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The joker probably made Harley take private swimming lessons after the car incident 😂 anyway I love your blog❤️😊

Thank you! 💕 Omg I never thought about that, but I totally think you’re right XD 

Joker: *about to throw Harley in one of their fancy indoor pools*

Harley: “NO! Puddin, I’m not ready!’

Joker: “1-”

Harley: *squeels and climbs up his shoulders*

Joker: “2-”

Harley: “No, no, no!”

Joker: *throws her in the pool and laughs his ass off*


Joker: *gives her a floaty ring to hold onto while still cackling*


Kids are still depressed when you dress them up
Syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup

Channeling my inner Melanie today 

Assignment: Paint The Body

Sam is pretty sure he’s falling in love with a short little blonde from his art class. 

Now, to know Sam, you must know that he hates art. Loathes it. It’s not that he doesn’t like actual art. It’s that he hates taking the class. 

Sure, when you’re in high school, you can some times get by with some splatters on a page and saying that it was how you felt in the moment and that to do any more would be to stifle your creativity… at least that was how Dean did it.

But he had never been good. He’d been passable. In fact when he was interviewed for his spot of enrollment for Stanford, the woman that handled admissions said she was thankful he wasn’t going to study art. It was a joke, of course. 

But then when he got his schedule and learned that he’d accidentally been put in an art class instead of something he was actually good at like writing or anything else… he freaked. 

He’d tried so hard to change it but all the school kept telling him was that if he dropped the class, it meant taking on more the next semester and the next semester was where he was going to have all his important classes with teachers that showed no mercy. It was better to just do it and get it over with. 

“Come on, Sammy. It won’t be that bad,” Dean had said to him. 

“Dean, this isn’t high school and I’m not you. I can’t make something that looks like something a child did,” he had looked at the other. 

“I’ll have you know my art was legendary,” he offered in a joking tone. “But you can do it. How hard can it be?”

Hard. Very hard…

And Sam was not referring to the level of difficulty of the class. 

The class had started off fairly easy, actually. They had just been talking about art for the first month and that was a relief. But then the teacher started to dive in something he wasn’t the worst at and that was painting. 

He painted his feelings and emotions– which earned him an A– and then they moved on to fruit like everyone always did in the most basic of art classes. But then they were moving on to the human body. 

Sam sighed as the guys in the corner snickered to each other, obviously thinking that since the professor was male, they were going to get a nice curvy female to paint naked. 

Oh how they were wrong. 

Sam hadn’t seen the other come in as he readied what he would needed, almost hoping their skin would be a darker tone as it was so much easier to mix the colors. But as he got his things together, he heard the guys in the corner suddenly stopping before making a ruckus. 

“If you are uncomfortable with the body you are to be painting, you may leave and take a zero,” the professor said in a haughty tone. 

Sam frowned and looked up at the man standing on the small platform so that he could be seen by the whole class. 

His mouth dropped immediately as he saw the man wrapped up in the sheet. His hair was long-ish, golden as the light hit it, and he wondered if this man looked so good wrapped in a sheet and perfectly normal… how would he look after he’d just–

He cleared his throat, rather loudly, getting the attention of the short blonde and he perked up a little when the man gave him a small smile before he was told to drop the sheet and to get into a comfortable position. 

“Whenever you’re ready, Gabriel,” the teacher said softly. 

Gabriel. So that was his name. He liked it. 

When Gabriel dropped the sheet, Sam squirmed in his chair. Oh… so not only was he handsome, he had a nice body. Great this was going to be impossible. 

It’s going to take three classes, the professor informed them before letting them get to work. So he would get to look at the other naked for three classes? That was… well it was either torture or a slice of heaven. 

The entire first class, Sam spends it trying to get the others curves right. It’s impossible, he was sure. Gabriel was tiny but he was nearly built feminine, curved like a stereotypical woman. It’s beautiful… what would be even more beautiful would be if he didn’t have to waste three canvases on trying. But the professor just gives a knowing smile and turns back to his desk. 

The second second class, Sam is sure Gabriel is looking at him the whole time. He can’t prove it because every time he looks up, the other is switching poses it seems, and to the pose he’s not even doing. As he tries to work, he can’t seem to concentrate. If this was how it was to be, he would just have to ask Gabriel out and get it over with… but when the professor declares the class over, Gabriel picks up his sheet and races back into the professors office and Sam has to be across the campus in fifteen minutes for his next class… so he leaves. 

By the third and final class, Sam has decided that Gabriel is way out of his league. He has decided to just paint the other, to try and make it decent and get a good grade on it. He’d let Gabriel go on his way. 

When the professor says that time is up, Sam races to put the finishing touches on when he ears a voice. 

“Isn’t that cheating?” he hears. 

Sam swallowed before his eyes trailed upwards, first casting upon the sheet that he’d become familiar with and then to the beautiful eyes he’d been trying to get right. 

