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Disposable pt 17

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

The chatter of the crowded cafe surrounded you, but at the small table you found in the far corner, it all seemed to fade away. You had no idea how Yoongi had actually talked you into coming, no idea why you weren’t running away–that was all you really wanted to do. There were a million reasons you could think of for Yoongi to be there, and not one of them good. 

It didn’t help that every time you looked at him you were reminded of just how much you cared about him, and just how much you had hurt each other. There was no recovering after what had happened, but Yoongi’s uncharacteristically shy smile gave you butterflies and a hope that you knew was stupid.

You weren’t sure how long the two of you had been sitting there, avoiding the other persons eyes and busying yourselves looking at the table or the floor, but your large coffee was nearly empty and Yoongi had pushed his aside a while ago.

Part of you wanted to keep the silence. It was nice (even if painful) to be around him again, and as long as neither of you said anything, you could pretend that everything was fine, and this wasn’t the last time you would probably ever see him. Even though you knew that the longer it went on, the worse it would be when he was gone, you wanted to live in the moment a little longer. 

But the rational part of you knew better. You needed to get this over with, to rip it off like a bandaid. Maybe today would give you some closure, there was at least a small chance. But either way, the sooner you were out of this cafe and back at your desk, the sooner you could go back to pretending that everything was fine.

“So how have you been?” You asked finally, and Yoongi’s eyes snapped to yours so fast you nearly jumped. 

“Really good, actually.” He said, and you tried to smile. You genuinely were happy to hear this, but it made your heart sink none the less. It was selfish, you knew, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t hoping to hear that he had missed you. “I started playing the piano again, even called my parents last week.”

“That’s great.” You said, broadening your smile. You wondered briefly if you would ever have the chance to hear him play again, but knew that it was unlikely. Even so, the fact that he was doing something he loved again made you more than happy for him.

“What about you?” There was a hesitant concern in Yoongi’s eyes, and you did your best to brush it off. You didn’t know quite how to answer his question, knowing that telling him the whole truth would be pointless.

“I’ve been staying out of trouble.” You said with a smile, wanting away from the subject as soon as possible. “Your new job’s been okay?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi nodded. “I’ll be honest, my boss isn’t as cool as Namjoon, but it’s been going really well.”

“I’m happy for you.” You said, unsure of what else to say, but you meant it. At least one of you had moved on and was happy. 

“Thanks.” It was a simple phrase, but there was something genuine about Yoongi’s smile that made your heart skip a beat. “Look, about what happened…” Yoongi started, and you shook your head. You knew this was going to happen, and you didn’t really want to hear whatever it was Yoongi had to say. It was just going to make all those emotions resurface, and you didn’t know how you were going to deal with it all again. 

“Yoongi…” You started, but he cut in.

“You said you’d hear me out.” He said, his eyes determined. “And I’m afraid if I don’t hurry up and say this, I never will. So I need you to just listen for a bit.” 

You nodded reluctantly, eyes flicking to him before settling on his hands. His nails were bitten down to the quick, and you wondered if it was from nerves at the thought of seeing you. You immediately scolded yourself, there was no reason for you to believe that. 

“I never wanted to care about you.” Yoongi began, and already you were wishing he hadn’t. “Not that it was just you, I kept my distance from everyone for years–I had about a million reasons that I used to rationalize it. I thought I could keep feelings out of it, but you’re just so…” His voice trailed off, and you could have sworn his cheeks had a hint of pink. You could tell he wasn’t having an easy time saying any of this, but you didn’t want to interrupt. “You scare me.” He said after a second, and you couldn’t help a laugh.

“Thanks.” You snorted, playing with a bracelet on your wrist. Yoongi shook his head, giving you a half-smile.

“I said that wrong.” He muttered. “I meant, the way I feel about you scares me.”

You looked up at him slowly to find that his eyes were locked on yours. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, that same flicker of hope leaping into your throat. 

“That I care about you more than I was willing to admit, even to myself. And I treated you like crap for it. I guess I thought maybe if you hated me, I could get over you or some shit.” Yoongi’s eyes dropped, and you opened your mouth to say something. No sound came out however, and you shut it again. 

Could Yoongi be serious? You almost thought that maybe it was some kind of cruel joke, but you were fairly sure even Yoongi wasn’t that good of an actor. You went over his words in your head, biting your lip. 

“I treated you like shit for so long that by the time I finally realized what an idiot I was being, it was too late. So I left.”

“Yoongi–” You tried again, but he interrupted. 

“But I shouldn’t have.” He said firmly. “You didn’t deserve to suffer because I couldn’t be an adult about my feelings. Not a day has gone by since then that I haven’t wanted to tell you, I just couldn’t figure out how. And I can’t tell you how sorry I am for it–for everything.”

You hated that his words were causing your eyes to pool with tears, and you sniffed while trying to blink them away. What were you supposed to say to all that? 

“I guess that’s all I wanted to say.” Yoongi said with a somewhat nervous laugh. “I don’t expect you to give me a second chance or anything, I could never ask for that, I just thought you should know. I should probably go now.” He said as he began to stand. “I just–I didn’t want you to think that it was something you did, or–”

“Don’t go.” You snapped. “You can’t just say all that shit and leave, fucking asshole.” Yoongi sank back down in his chair, looking completely bewildered

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Justin’s New Girl

A/N: Can I get some feedback from this after you read it? Send requests too b. xx

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1, 904

Warnings: does swearing count> ;)

SummaryJustin has introduced his new girlfriend for the first time to his long-term closest female friend, Y/N, but his girlfriend does not have a keen interest in befriending her.


“Raindrop, drop top smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox” I sang in the mist of hoovering my living room over the wooden floorboards. I was too busy dancing with the hoover to the song bad and boujee that I didn’t even notice that my house doors locks were making the sound of keys being jiggled in that would have hinted that it was Justin entering the house, “I see your dancing again y/n” Justin chuckled walking over to the sofa and leaving the keys on the coffee table. “why don’t you do something better like go Livestream on insta” I walked over to where Justin was sitting and sat directly opposite of where he sat to talk to him better. Justin shrugged, “already did that in the morning but I do have something to tell you”

“What’s good?” I replied

“You know all the months I have been out of the Instagram social media limelight right? Well I met someone”

I stood up and walked closer to him, pulling him into a hug, and congratulated him “How long have you been with her and does anyone else know?” I gushed

“First of all I have been with her for like 3 months or so and you’re the only person that knows which leads me to tell you that I want you to meet her for yourself – I need to show her one of the most important people that I know”

“Ok sure but why didn’t you introduce her to your sisters and parents before me?”

“I need to make sure she is the right one before I tell everyone” he explained which I clearly understood.

I was truly happy for Justin having a girl with him but I couldn’t shake the feeling that these LA insta girls don’t seem how they really are but for Justin, I will give her a shot. Tomorrow at the Palm in Downtown LA.


After Justin told me that he had a girlfriend I just had to be the supportive best friend and check out her Instagram page that revealed her name was Asia Eliwood. This Asia must be about twenty years old judging by her nurtured skin. Asia was an Instagram model with over 900K followers that were interested in liking her beach pictures that exposed her toned abs on her beautifully tanned body. She was Justin’s Type. Today I was going for the casual look consisting of slick black straight hair, black two piece dress that followed my black heels and a pair of diamond-encrusted earrings.

The restaurant was surprisingly full for a hot Friday afternoon, the soft reclined chairs and oak wooden tables were used by many new customers. The waiter came returned with a menu, looking at the menu I decided to pick out a Caesar salad with prawns as a starter and for the main meal, a Pepperoni pizza with a glass of coke with sliced lemon.

Minutes later…

I fidgeted, adjusting the strap of my dress and reapplying another coat to my already red lips. With nothing else to do, I let myself soak in the ambient music for a few moments, wondering what the words to say when Justin and his girlfriend arrive then drinking water in the vanilla fragranced air. From the corner of my eye, I realized a slim figured female stood beside the table;  I glanced up at her face and stood up.

“Y/N right?” she said

“You must be Asia, nice to meet you” I began walking closer to her to pull her into a hug which she happily agreed. It was fair to say that she was even more beautiful as she was on her Instagram account and really knew her angles, her green eyes, and long wavy jet black hair complimented her faux feathered grey jacket over her tightly fitted turtleneck shirt with black jeans whereas Justin dressed in a black slim fit suit and tie for this casual occasion. Justin made his way to me and pulled me in a soft embrace as a sign of common friendliness between us then pulled out a seat for Asia before sitting down on the chair opposite to me.

“So y/n how long have you known Justin bear?” Asia asked

“nearly 4 years now, he is like a brother to me in all honesty so you better look after him good” I chuckled clearing the air without realising that this Asia rolled her eyes and showed off her dimpled fake smile that Justin loved, Justin remained in his seat and turned over to the window overlooking the summery spring lighting that was covered by groups of fans waving over for him to come over. “Asia, Y/N the fans want what they want but I will come back in a second” Justin stood up and pecked Asia on the temple before leaving the restaurant to entertain the fans clambering outside the restaurant.

“It’s so fucking annoying how these fangirls think that they actually have a chance with Justin bear” laughed Asia, sipping from her wine bottle looking back at Justin currently taking photos with fans and laughing along at whatever Joke a petite brown skinned girl with a high puff that framed her heart shaped face – her face said it all that she was serious and partly intimidated by the girls she was talking about. “Anyway Asia you look so good in that outfit you probably workout like 5 times a week right?”

“I have a personal trainer that helps so most of the credit goes to him and it helps that he is fine as fuck but in 2 months or so he can fix you up y/n”

“oh really?” I laugh joining in on her so-called joke

“I’m serious babe; you need all the help you can get” Asia flashed her million dollar smile and moved on to her salad and scrolled through her phone leaving me dumbstruck on did she actually say this as a joke? Or did the bitch mean that she was serious? She was on strike 2 after bitching about the fans that initially loved her because of her large following before they started dating which lead them to believe that she was a ‘genuine’ person that ‘does not want him for his money’ or the ‘fame’ along with it. I started gathering up my things removed myself from the awkward situation then pushed a $20 note for my half of the bill and walked out of the restaurant in time as Justin walked back in.

Justin’s face showed concern as he looked own ant my bawled fists  - a trait I have when angry or pissed off that he noticed during our  4 years of friendship, “Y/N why aren’t you inside with Asia, she really likes you”

“Justin as your best friend It is in my best interest to tell you that Asia Eliwood is not only a bitch but also an anti-belieber one too.”

“sure and that’s why she took photos with the fans 2 days ago” Justin sarcastically replied

“Don’t play that game with me Justin, ask your dumbass girlfriend what she thinks about the fangirls which believe they have a chance with you and get back to me” I managed not to snap and moved away from the fans recording the altercation and walked back to all white Mercedes to go home.


