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okay but on a more serious note

do you remember last friday’s clip and the whole atmosphere/ambiance of the second half, and how at the end it all felt like everything had just crashed down, that’s the vibe the clip gave off, that’s how we were meant to feel because that’s how isak was feeling. let’s remember that we see things through isak’s eyes, and for isak that night felt like everything had fallen apart. that night felt like the worst thing that could’ve happen, that night felt like an ending 

but i think it’s thanks to conversations like the one he’s just had with magnus that he begins to put things into perspective and he slowly realizes that last friday did not mean that everything had fallen apart, last friday did not signify the end of his relationship with even. and it was so crucial for isak to be made aware of someone else’s point of view, especially someone who is also close to someone with bipolar disorder, who knows what he’s talking about. it was so so important for isak to realize that the way he perceived things might not be accurate. he needed that eye-opening moment and i am so so so happy magnus gave him that

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It's honestly so easy to see how he isn't going to sign with him because you don't talk about it beforehand if it's going to happen. Capital didn't talk about Niall, they just announced, same with Liam's labels. In fact the people who did talk about it was Simon and look at where they didn't sign. You don't need to sweet talk something that's yours. Not the way he does.

It just seems like a big old set up to me. If it was a done deal, they’d say that. Hope we get the same outcome as we did when they took a similar route with Niall. And I hope it’s soon.

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submitted by @random-awkward-bean Marinette has just been cast the lead in the school play! but how does she react when she finds out that Adrien has also been cast as a lead as well? More importantly, what happens if they have a kiss scene? Does marinette freak out? Oh man I love this prompt! I took some liberty with the stage directions because this was how I played it when I did this show and also it’s fun to make them kiss :) Hope you enjoy- I just couldn’t resist with this one.

They had to be doing Much Ado About Nothing for the school play didn’t they. They couldn’t have gone with Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella or Night of the Living Dead? No they chose Much Ado About Nothing. Marinette really didn’t have any problems with the play, she actually thought it was a funny play even for Shakespeare. The entire class had been required to audition for the play. Marinette hadn’t expected to get a large role in fact she sort of expected to be cast as Hero, the supporting actress who is lovesick over Claudio. Marinette knew she could play lovesick easily especially when Adrien was cast as her Claudio. At first Marinette had been excited after all this was a chance to spend more time with Adrien but then Marinette read the script in it’s entirety. It was scripted for Marinette to kiss Adrien not once, not twice, but THREE times!!!! Needless to say Marinette was having a slight freakout which turned into a full blown panic attack when she received a text from Adrien asking her if she wanted to rehearse later. So marinette did what anyone in her situation would do. She called her best friend practically screaming into the phone. And that’s where Marinette currently was- pacing around the room as Alya read over the scene in question.

“This is great girl! What are you freaking out about?” Alya asked as she read through the script.

“Alya I-I can’t kiss him like this! What if I’m bad at it or what if he doesn’t want to kiss me!?” Marinette started pulling at her pigtails in a panic.

“Chill girl it’s going to be like a peck and then it will be over sooo not a big deal.” Alya waved her off as she turned back to the script.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can do this, I mean I’ve kissed you like that before Adrien shouldn’t be any different. I can do this! I should tell him he can come over to rehearse,” Marinette breathed. Marinette quickly pulled out her phone and responded to Adrien’s text with more confidence than before.

“Oh wait there’s a make out scene in here,” Alya giggled just as Marinette’s thumb hit send.

“THERE’S WHAT!?!” Marinette screeched her phone falling out of her hands.

“Yeah I mean the third kiss has to be a make out scene, the two are too caught up in kissing to notice people calling their names. Looks like you’re going to have to make out with Adrien,” Alya said with a wink. Marinette clawed at her face which was now bright red.

“No no no no, I can’t do that Alya especially not in front of the entire class! And I told Adrien it was okay to come over to rehearse!! This is bad Alya! This is very very bad!” Marinette was now panicking once again.

“I’m all for this can you imagine the look on Chloe’s face when she finds out? Plus you get to make out with the guy of your dreams- how could this be a bad thing?” Alya laughed. Marinette gave her a blank look.

“You know you have to kiss Nino right?” Marinette quirked her eyebrow up. Nino and Alya had been cast as the other couple in the show. The blood suddenly drained from Alya’s face.

“I what?!” Alya squeaked.

“Not so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot is it?” Marinette smirked folding her arms over her chest.

“Where does it say that?” Alya said in a panic flipping through the script.

