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what's so iconic about the Viscosity Exchange ??

listen here. LISTEN. hERE. it’s just so good. (for anyone who wants to watch it back it starts at like :33 of the first undertale video.) okay first of all. the second phil first says viscosity dan immediately breaks off and turns to him with the crinkliest eyes and a lil wrinkled nose and it’s already aggressively cute and we are like a quarter of a second into this exchange. incredible. beautiful. to me it was such a significant thing that he doesn’t mock phil’s word choice to US in the way that he used to on dapg ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but instead he turns to PHIL and rather than mocking him he just does that cute confused face and kind of asks phil to clarify why doing a let’s play would involve viscosity at all. 

CUTE!!!! and then there’s A JUMP CUT!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? it HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY! when we cut back, dan has completely dropped his on-camera voice and his body is pointed a little more inwards at phil. amazing. what happened in the lil bit that was cut out of this? we can ONLY GUESS. so then dan proceeds to ask in his much deeper/softer off-camera voice, “how can a let’s play have viscosity?” and honestly i am just left asking “how can such a dumb fucking question sound so soft and enticing wtf.”  and then phil tries to explain it in his silly way, he’s saying it’s “deep and sticky” and dan just gives a TEENY TINY SMILE and then turns to share it with us and THIS IS HOW HE IS REACTING TO PHILS WEIRD BRAIN NOW it’s no longer MOCKING it’s SOFT AND FOND and he’s smiling at us to sort of tacitly communicate how adorable he finds phil’s mind and i want dEATH and then, as if this weren’t enough, his voice drops even further and gets all hoarse as he asks phil, “do you know what viscosity is?” and just turns that same fond smile towards him 

and honestly if at this point you haven’t gone back to the video to watch this you really need to just for this part because holy shite man,,, that voice dan uses is Something and phil himself looks a lil shook and he gets all flustered and giggles 

and dan giggles while watching phil giggle and then phil says “let’s keep going!!!!!!” rly promptly and phil’s whole reaction was so unwarranted based on the actual words they are saying which makes me feel like phil is just reacting to dan’s flirty voice and basically wow this whole scene is everything to me ok you need to rewatch and appreciate it fully i still wake up in cold sweats thinkin about it

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YO GIVE SIN A BREAK FROM ALL THESE ASKS ((not that she doesn't love em because I know she loves em lmao)) but seriously, Sin has a life just like every other person and deserves a day to REST AND TREAT HERSELF LIKE DAYUM SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR US

You’re so very kind to say such things. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate it. Thank you, anon. ❤️ I don’t mind the asks, but I was resting and just dealing with stuffs. Thank you for the concern.

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  • Isak: Even kissed me.
  • Jonas: Ohmygodohmygod.
  • Magnus: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Jonas, get the wine. Isak, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?
  • Isak: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Jonas: *getting the wine* Do not start without me. Do not start without me.
  • Magnus: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Isak: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Magnus: Ok, so, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?
  • Isak: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my shoulders.
  • Magnus and Jonas: Ohhhhh.
  • [In the next room Even eating while Sana swirls a cup]
  • Even: And, uh, and then I kissed him.
  • Sana: Tongue?
  • Even: Yeah.
  • Sana: Cool.
So ACOTAR is supposed to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling...

Originally, we thought Tamlin was the beast, but…..
Rhys should be the beast, because he thinks of himself as a monster. Not because of his talons and wings, but because of all the horrible things he believes about himself, that’s why he thought that Feyre would never love him.

BUT Feyre sees him for who he is.
she literally says:

“You are good, Rhys. You are kind. This mask does not scare me. I see you beneath it.”

Tamlin is supposed to be Gaston. Besides the fact that Gaston was introduced before the Beast, JUST as Tamlin was introduced before Rhys, Tamlin is selfish, anti feminist and too proud to realize it. He can’t let go of the fact the Belle (Feyre) doesn’t love him, and believes that she needs to be saved from the Beast (Rhys).

Well played Sarah J. Maas, well played.