*A week later

It has been days since Justin and I have stopped talking because of his stiff and stuffy girlfriend and her insecurities between mine and Justin’s friendship so when Justin surprisingly facetimed me to tell me that he doesn’t want to lose this friendship and wanted to come over, shocked was the last word to say at the least. Finishing the last burrito in my minimalist stone marble countertops, the small ringing sounds of the doorbell played I open the door allowing Justin in and closing the door, however, the blockage of soft moisturized blue acrylic nails that belonged to ‘all so famous Asia Bitchywood’

Justin is the closest friend I have so because of that I had to let Asia I, even if she was from the pit of hell. In attempt to break off the ice I smiled at Justin which Asia followed with a sly snarl and a raised eyebrow for the classic bitch please move – She messed with the wrong one

“Sorry darling is there an issue?” I chuckled inching closer to her face and not caring that Justin was in the same room as both of us

Asia smirked knowing that with Justin here she could be the innocent looking one, “I don’t have one y/n”

“I’m sorry, have we met? Because I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered a bitch like you.” It was too much for me not to say something to that stuck up bitch even if Justin and I are losing the friendship bond AGAIN because of her! Faced with no other option Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen from the hallway. It was the only time since last week that I analyzed his facial expression when he put 2 and 2 together that maybe I and Asia do not appreciate each other’s company

Justin’s face was laced with confusion and heartbreak as he whispered, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this y/n but I really like this girl and she is trying to be your friend! Why can’t you just try as much as she does?”

Raising my eyebrows I faced away from him and began walking paces away from him “I don’t like her because your so perfect girlfriend told me to stop being friends with you” It was clear that Justin was not only baffled by what I just told him but from his shaking fingers that accompanied with his head he couldn’t believe this. “You have a fucking problem” Justin sighed and rubbed his temple

“Me have a problem? It was never an issue with us when she talked about my weight and your fans that treat me better that you” I shouted and walked towards the fridge to pull out a can of coke for me, Justin and the ungrateful hoe standing in the middle of the hallway alone.

“But she never said it y/n” argued Justin

“Let’s get this over and done with because Khalil is coming over for a chill session Justin”

Justin let out an exasperated sigh and called over Asia into the kitchen to the island for all of us to be faced with each other once again, “Asia you and y/n need to figure out your beef for me ok baby?”

Asia nodded and puckered her lips for Justin to kiss making me feel like the 3rd wheel in my own house but if this bitch wants to play  like that ok “Justin maybe to patch all my so called lies up why don’t we double date me, you, Avasia and Khalil?” I asked

“Asia y/n ayyy-shhh-aaa” smirked Asia crossing her arms with a sour expression

Justin smiled at the thought of proving to you that not only is Asia worthwhile but she isn’t a hater too, “Done deal y/n I’ll text you the date on the group chat I’m out”

Waving goodbye to Justin and Asia as they left the house I closed the door and focused on Khalil to talk things over. This was going to be fun.

Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 9.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: Wow…I can’t believe this story is ending next part LOL. I was going to dump the entire finale into one massive last part, but I got too antsy and wanted to release what I have now instead of rushing myself to finish everything in one go xD hope you all don’t mind waiting in anxiety one last time (for this series) ~ Enjoy! <3 And thank you so much for the birthday wishes ~ it is my birthday today hehehe

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          “What’s Forrest Gump’s password?”


           "1forrest1!” Jin cackled excitedly.

           Most of the other students giggled along while others shook their heads, fighting back a smile. Kim Seokjin had always broken the ice with humor, and more or less, it had always worked for him in getting people to begin a friendship.

           But that wasn’t the case with you.

           He first saw you walking with a book attached to your face on the first day of school, freshman year. He had to admit he was curious as to how exactly you were avoiding people so well and concentrating on the words on the page. Coincidentally enough, as he followed you (not because he wanted to), he realized you were heading to the same exact class.

           And you irked him.

           And Kim Seokjin wasn’t one to be irritated easily.

           BUT you never reacted to his humor, so he found himself beginning to seek your approval when he’d hit the punch lines to every joke, to every pun. Whenever your face remained emotionless and unfazed, he would find himself annoyed. Kim Seokjin always made people laugh and he wasn’t going to ruin his streak so early in his life.

           "Hi, I’m Kim Seokjin. You can call me Jin.“ He finally mustered the courage to introduce himself to you despite your standoffish aura.

           Your eyes traveled up to him briefly before returning to your book. "Hi.”

           He stood there awkwardly with his hand outstretched. “Um and your name?”

           "Y/N.“ You replied curtly, clearly not taking the bait to invest in a conversation.

           He pursed his lips. "Hey, you’re smart, right?”

           You simply raised an eyebrow at him skeptically.

           "See if you can answer this.“

           You closed your book slightly, meaning you were intrigued. He grinned widely, and pulled a chair in front of your desk.

           "I travel all over the world, but always stay in my corner. What am I?”

           You hummed for a few seconds then replied, “A stamp.”

           "Crap.“ he hissed. "You’re good. How about… what kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?”

           You yawned and opened your book back up, already losing interest. “A coat of paint.”

           Jin panicked, feeling like he was losing his only chance to gain your approval. “And why did the cow cross the road??”

           You exhaled. “To get to the other side.”

           "No, no, no.“ Jin wagged his finger confidently.

           You gave him a questionable look. "It is.”

           "No. It’s to get to the udder side.“

           You shook your head, but Jin placed his hand over your book, stopping you from returning your attention there boldly.

           "What do you call a cold dog sitting on a bunny?”

           You pursed your lips and averted your eyes, in deep thought. “Hmm…”

           "Give up?“

           "No. Hold on. Let me think.”

           Jin grinned widely. He had gotten in.

           "Um…“ You mumbled various answers to yourself, but not satisfied with any of them.

           "A chili dog on a bun!!” He bellowed excitedly, not able to bear with waiting any longer.

           You looked at him like he had four heads at first, but slowly, as the answer pieced together, your lips curled up and you giggled.

           And it was a beautiful sound.

           His heartbeat quickened as he gawked at you. Your smile was gorgeous and your shy laughter was like music to his ears. Was it only because he had waited so long to get such a reaction out of you?

           As quickly as your smile came, it faded. You hurriedly picked up your book, and covered your face once more, embarrassed.

           "Nice to meet you…Jin.“ You mumbled.

           He felt himself grinning from ear to ear, and he determined that he would try to make you laugh at least once every day from now on. Part of him wanted to know what that momentary feeling was, and the other really just enjoyed hearing and seeing you laugh. He felt special, accomplished, since no one else in the class seemed to have done that before.

           You were mysterious, and he was intrigued.

           And so began your friendship.

           "Y/N! Y/N!” Jin was practically glowing the following day.

           You appeared surprised that he was speaking to you again, and so candidly at that.

           "I have another for you.“

           "Another?” You questioned.

           "Okay, where did the sheep go on vacation?“ he asked, slightly breathless. He may have just sprinted into the classroom as soon as he arrived on school grounds to get to you. But you didn’t have to know that.

           "Um…the farm?”

           He clicked his tongue. “So naive, Y/N.”

           You glared at him a little, and for some reason, even that reaction he found quite adorable. He shook the feeling away to get to the answer.

           "The BAAAAAAAAAAHAMAS!“ he mimicked a sheep.

           Immediately, your hand covered your mouth, trying to suppress your laughter. Jin beamed.

           "Was that funny? BAAAAAAAAHAMASS!” he persisted.

           You couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

           "How could someone be so shameless?“ You breathed as you wiped your tears, and regained your composure.

           "How could someone not have a sense of humor? Come on, Y/N. Laugh longer! Live a little!” he urged.

           You furrowed your brows. “You don’t know me.”

           "But I want to.“ Jin blurted out. Oh? When did his mouth move?

           You two stared at each other, in surprise at his confession. He felt his cheeks warm.

           "I mean we’re friends now! You laughed at my joke, okay? Okay!”

           He didn’t even wait for your reply before scrambling away. Once back in his seat, he glanced over at you curiously, finding a small smile splayed on your face while reading.

           And that’s when he knew, he just had to see that every day.  

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Classic Car Family

Title: Classic Car Family

Characters: Dean and Ben Braeden

Word Count: 2600ish

Warning: Lots of fluff

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“Welcome to Zeppelin’s Auto, I’m Max.” The young guy behind the desk mumbled as he turned around. “What kind of problem are you having?”

“I need some new spark plugs and a filter for an oil change. You guys sell parts for a ’67 Impala?”

Max turned around and gave Dean a weird look. “A what? That’s, like, a super old car right?”

Dean looked past him into the window to the mechanic’s bay. “Anyone work here that knows classic cars?”

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The 12 Big Lessons I Took from My Art School Education

The big graduate exhibition at OCAD U just wrapped up this past weekend and, while I have made posts on what I learned my first and second year at OCAD, this one will summarize the major things I learned over the course of getting my degree. Hopefully, this will help someone out who’s going into the Illustration program at OCAD, or any art or design degree anywhere. On with the show, and as always, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need advice!

1. Just Do it Time. Management.

I think I’ve mentioned this point in almost every single one of my advice posts, and I’ll say it again at the top. Managing your time and schedule is key to getting things done, not “feeling motivated”. Because you will not feel motivated every day, not even close, and it’s not a failure on your part- that’s just life. In my opinion, you need three things: a planner, a place for your to-do list to live, and a place to quickly jot down ideas and notes as they occur to you

Put everything down, every deadline, class, work shift, coffee date, and party, in your planner so you won’t need to exhaust your brain remembering what’s coming up during the week. For a successful to-do list, break down tasks into easy little bites. And by committing to paper every little sketch, quote, whatever comes to mind, you won’t waste energy trying to remember that cool idea you had at 4 am, or last week on the train. I try to look over my sketchbooks once every 3 months to see if there’s anything actionable in those pages.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone. 

No, really, you can’t. This one I learned the hard way, and far too late. I am a people pleaser, and the hardest thing for me to do is have a spine rather than try to pander my illustrations to whichever professor, class, or client I have. I mean, it’s helpful to be receptive to feedback, but there’s a line between that and losing your own voice. Try to please yourself at least as much as others. Keep in mind your big goals, your weaknesses you want to work on, the type of art you want to create. This ensures that every project becomes your project, not just something you have to get done. 

3. Don’t Stop

I like to compare artistic skill with athletic skill. Mostly because it’s the only way I would ever be compared to an athlete hahaha. But really- a star athlete might have been born predisposed to being muscley, but there’s no way they became track stars just by showing up. They put in hours of training, and eat whey smoothies, or whatever active people do I don’t know. Fitbits? …hemp seeds?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Likewise, you need to work out your creative muscles or else you won’t be art buff. Whatever works for you- sketch challenges, drawing from life, practicing patterns, experimenting with new media, just keep at the art thing. Even if you hate your style and yourself and feel like giving up and all you can draw are stick people … especially then … keep going.

