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First of all why would you do this to VIXX when they already had shit to deal with? The Closer being shortened on their goodbye stages? Sacrificing rest in order to promote THREE COMEBACKS in a year? You can hear the strain in Leo and Ken’s voices because they never had proper recovery time.


I could not even imagine what goes on in your sorry little head if you thought Milky Way dropping out of the charts because of these rumours served VIXX right. Or served Leo right. 

You may be just as deluded as the fan who posted those photos. And she didn’t even do anything wrong, EVERYONE WAS AWARE THAT SHE WAS DELUSIONAL. And yet they took her posts to BLAME LEO FOR SOMETHING HE NEVER DID. 

Second of all, tell me this:  If Jellyfish Ent. and VIXX have a rule of not accepting expensive gifts or things other than fanletters from Starlights, do you really think Jung Taekwoon would go all the way to visit a rich Starlight PERSONALLY to spend a birthday with them? Where is your common sense? They treat Starlights quite equally, including Byulset members, who have their own rights as fans who do pay money. 

VIXX work so hard and are so careful to never cause scandals for the sake of the group, their company, and the fans. I highly doubt that Taekwoon, who cherishes VIXX and all Starlights, would take that risk. Granted they have done special things for a certain Starlight before, a severely disabled young boy who wished so badly to attend their concert. If you are a person who actually felt JEALOUSY or ANY AGGRESSIVE THOUGHTS towards that poor boy, you need help as a human being. 

This year has been breaking the members slightly, and you can see it in their faces. 

Wonshik, who has written multiple fancafe posts about his worries, if Starlights still liked them. Hakyeon, who has stood as the leader for four years and has watched his own members faint on stage or get injuries, and is always tired from constant work and schedules. Hongbin, who still struggles with himself to catch up to the rest of the group and still judges himself so harshly compared to the others. Hyuk, who had to grow into a young man in this industry and shed some rare tears during their concert after the stress of endless preparation. Jaehwan, who never looked so vulnerable and unhappy so often before now that it’s getting a bit harder to maintain his role as the forever smiling cutie main vocal. Taekwoon? He is not in a position that allows self explanation right now. Yet fans and antis are using this as a chance to attack VIXX when they’re at their most vulnerable. 

This is what happens when a group starts becoming more and more famous. 

This is why Starlights need to know how to differentiate truth from lies, right from wrong. Who else would VIXX have by their sides if we aren’t? 

Otayuri week 2017

DAY 2: Social Media or Celebration (online relationship headcanons)

  • I am 100% sure their relationship is build on social media and online relations, because they’re almost always so far away from each other. 
  • But everyone would be like “Yeah, sure, because they’re not 24/7 in contact”
  • They’re on messenger all the time.
  • They’re definitely sending each other snapchats all the time. Otabek would be the “I see something, I take a picture of it” guy, so Yuri would see every road Otabek goes, every new pet met and every place he’s in.
    Yuri would be the “Look at my face and how bored am I” guy, 100 selcas every day, with small breaks of Vikturi photo with snarky remark.
  • Yuri sending every cat related video/post for Otabek immidiately. He would get same in return, because Otabek would do everything to make him happy.
  • Skype calls every evening. Just to hang out, not even talking too much. 
  • When Yuri misses Otabek too much, he calls him in the night just to hear his breath and voice. They definitely pay too much for their phones, but well
  • Of course, they would do videos of his new routines/jumps, sending them immidiately, just to know if other person would like it.
  • Every morning (for him, of course), Otabek would send Yuri photo of sunset, or sky, or a flower, something beautiful, with “I wish you could see this with me, good morning”, or “May your day would be so beautiful like you and this flower” (SORRY BUT I THINK OTABEK WOULD BE KINDA ROMANTIC SHIT AND YURI WOULD ALWAYS LAUGH AT HIM BUT LIKE IT ANYWAY)
  • Yuri would be the one sending his photos late at night, sleepy, in his bed, with “You should be here”
  • But Otabek would immidiately write back “I love you too, Yura”
  • Yuri would have tons of photos from their meetings on his Instagram for world to see, because he doesn’t care.
  • They would have photos of each other as backgrounds on their phones. 