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Wolf/Lamb headcanon that around Christmas time Hinata decorates Kags *cough dick cough* with decorations

First I kinda chuckled at this

and then I thought about how Hinata absolutely would bounce happily around Kageyama putting little wreaths on him, making him all festive, and at the very end, he would put a little star on the tip of his dick (they are of course both naked in this head canon)

Kageyama would just be used to it after a couple of years together, but still feel the need to ask if it was necessary, and Hinata would be like *scoff* “obviously it is necessary, this is a holiday tradition, Tobio–also I am the crown prince and I can do whatever I want”

Secondary head canon: Kageyama makes literally The Best hot chocolate EVER and when snow starts falling, Hinata just instantly is *heart eyes* at him, trying to get him to make a mug or two (or fourteen), which they drink snuggled on the couch in front of the fire or in bed under these super soft fleecey winter blankets Kageyama owns. 

And then they spend a winter at the castle and everyone loses their shit over this hot chocolate, like everyone, servants and nobles and visiting ambassadors, everyone, is LIIIINED UP at the kitchens and Kageyama has to teach the rest of the cooks how to make this hot chocolate

And he makes different KINDS, he has nutty kinds, and fruity ones, and minty flavors, and really sweet ones with tons of whipped cream and sugar Hinata loves, and this super rich, bittersweet dark chocolate cuppa that the king would sell the entire kingdom for if only this Wolf boy would just give him the damn recipe – and Kageyama remembers what every single person likes, and little kids trail him everywhere hoping he’ll make more for them, or even just give them a bite of the chocolate he carries around with him, or a bit off the end of the cinnamon sticks, or one of the sweet raspberries he picks (he always picks the best fruit, because he can smell the ones that are starting to ripen just right). 

And so it becomes a really common sight to see 6′ 7″ Tobio wandering around the castle, with a pack of winter-clad children tumbling about around his knees, maybe one slung over his shoulder or under his arm every now and then, picking them up to toss them gently into the snow drifts – and he’s very careful and sweet with them, which is what makes him the perfect target to be ganged up on in snowball fights, which inevitably happens every single time Shouyou finds the group, and it always ends with Kageyama disappearing under a pile of overenthusiastic tiny people once he gives up on the situation.

He always makes them all hot chocolate, and occasionally pie, after they all end up shivering and covered in snow. And the cycle continues, because Tobio can’t say no to bright eyes and big smiles. 

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hwwhat the fuck how did i unfollow you... when did this happen ive missed so much i

right rnow im just scrolling through your blog tryin vg to catch up and i played that video where sporticus is wrapping the gift but i forogt to stop playing it and for the last five minutes its just been “i need to finish wrappign this gift” SCHWWOOEE shhwwww DUH DUH DUH DUH swwooshsh brwwshhsh hup hup RIBBON denEEOW DUH DUH DUHdhdhdDUH hugh uhgh

LMAO OMG! DW!! you haven’t missed much at all except now I am tangentially part of lazytown shitposting

BTS Reaction: Their crush laughing at their joke for the first time

Jungkook: He would be so surprised that he couldn’t even say something. You never laughed or smiled at him, never! And, when it finally happened, he just thought it was a perfect illusion.

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Namjoon: When you laughed, he turned to you with a smile and said “wow, she knows how to laugh!”

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Jin: He said something about a tv show you both watch and you laughed so much that you turned red. He would feel happy because the sound of your laugh was like bells jingling to him.

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Suga: You were laughing but stopped when he said “I’m so good, I made the Serious Princess laugh.”

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J-Hope: “Oh, did you like that joke? If you want, I can make some more, just for you, princess.”

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V: “Do you know how to laugh? For months I thought you were Kristen Stewart!” and made you laugh much more.

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Jimin: You asked why he was staring at you after your laugh moment and he would say: “You should do more of this. You get prettier than ever when you laugh.”

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Full disclosure I love the idea of Lance being all shy when they are dating because WHAT he's dating Keith how the diddly darn did that happen and he doesn't wanna screw this up and Keith at some point just 'hey I'm nervous too here feel my heartbeat' and Lance just melts because that's both so innocent and adorable but also really really comforting and yeah