4. This Graph :

5. Take Notes In Crit

Now this one I learned very late and only started doing this during thesis crit. 

Make two columns. One for positive feedback, one for negative. I realised that by not recording feedback, I was missing out on small mistakes I was repeatedly making, that I could easily avoid if I just…remembered what they were. (For instance, when I’m very stressed out with a drawing, I will often put hands backwards…) 

I also learned what people liked about my work- by recording what positive feedback I was receiving, I was able to tangibly figure out what my strengths were as well, rather than just vaguely thinking “I have to fix xyz but people also said some nice things!”

6. Be Nice

Be nice to your classmates- now I don’t mean baby them. Or even critique sandwich when you have something to say in crit. I mean, like … if a classmate is clearly having a rough time after a crit, maybe be sure to tell them on your way out from class how much you liked xyz part of their piece. Ask a classmate if they want to grab coffee with you on break. Wave and say hi to classmates in the halls, even if they don’t say hi back or don’t seem to want to talk to you. Just, like, things that sometimes we forget to do when we’re having a hard enough time remembering to be kind to ourselves. It can feel pointless when you get nothing back but an odd look 9 times out of 10 but … usually it’s a good idea.

7. Talk to your Profs

Your profs are wells of knowledge, tips, insights, and funny jokes. It is such a waste, if you really like a prof, to not take the time to ask them a quick question during breaks or after class. They’re usually pretty rad people (except when they’re not) even if they’re intimidating and scary and hate your work- they can help!

8. Do Not …

-Be the only person who asks long, convoluted questions in a lecture course in the middle of the class. Ask on your own time during breaks please, we are all inwardly groaning and you are dragging the class on an unrelated spiel.

-Leave your dirty brushes in water, you’ll ruin them.

-Excuse away every negative crit you receive with ‘That was on purpose.’ Even if it was, maybe it wasn’t a good descision…

-Be too hard on yourself.

9. Do …

-Make time for socializing

-Invest in good materials

-Voice your opinions in crit, even if you disagree with a classmate. Especially then, actually, let it be a dialogue!

10. Stretch:

11. Podcasts!

Podcasts and audiobooks are tops for distracting your left brain and staying engaged when you’re working on art! My reccomendations:

Editorial-y: This American Life, 99 Percent Invisible, Radiolab

Story driven: Snap Judgement, Alice Isn’t Dead, Welcome to Nightvale

About the Internet: Reply All, Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer

Buisness/Time Management-y: Clients from Hell, Cortex, StartUp

“Two Dudes Talking”: Your Dreams My Nightmares, Hello Internet, Nerd Poker

12. You’re Not an Expert and Will Probably Never Feel Like One (at Least Not for Long)

In my opinion, in creative fields like mine/ours, nobody is an “expert”, because there’s always a new technique to try, a new subject to explore, new software, new inspirations. Like, as soon as you feel like you’re pretty good at drawing cows

You go to this obscure art opening on a whim one thursday night and see this genius pull this out of wherever amazing ideas come from and it turns your life upside-down: **

And you’re like “shoot…I didn’t even begin to understand all the ways I could approach drawing cows. I have no idea about anything!” And you feel dumb and small- but don’t! 

Creativity, forcibly, involves creation … and re-creation, and growing, and new stuff. New ideas in your brain, old techniques that you used that you burn up in your head because you realise they’re dumb, new artists who are 4 years younger than you and a million times better. And that’s awesome, because as long as there’s that, your creative output and our field never goes stagnant. Just remember that everyone always has everything more to learn about everything and you won’t feel frustrated yourself.

So that’s It! That’s all of the big advices I have. All the wisdom I’ve gleaned from my four years at OCAD U, broad strokes, are here. As always, my inbox is open so feel free to message me for specific questions or advice, or go to my FAQ. Hugs and kisses to all. Follow me on instagram.



**Okay so that’s obviously an exxagerated example (and the picasso drawing is a bull, not a cow…) but you get my gist. 

A Fluff By Any Other Name

Status: Complete
Word Count: 1.8K
Category: One-shot, Domestic Family Fluff, Husband Dean, Reader Insert Mommy, Sam And Dogs, Practical Jokes, Meet Cute  
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): Dean, Sam, You, a Newborn, a Nurse 
Pairing(s): Dean + You
Warnings: None 
Author’s Note: Post-story
Overall Summary: Sam arrives at the hospital to meet his newborn niece.  

A Fluff By Any Other Name

Dean was waiting for Sam in the hallway.

“No flowers?”

“Uh, she hates flowers. Figured I’d ask what she wants for dinner, run get it.”

“Maybe I would’ve appreciated the flowers.”

“You know, I’m going to let this go, because you’ve had a long day, but not as long as hers, so—”

“Ask me.”

“Ask… what?”

You know.”

“Dean, did you sneak some morphine, or whatever they’ve been—”

“Ask me what your niece’s name is. Actually, no - ask me what it’s not.”

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Two can play at this game - Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Ooohhhh!!! Or a Christian & Jay scenario where they both like her or something? Sorry, I can’t make up my mind!! -Anon who asked for Christians scene.

I wrote this with 2 point of views; Jay and Christian and tried to make it as petty as possible lol. I was going to do a third one from the reader’s p.o.v but that got too complicated so that idea was scratched. Also, there will be another part to this story.

 I hope this is easy to follow :) Happy readings xx

It’s your birthday party tonight and you have invited your close friends to your house for a small party. There were still many things to do before everyone arrives. You have to get the cake, prepare food, decorate the place, buy drinks and maybe squeeze in a little cleaning if you have time. You left your house early morning to buy the grocery and once the cake shop opens, you would pick it up. 

Jay’s P.O.V.

Tonight is [Y/N]’s party and I can’t wait to give her the present which I bought. It’s a silver bracelet that she liked when we walked past the jewelry store the other week. I was afraid she was going to in the store and buy it herself, but I told her to wait for another week because that is when they usually have sales. I lied, of course. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help because I know she has heaps of things to do before the party. 

“Morning [Y/N], how’s everything?” 

“I’m drowning with grocery bags at the moment and out of all days, there doesn’t seem to be any taxis around. And I still need to pick up the cake,” she replied. 

“Are you shopping at the usual place?” 


“Great! I’m like 10 minutes away so I’m on my way. Text me where you are standing and I’ll meet you there”.

Christian’s P.O.V.

Yes! I just finished wrapping [Y/N]’s present. I hate wrapping presents but I’ll sit through a million how-to wrap videos for [Y/N]. I got her a personalised watch and hand bag. I put her initials on the watch’s band and the bag. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help since I know how hard it is to plan a party. 

“Good morning, [Y/N]. Do you need any help?” 

“Hey, Christian. Yeah I’ve just done the shopping and I’m just waiting for Jay to come and help me,” she replied. 

“Jay? Isn’t he working today?”

“Nah I don’t think so. He called me earlier and asked if I needed help. I told I was doing the grocery so he’s meeting me soon. OH shit! I forgot about the cake?! Damn. Can I call you back, Christian?” 

“Cake? I thought you ordered it?”

“I did, but I need to pick it up and it’s across town. I should have told Jay to pick it instead.”

“I’ll do it, [Y/N]. Give me the address.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Christian! I’ll text you the address and I’ll call them in advance so they know. Can you drop it by my house when you get it?”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you soon then”.

Jay’s P.O.V.

I got off the taxi and saw [Y/N] standing there with grocery bags surrounding her feet. She must be cold as she was only wearing a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers. 

“You’re saviour is here, [Y/N]. No need to look further.” She laughed. It is always good to hear her laugh at my jokes. “Here take my jacket. You must be freezing.” 

“Thanks so much for coming and yeah it’s so cold. I didn’t expect to buy this many. Now can you please hail a taxi, Saviour.”

When we got back to her house, I got the grocery bags and as we were walking up the steps there was somebody sitting there. It was Christian. What the hell is he doing here? Doesn’t he have to shoot those Instagram videos with them fancy visuals? Or go on Instagram Live just to show everyone that he vapes. What a loser. 

Christian’s P.O.V.

When I received [Y/N]’s message, I immediately got in a taxi and went to the cake shop. When I got the cake, the staff told me [Y/N] had already call them in advance. They also told me how lucky she was to have such a caring boyfriend. Even though [Y/N] and I aren’t a couple, I didn’t correct the staff instead I smiled and nodded. By doing that, I’m not hurting anyone right? 

I got to her house but she wasn’t home yet. Where the hell is that Jay taking her? He probably told the cab driver to take the route where his gym is. Just to show [Y/N] where he works out. What a loser. 

A few minutes later, a cab arrived in front of her house. I saw [Y/N] walking out of the taxi and she was wearing a ripped denim jacket. It looked far too big on her. As I was watching [Y/N] another figure exit the other side of the cab. The one and only Jay so the jacket must have been his. Look at him, carrying all the bags just to show off. 

“Hey Christian. You didn’t wait long at here, did you?” she asked.

“No I just got here. I saw the cake design. It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” 

“Christian, my actual birthday passed already. You don’t have to say nice things anymore. Well once every week is okay.”

We both laughed. [Y/N] unlocked her door and went in first, then me and lastly Jay. I didn’t bother helping him with the bags or greeted him.

Jay’s P.O.V.

“It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” Ugh. Who says things like that. That was so cringy I nearly dropped the bags. And that idiot didn’t bother to ask if I needed help or at least, hold the door. Why is [Y/N] friends with him.

I set the bags on the table and saw the two of them in the kitchen. They were huddling in front of the fridge. Probably looking for Christian’s sense of humour. 

“What are guys doing?” 

“We’re trying to fit this cake into the fridge. Ah there! Perfect.”

[Y/N] turned to face us and crossed her arms. 

“So, I have to start preparing the food. If the both of you are not busy, can you stay and help me? Please.”

“I’ll stay here to help you.”

Christian also insisted to stay. Great..!

Christian’s P.O.V.

Dammit, Jay also volunteered to stay. This is going to be fun..

“What do you want me to do?” 

“Um, well I need these vegetables cut and I still need to decorate the place. So one of you can help me in the kitchen and the other can decorate. So boys, choose your role.”

Jay’s P.O.V.

Obviously, I’m going to be the one helping [Y/N]. I don’t want her to be alone with Christian. 

“I’ll help you in here. Christian can decorate. He’s probably better then me, anyway.”

Christian’s P.O.V.

“What? I’m not good at decorating. Jay, you can’t cook so why would you be in here? It doesn’t make sense. You’re a musician, I’m sure your creativeness will shine through once you start to decorate.” I then threw one of the bags that had what looked like decorations in it. Or something that looked like a green balloon. It didn’t feel like it when I picked it up but oh well…

Jay’s P.O.V

“Ow! There’s a fucking melon in here, you idiot. And [Y/N] is cooking, I’ll just be cutting the vegetables and shit.”