  • Castiel: Dean kissed me.
  • Gabriel: Ohmygodohmygod.
  • Charlie: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Gabriel, get the wine. Cas, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?
  • Castiel: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Gabriel: *getting the wine* Do not start without me. Do not start without me.
  • Charlie: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Castiel: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Charlie: Ok, so, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?
  • Castiel: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my shoulders.
  • Charlie and Gabriel: Ohhhhh.
  • [In the next room Dean eating while Sam swirls a cup]
  • Dean: And, uh, and then I kissed him.
  • Sam: Tongue?
  • Dean: Yeah.
  • Sam: Cool.

does anyone else have sudden urges to reinvent themselves, travel the world, start jogging, learn new languages, learn to cook exotic foods, redecorate, or start journaling? like you’re just sitting there and all of a sudden you want to be able to speak fluent latin or look out over paris from the eiffel tower, or be standing over a shiny metal pot stirring some kind of soup in an apartment that’s perfect for yourself? because i get that a lot.

‘We may have both been raised by the empire. But that does not make them loyal to us Tala… Or. Should I call you Sabine Wren?’

Imperial Au.

Where the names ‘Sabine Wren’ And ‘Ezra Bridger’ Haven’t been used in years.

I hope she loves you… truly loves you, not just says the words. I hope she loves you… not just a little but with all of her being, with everything that she is and everything that she does.
Because that is the way you deserve to be loved.
Someone as unique and amazing as you deserves to be loved in an extraordinary way… and I want that for you. I’m not the kind of person to bear ill will to others and in spite of how much it hurts me – I only want good things for you.
Because that’s what love is… it’s wanting somebody to be happy – even if it makes you sad. It is a process of giving irrespective of what comes back to you… your thoughts, emotions and energy are all given freely even if they are never returned. But most of all, it’s wanting the best for somebody… even if it’s slowly killing you…
Viktor's Pauses

Okay, this is a break from my usual tough love on Viktor. This time, I’d like to talk about something Viktor does that makes me really, really happy and proud of him.

We see how kind Viktor is to Yuuri. He is thoughtful and careful with him in a way that appears so soft and warm and everything that made us fall in love with them. Somehow, Viktor just seems to do and say the right things. Not all the time, of course, and he has had his slips like what we saw at the Cup of China, but this is because Viktor is still learning. Most of the time though, he seems to have the right words to say.

The best part for me though is HOW Viktor says these things - more specifically, how he comes up with them. It is not as if the responses come naturally, or are top of mind. He had to learn them, because Viktor definitely thought about other things before the things that he does say out loud. How do we know?

He pauses.

For example, in episode 3, Yuuri (and Yurio) struggle with their respective programs. Yuuri, at his wits end, suddenly comes up with the crazy, “That’s it! Katsudon!”

Now look at what happens next:

There must have been a dozen things that passed through dear Viktor’s mind. Remember, he didn’t know that Yuuri forgot everything that happened at the banquet. He didn’t know that Yuuri didn’t know about his own Eros potential. Viktor’s thoughts possibly ranged from “Excuse me?” to “What the actual fuck,” but he does not say these things. Instead, he pauses.

What do pauses even mean? A pause means a person is thinking. Viktor thinks about what he will say to Yuuri. Granted, Viktor does not have the record of being the most tactful person on Earth. We have seen him deliver brutal truths with that heart-shaped smile of his, but that only makes it even more precious that he makes these later considerations for Yuuri.

Viktor did not start off being this considerate. You know when this kindness started? When Yuuri first ran away to skate away his anxiety since Viktor came, and then more and more as Viktor learned that Yuuri was apparently shy and more delicate than Viktor initially thought him to be.

So back at the dinner table, of course we know that what Viktor says instead of, you know, Yurio’s more sensible, “Seriously?” is:

Viktor’s first careful step!

Fast forward to Hot Springs on Ice. Yuuri panics when it is his turn, but eventually, comes up with another gem:

Viktor pauses a bit.

He’s still not used to this type of lines from Yuuri. In the end though, his answer to Yuuri is:

The beauty of what Viktor does is that it’s a considerate way of acting neutral while he tries to understand how this beautifully confusing creature he sort of fell a little in love with at the Sochi banquet ticks. At the same time, whether he meant to or not, he says things that Yuuri seems to need, as proven by the way Yuuri blushes every time Viktor says something that tells him that Viktor is on his side. Viktor is very careful with Yuuri, and what I love about it is that it shows to us that Viktor still wants to stay and get to know this person even though he is not who Viktor thought he was.

