wearing my army-issued rope harness.

Into the sunset.

And that’s why my greatest fear is joining the army.

SugaKookie (A/B/O Dynamics)

Pairing: SugaKookie

Rating: R

Warning: A/B/O Dynamics, Mating, Smut, Sex, Obscene language. Body worship.

Summary: Jungkook is interest in an Alpha who just entered his campus, He desperately tries to grasp his attention, but things doesn’t always go as planned….

(A/N: This was requested. I hope the anon who requested this enjoys it <3)

Jungkook tapped his fingers nervously against his leg, watching the pack of Alpha males stride past him. He almost felt his heart drop watching one particular green haired Alpha who was wrapping his hands around Jimin’s waist. He hadn’t seen this Alpha before, and it was evident that he didn’t have a mate. His scent was numbing Jungkook’s nose and it almost scared him how much he wanted bask in that lovely scent.

“Jungkook-ah, do you think Alpha Hoseok will be into guys like me?”

Jungkook turned to face his best friend and shrugged. He didn’t know how to answer that question. Taehyung had been pining over Alpha Hoseok since he presented as an Omega, and he’d been obsessed ever since. But who was Jungkook to judge.


There were times in Jungkook life where he wished he could just disappear into a World of nothing; A World where he could be alone and not face unfair bullshit like this. Why did he let Taehyung convince him that stalking the new Alpha was a good idea?

“Jungkook, it doesn’t mean anything, they could just be friends!”

Taehyung was desperately trying to convince Jungkook that the Alpha he’d been crushing on for a week had nothing to do with the cute Park Jimin. Who would be an idiot to believe that? Park Jimin is basically a god, every Alpha wants an Omega like him. It didn’t surprise him that Alpha Yoongi wanted Jimin.

He saw the picture whilst scrolling through the timeline on his phone. Alpha Yoongi was holding Jimin on his lap with his nose snuggled deep into the little minx’s neck. Jungkook wanted scream, but most of all he just want to escape it all.

“I’m going for a walk, don’t wait up okay.”

Jungkook left, ignoring Taehyung’s protest and walked where ever his legs lead him. It didn’t surprise him that he ended up at the dance studio, after all his he’s majoring in dance. He didn’t know why seeing the new Alpha with someone else bugged him, but all he knew was that he wanted to get rid of the hallow feeling inside his stomach. So he did the only thing he knew, he turned the music up and let his body take over.

Completely lost in his own World, Jungkook didn’t notice when the door opened. He didn’t notice when someone sat on the floor and eyed his every movement. Instead, he continued his routine, until sweat was soaking into his shirt and falling gracefully down his neck.

As soon as the music stopped, he heard a clap that bounced off the walls in the studio. It made his heart constrict. Had someone been watching him the entire time…?

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@in2fiction asked:  i’d love a magnus and cas having a conversation about the way they live through time and how they deal with loving mortals

Magnus did not doubt the love and affection he had for Alec. He knew that after his time with Alec there would be no other, that he had been changed, body and soul, and there was no coming back from such a thing. However, not even he could manage to look at Alec with the same soul crushing devotion that Castiel the angel held in his eyes for Dean Winchester. 

Their groups had crossed paths because both Shadowhunters and the Winchesters hunted monsters; and Magnus was grateful for their existence. As it turned out, having Sam, Dean and an angel in your contact list worked out very well. Alec was teaching Dean how to shoot a bow, and Dean was laughing at something Alec had said. Magnus found that weird because Alec wasn’t the type to crack jokes, but Castiel seemed to answer the questions in Magnus’ mind.

“They relate.” Castiel murmured, a soft serene smile on his face. He was looking only at Dean, like the setting didn’t exist, only the Winchester did.  "Dean sees pieces of himself in Alexander, that’s why they get along so well.“ 

Magnus tilted his head and crossed his arms. "I found Sam and Alec to have more in common.”

“In many ways yes,” Castiel admitted. “But Dean understands the burdens of being a leader, of having to make decisions, of being an older brother. Alec shares that.”

