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A bubble and a goth


“I just hope me and my Chauncey are as happy as you and your Jonas were.”

I can’t stop thinking about ‘it’s quite surreal’, and 'amazing, yeah. This is incredible, isn’t it?’ Because that’s how Sam and Anthony were last year. And they lost it so fast because people are awful.

With Theo and Samuel we have two young men, at the start of their career, and I just think that as a fandom we should be respectful of them and not invasive or over-excitable or rude or any of the other countless things we could do to them.

They’re human beings, doing a job that should probably be the most amazing, fun job in the world. And it looks like they’re going to be spectacular at it. But can we remember that they are just that? Human beings doing a job. They’re not toys. They’re not play things. They’re not characters. They’re not for us to speculate over or ship. They’re people with lives and families and friendships.

So can we please be kind to them and show them we care about them and value them, and not drive them away and make them jaded? Let them have this amazing experience without us ruining it for them.

They’re so young. And they deserve to enjoy themselves and keep the wonder we saw in the video today. Is that so much to ask? Can people please be nice?

I didn’t see this process play out from the beginning last time, but I know it’s coming this time and it’s horrible. It’s beginning already, and I hate everything about it.


Meet Trix’s Friends from Gotham University ^_^

Currently only known as: (From Left to Right)
- Pajama Man (Eng. Lit. Student)
- Roommate (Psych. Student)
- Mean Girl (Law Student)
- Goth Friend (Chem Student)
- BFG (Engineering Student)
- Smol Nerd (Electrical/Computer Engineering Student)

Colours, Names and proper references to follow once I get back to my faithful PC :)


Thank you to @call-the-midwife for sharing that Helen George was apart of the Incognito Artists - finally some footage of her singing! (also looks like a pretty fun job tbh)

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Hello! It's a first time I even try to ask for something like this, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I see you're doing a wonderful job here and it looks like so much fun, so I had to join you all! I wonder if you could write something connected to the time BEFORE skellys s/o became their s/o - a situation when US/UF/MT skelebro accidentally sees their soon-to-be s/o practicing tribal fusion (type of belly dance) alone in some secluded place. Gosh, I hope it's not too wierd...

(Hi there new friend! Woah, i googled Tribal fusion and it looks amazing *-* The clothes are cool too, wow )

US Sans: He is on his way back from training when he passes one of the little side caves in waterfall. He hears faint music, and since he isn’t in a hurry he decides to investigate. He sees you dancing to some music coming from a portable CD-Player. His eyes are locked to your moving form, he is completly fascinated by the way you gracefully shake your body. He notices that he was staring for quite some time, so he steps closer and asks you excited about what you are doing. He want’s to learn that too, it’s amazing. Thats honestly how you come closer, you teach him to dance, you start hanging out afterwards, and things don’t stop there.

US Papyrus: He was at Muffets till late at nigth together with Sans, because it was Karaoke night, and Sans draged him along. While his brother sprinted home to still catch Napstatons late night show, he strolled trough Snowdin, not to worried about missing the show. The streets where mostly empty, a few lights in some houses still open, the librarby still open even at this late an hour, so he went there to pick up a book he wanted to get for some time, but was having a bad memory for small tasks he has to do, he always forgott.

He walked in, the librarien was apparently in the backroom, but the main room wasn’t completly empty. You couldn’t find a good place to practice, your living room to cramped to properly dance in, and the outside to cold for the clothes you practise in. So the librarien allowed you to practice there after dark, when almost nobody visited, so you wouldn’t interrupt anybodys reading. Papyrus watched you move your body smoothly to the quiet music, carefull not to disturb your dancing. He lends the book quietly and leaves, but now before asking the librarian if you come here often. He defentily will visit the library more often now.

UF Sans: He is  pretty nice fellow at heart, but he has his creepy moment. Hes on his way home, passing some houses, most people already asleep. One ground floor window still has ligth coming trough it, so he glanzes inside for a second, because he clearly sees movement in there, and he is a bit jumpy that late at night. His head snapps back to the wndow after less then a second and he freezes in his tracks. Woah, wait what? 

You are dancing in your living room, minding your own buisness. Sans comes a bit closer to the window and continues to stare trough it, not really thinking about how creepy the whole thing makes him seem. He watches you for a bit, until your gaze randomly falls on the window and you see his small, shadowy self standing there. He teleports away instantly, while you run to check if the doors are locked. He will try to run into you “on accident” after that, and you start dating soon after. How you will rct to him telling you that he was the one who scared you trough death that one night is up to you.