“Uh–” he flounders because the guy he’s been thinking about for nearly a week… he’s talking to him… and they’re the only ones here. “I just um… I wanted to get it right,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that I captured your beauty.”

God help him, Sam loves it when Gabriel suddenly blushes but he smirks at him. “You know… I thought I felt someone staring at me extra,” he said to the other. “But you know… you’re not very good,” Gabriel seems to tease at the other as he takes the others wrist that is holding the paint brush.

Sam frowns with mixed emotion. Firstly, the guy he knows he could fall for is touching him and it’s electric but he is also telling him he sucks in the nicest way possible. “I know. I’m trying, though. I suppose that’s what matters?”

Gabriel nodded. “It is, I think. But maybe you should take a different approach to this?” he asked. “The assignment, I believe… was to paint my body… perhaps you should get a little… creative,” he whispered as he brought Sam’s hand up the same time his sheet dropped and he dragged the brush across his abdomen, painting him a blue. 

Sam gasps when the sheet falls but it’s when Gabriel brings the paint across his skin that his jaw hangs open only long enough for him to realize what Gabriel means, what he wants before he is on the other, kissing him deeply. 

Sam misses his next class in favor of spending it in this one. He is thankful that this seems to be the last class the professor has as they paint each other a medley of colors, kisses causing it to get just everywhere as they touch. Their colors are at such different ends of the spectrum that later, Gabriel jokes that when they joined they made a rainbow. 

When they’ve finished, they lay panting, absolutely covered in paint, not one regret about them; the sheet wrapped around their cooling bodies. 

“My name is Sam, by the way. I don’t think we covered that. Though, maybe you were moaning it, I can’t remember,” he laughs. 

Gabriel laughed with him and cupped his cheek. “You always sign your art before painting. Most sign it after. I saw your name on the ones you threw out.”

Sam smiled. “I’m sorry I didn’t paint you very well,” he said softly. “I wanted to. You’re gorgeous.”

Gabriel smirked. “I can honestly say you painted me just fine,” he whispers as he brings Sam in for another kiss. 

Oh yeah. Sam is definitely falling in love with the blonde from his art class…

Common Sense Headcanon #2

Y/N is a cat lady millionaire.  She spends her money on haircuts, the cats and Hunger Games merchandise.  She has shares in both Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s, which is perfect for when she wants to watch sad movies and be alone.  She dislikes Ryan Gosling, but The Notebook still made her cry.

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okay I love mori so what are a couple of ur fav mori headcanons??? I'm curious and am consumed with a thirst for more mori information. one might say. more-i information :y

hA well my fav headcanon is that he is Dramatic asf ive said it before and i will say it again he doesn’t show it but he is watching and is Ready to pull the receipts on you at any minute.. 

alsO i have a very small headcanon that mori would be good with hair ? like braiding and stuff which mostly stems from me having cuRly af hair like how neat would it be if he could do cool frenchbraiding or like a two-strand twistout?? like hes obviously good with his hands so i mean?? it makes sense like he could braid up a storm with those long and deft fingers 

also today at the bakery i had to babysit my boss’s brother’s son while i was at the register and shit, so i just gave the kid my phone so that he could hatch my eggs in pokemon go

he hatched me a slowpoke and caught me a beedrill so it was a good idea//thumbs up

Ninja in Health Class?

In health today my teacher was doing the usual boring “Look at all my decorations!”
She has this thing that’s called “Kindness Ninjas” and we have to check each one off by the end of the year.
The kid next to me mumbled “If it’s more than one is it Ninjas or just Ninja? I think it’s just ninja.”
I just kinda looked at him and he came to sit by me at lunch. When he sat down he just stared at me and whispered “Jump up kick back whip around and sin.”

We’re like best friends now.

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Hey! I'm bi and I was wondering if you could translate a few things my straight boyfriend said when I came out to him? They were "I just feel like you love me less now", "You mentioned that this girl was a sweetheart so i thought you were cheating on me", "You don't have a crush on a girl, do you?". Thanks!

Straight Talk: I think all Bi people are cheaters but i’ll never outright say it. Even though you’re in a commited relationship WITH ME, I’ll always be suspicious of you simply cause you can be attracted to other genders.

BTS: Reaction To You Singing

Guys I don’t even know what to call this i guess it just came to me lol. But please show some response if you like it.

Rap-daddy: I feel like he would be like mad in a teasing way of course that you didn’t tell him about your talent.

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Seokjin: I feel like Jin would be the one in most awe and amazement of your hidden talent.

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Hobi: This fluffball would probably like cheer you on and be super happy about it.

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Agust D: He seems like one of the most musically driven members so I would expect him to like ask you to come with the studio with him

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Jimin: ChimChim would probably show off like the little bragger he is lol but like he would want you to sing in public i guess?