“You understand people quickly.”

“It took me a very long time.” Castiel assured him. 

Magnus nudged him softly, but Castiel’s eyes never strayed. “What’s it like, loving him? A mortal?”

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me after sma
  • what she says: good morning
  • what she means: dO YOU KNOW WHAT MY SONS DID LAST NIGHT they're so freaking talented and deserving and i still can't believe they haven't won a rookie award but oh well they won a freaking Hallyu Special award which means they're up there with exo and infinite and they're an overseas favorite like wow do you know what that means for them im so happy that they're so happy and their smiles when they won the award lit up my entire freaking world and i've been softly sobbing tears of pride into my pillow for the last hour and just wow i didn't think it was possible to love and support people i've never met so much
The Patronus Charm

Chapter One

Summary:  One by one, the sorting hat began to be placed on heads. Dan was pondering the likelihood of getting lice when his name was called. 

“Daniel Howell.” McGonagall called out. Phil smiled encouragingly at him as he stumbled up to the stool.

Word Count: 1890

Warnings: None

A/N: This is the first fic I have ever posted on tumblr! (I used to use Wattpad) I have been wanting to write a harry potter au for a while, so here is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

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Loud Giggles

Summary: Phil makes fun of Dan for his obnoxiously loud laugh and Dan can’t take a joke. Dan stops laughing for a week and Phil assures Dan that he’s actually absolutely in love with his laugh. Angst.

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you guys so much for over 2800+ followers! I’m doing a giveaway at 3,000! I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles now, so without stable internet, I won’t be able to write for a couple of weeks :( 

Based on this prompt  from  @bottomashtonlibrary

Video from this fic: Linkin Bark 

Warnings: Little angst

Word Count: 1151

“No one likes Raspberry, but you Peej.” 

“Oh, c’mon! Raspberry is so much better than mint chocolate!” PJ retorted.

“Can you even count raspberry as an ice cream flavour, though?” Dan questioned.

“You guys need to stop bullying me.” He dramatically threw his hands into his hands and pretended to cry.

Each of the boys then got up to throw out any residue of their ice creams before coming back to their seats to continue their silly banter. 

Phil had invited Pj and Chris to his and Dan;s favourite ice cream parlor in London for a “double date” sort of night. The four used to do this a lot more and he thought it was bout time they had one of these dates again.

“Okay, if the next person that goes up order’s raspberry, you all owe me 5 quid, yeah?” 

The boys had been sitting right next to the cashier and could clearly see and hear every customer’s order.

“Deal.” The others replied in unison and turned their attention.

“How can I help you today?” The cashier asked.

“Yes, Hello. Could I please have one scoop of orange sherbet and well as,” the girl ordering paused for a moment, keeping the boys on edge. “as well as a scoop of raspberry sherbet, please?”

“PAY UP!” PJ yelled, extending his arms.

Phil and Chris began booing at PJ as he cheered in over exaggerated celebration. Dan, however, was howling with laughter. He had been laughing so loudly that the other three had to shoot the other customers looks of apologies.

“Dan, your laugh is so annoying.” Phil said sternly, but chuckled as well. PJ and Chris made sounds in agreement.

“Well, that was definitely the last customer of the night. It’s midnight and Dan’s the only one of us who won’t be dead tired in the next hour. Right, love?”

Dan was too tuned out of the conversation and in his own thoughts to have heard what Phil said. Phil’s comment actually surprised Dan. To him, what Phil said sounded pretty sincere, but Phil didn’t honestly hate his laugh, did he? Dan quieted down after that, but kept a smile on his face. He didn’t want Phil to notice how much it bothered him, especially with Chris and Peej there.

“Alright, you two. We should be heading back. Let’s meet up again before you leave for your tour, yeah?” Chris said as he gave both Dan and Phil a parting hug.

“Ready to go, babe?” Phil asked as he put out a hand to help Dan up.

“Yep.” Dan took Phil’s hand and the two began home.

The cool air of the London night was always relaxing for the two boys and quite usually a romantic walk home for them. Tonight, however, Dan refused to intertwine his fingers with the boy walking beside him.