Episode 4, as we know, is that wonderful, wonderful episode that spanned the months of Yuuri’s training, during which we are somehow told that Yuuri and Viktor grew closer and got to know one another better. The next Viktor-pause is not so much a consideration for Yuuri as much as it is proof that Viktor picked up the habit of thinking before he speaks around Yuuri, and somehow finding the right words to say within those brief pauses.

The beauty of the pause here is that it seems to be a tentative one. The theme is love? Why did it become love, now when I am working on him with this? Am I somehow making progress with this person? Viktor pauses for his own sake this time, because Yuuri’s theme caught him off-guard.

But after all this time, Viktor is better with Yuuri, and his response is:

He reacts positively to Yuuri and supports his decisions. He has learned to relate with Yuuri better, and continues to be kind to him. He knows how to say yes to Yuuri’s decisions in the best way possible.

Here is another of my favourite scenes, purely because of Viktor’s word choices.

“Perfect” and “the best theme” – Viktor’s words are encouraging and uplifting, and I can perfectly imagine how they can affect Yuuri and motivate him.

Episode 5 is yet another gift of an episode where, for the first time, we hear Viktor think. And boy, he thinks a lot, and now we know that he does think a lot before doing and saying things in regards to Yuuri. We know he does not always agree with his student:

Yet at the end of the day, still makes the conscious decision to accept and support him.

We can see how this endeared Viktor to Yuuri. I mean look at the boy’s face in that last frame. He’s so happy, he actually cried. Viktor’s constant affirmation helped Yuuri grow and be more confident in himself. While I do believe that Viktor is naturally warm and a very kind person deep down, and while providing Yuuri this kind of positive regard is not contradictory to his personality, it’s wonderful to think that he still had to learn and develop these things in himself as well.

Now, of course Viktor isn’t perfect. He slipped in episode 7 and said the wrong thing. But, as Yakov said, Viktor still had a lot to learn, but it’s heartening to see him keep at it, isn’t it?

Lol, he even does this silent pause thing during their engagement. There was a good pause there, but then again maybe it was just shock. He’s been quiet even during the time that they bought the rings, and pretty much just followed Yuuri in a daze (I assume) up to the last moment. He doesn’t even talk until Yuuri prompts him.

Viktor still says something good, though - probably the best that could be said given the circumstances and given what Yuuri said. He has also grown quite a lot. Somewhere along the way, he learned to speak Yuuri’s language, and it is just a beautiful thing to watch.

  • <b> Rhysand:</b> Feyre kissed me!<p><b>Cassian:</b> Ohmygods ohmygods!!!<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhysand, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> Oh, it ended very well.<p><b>Cassian:</b> [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.<p><b>Cassian/Mor:</b> Ohhhhh.<p><b></b> In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet of blood]<p><b>feyre:</b> And, uh, and then I kissed him.<p><b>Amren:</b> Tongue?<p><b>feyre:</b> Yeah.<p><b>Amren:</b> Cool.<p>

I may be fucked up, but this kind of consistent bullshit really does put me at peace. Nobody would go to these absurd lengths acting out this bullshit public charade if things we saw were legit and real. And they wouldn’t keep doing it after the reason they did it in the first place was over (aka Houies you ain’t shit).

I look forward to the day this all ends and they are free to be where they want, when they want, with who they want to be with.

But for now, I just look at the pieces that aren’t there and I can see the image just the same.

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Warnings: dirty talk, smut, cute fluffy ‘i love you’ bits in there

I usually don’t write things with so much dirty talk because I am absolutely awful at it and it makes me cringe to see it if I’m the one who wrote it. But, this kind of just flowed as I was writing it and I’m the worst at endings, but I hope you all will enjoy some morning Harry smut. Also this gif does things to me, he’s so beautiful isn’t he? Let me know what you think :)

You were overly warm.