~ Geometric Rug ~

x Catalog Description: x

Jazz up your living room or bedroom with this modern patterned rug. Actually any room goes with this….just maybe not the toilet! ($145)

  • Maxis-match (fits in with the game)
  • No mesh, EP, SP or GP required
  • Re-colour of a base game rug
  • 10 Different Patterns/swatches (in the photos)
  • No clipping or glitches
  • Some rugs are meant to have a white border
  • Can be sized up like any other rug :3

*If you want to use them in a post or recolour, please message me first*

Used the living room from my Kessler Legacy Challenge, to model the rugs…. :3                                                ( <3 v <3 )


xoxo - Lily (aka itsscreamingcolour)

A Helping Hand

Sometimes, however, no words are needed. During a night shoot, one of the twins playing Jax’s son Abel, Evan and Ryder Londo, was asleep in Hunnam’s arms when Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) noticed Charlie’s shoe was untied. “Just watching Tommy go down to tie it — this picture moves me,” Rossi says. “It goes back to family and this blue-collar/working actor mentality. We’re always there for each other. Nobody said anything. It was just, sure, that’s what we do. It’s one of my favorite photos.”

Image Credit: THEO ROSSI for EW


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may I get a lev scenario when he finds out you keep a whole gallery of pictures from him in your phone? Like when he's not watching, sleeping, etc

Oh my god this would actually be me ughhhh - Admin Hope

Lev Haiba

  • Lev kind of just goes on his girlfriend’s phone all of the time and she goes on his, they don’t really keep anything from each other and they are both an open book
  • He ends up at first playing a game that he didn’t have enough storage on his phone to buy but then he wanders into the photos 
  • The album is titled Lev ♡(ŐωŐ人)
  • He hasn’t seen any of them because he normally never goes into her photos but he opens the album and sees that it’s just a bunch of photos of him
  • He feels actually really touched and gets pretty happy about his girlfriend having a whole album of photos of him
  • He scrolls through them seeing they are a bunch of candids and a couple really artistic ones of when he was sleeping he even sends a couple to himself so he can post them on instagram
  • There is so many even some from when they first started dating and he just feels so in love 
  • Really wants to confront his girlfriend about having so many pictures of him so he does
  • He bursts into their room saying ‘Babe I didn’t know you had so many pictures of me on your phone, I love you so much you are so cute.’ and then he like attacks his girlfriend who was reading in a hug and he’s probably crying or something because he’s a SAP
Christmas Amis

-Grantaire and Enjolras are made to wear a two person ugly Xmas sweater to “spend quality time together” so they don’t argue.

-The sweater gets passed around and everyone takes pictures in it. Marius even offers to get a 3 person one for Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta next year.

-Feuilly gets a polaroid and takes so many pictures of everyone. He gives a lot of them to Enjolras to add to his growing collage of photos with his friends.

-Cosette and Bahorel bake cookies, but they get distracted and almost start a food fight in the kitchen while they’re goofing off. They end up with bombass gingerbread and spiked eggnog though.

-Jehan and Combeferre drew each other for secret Santa and somehow end up getting the same exact gift. It’s a book on African mythology, and they’re super psyched because they had planned on borrowing it when the other was done anyway.

-Courfeyrac just has part of a mistletoe with him and goes around kissing everyone with his hand raised above his head.

-Eponine rolls up with all of the party games: Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Telestrations.. the list goes on.

-Merry Christmas from Les Amis!

A lot of you wonderful people that follow me are writers too. A lot of you are poets. A lot of you write me each day asking questions on every possible aspect of writing, but one theme comes up more than any other: how to get your work noticed, how to have an impact with your words. I honestly never know how to answer this, as I am baffled Daily that anything I say, goes anywhere at all, but sometimes you get little reminders of just what impact we have. All of us. @lizodell sent me this photo of her 7th grade Language Arts class, and the project two of her students chose me to study for. Seeing this kind of thing absolutely blows my mind and makes me want to tell all of You, that whether you know it or not, you Are having an impact. Every minute of every day, every poem and every sentence you write. It doesn’t matter if two people or two million read them, it doesn’t matter if the going is slow. Stay the course and write for yourself and people will find them. I promise. Just write. It’s the only advice I keep giving…just write, because it matters. Because you must.

N: He would keep everything totally professional in terms of how he speaks to you and how he acts around you. However, as time goes on he might randomly remember that you like him during a photo-shoot and you might get some extra eye stares, some glances, or maybe a flirty line or two. Other than that, he would keep this knowledge on the hush hush. “Am I standing under enough lighting? Make sure to use your good side to catch my good side!”