“Dan? You alright?” Phil looked over, a bit worried.

“Course, I am. I had a lot of fun tonight.” Dan quickly pecked Phil to stop any more suspicion.

Another 30 steps or so, they arrived home.

“Dan?” Phil yelled from across the flat. “Dan!”

“What, Phil!”

“Come here. I have something to show you.”

Dan shuffled his way to Phil’s room with a bag of crisps in his arm.

“Dan, watch this.”

Dan sat down on the bed as a shot of a dog appeared on the screen as the clip began. (x) An amazing rendition of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ was being performed by numerous barking animals.

Laughs from Phil filled the room as Dan’s eyes began to water from the hilarious video. It took everything in Dan to not let out his screeching laugh which he had now been aware of.

“Dan? Are you,” Phil said in-between laughs. “Are you alright? You’re crying!” 

The sight simply caused Phil to laugh more and when the video had finally ended Dan had yet to let out more than a couple unstoppable giggles.

Once they had both calmed down, Phil went to ask his boyfriend what had been up with him.

“Dan, what’s up with you? You were acting weird when we were editing the Dil video yesterday, too. You didn’t laugh at all. You always laugh at Dil.”

“I’m all good, Phil. The video just wasn’t as funny as it usually is, that’s all.” Phil glared at Dan. “I’m fine. I promise.”

Phil didn’t mention it much more for the next few days, but began to worry again when it came time for the two to film another video together.

“Well hello there, dildos.”

“Dildos? Really, Phil?” 

“What? You know, because it’s Dil.”

Dan shook his head and returned to the game. Phil was confused to find that Dan didn’t comment more on the topic and was even more surprised to find that Dan didn’t even chuckle at his joke. 

It had been like this all week. Every time Phil expected to hear Dan’s adorable laugh reach his ears, it never came. He had even attempted to be extra ridiculous, but to no avail, Dan kept a consistent frown on.

Phil reverted his attention back to the video and heard Dan rambling on about something sims related. Phil suddenly jumped out of his seat and reached over the desk to press the stop button on their camera.

“Phil? What are you doing?”

“Dan, talk to me.”

“Um, about what? We have to film.” Dan reached for the camera, but Phil stopped him.

“Why haven’t you been happy lately?”

“Happy? What do you mean? I’m happy.” Dan took both of Phil’s hands into his.

“I haven’t heard you laugh all week.”

Dan went silent. 

“Dan? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Phil. I just..I just don’t want t-to laugh.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s loud,” Dan sighed. “And obnoxious. Even you said the other night that you hat-”

“Oh, Dan.” Phil pulled the younger boy into his arms. “Is this because of what I said the night we went out with Chirs and PJ? About your laugh?”

“Seriously, Phil. It’s fine.” Dan didn’t look at him as he responded.

“Dan, do you know just how much I’ve missed your laugh this past week?”


“Love, your laugh is perfect. I was just joking about it being obnoxious. Yes, your laugh is extremely loud and yes, it may make random strangers look over to check if anyone is murdered, but..” Phil heard a small giggle come from Dan. “It’s my favourite sound in the entire world.”

“It’s annoying.”

“I love you. Every single thing about you, Dan.” Phil gently placed a kiss upon the top of his head. “And your laugh is definitely one of those things.”

“I’m sorry I’m such a baby.” Dan whimpered.

“Well, maybe filming a video about our baby will cheer you up.” Phil’s expression lit up.



Dan genuinely laughed for the first time that week and Phil was glad that, if anything, Dan was laughing at him.

Request: Together

Request: Can you please do a castiel one shot where like the reader and cas are in love and basically Sam dean and the reader find out cas was working with Crowley and cas tries to like get the reader to understand and Sam and Dean try to get him away from her because she’s so hurt about it

Word Count: 1,699

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“Look me in the eye,” Dean demands, “And tell me you’re not working with Crowley.”

Cas does try. He does. He takes one look at the elder Winchester and his resolve breaks and his eyes flit away, running. Always running.