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TaeTae: He seems like the one who adores your singing the most so he would probably be like your number one cheerleader.

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Kookie: Similar to suga I believe he would like ask you to sing with him lots and join him in covers, idk he seems like the type to ask people to sing for him before bed. 

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Update ~

Hello friends! I’m not dead yet haha I apologize for my absence, I’ve been busy with a few things n.n

First off, I first disappeared because my amazing BF @nyaaarrrgh came to visit me! We spent just over a week together and it was absolutely wonderful, I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone. Our time together was cut short but we enjoyed being together so much that he’s making every effort to come back to America permanently <3 I couldn’t be more excited ;u; 

I’ll be going to Salt Lake Comic Con next weekend!!! I’ll be there all three days and I have some amazing cosplays planned, I’ll let you guys know what characters I’m planning on doing some time next week c:

As soon as Comic Con is over, I’m going to be launching a Patreon. I have lots of comics I want to make, but I also need funding to be able to make these happen, so if any of you could possibly help me out, I’d really appreciate it! All of my Patreon supporters will get to see my doodles, WIPs, and finished pages before I post them on Tumblr. Also, for every goal we hit, I’ll be making more animatics like the Mystery Love Shack!

I’m also getting a few more designs put together for my Society6 page, I’m trying to release them in sets so stay tuned for those!

I think that’s everything for right now! I have a few asks to respond to, I apologize for making some of you wait for your answers ;u; 

I love you all! I hope you’re all doing well c:

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(1st time posting, hope I’m doing things right)
So I was playing a Ranked Practice game as a Lookout and, somehow, we had 3 dead Mediums. On night 5, one medium seanced me just to troll me. Day 6 came and there was me, a jailor, a 2º confirmed lookout, GF and SK (there was another role I don’t remember, I think it was mafia). Because the Medium had been so useless the night before, I stayed quiet since I had no clues.
Night 7 rolled around and THIS happened. (photo holds the whole N7 chat, I mounted it on paint)
I was jailed and had a seance with another medium. The chat got so messed up because it repeated my messages. I tried to explain the situation, but the jailor executed me anyway, even after telling him I was lookout. I was so confused I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the game.
Needless to say, Town lost and I discovered that receiving ghost visits in jail will get you killed

Guess that it shows up twice because you’re writing in two chats at once.

 - Invenblocker

  • W inspired Original
  • Jimertz

OK. SO. I WASN’T GOING TO POST ANY COVERS/ORIGINALS TONIGHT. BUT APPARENTLY W TWO WORLDS INSPIRED ME. SO I ended writing this song from Yeon Joo’s point of view in the last hour. 

This is just a quick short song I came up with and recorded in an hour because Yeon Joo was making me real sad. And I had my guitar with me and it kind of just came out. 

This is for @kang-chuls , who said she’d like me to post another original. And well even though this is really rough I hope you like it. Bear with me ok I wrote this in under and hour LOL 

Also @winifredburkle you are lovely and I will be covering Eden for you, but for now please take this original. I hope you enjoy <3

time for me to run and hide now.

Once Upon A Time... [An ML kid!Marinette and kid!Adrien drabble]

*Shrugs* Just a cute idea that came to me~

“Adrieeeeen! Adrien, where are you?! We aren’t playing hide and seek right now, so come out already!”

Adrien waited, very careful not to move, or even breathe, as the footsteps tapped across the hall, bypassing his hiding spot completely. Once he was sure the coast was clear, he poked his head out from behind the heavy velvet curtain, sighing in relief when no blonde ponytail was in sight. Adrien supposed he liked Chloe well enough–she was a little bossy at times, but she was his only friend. And, considering how often he was allowed out of the house, friends were hard for him to come by.

Still, she could be a little much from time to time, always wanting to dress him up in frilly dresses like he was a life-sized doll for her amusement. Now Adrien shuddered whenever anything lacy came near him.

Well, at least he had lost her for now…though he had to admit, he’d never been in this part of her dad’s hotel. Adrien stepped out, timidly looking around. No, this didn’t look familiar at all…where was he?

Adrien took tentative steps down the hall, growing more and more nervous when nothing he looked at seemed familiar. Oh no…was he lost? Maybe he should’ve stayed downstairs at the boring party after all…maybe he should’ve just played along with Chloe like he usually did…if he hadn’t run from her, he wouldn’t be lost now.

His lower lip began to tremble. Surely someone would find him, wouldn’t they? His mother would realize he was missing when she didn’t find him with Chloe…surely they’d find him before long…his parents wouldn’t leave the party without him…right?

As Adrien rounded the corner, now in a hurry to get back to settings that were more familiar, that made sense, his head thumped against something hard. Yelping in pain and surprise, he fell back, landing hard on his rump. He whimpered at the pain, and tears sprang to his eyes; it was a moment before he realized he was no longer alone.

“Oops! I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

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