UF Papyrus: He sees you while he is out patrolling. Beeing the captain of the royal guard, he has to make check-patrolls every view weeks all across the Underground, added to the ones he has to do daily in Snowdin and surroundings. He is about half way trough his patrol trough Hotland, when he hears faint music from a direction that ends in a little plateau above the lava. He walks there just out of curiousity, and sees you dancing, illuminated by the glowing lava below. He stands there, a ligth blush creeping onto his face, he will blame on the heat later on. He is a big fan of dancing, loving Mettatons musical shows the most of all his shows, so he watches you for a bit before coming closer and introducing himself. He will give you his number pretty straigthforwardly. If you decide to call him he will invite you to a few hangouts before inviting you to a date when he starts to low key crush on you. Which will turn into a full blown crush on the date. But you just gotta show him how to move like that.

MT Sans: He was out patroling at nigth, it was his turn this time. Most people are asleep, a few drunks passed out next to an already closed bar. A few of his coworkers patroling a different area. Then he suddenly hears music from one of the usually already closed bars. He peeks inside, hand on his hidden gun, just for safety and then he sees you. Dancing on the little stage where there is usually some singer entertaining the bar patrons. There is nobody else in the bar except for you and him. He blushes furiously at the way you swing your hips, and at how much skin you are showing, this is not a sight he is used to in his kind of work. He scurries off pretty fast, not wanting to seem like a creep for staring at you trough a half open door. He is pretty good with words normally, but when you properly meet for the first time, he will be a sligthly blushing stuttering mess. Give him a few minutes to get his cool back ,you won’t be disappointed.

MT Papyrus: He has a small italian restaurant with a little stage for live music, as a cover for his sexond, more shady job. He is cleaning up the last few spills and drying of the xonter in his kitchen. Most others have left already, the musicians often staying a bit later to practise. He hears music from the main room, not thinking much about it, since he leaves after everybody else and often watched the musicians practise before they leave together and he locks up. So when he stepped outside to tell whoever stayed that he is about to leave and has to lock up now, he didnt expext to see you dancing there. He never saw somebody move so elegantly and his face heats up when he nootices that nobody else is there, and you havent seen him enter. He is watching you move your hips seductivly from the shadows, before stepping closer and clears his troath loudly to tell ypu what he actually came here for. His face is beigth orang the entier time. After you meet again he will be composed enough to compliment you on your dancing.


Part 1 of the ask anon sent! “eric and ronald sending them back and forth during work when william’s not looking?” This took a lot longer than I expected! And sorry I’m not too funny in this one, sometimes I just like some sweetness once in a while.

Jungkook Rapping
Jungkook Rapping

@fortheglare tagged me in a thing! I unfortunately don’t save cool things in my phone so i went with the most aesthetic™ pics of me and pics I’ve sent to my sound designer if I had questions about sound levels lol.

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How do you make your art have that blur effect? It just sticks out so much ;w;

I blur out everything with the blur tool! :3 Basically, you just merge all the layers of the character (Don’t include the background D: Or do it, if ya want), select the character and copy. Blur the entire picture with this blur setting:

Use the biggest size for the brush so the job’s done quicker :3 Your picture should look like this:

Then have fun with the opacity!

Your art should have a glow-y effect by then. Hope that helps! :3


Marichat fic

blegh i’m done with this, just take it pls

She smells like sweat and new fabric. 

It tickles his nose as he watches her cut out a new pattern. She’s meticulous in the way she removes the pins, calculating every snip and every corner. He wonders what it’s like to be so passionate about something, so deeply and completely in love with it that your whole body radiates it. 

He watches her back as she leans over the fabric. She’s sitting awkwardly on her knees and the floor is littered with sewing supplies. 

And yet, she doesn’t seem to notice or mind any of it.

When he bends over, just slightly, he can see her face as her eyebrows scrunch in concentration. He smiles when he sees her tongue poke out, but it quickly fades when he notices a bead of sweat trailing down her temple.

It’s frustrating, this curiosity festering inside of him. He want’s to have a passion for himself, wants to experience something so much he smells of it. Again, her scent tickles his nose and it twitches. It doesn’t smell bad really. In fact, he kind of likes it. Though, he would never say that out loud for several reasons. 

His tail twitches with impatience, but he doesn’t want to interrupt her. Her movement’s are fascinating, her concentration inspiring. But he’s never known what it’s like to feel these things so deeply and his whole body is burning with questions.