FEEL MY HEART BEAT good good good 👀👀👀😃✔✔👍👌👌👌

Disgusting, filthy, golden, glamorous crustacean PART 6

You had no idea how the crab did it. Every single night, thousands of years…sleeping on gold just seemed impossible to you! You’ve been tossing and turning around for an eternity now, not finding a single comfortable place to sleep at.
“Tamatoa, you don’t happen to have a golden cuishon or a blanket of some sort in your treasure, do you?”, you yelled over to the entrance. It now was almost as dark as outside, so you couldn’t really make out anything in the cave anymore.
The crab just grumbled and you heard him shuffle uncomfortable in his sleep.
Wait! He was sleeping? That’s it, your perfect chance to slip away!
As quiet as possible, you got up and tiptoed towards the crustacean. Your left food kicked a single coin towards him, but except for mumbling a little bit, he didn’t react. When you got nearer, you noticed a little, pulsating light from under his shell, it was a bright blue, maybe cyan…
You shook your head. No time for that now.
You carefully sneaked around the big shell, your eyes fixated on tje way, but you also managed to look out for his big claws. Out of the corner of your eye you saw that the blue was getting brighter now, it started to enlighten the scenery a bit, but you saw that Tamatoa’s eyes were still closed, so you carried on.
Then, you did it.
You stepped outside of the cave and where now finally out of Tamatoa’s reach.
Remembering the lizard monster, you decided to postpone your little dance of joy about your freedom for later and sneaked off into the surroundings.
Just moments later you truly realized what it meant to be stuck in Lalotai.
Unforgiving darkness engulfed you, leaving you with nothing but the monstrous sounds and your imagination.
You were just crossing a little path, when a long fish with numerous tentacles and a wide, red mouth filled with small white teeth, floated by. It seemed quite untouched by your presence and just unfolded some wing-like fins. It slowly started to glow on those wing’s rims, and when it propellered upwards, it lighted the scenery a bit for you.
You were almost thankful for that weird encounter, but then you looked upwards.
There was the ocean.
You’ve seen how the water had stopped at Tamatoa’s Lair and formed the ceiling where you’ve come through. But out here, the water was incredibly far away, it seemed to be higher than anything you’ve ever seen, not even Tamatoa would be able to leave Lalotai out here.
“How did the demigod leave then?”, you murmured as quiet as possible. There must have been a way, not even demigods could fly…
Could they? You remembered some kind of tale about shapeshifting, but couldn’t remember exactly.
Ugh, this was just great. Now you’ve even risked your life by sneaking out of Tomatoa’s watch, and would have to get back with empty hands.
You quickly halted your thinking.
Why were you going back to the self-centered crab, again?
A rustle in a bush behind you made you remember.
There’s no way you’d survive out here. With Tamatoa you could at least talk…
Walking as quiet and fast as possible, you retraced your way back to the shiny cave.
Weirdly enough, you could see it’s outlines clearer as before… When you turned around it, you saw what caused it:
Tamatoa was glowing! A bright blue was emitting from his claws and you could even see some fainted pink in there…You squinted. It looked like it was pulsating, but you weren’t really sure…
You looked at the crab with a concerned look on your face. He seemed rather unhappy all the time you’d talked with him, except for the part where he was talking about his treasure…
When you left, if you ever left, there’d be no way you could leave him like that. You’d have to somehow keep a plan B at hand for him, so that you could be sure he’d be able to get back up again…But he’d have to need your help for it, or he’d finish you as fast as the lizard.
You shivered.
That monster definetly was going to kill you, but to be killed by being crushed in the fangs of Tamatoa?
Would he crush you?
He’d already had a chance to eat you, but instead, he’d just…been as gentle as possible… You blushed slightly when you thought about the disturbingly soft feeling of his tongue on your arms and shook your head. That experience has just been disgusting, nothing else!
Suddenly, you saw one of Tamatoa’s feet shift a little bit and you stopped thinking anything. If you wanted to survive this night by spendin it in the giant ceab’s cave, you’d have to get back in there soon.
You were just about to move towards him, when you saw a dead palm tree not far from the cave. Maybe you could use ‘looking for a way to help Tamatoa’ as an excuse in case he found out about your nightly walk outside.
You quickly went over to the palm and checked if it was going to be strong enough for its purpose. It…looked healthy, but there was no way you could tell if it would withstand Tamatoa’s weight.
You took your Pahoa, a small wooden dagger that was almost only good for carving purposes. It would’ve been able to cut even better, but when you made it, you chose the wrong wood, so this had to suffice. Carefully, you cut into the palm tree’s base, slowly making it more and more possible to break off. Fifteen minutes later the job was almost done, you put down your Pahoa and slowly pushed the tree down. When it cracked loudly, you winced and looked over to the crustacean, who wonderously still seemed to be fast asleep, although he was glowing brightly now, his face impossible to see from your point of view.
You breathed out, exhausted by the job. Then you lifted the palm tree on one end and pulled it closer to Tamatoa, so that when he was going to promise you to not harm you as soon as he got back rightside down, you could help hi out.
Your plan seemed pretty good, but it was also very late at night and there was no way to tell if you just thought so because of the tiredness or if it really was a good plan.
You didn’t want to think about it anymore, you were just…very…tired…
Not quite as careful as before, you walked towards Tamatoa and sneaked around him. His glowing was clearly brighter than before now, but his face was hidden behind his big claws.
A little irritated by the blue glow, you stumbled into the promising blackness of the cave.

