this just felt so cheap


((I got bored, so for those curious, here are the official colors for Pointy and Shifter! I’ve been considering this ever since someone who sent in fanart mentioned not knowing what their actual colors are. I didn’t want them to just all have the same color scheme, and just changing the hue felt a little cheap, so I settled for this - of course you don’t need to follow these colors at all, as I adore seeing how people imagine the little guys and if I like another interpretation, I may just change it to that. But for now:

Shifter’s colors are washed out. Only the edges of his petals have any color and his vines and stem grow paler toward the bottom. His image took inspiration from this fanart!

Meanwhile, Pointy’s got a slightly wilted color scheme. So he’s the opposite - his original colors fade to grey-brown toward the edges. I’m not too good at making something look slightly wilted, but hopefully it gets across.))