“Hey, Princess?” He calls out hesitantly.

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Replaying my beloved Banjo-Tooie, and I’ll be drawing some of my favorite characters.

Salty Joe is dissatisfied with his job at a theme park that makes Banksy’s Dismaland look like a fun place to be. If you approach him as Banjo alone, he’ll make uninvited advances to be your new sidekick. He can spit fries really far!

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companions thoughts about SS upon meeting them for the first time?

Preston: When he first yells to them that they need help he expects them to turn tail and run. It wouldn’t be the first time someone leaves them up shit’s creek without a paddle. Then he hears the sound of the laser rifle and he feels a slight flicker of hope as he shoots at the raiders from above. Finally they make it to where they were trapped and he can’t help but wonder if their luck is finally turning around. 

They agree to help and he’s so god damn thankful that there are still people out there that are willing to lend a hand to those who need it. Whether they know it or not Sole just saved all of their lives and he’ll never be able to thank them enough for that. After all is said and done he hopes they’ll stick around and surprisingly they do. As they make their way to Sanctuary Hills he can’t help but think that the start of something good. 

Piper: She thinks they look like a fish out of water. They go along with her lie and she can’t help but feel grateful that they did. Then they tell her about their missing baby and her heart goes out of them. She can’t even imagine losing Nat. She points them in the direction of Nick’s agency and invites them to back to Publick Occurrences for an interview. This would be an amazing story, one that might finally open the town’s eyes to the threat they were facing. 

Not even a baby was safe from them and once again Diamond City security did absolutely nothing to help. The more she talks to them during the interview the more she wants to help them find their son. She can see the pain written across their face as they tell her the story of how their spouse was killed and their son stolen right in front of her and all she can think is that yes she’ll do everything in her power to help them find their son. 

Nick: He’s grateful, completely surprised that someone came all this way to rescue him, a synth. He asks why and when they tell him that they need his help he’s more than happy to return the favor. Well, first they have to get out of this damn cesspool. He’s impressed by them, that’s for sure. It takes a lot of guts and a lot of skill to make it this far and they don’t cease to impress as they strike down every gunner in their path. They don’t say it but he knows they’re thinking of their son and how they need to get to him. Failing or worse dying is not an option here. In his line of work he’s learned that there’s nothing more dangerous than a parent who’s determined to protect their child and damn, he sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the sorry bastard who took this one’s kid. However underneath that anger he can see fear and pain and his heart goes out to them. Silently, he vows to do everything and anything he can to help them find their kid. 

Maccready: They’ve certainly got a smart mouth and more importantly a pocketful of caps. He doesn’t think much of it at first but they’re pretty damn impressive in a fight. They treat him with respect and really, that’s all he can ask of the people that hire him. When they snatch something right off the counter of the bar when Charlie isn’t looking he can’t help but grin. Well, well this job might actually be fun. It looks like this one has plenty of tricks up their sleeve. 

Hancock: When they first walk into Goodneighbor all he sees is that bastard trying to extort money from people again. How many times does he have to tell that asshole to stop mugging the guests? Then he has the audacity to challenge him in the middle of the streets. It’s the last straw for Hancock and so, he drives a knife into his stomach. Only then does he turn to the newcomer. “Welcome to Goodneighbor.” They look a little shocked at what they just witnessed but gradually seem to relax some as the conversation continues. Then when they grin back at him “Yeah I feel you.” He thinks that they’ll fit in around here just fine.

Danse: He’s shocked when this civilian throws themselves into the midst of battle, firing shot after shot by his side until every last feral is dead. He feels grateful for the assistance but he’s wary. He has no idea who they are and they clearly aren’t just some civilian. No, they’re no stranger to the battlefield. So, the first thing he does is try to figure out if they’re a threat or not.

Then they agree to help him retrieve the transmitter. As they make their way through the building, cutting down synths. He feels his respect for them grow. He doesn’t know their entire story but he knows enough and has seen enough to know that their talents are being wasted. It’s a damn shame. So, he asks if they want to join the Brotherhood and he’s genuinely surprised at the relief he feels when they agree. He hopes he doesn’t end up regretting this decision but..he can’t just let that kind of potential go to waste. 

So, he’ll teach them everything he can. With some training and experience they could be one of the best soldiers the Brotherhood has ever seen. 