Christian just threw a fucking melon at me. I swear, if [Y/N] wasn’t here I’ll beat his ass.

“Wow. I didn’t know I had two 5 years old in my house now. Okay, so why don’t you split the role. You guys can swap later on. Ok? Ok. Let’s get to work.” [Y/N] suggested. “Now, let me go get change into something comfy. These skinny jeans are sucking the blood out of my legs. Oh and I need to make a phone call as well. Jay, I’ll leave your jacket here.” 

As soon as [Y/N] left our sight, I turned to Christian. 

“Dude, why did you throw a melon at me? That shit hurts.”

“Oh I’m sorry, but don’t you work out and have abs or something. Surely you can take a hit from a melon.”

“Whatever man. Just stay out of my way, ok?”

Christian’s P.O.V

“Stay out of your way? What are you, a ‘do not enter’ sign? Jay, [Y/N] is also my friend so I have pretty much the same rights as you. I know how you feel about her and you probably know I feel the same way too. 

Damn.. Should I have just said that? Did I just let him have an advantage of some sort? 

Jay’s P.O.V.

“Yeah bro, I know you like her too. Kinda obvious. So what are we suppose to do? A fight to the death? 

“We’re not living in Rome [ay a reference ;)] , Jay. It’s not like we’re gladiators in those olden times. Plus she’s not a prize.”

“I know, she’s not, Christian. Well, Imma do my thing and um you do yours. We’ll let her decide?”

Christian’s P.O.V.

I don’t know how I feel after hearing Jay agreeing with me. It was good to know he’s actually serious. I’ve always thought he was somewhat of a player..? But after hearing him agree that she’s not a prize and the fact that, he wants her to choose… I can live with that. 


CLF: Tendrement, Pasionement (H)

A/N: Yes, I know this is coming up early, but I’m spending time with some friends tonight, and I won’t be able to post. Also, I am aware this is long ish, but the only other place I would have broken it in would have put the final part at like, 500 words and that’s stupid.

A/N: Tendrement, Pasionement is DONE. Now we move onto Part Three, which probably won’t start getting posted until Saturday. There WILL, however, be a PSA regarding Part Three (A La Folie), since it deals with some extremely sensitive, possibly triggering material.

WARNINGS: First fight! Swearing, angst, angst, angst, a tiny bit of fluff, smut at the end, you’re going to get your heart broken, sorry



SONG TRACK: Marry Me–Train & Hallelujah–Jeff Buckley (I listened to this one on repeat while writing the end of this chapter and heard a fucking train whistle right in the middle of it)

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I Want Us to be Batman and Robin Forever

Summary: While cleaning the attic, Bruce finds a letter written by a ten-year-old Dick, and Dick ends up thinking about the consequences of becoming Robin all those years ago. Day 5 of batfam week

ao3 |

“Hey, B,” Dick said, a cheerful smile on his face as he pulled himself up the ladder and into the attic. “I heard you were looking for some slaves to help you clear out some boxes.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “You offering?”

“Tim said he was bored,” Dick said as he walked towards where Bruce was sitting in front of an open box, “and so I told him you wanted some help. His answer was a big fat no, so I figured I might as well give you a hand if he wouldn’t, old man.”

Bruce grunted, but didn’t look up from the paper he seemed to be entranced with. Curious, Dick moved closer, crouching down right behind Bruce and squinting over his shoulder.

“What’s that?”

“A letter.” There was a smile in Bruce’s voice, even if a glance at his face didn’t show it.

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“did i stutter?”

pairing: oak x reader

request: (anon) oak x reader with 10, 16, 7

7. “let him go! it’s me who wants you!”
10. “oh my God. you’re in love with her!”
16. “did i stutter?”

warnings: swearing i think

words: 1,321

a/n: i’m starting to get over my bug! hopefully i can get a few more fics out to you soon. thank you so much for the amazing requests! feel free to leave some more! (also @ whoever haven me this request i loved writing it and thank you so much i love u)

Masterlist / Prompt List

“How could I be so foolish?” You spoke aloud as you paced the floor of your apartment. He had cheated on you. Again. He, your boyfriend Jake, had done this three times now. And each time you forgave him. Each time you told yourself it was only sex, that he was drunk, that it was okay, that he loved you.

Deep down, you knew you deserved better. You knew he treated you like shit. Still, you weren’t sure if you anyone other than him could ever love you.

You had just wiped a stray tear away when you heard a knock at the door.


He stood there holding two pints of Ben and Jerry’s and a blanket.

“Hi,” he said, but you were already in his arms, grateful he was there. He was always there for you.

“God, I just, I just wish she could realize her worth, you know? She is this beautiful, smart, incredible, girl. I just don’t see why she let’s herself get stepped all over by - by Jake.” Oak was pacing the dressing room the following day.

Anthony chuckled from across the room, smirking knowingly at Daveed.


“Oh my God,” Daveed said, rolling his eyes.

“What?” Oak asked again, this time more frustrated.

“You’re in love with her!” Anthony laughed, standing up to walk towards him. “You probably always have been.”

Oak should his head, flustered now. “I am not in love with her. She’s my - she’s my best friend? Pfft, why would I be in love with my best friend? No. I’m not in love with Y/N, no I -“ he looked up to see Anthony and Daveed look at him with raised eyebrows.

He sighed, “I’m totally in love with her.”

The week ensued with Daveed and Anthony and even Lin (Diggs doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut) trying to figure out a plan as to help Oak confess his feeling to you. But just as it seemed like it was working out, he got a text.

from: y/n
can we pls talk


From your living room, you heard a knock on the door. Quickly making you way towards it, you smoothed down your sweater, trying to make yourself somewhat approachable.

You laughed quietly to yourself, it’s not like he would care. He was your best friend.

Oak was waiting, a beanie still covering his head from the cool autumn air when you let him inside.

He looked nervous. You must’ve too, because simultaneously, you both blurted out, “Are you okay?”

You giggled, but Oak looked down at the ground.

“What’s gotten into you, Onaodowan?” You laughed, shoving his slightly.

He shrugged, cautiously walking towards the couch.

Now you were concerned, “Wait, seriously, Oak. What’s wrong?” He shook his head again.

“You had something to tell me?” He pulled his beanie further over his ears.

You nodded slowly, “It can wait. What’s going on?”

He shook his head again, checking his watch.

You huffed a little, “What? Am I keeping you?”

His brows furrowed instantly as he turned to face you, “No! No, it’s just… No. Really, I just haven’t been feeling great is all.”

You didn’t buy it. You gave him one more look before he shoot his head, “Really, I’m okay.”

You still didn’t believe him, but you knew better than to push him past his breaking point. He’d tell you when he was ready.

So out with it you went, “Jake and I are back together.”

The scowl on his face appeared faster than you felt your heart drop.

“What?” You asked, but he was already up and heading towards the door.

“Oak!” You yelled out, quick on his heels. He turned once, his mouth open to say something, but all he did was shake his head before walking out of your apartment, slamming the door behind him, and leaving you ridiculously confused.

You texted him throughout the night, desperate to know what the hell was going through his damn mind.

You checked your phone one last time before allowing yourself to doze off. Still no response. What had you done now?

The following week was clammy; Oak avoided you like the Black Death, seeking out ever opportunity not to speak to you. It was Saturday that you finally broke.

Stalking down to the theater, the guard let you in immediately, knowing you from your many visits to Oak’s dressing room. Taking the stairs two at a time, you ran through the monologue you had prepared on your walk to the theater.

You hadn’t even knocked when the door to his dressing room flung open.

In hindsight, you probably should’ve knocked, as Daveed stood there almost completely naked: a pair of boxers the only thing covering him.

“Shit,” you seethed, immediately clapping your hand over your eyes. Daveed only laughed, showing himself out - still undressed.

Oak was sitting at the makeup counter, a pink tint painted onto his cheeks.

You sighed inwardly, the entire speech you had mentally prepared was completely forgotten by now, leaving you staring at Oak with a lost expression on your face.

You opened your mouth, ready to start, but you shook your head, “I shouldn’t have come here.”

You were almost out the door when Oak’s voice stopped you, “Wait! I - please. Talk to me.”

“I should go…” you said, allowing your voice to trail off.

He was closer now, making your heart beat a little faster. You thought it was going to be okay, the way his eyes went soft; but then his jaw clenched and you instantly felt distant again.

At that, something inside of you snapped, “What the hell is going on with you?”

Oak ran a hand over his face, “With me?” He grumbled.

You nodded, “You’ve been avoiding me nonstop and haven’t bothered to return my texts!”

His jaw dropped, “You’re joking, right?” Your pursed lips and hands crossed over your chest told him otherwise. “Oh my God,” he laughed a little, “You really don’t know what’s wrong.”

You rolled your eyes, “Enlighten me, please,” you spat.

He looked absolutely stunned, “Y/N, I’m actually speechless.”

You had to pull everything from inside of you not to hit him. You almost walked away again when his words stopped you.

“Great, just go and run back to Jake, why don’t you,” he muttered, half not expecting you to hear it, half wanting nothing more than for you to listen.

“Excuse me?” The latter, okay. Let’s roll with this.

“He’s an absolute pig, Y/N! Can’t you see your own worth? You deserve someone who loves you!”

You could feel the tears welling in your eyes at his words. You knew they were true, you did. But that didn’t make them sting any less.

“He treats you like dirt. When - when in reality? He’s the one who should be lifting your chin up!”

“What are you trying to say?” You asked, your words sharped than anticipated.

He shoved his hand through his hair, “Christ, Y/N! Let him go! It’s me who wants you!”

You gasped the second the words left his lips.

“What?” You breathed. It took him a moment to process what he had said before he began to backtrack.

From his eyes, you could see a million thoughts running, but nearly choked when he settled on the one: “Did I stutter?”

The two of you shared a look before a smile broke out on your face, “Are you being serious right now?”

Oak grinned sheepishly, “As a heart attack.”

You giggled slightly to yourself, “I gave up on you in seventh grade. I thought that you would never like me like that.”

His jaw dropped, “Wait, what?”

You took a step closer, “I like you too.”

His eyes went wide again, “Wait, what?”

You only had a moment to smirk, the words barely leaving your lips before etching them to his:

“Did I stutter?“

Leblanc & Blondes

Title: Leblanc & Blondes

Word Count: 2009

Fandom: Persona 5

Pairing: Ryuji/Ann

Rating: T

Summary:  Akira’s woken up by two different blondes on two different nights. They have one problem in common - they both have crushes on each other. [Ann/Ryuji]

A/N:  so this is part 2 of “it’s ryuji’s birthday and i love him so he can have some fanfics.” i love my boy. part 3 is set to come out later today or tomorrow, maybe two days from now at the latest. Anyway, maybe leave a comment or review? It helps the motivation a lot more than you’d think! 