Your eyes already shut, you didn’t see the claw.

Tamatoa aggressively grabbed you and threw you in front of his face.
Immediately awake again, you stared at the torn grimace before you. Tamatoa seemed really angry with you, plus his glow seemed to pulsate crazily now.
His eyes changed from cyan to pink and back to cyan again, his face was adorned with a bright pink pattern and the barnacles on his chin, as his teeth, glowed even white. His antannas even looked like they were moving forward, since bright pink stripes glowed like they were growing out of the beast’s head, at such a rushing speed that it was hard to follow the motions.
“I knew that it was you! What do you think you were doing out there, you worthless little water flea??“, he shouted at you, his bellowed words blowing any thoughts out of your head.
He pushed you down on your knees and pinched your neck with his claw, so that you were unable to look away from him, neck trapped in a deadly grasp.
“And what made you think you could just come back, like you weren’t even gone?”, he growled.
You started tearing up and tried to explain yourself.
“I…I was tired…and you were asleep! So I, I thought I could…search for something to h-help you, and…I found some-uhm, something that I could use to…to help you!“ Damn, articulating was hard when you were scared, but, to be fair, a huge, angry, gigantic crab was staring down at you while you were trying to save yourself.
“I heard how you cut down that palm tree over there.”, he commented motionless. “If you’d only done that, you’d’ve been back sooner.”
You went pale.
“Well, of course I was trying to escape…”, you whispered, afraid.
“Then why did you come back?”
You did not know how to answer that. You would have eventually found a safe place without going back to the golden crab, so why…?
You stayed silent.
Tamatoa sighed, his bioluminescent glow slowly ebbing down.
Then, he picked you up by one leg (ouch! Careful!) and placed you on the place between his shell and his clawed arm, onto a soft spot of skin where he could easily watch over you.
A bit confused, you looked at him.
His eyes fixated on you again and he sighed dramatically.
“What? I’m not going to let you get away again, and tomorrow you’re going to help me get back on my feet. You’ll need sleep, babe. So sleep.”

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hello yes i stopped watching ouat a while ago because just UGH tbh not even CS could keep me there. but! ive been seeing all this stuff on my dash about how shitty it is that emma isnt tough or strongwilled in the last episode, but wasn't that the point? I thought wish!verse was supposed to be a world not where just the curse didn't happen, but that emma specifically isn't a savior? so anything that wouldve made her one, including her hardheadedness, /cannot/ be there as per the terms? idk.

that’s bullshit. pain/hardship/loneliness did not make emma strong. being the savior isn’t what makes her strong. she is strong. no. matter. what. whether she grew up with her parents or she didn’t.

what the curse did was make her guarded and less willing to open up her heart (along with what failfire did to her) but it doesn’t change that emma is still a badass strong female character. 

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Idk it just you are in his studio and trying to play one of his guitar and you are like "I think I can play and bend like lynz." "Of course" he says and you are like "watch me" so he did and yes that fucking turns him on "how long could you stay like that?" "haha. Long enough I am a pro" "yeah good" he comes close to you and things happen.

Or like what if he’s tracking drums and you keep bothering him and interfering with the takes so he just bends you over the mixing desk or the kit itself and goes to town omg. 

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who is fit phil?















edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>


Draco in the fourth year?? ???
  • Draco: I'm going to make badges that insult potter
  • Draco: but hold on not just any badges
  • Draco: badges that fucking change
  • Draco: imma make one for every student
  • Draco: every damn student and teacher and animal and even hagrid's pets
  • Draco: and you know what
  • Draco: i'm going to charm every single damn one of them
  • Draco: but I'm only a fourth year so idk how to mass charm shit probably
  • Draco: i'll sit here in the common room surrounded by badges
  • Draco: i'll spend a week charming all of them one by one
  • Draco: no blaise don't help me I need to prove I can do this
  • Draco: because I hate potter so much
  • Draco: obviously

worst part of TFA shooting according to Adam Driver


I love so much how, when given the opportunity to take a break to relax and feel good, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl choose to sit and watch the sunset together.

Just girlfriends being gross.