Maxson: He’s curious. He’s read Danse’s reports on their new recruit and honestly he’s never heard Danse speak so highly of any recruit’s abilities. It’s clear he has a lot of faith in them and he knows they must have done something particularly impressive to earn Danse’s admiration. So, he decides to speak to this recruit himself after he addresses his soldiers. 

He notices they have a determined gleam in their eyes, one that almost mirrors his own.  He needs that kind of fire in his soldiers. When they come back from their next mission at Fort Strong splattered in blood and god knows what else he’s even more curious about them. He’s starting to see why Danse was so impressed with them. Of course, only time will tell so he decides to keep an eye on this one. They certainly have a lot of potential. If they keep it up they would make a fine soldier. . 

Curie: She’s relieved. Finally, someone has come to get her out of this horrid place. She’s been stuck in there for so long and she’s just happy to see another person for the first time in years. She’s had no one to talk to, nothing to do after she finished her research and it was awfully boring just floating about with nothing to research or experiment on. She follows them out of the secret vault and watches as they give the cure she handed to them to the sickly young boy. They give him every last drop of it. She’s thrilled to see that the boy recovers very quickly after it’s administered and as she watches Sole talk to the doctors she finds herself admiring their selflessness. This..maybe they could show her the world. There was still so much to learn and see and maybe since they were so kind they would let her tag along too. To her surprise they accept her offer and she feels her respect for them grow even more. 

Cait: She’s impressed. They take out their entire audience with such ease and a part of her cheers them on as they take out the bastards. That lot deserved what was coming to them. It was a hell of a performance and she’d be a damn liar if she said she didn’t enjoy watching it. And then Tommy gives them her contract and despite the impressive display she expects to completely hate their guts. The fact that took her contract at all makes her wary. What do they want from her? But they don’t ask for anything as they make their way out of the combat zone. They don’t make any lewd comments or try to paw at her. In fact they stop once the door closes behind them and turn towards her. “You don’t have to stick around if you don’t want to.” That takes Cait by surprise and the fact that they’re giving her a choice is..well, she’s thankful. Maybe..just maybe they aren’t so bad. “Ain’t like I’ve got anything better to do. So, where are we off to?” 

Deacon: He’s been watching them for months. So, when he finally speaks to them he probably knows more about them than they know about themselves. He jumps forward to vouch for them and he can see surprise flicker across their face as he lists off all of their admittedly very impressive accomplishments. He knows enough about them to know he wants them on their side. Anyone who has them in their corner has a serious advantage and he wants to make sure that anyone is them. He isn’t particularly surprised when they ask to join. He’s seen the way they act towards non humans, they treat them respect and even go out of their way to help them. This person..they would make a fantastic addition to the Railroad.

Codsworth: His visual sensors flicker on and the first face he sees is Sole’s face. They smile at him and call out to their spouse, saying something about him being activated. “Hey, pal.” It takes him a minute to register this new environment but then his programming kicks in. “Hello. sir/mum. How can I help you?” They’re kind to him as they tell him what his duties are and introduce him to young Shaun. When Sole takes the baby in their arms, they take his tiny hand in their own and playfully make Shaun wave at him.

 “Hello..” Sole pauses for a minute. “Oh, what should I call you?” “You may call me whatever you like, sir/mum.” It isn’t his place to name himself. Sole stops to think for a minute. “Codsworth. Do you like it?” Codsworth. That’s his name. He does like it. It sounds very refined. “Yes, very much, mum/sir.”  Sole grins and once again makes Shaun wave at them. “Hello, Codsworth.” He can’t smile but there’s a flicker of something he doesn’t quite understand yet. Later he’ll come to recognize that feeling as affection, love. He copies the movement with his metal hand. “Hello, young Shaun. It’s nice to meet you.” 

Their spouse walks in, wrapping an arm around Sole’s shoulders. “Our family just keeps growing, doesn’t it?” It takes Codsworth a minute to register that they’re talking about him. They..they think he’s a part of their family? He’s just a robot. Then Sole turns towards him and offers him a soft smile. 

“Welcome to the family Codsworth.”

Family..yes, he rather likes that word. This is his family. 

Strong: He grudgingly admits that this human is a good fighter. It takes a lot of skill to take down his brothers. If any human can help him find the milk of human kindness it will be this human. 

Dogmeat: He’s happy! New friend! When they reach down to pet him, he’s ecstatic. So many people just shoo him away or even try to hurt him but this person is petting him and gesturing for him to follow them. He loves them already. 