“You son of a bitch.”

And then everything crumbles. The last hope you held extinguishes immediately. And the worst part is that Cas tries to explain himself. Excuse himself. Make it okay; cover the Grand Canyon of betrayals with a damned band-aid. He’s stood in the ring of holy fire, his face lit up in orange that only serves to highlight the fear that’s etched into his features.

Good. Let the bastard be scared.

“Did I ever mean anything to you?”

It just slips out, and the attention of everyone in the room snaps to you – to the wideness of your eyes, to the tear sliding down your cheek; to the way you’re hugging yourself tightly with one arm.

“Y/N, don’t. Please.” Cas begs, “I’m doing this for you. You’re my entire world.”

“Well, it doesn’t freaking seem like it.” You say heatedly, “I thought we trusted each other.”

“We do.”

“We obviously don’t!” You snap, “Or you’d have told me. You told me Heaven needed you. You crept around behind my back and you lied to me. You’d turn up in the dead of night and you’d lie with me and whisper that you were sorry, that the damned garrison needed you. All that time, you were off with him.”

“Y/N, that’s not how it was. The garrison did need me. I needed to do this, you’re not understanding!”

“I’m understanding that you’ve betrayed us all, Cas. That’s what I’m understanding, and I don’t think you are!”

“I’m trying to protect you!”

“No, Cas. You’re stood there trying to protect yourself.” You say in a quiet, tremulous voice. You’ve commanded the attention of everyone in the room – they watch raptly as your lip trembles.

“Y/N, no.” He begs, “Please.”

“Don’t talk to her.” Dean interrupts stonily, “Just shut up. Sam, get her out of here.”

Sam doesn’t protest, wrapping a secure arm around your shoulders and guiding you from the old house and out into the cold night. A miserable drizzle whips at your face but does nothing to conceal the tears cascading down your face. You take a hitched breath, raking your hands roughly through your hair.

“Y/N?” Sam asks softly, “Are you okay?”

“No.” You say, “I’m about as far from okay as I could be.”

Sam chances a look through the ajar door – the light from the fire still flickers ominously.

“He just wanted to-”

“I know, Sam. Just… go help your brother. I’ll be fine.” You insist, just wanting to be alone, “I just don’t want to look at him.”

Sam has this skill, he’s so perceptive of other people’s needs and desires and emotions. He nods in understanding.

“Yeah, sure. Stay here, okay? Promise me you won’t go anywhere.”

“I promise.” You nod, and Sam disappears back inside. You, however, lean against the cold stone wall in the rain and let yourself cry.


You can’t sleep. You’ve tossed and you’ve turned and you’ve gone on a walk and had a glass of lukewarm milk and listened to music and counted sheep. You’ve tried everything, and with too many hours to go before the dawn, you’ve resigned yourself to lying in the darkness, letting thoughts and memories wash over you like an incoming tide.

Trust me!” Cas insists, but you’re both laughing. He’s behind you, his hands over your eyes. You keep tripping, though, and you’ve bumped into things more than once.

Not if I don’t want a concussion!”

He chuckles, “We’re almost there. Just a little further.”

Are you sure? Because you said that about ten minutes ago.”

That was before you fell over and demanded I kiss you better.”

Details, details.”

You smile slightly at the memory – it wasn’t that far into your relationship, and with Sam and Dean’s help, he’d planned a small picnic for the two of you – a secluded field full of flowers and some beers… it was less than conventional but it was amazing.

Y/N, don’t leave me!” Cas whispers, “Stay with me, hold on!”

Cas… I can’t.” You mumble, words muffled by the panic, “Go on without me.”

I can’t do that.”

Just… let me go.” You beg of him. He shakes his head, but you disentangle his hand from yours and let yourself fall.

You both burst into giggles as you hit the soft green grass below, the brightly coloured climbing frame towering up above you and shining in the bright sunlight. Cas looks down on you, grinning.

You’re right, this is rather fun.”

Of course it is, you’re with me.”

You both laugh, and Cas swings himself down and pulls you to your feet. He’s very adept when it comes to climbing.