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Leo: He would pretend like he didn’t know and just act normal around you afraid to mix business with pleasure. Although, that’s not to say that he wouldn’t want to get know who you are as a person, but he wouldn’t act on this small knowledge of a crush. Now if Leo gets to know you because of all the time spent together then he might soon act on it or maybe not. It all depends on him. “*Bows* Hello. Nice to see you again.”

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Ken: You’re going to need new lenses fooling around with him. He’ll be all up in your camera being completely and utterly extra. If you thought Ken was goofy before, he’s even goofier now because he has a reason to be. Now this won’t happen for sometime, that is until he figures you out. But when he does, he’ll pretend to be a camera hog and want to be the focus of your camera.  “Please stop taking pictures of them. I’m the cute main vocal, so point that thing toward me and get to snapping!”

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Ravi: Oh, so you have a crush on him? You’re screwed.  Confident Ravi will not let you hide behind your camera all day. He’ll pose and flash those handsome looks of his with more effort than ever to tease you a little. His goal is to have you blushing so hard you want to put down the camera. When he’s done having his fun, he’ll try and get to know you without the camera in the way only if Shy Ravi doesn’t turn up. And there’s a 99% chance that Shy Ravi will show up to ruin all the fun. “Do you want capture my abs from this angle…or this angle?”

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HongBin: Perfect. The two of you already have something in common. That would be his conversation lead-in that would hopefully allow him to get to know you better. He’d praise your work, ask about your favorite projects, and if he ends up liking you back he could potentially ask for a private photo session. But it’s Bean we’re talking about here. It’ll take some time before that actually happens. “C-Can I see your portfolio?”

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Hyuk: What would Hyuk do with that knowledge? Well, like the others, he’ll have a feel out period making sure you are worth his future attempts at trying to woo you. Now, if you pass the test, then he’d let you know that he knows about your crush, but at the same time he’ll act like he’s not interested. Hyuk will confuse the mess out of you at the cost of seeing you squirm. If you pass that test then this could potentially be the start of something new. “Are you sure about this pose? I wouldn’t want to crush…haha…the fans with my mature looks? You on the other hand are used to this kind of thing so you don’t matter in this scenario.”

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Umm I just read that Carol has never smiled at any other man like the way she did when Ezekiel came knocking at her door. Your good with receipts. How many times has Daryl made Carol smile?

I aim to please. She’s certainly given every kind of smile going to Daryl, sad, teasing, shy, giggly, coquetish and flirtatious:

Photo heavy (obviously) below cut

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cute domestic phan things:

one of them sneaking up behind the other in the kitchen and wrapping their arms around them

dan seeing phil laying tummy down on his bed and he  goes to lie on top of him

phil trying to get dan’s attention but when dan doesn’t listen he grabs his laptop and just plops onto his lap

dan trying to get phil’s attention by whining “phiiiww”

phil trying to get dan’s attention by poking him in the face… repeatedly

phil catching dan doing the heart eyes

dan catching phil doing the love yes

they take sneaky photos of each other and show each other when they’re lying in bed

whoever’s the little spoon playing with the hands and fingers of the one whose arms are wrapped around them

#563: I hate knowing I will never have the privilege of meeting Jack due to financial issues. I owe my life to someone who doesn’t know I exist. But, it touches my heart when he knows the struggle me and many others have to face. He wants to play games for millions with the mindset of just playing a game with a friend, and in my eyes he succeeds daily.

(Photo credit goes to @idratherlivefreetofail)

What a difference keto makes… 27 little daaaays

Embarrassing as hell, but here goes nothing. I know other progress pics help me a lot, so this might inspire someone else. I started keto on the 15th of January and took the first photo on the 25th, I just couldn’t face it before. The second one is from today, so just 27 days apart.
Take pictures, no matter how embarassing you think they are. You’ll be so grateful that you did!
I can do this! I WILL do this!

I know I’m late but that’s cause originally I wasn’t gonna do it but then I came home and saw everybody posting pics so… here goes.

My name’s Mekayla, she/her, and I’m bi. (but shush, haven’t told irl people yet)

I’d like to officially announce that I love @thatsthat24 (among other things)!

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Well they orchestrated that well. Sam goes off elsewhere and of course photos leaked. Cait has picture taken with Tony. And game over, they got everyone to jump ship. Taking their fans for fools. Outlander has lost its gloss for me plenty of other shows to watch, September is too far away and don't need anymore tom foolery. I have read all the Outlander books. Do not need phoney love acting on or off the screen.


Best to them really. 

I always said if they weren’t together I hope they are happy. 

I just wanted to know. 