Ao3 Link Link

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Let’s Pretend Together

Another commission that I had way, WAY too much fun writing for @caped-ace – revisiting Onigawara and Musashi from Mob Psycho 100. Cut is for length, not for content.

Originally posted by nekojetto

“Onigawara-kun, I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

It was like a scene from one of the terrible shoujo manga that his grandmother used to keep around the apartment (not that Onigawara would end up reading them when she wasn’t around or anything…well, what else was he supposed to do when he had to put them away?!). In fact, he laughed, a nervous, sweaty half-chuckle. “C’mon, Musashi. Quit messin’ around.”

But Musashi wasn’t laughing. He wasn’t even smiling. Everything about him was dead, stone-cold seriousness. “I’m not joking. This is what the Body Improvement Club is all about. Getting better, and being comfortable in your body, and being able to live your life on your own terms. Mob needs our support in doing just that.”

Mob. Right. That’s who this was for.

That afternoon, Mob had come into the weight room already covered in sweat, his fingers shaking, face pale. Sitting down heavily on one of the dumbbell benches, he put his head in his hands and started gasping for air. Yamamura got up from stretching and walked over to put his hand on Mob’s shoulder. “Hey, kid. Did you already go running without us?”

“Were you going to push yourself to run twice during the same practice?! That’s awesome!” Shimura exclaimed from the rowing machine.

Musashi had just glanced up from where he was spotting Onigawara doing chest presses, fingers resting on the underside of the bar, ready to catch it. Not that he needed to worry - Onigawara made it a point never to slip up when Musashi was watching him - but… “Let him catch his breath so he can talk, guys,” he said, glancing down and giving Onigawara an encouraging smile. “One more for this set.”

Once the equipment was back in the stand, Musashi wandered over to where Mob was still sitting, now staring at the floor. “You okay? What happened?”

Finally, Mob barely spoke the words that tumbled out of his mouth in one silent breath. “Hanazawa-kun asked me out on a date.”

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Finally! Chapter 2 is up! Due partly to the awesome and gorgeous cover the extremely talented Nicole - @romanoffsbite - made for this fic and also because of the fact it was her birthday recently! Happy belated birthday, lovely lady. I wish you all of the good things (whiskey, cake etc).

Someone asked me which band I’m basing the Originals on and I would say Kings of Leon, probably more so because of the Lily Aldridge/Caleb Followill connection. Plus I do love the Kings of Leon so why not? Plus I might steal some of their songs in future (look out Sex on Fire)…

Beauty and the Beat

Part 2: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

Miami, Florida - Present Day - December 2017

Klaus wasn’t one to revisit the past, in fact he avoided it at all possible costs but here he was in Miami of all places and about to sing with his ex-girlfriend flaunting her delectable curves in skimpy underwear. His ex-girlfriend that could make anyone melt in her presence and he was no different. Not only for the fact that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen but also because of her adorable stubborness, quick wit, intelligence and frustrating ability to render him completely useless.

He was quick to refuse the offer to play the Victoria Secret Fashion Show all those months ago but he’d been outnumbered by his band mates, publicist and manager who all insisted it was too good an opportunity. Yes, the show was telecast to millions world-wide and it was the kind of publicity you couldn’t buy but that didn’t mean he wanted Caroline thrown back in his path and on such a public stage.

“Hello, Niklaus!” A voice interrupted. He focused his gaze on his annoying, younger brother in the reflection of the mirror. For some reason fans found that annoying smirk gorgeous but all Klaus wanted to do was wipe it off his face most of the time. Unfortunately Kol was an extremely talented drummer and he knew it. “We’ve got to get to make-up.”

“Maybe you might need a touch up little Mikaelson but this face is perfect just the way it is,” Enzo boasted, preening in front of the mirror next to Klaus.

“I’m surprised I can fit in this room with all these egos depriving me of oxygen,” Lucien joked from the sofa, tuning his bass as he said it.

“Yours is bigger than ours combined,” Kol shot back childishly.

“That’s not what your sister was saying the other day,” he offered, employing his usual tactic of teasing the Mikaelson brothers mercilessly by mentioning Freya.

“She was probably too starved of oxygen to bloody respond,” Klaus commented tersley before standing up and taking one last look in the mirror. “Let’s just get this over and done with.” He strode purposefully from their dressing room without even a backwards glance, the silence from his bandmates enough to know he’d made his point and not to mess with him in a bad mood.

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summary: love makes you stupid.

pairings: not rlly specific to any couple, but mainly ladynoir/marichat?

sidenotes: just got rlly random insp and im here, its midnight, please save me




Adrien remembered the first time he tried to tell Ladybug he loved her.

A complete disaster was a simple way to put it. A disaster that literally ended with Ladybug throwing him at someone, and only later, from details provided by Plagg, did he learn that he said awful things to her after being akumatized. Sort of.

Evidently the world was against him when it came to his adoration for Ladybug, because ever since then h’d been absolutely terrified of telling her his true feelings, but nonetheless…

He really was useless, wasn’t he?

“She’s going to hate me forever,” he remarked forlornly, laying his head on his keyboard so a series of aaaaaaaaa’s appeared on the screen. Plagg made no effort to comfort him, only groaned in dissatisfaction like his sadness was completely uncalled for.

“Relax. You’ve done dumber things.” He comforted (if that even counts as comfort).

“No. This is it. This is the end.” He wailed. By now, Plagg was at the end of his already short patience.

“Just remember to k.i.s.s, Adrien. Being extra isn’t going to get you anywhere.” Plagg advised him. Adrien sat up, hair messy from being smashed against his forehead non stop for the past 15 minutes.

“Are you making fun of me?” He asked, knowing full well that at some point while being under the akumatized Kim’s spell Ladybug had kissed him.

“Is that even a question?” Plagg asked.

Adrien’s eyebrows fell, and Plagg rolled his eyes.

“K.i.s.s. Keep it simple, stupid.” Plagg booped Adrien on the head and flew over to the keyboard, like there was something hidden behind it. He was probably expecting some sort of reward for his less-than-adequate advice.

“Stupid, huh?” He asked blandly. Love sure did make him stupid.




Keep it simple.

Flash-forward to present-day Adrien, who, in all honesty, wasn’t any less stupid than Dark Cupid Adrien.

“You know, for a guy who’s turning 18 today, you don’t look so happy.” Plagg commented in his usual bored manner.

“I’m dead inside.” Adrien answered simply.

“Well that’s a nice way to start off the morning.” Plagg flew over his head and sat atop his forehead. He had yet to official get up from bed, his motive to move around draining by the second.

“Happy birthday, buddy.” Plagg told him solemnly. “I got you a present!”

“Oh really?” Adrien asked, slowly sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes. Thank god it was a Saturday, school had been more draining than usual. Between constant modeling shoots and saving the entirety of France every other hour, he deserved some time to himself.

“Yup. It’s sitting on the bathroom counter.” Plagg informed him.

“Why the bathroom?” Adrien asked him, nose wrinkling in confusion.

“I wanted to encourage you to take a shower while you’re in there. You stink.” Plagg let him know sweetly.

You stink.” Adrien corrected.

“18 years old, and still can’t think of a better comeback.” Plagg chastised. “Now get up, ya lazybones.”

Adrien stood up and Plagg flew to his shoulder, thoroughly enjoying batting at the chunks of blond hair that fell behind his ears after ahard night’s rest. It was much longer that it had been years ago, the modeling agency insisted that he kept it long because apparently short ponytails were ‘in’, and if Adrien wasn’t ‘in’, he was out of a job.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and Adrien nudged it open, fully expecting to see a block of cheese from Plagg on the counter. Instead, he was welcomed by something he never would’ve imagined.

“No way.”

Yes way.”

Adrien reached forward and touched Plagg’s present, soft to the touch.

It was a Ladybug plush. About the size of a sock, but cute, and flat, probably handmade. Adrien let out a small laugh as he lifted it up and smiled.

“Where the hell did you get this?” He laughed. It was adorable, to say the least. Adrien’s ardent admiration for Ladybug had always been a topic only shared between him and Plagg. Kind of like an inside joke. It was particularly heartwarming to see Plagg so invested in it. Maybe it would make his already bleak day a bit brighter.

“I stole it,” Plagg admitted proudly.

Adrien blinked, waiting for him to laugh and say ‘just kidding’. It never came.


Plagg shrugged. “I just saw it in some girl’s room, she was old, so I figured she didn’t need it.”

Adrien looked down at the doll that had caused him happiness, emotions making a full 180 as he stared at it in horror.

Plagg, you moron! You can’t steal people’s dolls!” Adrien yelled.

“Hey, hey relax, I thought you liked it!” Plagg argued diligently.

“Well…yeah, I liked it until I realized it wasn’t yours to give!” Adrien shouted, setting the doll down lightly next to the sink. “Alright, alright. Here’s what we’re gonna do – I’m gonna take a shower, and then we’re gonna go return it. Got it?”

Plagg made a pfft sound. “You’re no fun.”

Adrien shrugged. “And you’re a pain in my ass.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Plagg mumbled as Adrien got ready to shower. His eyes drifted down to the doll he had so willingly stolen and smiled.

Plagg may be stupid, but he sure knew how to give birthday presents.

And the name stitched onto the side of the doll would surely be the best present he could give.




“We’re just going to drop it off, and then go. No harm done.” Adrien explained for the third time to Plagg.

“Right, right. Can you just hurry up and get it done? I’m hungry.” Plagg said. Adrien rolled his eyes.

“Just transform me already.”

Minutes later, Adrien, as Chat Noir, jumped near the familiar bakery where he knew the owner of the doll to live.

“I still can’t believe you stole from Marinette.” Adrien grumbled. “Asshole.”

He jumped onto the balcony and looked around. It appeared to be uninhabited, but he’d still have to be careful. It’d be a little odd if Marinette or her eccentric family noticed a local hero snooping around her room.

He snuck in through the trapdoor to her room, each step more silent than the last. Just in, and out, it was that simple. The doll in his hand was limp and helpless. He gave it a sympathetic look and jumped down into Marinette’s room quickly.

“Ok, where was it sitting when you stole it?” Adrien asked, a hint of annoyance flaring into his voice. Marinette’s room was exactly as he’d remembered it from his fleeting visits, for school and such.

Uuh, over there, in the closet.” Plagg murmured. Adrien paused.

“What’s wrong with you, you sound weird.” Adrien whispered, looking around the room to make sure, again, that he was alone.

“Just hurry!” Plagg’s voice bubbled up. Adrien shook his head and inched to the closet, letting his eyes take in the sights around him. Marinette’s room was quiet, filled with sketches and designs. He’d always known her to be the silently talented type, but this was just breathtaking.