You took a day for yourselves, and you came across a pretty much abandoned kids’ park. Ignoring the disparaging looks of the odd dog walker, you’d decided to have a look, resulting in you playing like a pair of children.

You pull the cover up to your chin, biting down on your lip to keep the tears at bay. It’s nights like this you’re glad for motels that don’t do rooms with three singles, and you get a room to yourself.

“Y/N?” There’s a quiet voice from the corner of the room. You jolt upright, looking around in panic.

“What the – Cas?” You whisper, throwing yourself out of bed and towards the door. However, you find it locked.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He says softly, “I wanted to talk to you alone.”

“What the hell do you want with me, Cas?” You ask, “We’re done.”

His face looks like you’ve just stabbed him. Maybe worse.

“Will you please just hear me out?” He begs, “Please. Five minutes.”

Conflicted, you press down on the door handle once more. It goes easily; the door unlocked.

“Please.” Cas says from behind you, and you crumble.

You nod, “Alright, fine.” You turn back to his stupid, pitiful face and something inside you breaks.

“I know I made the wrong choices, but I have the right destination.” He says softly as you stare at him, your arms folded, “I never wanted to hurt you. I just knew that you would disagree with my plan, but Y/N, it is the only way to defeat Raphael. It is. I had no intention of betraying you or hurting you, please believe me.”

“You could have told me,” You whisper, “You could have. I would have backed you, and then-”

“I didn’t think you would. I thought you’d tell Sam and Dean. I didn’t want the load to be placed on your back.”

“It wouldn’t be placed on my back. It would be on our backs, you moron.” It’s not unkind and you’re not even angry, just upset and conflicted and confused.

“I didn’t want you to suffer.”

“I didn’t want you suffering, either! Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters here!”

“I’m so sorry.” He murmurs after a moment of silence, “I was selfish, and stupid, and- oof-” You barrel into him, your arms wrapping around his neck and your face burying in his shoulder. You couldn’t handle it anymore and you just needed him to be close to you.

His arms wrap around your waist and he buries his face in your hair, whispering apologies that you dismiss with murmured confessions of love.


His hand winds slowly through your hair, stroking the soft strands methodically and repetitively. He watches you, but you can’t look at him. His fingers brush over your cheek, and when you wince, his arm tightens slightly.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” He breathes, his hand freezing. You nod.

“I’m fine. Sorry.” You say quietly, glancing at him with an attempt at a smile.

“Are we okay?”

“No.” You say bluntly, “I think we’re about as far away from okay as it gets.”

He stays in silence, his hand continuing, but much slower.

“Do you remember the climbing frame?” He asks, and you nod.

“How could I forget?”

He chuckles, obviously reminiscing.

“So childish, but so… amazingly freeing.” He says quietly, “That’s my heaven, I think, if I had one.”

“Really?” You ask, looking up at him, “All of time and space, and you choose me and a damn climbing frame?”

“Does that tell you something?” He asks quietly, “Y/N, you are my favourite choice, my favourite memory. I didn’t – I never do – want to cause you any pain or suffering. I just thought hiding it from you until it was done would be easiest for you. I can never apologise to you enough, I can never make this up to you and I know that.”

You look up at him from where your head lies on his chest.

“It’s not about making it up to me.” You say, “It’s not even about making me forgive you. It’s about doing the right thing. And that’s what you thought you were doing.”

You take a long breath, and his breathing seems to stop for a second.

“I’m not mad, Cas. Not anymore. I’m not even upset. I just… I don’t ever want you to think that you’re on your own with anything. You need to defeat Raphael, great, we’ll do it. We. Together. You have me, you have Sam, you have Dean.”

“But they don’t want to help me.”

“Not now. But they’ll come ‘round.” You promise, “I’ll work on them.”

You let out an inadvertent yawn, and Cas frowns.

“I’d appreciate that. But Y/N, you’re exhausted. Get some sleep.”

“Stay?” You request, and Cas chuckles.

“I promise.” He says gently, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.