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Because Choosing sides #5 was just SO CUTE and so weird at the same time. All aboard the crackship! :D
Tony deserves someone who actually cares about him and takes care of him ;_;

PLL mid season finale thoughts :

- Toby better not be dead
- why Ezra gotta be a fuck boy? Aria was in his life for longer than Nicole so why is it so important to see her?
- Toby better not be dead
- So the police actually believe that Sara’s death was accidental?
- Toby better not be dead
- Mona and Caleb just sat sipping their free drinks from Jenna then? Why did the not ACT ON THE FACT SHE WAS MIA?!
- Toby better not be dead
- Mary Drake just happened to be there at the exact place, why? How did she know where they’d be if even Mona, who’d been listening in on everything, wasn’t?
- Toby better not be dead
- how are they going to explain the headless body in the house?
- Toby better not be dead

Daddy Final Chapter

Daddy final chapter!

Later that day you were extremely nervous when Nick showed up at your house.

After twenty minutes of screaming, you tried to hear what your boyfriend was saying to you.

“Y/N, hear me out, that dude was never good for you, I was here to protect you, I’ve been here for you even before you went to Moscow, I was always here for you. Everything I did was because I love you and I always wanted you to be mine, please babe, try to understand, I just anticipated the inevitable, he would leave you anyway, I just gave a little help on that.”

You were fuming when you finally threw the guy out of your house, how could he say that he loved you and be with you for almost three years based on a lie?

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A Little Fall of Rain (Avengers x Reader)

Warnings: Angst, Mentions of a lot of blood, battle wounds, Reader Death (maybe anyway, it ends vaguely), Avengers family, A lot of crying, Not Beta Read

A/N: Despite my apparent writer’s block, this just came out once I heard the song and I’m sorry??? Apparently this is what happens when I listen to Les Mis. Like why did I even write this?? I’m tempted to do another part bc I hate sad endings lol.

Word Count: ~1324 (wow, this is like a drabble for me lol)

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You were surprised that you could feel the chilling drops of rain with how numb you were now. Everything had gone to hell in a handbasket, aliens once again raining down on not just the city of New York but all across the world. Fortunately for what was left of the Earth, the Human race had once again proven to be impossible to wipe out. You had won, the team had won, Earth was safe again for the time being.

But there was always a cost.

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ME2 Fic: Confidante

Rating: T

Relationship: Jane Shepard / Garrus Vakarian

Characters: Garrus Vakarian, Tali’Zorah

Summary: After Shepard’s proposal of stress relief, Garrus has to sort out his thoughts. Luckily Tali is there to help him. …

Continuitiy: Things That Might Have Happened

Also archived: AO3

Length: 1500 words

Note: Written for the @meflashfanwork challenge “Friendship”

Once the battery doors closed between him and Shepard, Garrus’s feet turned him around and carried him to the console almost without conscious effort. Resting his hands heavily on the panel, he stared along the length of the Thanix without truly seeing anything as his thoughts chased themselves in circles.

Did he really just—did she really just – but why would she–and how would it even–

He hadn’t even made a start at putting his mind to order when the incoming call alert from his omni-tool pulled him back to the present.


“Look at that, you’re still alive. This is Tali, remember? The quarian? In the enviro-suit? That needs regular maintenance? Which you were supposed to help with? Fifteen minutes ago?”

“Oh crap, Tali, I’m sorry. I just–I’ll be right down.”

One ridiculously long elevator ride later, Garrus found himself facing a quarian whose crossed arms and twitching foot belied her overly sweet “Thank you so much for showing up.” He swallowed back both an apology and a sarcastic remark–since neither would have appeased her–and settled for a simple “Shall we?”


They headed for the quarantine cell and started up the decontamination protocols that would allow Tali to remove her suit for maintenance with minimal risk of infection. Through the whole procedure Garrus made a valiant effort to keep his mind on the task at hand, but still his thoughts kept straying back to Shepard. It wasn’t until he moved to enter the cell that Tali stopped him.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Garrus stared blankly at her, then resisted the urge to smack his own fringe.

“Helmet. Right. I’ll be right back.”

Tali crossed her arms and cocked her head.