Distracted, he walked over to a corkboard where several designs were pinned up. Dresses, shirts, skirts, the lot. Each one was unique, in a stylish sense where it wasn’t too weird, but it was just different enough to be original. Kind of fascinating, actually.

Oh would you stop ogling and just return the doll?” Plagg sassed.

“Hey! Don’t be snippy, it’s you’re fault we’re here.” Adrien grumbled. On his way back to the closet he caught a glimpse of himself in a full-length mirror next to a body mannequin and gave himself a once-over.

God, I can’t believe you kept your hair in a ponytail. You look like a douchebag.” Plagg insulted. Adrien pointed at his reflection and grinned.

“A sexy douchebag,” he corrected confidently.

Still a douchebag.” Plagg reminded. There was a sudden thumping sound above them. “Did you hear that?

“Shit,” Adrien whispered, his hand reached for the doorknob on the closet and he yanked it open, throwing himself inside and pulling the door back just enough to conceal a majority of his body.

A muffled voice surfaced from the quiet above them. The trapdoor opened and a pair of legs appeared out of thin air.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Chocolate-chip is the best kind of cookie, but I still think gingerbread has its perks.” The voice that belonged to the pair of legs said. Adrien could barely see anything through the crack of the closet door – but he’d recognize those legs anywhere.

“Ladybug,” he whispered, voice dead quiet. Plagg stayed silent, for once in his life.

Ladybug dropped through the ceiling and shut the trapdoor. A million questions ran through his mind – what the hell was she doing in Marinette’s house? Who was she talking to? What the actual hell was she doing here?

“Well, that’s rude.” She said to no one. Adrien concluded that she must’ve been having a conversation with her kwami. “Just de-transform me, Tikki.”

Oh, god. Adrien thought as he forced himself to look away. He owed her that, he owed Ladybug that privacy.

But somewhere, in the back of his mind, he just knew.

He looked down at the doll and swallowed hard. Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The baker’s daughter. The sweet, brave designer girl who could barely form a sentence sometimes.

Happy birthday, Adrien.” Plagg said, his voice sounding more hollow than usual.

Adrien drew in a shuddering breath, painfully loud, and Marinette’s voice rung out.

“Hello?” She asked curiously. Dammit. She’d heard him. He was screwed. What the hell would Marinette say when she realized he was camping out in her closet like Paris’s #1 creep? Idiot!

He had to do the right thing. Just come clean. It couldn’t get any worse than this, right?

He creaked the door open and held his breath.

Marinette, who was standing in the center of the room, let out a blatant gasp and stepped backwards in surprise.

“Chat Noir? What are you…what are you…”

“I…came to return something…” He said quickly. His mouth was dry. His blood was on fire. He couldn’t look her in the eye, not Marinette.

Marinette. Her name rung in his head like a song, Marinette, Marinette, oh, how could he have been so stupid-

“What…what could you possibly – oh.” She let out a sound of relief when he thrust the doll in her general direction. He still refused to look up. Marinette, Marinette.

“It’s yours, I…found it. Sorry for scaring you.” He said quickly. His hands were almost shaking. It was her. It was her all along. Thousands of emotions ran through his brain, like a merry-go-round it spun, what to do, what to say? What could he possibly say to her?

His eyes flashed as she reached forward to take the doll, her soft skin brushing up against the cool leather obscuring his hands.

He remembered something from years ago. Something Plagg had said. Keep it simple. Keep it simple, stupid.

Love sure made him stupid.

“Marinette,” he cleared his throat and finally raised his head to meet her piercing, saturated blue gaze. So familiar, so breathtaking.

“Chat Noir…are you…are you ok?” She asked him nervously. She was afraid, probably afraid that he had seen her transform. He hadn’t, but he still knew.

18 years old. He was 18 years old, and he had nothing let to lose.

“I want to show you something.” He said, hoping his voice didn’t sound too strangled. “It’s important.”

“Um…alright,” she said softly. Her eyebrows lowered in concern.

“Please, just…don’t say anything.” He requested. Plagg said nothing, he knew, he’d known all along. This was his present. This was it.

Adrien closed his eyes and felt his Chat Noir suit disappear, Plagg had read his mind. This was it.

He heard Marinette’s choked up gasp and he opened his eyes, completely vulnerable to her. He had just revealed his biggest secret to her.

“Just listen,” he said, holding both of his hands out, tanned and bare. “This is me.”

“Adrien? What is this-?” She gasped out, her hand pressed against her mouth.

“It’s my eighteenth birthday today,” he told her slowly. “I had to tell you.”

“You’re Chat Noir…Adrien…you’re Chat Noir, Adrien, is Chat Noir, oh god-

“Marinette,” he began, “I-“

“I love you.” She said, looking up, eyes focused with sudden, deadly clarity. “Adrien, I love you.”

Adrien’s mouth went dry. She had just stolen his thunder.

He had nothing else to say. What else could he even tell her? No, I love you! What was this? Was this a sick prank organized by Plagg? He certainly wouldn’t put it past him…

“Uh…you do?” He asked stupidly.

“Nice one, genius.” Plagg complimented.

“Yes,” she said, by now tears had sprung to her eyes, no, why was she crying? Adrien felt his muscles clench. Why was she crying, had he made her cry?

“That’s…” he struggled to finish the sentence accurately. “Thank you…”

Uhhh…try again.” Plagg advised him. Adrien’s eyes widened In horror at what he had just said.

“I mean, no! Wait! I love you too.” He said quickly shaking his hands in the air, trying to erase what he’d said before.  “I love you, Marinette.”

She let out a happy laugh, like she was actually surprised he felt the same way.

“This is crazy,” she told him. “This is insane, I’m…I don’t know what to do next…”

“Me either.” He admitted. “I just…k.i.s.s.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Uh…k.i.s.s? You know, keep-“

Marinette took one fluid step forward and her hands rested on his jaw, before her lips slowly rose upwards to meet his in a soft, longing kiss.

Right. Kiss.

He was eager to respond, even clumsy. Marinette, Marinette, Ladybug. She was Ladybug and he was kissing Ladybug.

His hand slipped down to her hip and his other hand reached up to stroke her cheek with his thumb. She tasted like gingerbread. Her lips were remarkably soft and he  felt a buzzing sensation in his stomach, and he leaned forward until their foreheads bumped.

She pulled away with a smile, and he held her head close, not wanting to miss the proximity.

“K.i.s.s,” he said with a laugh, “keep it simple, stupid.”

She laughed, god her laugh was beautiful.

“You’re not stupid,” she insisted, hands fisting at his shirt playfully. He smiled. This was the best birthday present he ever could’ve received. And to think that it was from Plagg.

“I am stupid,” he told her, “stupid for you.”

She looked up at him before bursting into a fit of giggles. “Oh god…I can’t believe you.”

He shrugged. “I gotta keep it simple, M’lady.”

She did a double take and shook her head. “…That’s going to take a while to get used to.”

He smiled down at her, his lady, his Marinette. Maybe it wasn’t all that complicated after all. Then, he knew exactly what he needed to say.

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

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AU Mini-Fic challenge

7: Fake relationship AU

Summary: Dan has to go to his school reunion, and when he realises everyone but him seem to be settled down and married, he convinces Phil to pretend that he’s Dan’s husband for the night.

Words: 3,294 (not so ‘mini’ then, oops)

Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! <3

* * *

“Listen, Phil. I need your help,” Dan said as he walked into the room. He switched off the TV and turned to face Phil, ignoring his noises of protest.

“I was watching that!” Phil whined with a scowl, but Dan just crossed his arms and sighed. He looked serious about whatever he was about to talk about, so Phil shut up and waited.

“My friend is having a big reunion party next week, where everyone I knew from school is going. It’s going to be hell, just full of people I hate having competitions over who’s the most successful now and who’s the most important.”

“So don’t go,” Phil said, frowning. He was still mad at Dan for interrupting his TV show, just so he could whinge about his old friends.

“I have to, I promised,” Dan said sullenly.

“So…how does this effect me?” Phil asked, raising an eyebrow. Dan began to blush as he fixed his eyes on the floor, shuffling uncomfortably. 

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About Time

Synopsis: Recordshop AU with Warren from my List of Upcoming Fics

A/N: I used a different writing style with this one to kind of emphasize Warren’s crush on you… also this follows his origin story from the comics more so then xm:a so hes just a rich boy with wings and is totally sugar daddy asf

It was an early morning in late November and Warren couldn’t believe he was even awake before 2 PM. The night before he had struggled to fall asleep between the bustle of the city and his drifting mind. All he could think about was this girl; this ridiculously pretty girl with good hair and amazing taste in music that made the big bad Warren Worthington III feel like a miserable lost puppy. He had tossed and turned all night until it was morning, deciding that he should get up as he was already awake. So here he was; running on no sleep, his hair a rumpled mess as he drank his third cup of coffee, roaming the streets for a way to occupy his time.  He had been walking at a decent pace, enjoying the morning breeze, when he found himself stopping. There before him was Warren’s absolute favorite record store.

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For The Long Run - Part 17

More fun at the (Y/L/N) residence…

(GIF isn’t mine)


You were all seated in the living room, sitting around enjoying each other’s company as you waited for the clothes you had thrown in the wash to finish so you could take a shower. Since you didn’t have much room to pack extra clothes, you were wearing your last clean clothes and so was Tig. You and Tig were on the couch, his arm behind you so his hand was resting on your hip and you were leaning into him, listening to him tell your parents the abridged version of his younger years and his time in the Marines.

If he did nothing else well, Tig was a great talker. He could talk about anything with anyone, and he was on his best behavior, which you appreciated. He wasn’t being his usual self, telling crude jokes or making inappropriate comments, and no talk of the less savory things he had done in his life.

Your parents were really warming up to him and you could tell that the only thing they still seemed apprehensive about was the age difference between you two. You could admit, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would feel weird about it, but at the end of the day you were both consenting adults and if it didn’t matter to you and it didn’t matter to him then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. You hoped your parents reached the same conclusion as you on the subject.

Once the dryer finished you decided it was bedtime and you all were winding down for the night, your box had yet to arrive from TM so you called to check on it. Chucky, of course, had forgotten to send it at first but Juice tracked it for you and he said it would arrive to your parent’s house tomorrow. You had limited toiletries, but luckily your sister had multiples of everything you could possibly need. You grabbed your clothes from the dryer and sorted it, bringing Tig all of his things and taking yours to your sister’s room. Your mom, ever the censorist hell bent on separating you and Tig, had told you to share your sister’s room, and sent Tig to your old room, still just how you left it. You smiled as you showed him to his room for the night, before retiring to yours.