Now I feel like they have finally made it clear. 

Of course next week they will love it up and change gears again. Hopefully I will be far enough down the interstate by then. 

headcannons - Malec youtube au
  • Alec and Jace post stunt videos. Jace thinks everyone is there for his face, but mainly it’s because Alec manages to pull off being adorable and hot af at the same time. 
  • Magnus is a beauty/lifestyle vlogger. He makes weirdly detailed videos on fashion from different time periods, but also ridiculous vlogs.
  • Izzy appears in Alec and Jace’s videos, but also runs an advice channel that tells people how to sort their shit out. There’s not much Izzy can’t fix. 
  • Clary and Simon are just huge geeks. They share a channel, posting lets plays, reviews, discussions about pop culture and sometimes art tutorials. 
  • Alec and Jace invent some weird stunt challenge (idk OK who knows with those two.) 
  • Magnus attempts it (he doesn’t know the others personally yet) and it is a disaster but still goes super viral. 
  • Somehow, and no one knows how it started, the internet starts shipping Magnus and Alec. Photo manips are everywhere even though they’ve never even met. 
  • Maybe they get a bit smitten from watching each others videos. (ha maybe. Obviously.) 
  • Alec makes a coming out video and the internet basically dies because he is so shy and awkward. And he casually mentions a “youtube friend” who helped him along the way. 

A thing that works: walking out into the non-playable space using pose player!

I don’t know how often anyone would need this, but it might be useful for storytelling. A day at the beach? If you use a walk animation, your sim will continue forward into the non-playable space that you can’t access in normal gameplay. They follow the curve of the land, no matter where it goes, so they won’t be obstructed by rocks or trees or whatever. They’ll just keep going out into the abyss.

For example, one of these:

[a_loco_walk_feminine_RFoot_medium_x] will walk forward
[a_loco_default_turnAndStop_R_90_x] turn 90 degrees to the right

Played in time, it looks ridiculous, of course, but in still photos it could be useful. Once they’re out there, they can walk back to the main playable space normally if you tell them to. I bet they could even interact with each other if you put two sims out there… I will experiment with that next. 

[a_loco_swim_x] swimming?

I had high hopes for swimming, but it doesn’t quite work out. The way the game works, the surface of the water is purely decorative and their motions follow the land, which puts them swimming along the sea floor, lol!

PS: Night swimming because she is a vampire! ;)

  • other k-pop fan accounts: *goes to korea to take photos of celebrity for their account or blog. goes to all of the celebrities concerts and performances for their account or blog.*
  • hey everyone!!! i take photos and videos of ____!! i hope you enjoy!!
  • me: *just reblogs the photos and videos. cries and fangirls 25/8. makes memes.*
  • my blog is a place where i just reblog posts and make memes.

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cyber granny just put up a picture on instagram about 'her favourite boys' including her 3 grandsons and 1 great grandson, yet she lists Freddie before her 2 other grandsons and Freddie is in a photo on his own when the rest of her 'grandsons' are in pictures together (the one with Austin is a picture of Austin and Freddie) and if that doesn't show how much attention this family craves that they'll put this fake kid before their own grandkids just because of its famous dad like ???? come on

Everytime cybegranny goes extra with Freddie I get more convinced Tammi has access to her acc and is the one posting

kenhina headcanons (pt.1)

1. Kenma doesn’t have a problem with Tsukki but there was one incident where he overheard Tsukki shade Hinata for no particular reason and later that day he roasted the fuck out of Tsukki and Nekoma’s team was hype bc when does Kenma ever trash talk, but it’s mostly him being annoyed that someone said something negative about his friend. 

2. They are cuddlers… or at least Hinata is. At the training camp many pictures were taken of them all tangled up and sleeping together. At first they tried to get the others to delete the photos, but too many had been taken by too many people. 

3. After Kenma graduates he goes to more of Karasuno’s games than Nekoma’s just to watch Hinata play. Lev will not shut up about it. 

4. Kenma doesn’t laugh out loud very often. Hinata takes this as a challenge. He is constantly sending anything he thinks is funny to him with the follow up text: “did you laugh?” Hinata’s reaction to his answer is usually more likely to make him smile than anything he gets sent.

5. Hinata frequently asks Kuroo for pictures of Kenma before they met. Kuroo is always happy to oblige with cute and embarrassing photos. Hinata’s phone background is now a picture of Kenma from when he was a first year. He also has a folder of smol Kenma. 

part: (1) 2