“Do you really believe I’ll let you touch my suit with your conductors fried like that? Come on.” Before he could argue, she maneuvered both of them into the quarantine cell and closed the door. “Tell me what’s wrong. ”

Garrus sat heavily on the narrow bench and stretched out his legs.

“Shepard asked me to have sex with her.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm impressed by the sheer number of fics you know and how fast you can answer any rec questions O.O Do you keep your fics in large files in your computer and/or your bookmarks? How many fics did you collect already?

I didn’t consciously decide to be a reccer to be honest, it kind of happened on it’s own? People started randomly asking me for recs and i was just happy to help. Naturally, i didn’t keep a list when i started reading because i thought i was just doing it for myself. :D
I usually either pull from my memory or go search a bit and gather what i’ve read that fits the request. Which i admit isn’t the most convenient method, and if i’d known i would turn in to a fairly known reccer i probably would have kept a detailed list from the start.
I honestly don’t know how many fics i’ve read, but i’m guessing that would be a scary number? I’m a pretty fast reader and i get lots of reading time thanks to being an introvert with social anxiety.

So I had a thought.

Liam’s running a one-shot this week, set in Xandria. Naturally, people (or is that just me) are a bit upset we won’t be getting a continuation of the last one-shot. But what if we are?

How did the last one-shot end? With confirmation of a multiverse (“you’ve lived a thousand lives before this and you’ll live a thousand lives after”) and the grouo going through a portal.

Now I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But I am saying it’s the kind of thing that Liam would do.

Just a thought.

things I want for voltron season two

so basically I watched the entirety of season one today and I have a few requests

  • more badass ladies. allura and pidge are 10/10 but I want MORE 
  • backstory on everyone?? please?? especially keith. I want to know more about why he flunked and him being an orphan and stuff. I feel like he’s got a heartbreakingly tragic past just waiting to happen
  • exploration of different colonised planets and societies I’m generally just a huge sucker for world building
  • anything remotely gay would be pretty good like come on guys this is a netflix series after all. keep with tradition
  • more detail on shiro’s time as a prisoner
  • information on the origins of the galra empire. how did they become so dominant in the first place? why did they wage war? and what’s the deal with zarkon being the black paladin??
  • bottle episode. miscellaneous character interaction is good for my soul   


edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>



worst part of TFA shooting according to Adam Driver

Draco in the fourth year?? ???
  • Draco:I'm going to make badges that insult potter
  • Draco:but hold on not just any badges
  • Draco:badges that fucking change
  • Draco:imma make one for every student
  • Draco:every damn student and teacher and animal and even hagrid's pets
  • Draco:and you know what
  • Draco:i'm going to charm every single damn one of them
  • Draco:but I'm only a fourth year so idk how to mass charm shit probably
  • Draco:i'll sit here in the common room surrounded by badges
  • Draco:i'll spend a week charming all of them one by one
  • Draco:no blaise don't help me I need to prove I can do this
  • Draco:because I hate potter so much
  • Draco:obviously

I love so much how, when given the opportunity to take a break to relax and feel good, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl choose to sit and watch the sunset together.

Just girlfriends being gross.

honestly how was harry potter surprised by all his misfortunes after like his second year at hogwarts i mean by his fourth year when the goblet of fire spit out his name how did he not stand up and predict that was going to happen. i definitely would’ve just looked into the camera like i’m in the office and just walked outta there like nope not today i just need a five year nap let mcgonagall compete she’ll win

Instead of tv shows killing off queer women, why not have them exit alive and well in the most badass, majestic and fashionable way possible?

Also worth pointing out that in the books, Alana is a straight man who only just barely cameos in Red Dragon and Margot, whilst still one of the most interesting characters, is the epitome of the ignorant stereotypical portrayal of a lesbian woman.

In the show, Alana was gender-swapped and depicted as bisexual, having been in relationships with both men AND women which was done in a way that promoted sexual fluidity. Margot was written in a non-homophobic way and actually integrated well into the story, unlike the movie which cut her out completely.

Also they had an extremely beautifully and sophisticatedly filmed sex scene which wasn’t needlessly sexualised.


2 jades i drew in class