You had to admit, you had already become unfamiliar to sleeping without Tig next to you, and had to fight back your instinct to cuddle your sister who was sound asleep next to you.
You sighed as you struggled to fall asleep, wondering what Tig was doing in the other room. You couldn’t take it anymore, if your mom ‘caught’ you so what, you were going to sleep with your man. You and your sister shared a bathroom growing up, and it was a jack-and-jill style room where either of you could access it from your own bedroom, forming a sort of passageway between your bedrooms, and that was how you’d sneak in.
Determined, you got out of bed and grabbed your phone off of the nightstand on your side. You turned on the flashlight so as not to trip over anything and make a ton of noise, but unfortunately the light itself woke your sister up.

Sitting up in bed and rubbing her eyes she squinted at you and whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to the bathroom go back to sleep,” you whispered back.

“You’re going to see him aren’t you?” she surmised.

You sighed and nodded your head, “Keep a secret for me?” you begged.

She smirked at you, “Use protection!” she winked and rolled into the middle of the bed, stretching out and closing her eyes.

You turned back towards the bathroom, unperturbed, and walked through to his room. Tig was still awake and was half sitting half laying in the bed, resting against the headboard, with only his legs covered by blankets. He didn’t have a shirt on and he was staring at the TV intently because he had the TV subtitles on and the volume muted. How considerate, you thought and smiled as he noticed you in the doorway out of the corner of his eye and he turned his body towards you.

“Hey, doll, you okay?” He pushed himself up so he was sitting straight and lowered his brow with worry.

“M'fine, Tiggy. I just missed you,” you pouted.

He smiled with empathy, and stuck his arms out, “Come here, baby.”

You crawled in the bed and he pulled the covers back for you to snuggle up next to him and he kissed you on the cheek, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you in close.

“Today was a good day,” you sighed as you laid your head against his chest.
“Mhmm,” he hummed, “and you were worried they wouldn’t like me,” he added.

You froze. You hadn’t told him that, but you guessed it was obvious by how you acted the last couple days. You suddenly felt bad and solemnly looked up to meet his gaze. He smiled a half smile at you and squeezed you against himself. “It’s okay,” he said before you had a chance to say sorry.
You leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss, pressing firmly against him as you rubbed down his arm and across his bare stomach but he caught your hand before you could reach his lap.

You pulled away from his lips and looked questioningly into his eyes. “Not in your parents’ house, (Y/N), I’d never be able to win them over if they found out,” he reasoned.

You never in a million years thought Alexander Trager would turn down sex, but here he was surprising you left and right. You agreed with him, though. It probably wasn’t the best idea to fuck under the same roof that your mom, dad, and sister were currently sleeping.

It didn’t take long for you to begin to feel tired and you sunk down into the pillow and fell soundly asleep.

You had been asleep for hours when you felt Tig tossing and turning next to you and it woke you up. You sat up, trying to figure out if he was sleeping bad or if he was awake, your question was answered when he turned towards you, his face highlighted by the light shining from the television, eyes wide open.

“Hey,” you mumbled groggily, “you ok?” you sat up fully and flipped on the lamp next to the bed.

“Can’t sleep….” he said flatly, sighing heavily.

You felt bad for him, he had good nights and he had bad nights, some worse than others. Apparently tonight was a bad one.

You stood up and walked to the closet where you still had clothes and pulled on some sweats before turning around to him, “Put on some clothes,” you told him.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“Don’t ask questions,” you smiled at him and he got up and pulled on his jeans and his button up, sitting back on the bed to put on his boots.

You were both dressed and you took his hand as you guided him down the stairs and out the back door. You spent the whole night walking around and talking before finally retiring back to the old wooden swing in the backyard, sitting there and rocking back and forth as you continued talking to each other.

Eventually he leaned his head over to rest on your shoulder and you started running your fingers through his hair as he slowly stopped talking, falling asleep. It didn’t take long before you were asleep as well, head rested against the back of the swing.

In the morning you were awakened by the sound of the back door shutting as your mom walked out towards where you sat. You both looked up, a little disoriented by your surroundings, and you yawned before speaking, “Good morning momma,” you smiled.
“Did you sleep out here all night?” she questioned.
“No ma'am,” Tig answered, “I couldn’t sleep so we came out here and talked most of the night. We didn’t want to disturb you making noise inside the house.”
Your mom looked confused but asked nothing more, “Breakfast in five,” she said, “go wash up.” The two of you both stood up, following her in the house.

You stayed at your mom and dad’s house for a few more days, each night sneaking to the room with Tig and sleeping there, then waking up early to go back to your sister’s room before you got caught as if you were teenagers. Each day, your parents got more and more used to Tig’s presence and began to open up to him. So on the fourth day of your visit, when your mom asked you to run into town to pick up a couple things she needed to cook dinner, you weren’t surprised when Tig opted to stay behind. You talked your sister into coming to help and the two of you departed, list in hand, to get the ingredients your mother had requested.

Tig watched you pull out of the drive and speed away from the front door. He took a couple deep breaths as he could feel his heart beating in his ears to try and calm himself. He then began to walk into the kitchen where (Y/N)’s mom and dad were talking.
Tig cleared his throat, “Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N)…”
They both turned their attention to him, “Can I, uh, C-can I talk to you for a second?” he asked, nervously fidgeting with his hands.
Your dad looked at him concerned, “Yeah, come on take a seat,” he motioned to the kitchen table and Tig followed them as they all sat down.

Tig had the floor and (Y/N)’s parents’ full attention. He shoved his nerves and anxiety down and began to speak…..

the story with many churros

thank you for this request anon, i like it a lot!! im such a disney geek so i literally squealed just reading the prompt!! enjoy my loves!!

“Jack!! Hurry up! Everyone’s already in the lobby,” I whined from behind the bathroom door. Jack had locked himself in our hotel bathroom and I was already ready, texting Cassadee. I had told her we would be down ten minutes ago and Jack was still taking his damn time.

“Babe, it’s just Disneyland- you’ve been there thousands of times,” he rolled his eyes as he gathered his wallet and phone. 

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“No Darling I Could’ve Lost You”

HIIIII!!! Oh my gosh, it has been so long, I think eight months actually. Well before posting this I had wrote a long post explaining why I went MIA, and then i deleted it. I figured no one would want to read a long post about someone’s life who is basically irrelevant, sorry not sorry. Okay, so I decided I would quickly describe it here, and then smooth it over with a new post, LOL. When I started this account I was getting ready to graduate from high school, I was 15 at the time. The last post I made was in September, the same month as my 16th birthday, and that was the age I needed to be to be able to graduate in a certain program. I was in the program for about a month when I started testing to graduate, and I had to schedule my test far apart so I could have enough time to study for each one long enough. I took my last test in December and I graduated on December 17th. I then started college in the Spring of 2016, and it has been crazy. I know it is no excuse, as I left without a word, but guys things were crazy. I’m 16, and there is a lot I am trying to figure out. This blog just kind of slipped from my main focus, but I always thought about it, which resulted in me writing in my free time. I may have stopped posting, but I never stopped writing. SO with that being said, here is one of my new imagines! I love you all so much! And I just want to take things slow, as I am attending college for the summer semester and working as well, so things are still hectic. But I just wanted to start posting again. And requests are open, I love writing for you guys! 

NIall Horan

Word Count: 3,129

A year ago when I married Niall Horan, a lad who came from Mullingar, I didn’t think of the fact that I was also marrying a famous superstar who had millions of dollars in his possession. Which is why the word money never came out of my mouth, and is the same reason why I insisted on having separate banking accounts, and having a prenuptial agreement signed. He said I had been crazy, that my money was his, and his money was mine; ours. I only laughed at him, telling him how foolish he was. My teacher’s salary could never live up to what he brought in, and I didn’t want the lines to get blurred. I loved him and he loved me, but money always seemed to mess things up. But then life happened, there was things I couldn’t afford and unfortunately I had to lean on him for. My dad had an intestine transplant during the first three months of our marriage, and he found out that I was helping my mom pay for it.  When I told him that I was fine, and that I didn’t need his help he got offended. He had said he was my husband, and that he was there for these type of things. An intestine transplant cost over a million dollars. Then after this, little things began to happen, a house mortgage here, a family member’s overdue bill there, and I hated it. They would attack Niall at family get-togethers, asking him for this, begging him for that. He always did it, he always gave it to them, and I asked him to stop. I didn’t marry him for his money, and they were sure making it seem like it. He would just laugh me off saying, “I know baby, you’re not that type of person. But if I can help, I want to help, I love the fact that I am actually able to. Let me enjoy it for a bit, yea?”

He said for a bit, but it never ended, and while he had more than enough money, it wasn’t right. This wasn’t what I wanted, and I was happy that he understood that. Well I thought he understood that.

“Niall babe whose car is outside,” I asked as I stepped into our house, immediately kicking off my crochet flats. “I thought it was Kevin but what would he be doing here- oh hello Kevin!” I greeted Niall’s banking accountant when I made my way into the living room. There sat Niall and Kevin, who had a thick stack of papers stuck into a manila folder. He sent me a small smile with no greeting, which was unusual for him. Kevin was always quite nice to be honest, and always offered me a hug when I accompanied Niall to go meet him. However, both men sat there with unimpressed looks on their faces. “Is something wrong?” I asked timidly as I placed my things down into a nearby love seat, and made my way over to Niall. I had intended on sitting down beside him, but I was rejected when he scooted over towards Kevin. What was that? “Niall are you okay?” I asked softly, my voice betraying a bit of the hurt I felt. I was also probably red in the face since Kevin witnessed Niall’s rejection. He finally turned towards me, disgust written on his face as he examined me. A snort escaped him as he rolled his eyes. “Yea Y/N I’m just peachy, what in the hell do you think?!” He shouted making me flinch and scaring me all the same.

Niall never talked like this, ever. Sure we’ve had our arguments before, but there was never screaming involved. Naturally he cursed a lot when things were heated, but he has never shouted at me, ever. To say that I was scared was an understatement, as I wasn’t prepared for his harshness. I decided to retract our closeness, and made it over to where I had placed my things. I picked up my AEO tote and placed it on the ground beside me, setting it on top of my teacher planner. Niall flicked his hand towards Kevin, signaling the man who was in his early 30’s to talk. “Hi Mrs. Horan,” He finally greeted me, as I nodded in response. “Um as you can see Mr. Horan is a bit upset.” He commented the obvious as I nodded once more, my eyes flickering over to my husband. He looked both agitated and annoyed, and it seemed like it was meant for me. Had I done something to make him angry? I had been at work all day, teaching kindergarteners, what could I have done from so far away? Did he maybe call and I didn’t answer? At the thought I reached down into my bag, plucking out my phone to see that I had 10 missed calls from him. I was about to ask him if this is what was wrong, but he spoke up before I could. “Bloody hell Kevin, she doesn’t even care! Look at her she’s playing on her phone, I told you doing this would be a waste of time. I already know the truth!” His Irish accent was thick with anger, and I wanted to defend myself, but I was too scared to do so. Kevin sighed as he stood up, and plucked my locked iPhone from my hands. “Please listen carefully Y/N, this is very important.” Kevin explained slowly, talking as if I was one of the children that I had been teaching earlier. But instead of replying I just nodded my head, still trying to figure out why Niall had been so angry with me. Maybe listening would be a good idea. “I called Niall up this afternoon because some weird spending activity had been going on with his account.” Kevin informed me as I looked at him dumbfounded. “That’s got to be wrong, Niall is a great steward over his money. He isn’t one to spend lavishly.” I defended him like he was a child who had got caught stealing a candy from the store. “We know.” Niall and Kevin both said in unison, which was both cool and weird.