That’s the first thing you notice as you wake up, the sun filtering through your small window in your tiny bedroom. Normally you can’t get warm enough throughout the night with the shitty heating system in your apartment, but as you come to your sense you feel like you’re sunbathing on a cloud, soft and warm. You let out a few soft whimpers as you stretch your arms up and wiggle around under your freshly washed sheets, but your actions are limited with the arms wrapped around you. Harry. He had come over late after one of his meetings, claiming that he really didn’t mind your too small apartment compared to his too big one just a few blocks away. You were dead on your feet when you got home, so there wasn’t much talking. You just fell into bed and curled into his arms. It was the first time you’d just slept together in a bed without any sexual interaction. It was the first time you had really ever slept with anyone this way. And it was heavenly to wake up to his beautiful green eyes staring back at you and his hair a mess much like your own.

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Camren x Boys (2)

Interviewer: I actually want to know about boys…



So Camila says she liked a boy in the past, but he did not even look at her and he sent her a message the week before that interview saying that he always liked her.




Guys, IDK about Camila’s sexuality and that’s her problem tbh… but some people say she’s BI… some (blind/crazy) people say she’s STRAIGHT…. I’m sorry to disappoint those thinking that way… but SHE always does faces like that when interviewers ask them about boys. She just doesn’t like them and it’s all over her face. IDK what her problem with boys… but it’s clear like water to me and no one will convince me that she’s into boys.

That kind of thing just reinforces my thoughts about her last interviews. That’s why she “talk” about boys in written interviews, in magazines and stuff… cuz in my opinion, she’s incapable of just really talk normally about boys. Every time she talks about them she makes a face of disgust… and they know that we can “read” her body language and her face expression. They are trained to control things like that.

I’m sorry, Mila… but it’s easier to me believe in Santa again than believe you are into boys.

TO ME… and that’s just MY opinion…

She’s gay! (she tried boys and salmon, but I think she didn’t like it!)

ps. I can be wrong, but believe me, I’m gay since I was born and when I was at her age… I just could not even hear about someone thinking that I was into boys. I just hated them… thinking they were annoying and immature. With the years passing by I’ve learned more about myself and that problem is gone. Sometimes I see my teenager self on her… It’s crazy tho! If you think she’s BI or STRAIGHT… I respect you anyway.

  • Me, A Keeper working at a Zoo, Watching Newt go through his collection routine in Fantastic Beasts: *furious whispering* where is he getting his supplies for this. what kind of meat is he feeding??? how does he get the meat??? magic doesn't just make meat from thin air things still have to be slaughtered what is his meat supplier??? the fuck kind of pellets were those??? does he make them himself??? how does he have time for anything??!? does time slow down in the suitcase so he can spend all this time working on the food prep and daily checks for all these things how-

“I’m used to people staring at the 6 and a half foot tall oxwoman, don’t worry about me. Just concerned about the effect this will have on your reputation with your troops.”

“I’m not. Let them talk.” 


Stressful week at work requires unwinding with silly wildly-OOC fluff. Heavily inspired by this delightful post. Cullen does much the same thing when an Adaar asks him to sneak away to the battlements. The kissing in broad daylight, completely out in the open thing would be conspicuous enough, but frequently planting his face in the Inquisitor’s chest would likely invite all kinds of ….. input from the people down below


“You know, it’s weird, because you get forced together with another actor, and who knows what’s gonna happen. I just think that I really liked her; I mean, we’ve got a similar sense of humour; she’s Irish, I’m Australian. She is a very endearing person, very intelligent, she’s excellent at what she does which made me sort of admire her even more as an actor. Fun to be around.”

–  Joel Edgerton

“We like each other. We all kind of really like each other and we all get along, but no one wants to hear that, do they?  But you know, the thing about when you like someone is…it’s about like respect, and wanting each other to have a nice time…because I like my job and I want to enjoy it. And I think that Joel describes it brilliantly. He says we all felt, and especially the two of us, that we were carrying something very important and precious together and that was our job, and so you can’t help but need each other.”

–  Ruth Negga  

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga try to explain the beautiful chemistry they created on-screen as Richard and Mildred Loving; shown at the film’s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival


“Dude, we’re good. You just scared the damn shit outta me.”

If Vanoss sends sad penguin pics at Delirious whenever he tries to shit-talk him, there’s no way he wouldn’t try to apologize for this

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