I scooted to the edge of my seat, crossing my feet at the ankles, and beginning to twiddle my thumbs. “So what is the problem, how much of it is gone?” I questioned, now worried. If he hadn’t been spending money from his account, then that meant someone else was, and that was bad. Not only had they somehow managed to break into something so personal, but they also stole his hard earned money. Money that made him stay away for months at a time, money that made him sing on stage for two hours and then have to go backstage and meet fans, money that made him sleep in a different place almost every night, and money that made him tired to the bone. I was awaiting Kevin’s response, but Niall talked instead. “Please Y/N, don’t act as if you don’t know how much is missing.” He snorted sarcastically, and I looked over at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” How would I know how much is missing? That makes absolutely no- Wait! “Wait a second, you think I stole the money?” I asked confusedly, almost laughing as I did so. This had to be a joke, a bit fat joke. “Ding, ding, ding, ding ladies and gentlemen the gold digger has finally figured it out!” He shouted loudly as he leaned forward in his seat, resulting in me releasing a deep breath. Had he really just called me that? Had he really just accused me of something so vile?

“Why would you say that? No, why would you think that, what is wrong with you Niall?” My voice broke as I spoke, as it was so thick with emotion. I unknowingly raised my hand to swipe at tears that I didn’t even know were running down my face. Niall laughed bitterly as he ran a hand through his dyed blonde hair. “Cut the crap Y/N, we all know those tears are fake. Won’t you just stop with the theatrics, don’t you think you’ve done enough over the past couple of years?” He sounded cold and cynical. Kevin cleared his throat presumably to stop Niall from talking any further, and to stop my crying. “While money has gone missing from his account, I don’t think you took it. Which is why I told Niall it would benefit us to hear from you first.” The middle aged man explained further, and my mouth fell agape. “So what you’re telling me is, is if you hadn’t have talked Niall down from a ledge, then I probably wouldn’t be here right now.” I was no longer looking at Niall, I couldn’t bear it. “I was going to call the police since lunch time, babe. You wouldn’t have even stepped foot in this house again.” Of course Niall had to rub it in, rub in the fact that he didn’t love or trust me. I wouldn’t ever, ever do such a thing, not in a million years.

I loved him for him, not for his money, it has never been about his money. Not in the three years we were dating before we got married, and not the one year that we have been married. Sure HE gave money to my family, but I always advised him not to. I have never touched one piece of his evil thing that he calls money. “How much is missing?” I ignored Niall as I returned my attention back to Kevin, wanting to know how much my husband was accusing me of taking. “$10M even, mam.” I looked at him bewildered then over to Niall, then back to him, and then back to Niall again. Let’s just say I repeated the process a couple of times. “You think I took that from you?! Let along that much?” I wanted to pull my hair out, how could he accuse me of such a thing? This made no sense. “Y/N, you’re the only other person who has access to the account, who else could it have been?” Niall asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I stood up from my seat, making my way over to him, and plopping down right beside him. “Do you hear yourself right now, Niall? I haven’t ever touched any of that money, for Pete’s sake I don’t even know any of the information to get into the account.” I was now trying to explain myself, to make him see. I just wanted him to see, and then leave it be. All he had to do was drop it, and hug me, and this would all be done. No apology necessary, I just wanted him to stop looking at me, as if I betrayed him. I loved him and he loved me, that’s all that mattered. “Hand me her phone, Kevin,” Niall stuck out his hand towards Kevin, but kept his gaze on mine. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, not understanding what was going on. Kevin placed the phone in Niall’s open palm, and for a few seconds he looked down at it. “Is the code still the same?” He questioned, and I nodded tightly, the code being our wedding anniversary. I watched as his fingers moved deftly across the touchscreen, and he stopped when he got to what he wanted. He was on the notes app, and I was even more confused, now wasn’t the time to write a note. However, I understood what he was doing when he showed me the screen, his account’s information. It all sat there against a yellow lined paper, staring me blank in the face.

“J-just because I have it, doesn’t mean I use it. I didn’t even know that was still there.” Goodness I didn’t even sound convincing to my own ears. “Take a look.” Niall instructed Kevin as he handed the phone over to him, and he sighed in defeat. I guess he gave up on me as well. “You know Niall, I have a job too. Why would I need to take your money?” I spat confidently, I didn’t need to take his money when I had my own. I watched in horror as my husband of a year doubled over in laughter, his face filled with amusement. “You call that a job? You babysit 4 year olds all day, I’m not quite sure you’re capable of anything else really.” He continued to laugh as I could feel tears swelling in my eyes again. “What is that supposed to mean?” I was now sniffling my nose, having direct eye contact with him once again. The lad from Mullingar finally sobered up, and was sitting correctly again. He spread his arms across the back of the couch, a smirk on his mouth. “Well,” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “You know what they say Y/N. Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” His words felt like a thousand little needles pricking every inch of skin that covered my body. I looked him deeply in the eyes once more, finding no type of remorse there. I was wasting my time, I finally realized. What was I trying to prove here? I stood up from beside him, walking back over to where I had placed my things and picked them up. “Where do you want my attorney’s to send the papers?” He questioned, and I immediately figured out he was talking about divorce papers. He wanted a divorce? Duh, Y/N, this wasn’t exactly something you could get over. He was accusing you of theft, what did you think was going to happen? That this was going to fade away or something? “Just send them to my parent’s house, I’ll be staying there.” Obviously he knew I was going to stay there, why did I have to add that bit on? So that he knew where he could come find me? So pathetic.

“Can I go pack my things?” I felt so dejected, so empty, and so hollow. “Anything that you paid for.” Niall responded uninterested and I nodded slowly. “That’s including gifts.” Kevin intercepted, just as his cell phone rang. I nodded once more, but I didn’t want anything that Niall gave me. I put my purse back down and quickly walked up the steps of my ex-home, if that was even a thing. I pulled my luggage collection into my walk-in closet, sat on the ground and begin to pack my clothes. I was trying to be quick, and in the process I knocked a large sized box off of a shelf. Knowing what it was I opened it with a guarded heart. It was all of the pictures we had taken over the past couple of years. Pictures of us when we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but more specially pictures from when we got married. I told myself I wasn’t going to take any, but fell weak when I noticed our wedding photo album. I had just stuck it under a bunch of my clothes, when I heard hurried footsteps coming up the staircase. I was taking too long. Niall stood in the doorway of the closet, his breath ragged as he looked at me. “I’m sorry I am almost done, this box fell when I-” I was explaining myself, but was cut off when Niall fell onto his knees in front of me, taking my face between his hands and kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

I sat there with my eyes as wide as saucers, not comprehending what he was doing, or what was going on. Why was he kissing me? He just told me he wanted a divorce, why was he doing this? Although I didn’t necessarily want it to stop, I braced my hands onto his chest, and pushed him away softly. “What are you doing Niall?” I questioned unsure, not knowing what had suddenly came over him. He hadn’t touched me once since I had stepped foot into our home, and now he was kissing me. His blue eyes bore into mine, they were different from earlier. They were softer, almost loving even, and that didn’t help my confusion at all. “I am so sorry,” Niall’s voice came out as a broken whisper, and I felt my heart nearly break at his words. Was he apologizing? But for what exactly, for the accusation or the things he said about my job? “I shouldn’t have accused you of such a thing, I know that you’re not that kind of person. I also shouldn’t have said those things about your job, I know how much you love it.” He continued on like he just read my mind. I leaned my forehead against his as I closed my eyes. “Why did you say those things?” I whispered, wanting his reassurance. “I had felt betrayed, because I loved and trusted you so much, I felt as if you betrayed me. I was so angry and upset, and that stupid idiom had been floating around in my mind since I had been suspicious of you. I just wanted to hurt your feelings.” He admitted as I nodded slowly, knowing that we could move on from this.

“What made you believe me?” I questioned, now suddenly curious. “Would you believe that I suddenly realized that you would never do such a thing,” He asked, and I shook my head, laughing softly. “Okay, well if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t realize it. Kevin got a phone call, and they told him that the transaction had happened in Mullingar.” He explained, and I jerked my head back in confusion. “Mullingar, that makes no sense.” I stated uneasily, knowing that no one in Niall’s family would steal from him, no one. He sighed as he kissed my forehead. “Well when we went visit my family last week, that’s how it happened. Some kid at a McDonalds there wrote down the card number, and the security code. How he actually got into the account, I don’t know, but he did. I guess I didn’t notice it before since it was just little things, but this was quite big obviously.” Niall replied honestly, and I immediately started laughing. “I always told you that your obsession with fast food would be the death of you. You could’ve lost all your money, Niall.” I teased as he pulled me onto his lap, swiping a piece of my hair behind my ear. “No darling I could’ve lost you.” He smiled softly, before unknowingly sending me to heaven with a sweet kiss.

Flirty in French

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Pairing : Samxreader, Dean
Word count : 1,453
Author : Mel

Request : Anonymous. Hey I love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a Sam x reader one-shot where Sam, Dean & reader are on a hunt and reader can speak French but thinks Sam can’t and whispers dirty things (smut) thanks!

A/N : So I went a bit different. I have to be honest with you, most flirting / dirty talk that I’ve ever heard, has been at least half English. I’m French Canadian, and based on my experience (And my spouses, I asked him for help here), most people just switch to English. So trying to come up with dirty things to say in french wasn’t easy, and doesn’t translate well. At least not into Quebecois. Our version of french is half English, and 90% slang. So, rofl. I hope you enjoy awkward flirting instead. Authentic French pick up lines in Bold XD. Use them well :P. - I might attempt at a part 2 later, that has smut as I figure out how our version of french dirty talk works. I’ll experiment for you Anon. I hope you like this in the mean time.

You had tried stopping in earlier in the week, but no one had been there. You didn’t want to be an ass and just barge in. So you watched and waited.

Pulling in, you knew they had just arrived minutes before. You knew, because you were behind them. They went into the garage, you went to the door, parking outside.

Knocking on the door, you stood and waited.

The door opened, and two men stood before you with guns drawn. “ Désolé ..” You held your hands up.

“The fuck did she just call me?” The shorter one growled,  cocking his gun.

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