HEY GUys i applied for a job @ petsmart for an animal care position and it looks like it would be a really really fun job so it would b cool if u guys could send me some good luck vibes!!! im going to try really hard to work up the courage to speak to the hiring manager either over the phone or in person tomorrow to get across that im serious about my online application.. it would be such a fun job i rly hope i get it

fun specialist 33 headcanons in which everything is beautiful and happy bc this is what we deserve:

  • multilingual kara + grant both switching between languages depending on which fits the conversation best
  • multilingual kara + grant forgetting which language they’re supposed to be speaking so grant tries to order their starbucks in french and kara corrects him in spanish and their barista is like the shit is happening
  • history nerds kara and grant going on museum dates and getting really excited + having deep intellectual discussions
  • kara reconnecting with her family and convincing grant to contact thomas and rosie because it’s never too late okay?
  • grant going for family dinners with the palamas family and he’s all nervous at first (“what if they hate me though kara?”) but they obviously don’t bc he’s a little nerd who is so in love with their daughter and she’s so happy with him
  • kara + grant getting the “so how did you meet?” story down to perfection like it’s this whole “he saved me” // “we saved each other” which has everyone aww-ing
  • both of them aggressively trying to find their passion together now that they are hella unemployed and all they know how to do is kill. it turns out kara’s knits when she’s stressed but that’s not so good as a job.
  • kara + grant adopting a dog!! or possibly a lot of dogs.
  • kara changing her face to mess with people like you just know she would do it.
  • kara + grant going on holidays bc it’s so long since they ever had a proper holiday because travelling with shield so that they can kill people doesn’t count. the beach counts though. so does sightseeing in paris.
  • saturday morning brunch dates bc grant ward wants his fuckin pumpkin pancakes.
I’m Bringing You In


It had been business as usual for Roxy. Or as usual as her own whimsical nature tended to be.  She had never been known to be entirely predictable in either her depredations or her heroics.  Many times it ended up being concluded that with her, the ends always justified the means; whatever those ends turned out to be.  Sometimes her motives weren’t entirely clear.

Today was no different.  She had been requested to help a man she had been raised to believe was a peculiar ally.  The job had, after all, looked like fun and in general she wasn’t up to anything particularly important. For certain number of people the redhead never did mind being used as a source of firepower.

Unfortunately the ripples of the job spread out wider than she had expected  It drew more attention to her than she would have liked. That was the only problem with her type of abilities; they were loud

“It wasn’t even that big of a deal,” She muttered to herself as she trotted through the darkened streets.  “Don’t they have anythin’ better t’do?”  

Joe Sugg imagine || Girlfriend or Best friend? Part:  8 ||

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend?

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: II.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: III.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: IV.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: V.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: VI.

- Joe Sugg : Girlfriend or Best friend Part: VII.

- - -  

Staring back, you weren’t sure what to say as you looked over Joe, your polite and courteous agreement had remained upheld for a few months but slowly you crossed paths less and less until you moved to London to take graphic design, you hadn’t seen or heard from Joe since you both graduated (from different schools) but ended up at the same graduation party said; ‘Hey’ and carried on…

“… Joe.” You finally managed a single word after everything finally settled in that he was really sitting in front of you right now. “You two know each other?” Liam the man who came to ask you if you’d meet the person you’d be helping design their graphic novel, looked between the two of you.

“We grew up in the same neighbourhood.” Joe said quickly sparing you both some awkwardness. “Oh, how neat is that.” Liam laughed a little and you flashed a half fake smile with a slight laugh.

“Despite you both knowing each other it would only be fair to formally introduce you both for the companies sake. “Joe Sugg – (Y/First&Last/N) and vice versa.” Liam made gestures pointing the two of you out like you didn’t have a clue.

“Nice seeing you again.” You said with the best fake smile you could pull from your ass. “Likewise.” Joe said smiling an uncomfortable smile.

“Well, we have some more inter-company stuff to discuss if maybe you wanted to show Joe where you make the magic happen.” Liam laughed as he wiggled his eyebrows, he always kind of hit on you – even though he was over double your age and married, you usually ignored him.

A weird feeling came over you seeing Joe slightly narrow his eyes in Liam’s direction but he couldn’t see Joe.

“Sure…” You said rubbing your arm going to leave the meeting room. “Thank you guys, so much.” Joe said as he stood up, looking at the three men who smiled at him. “We can’t wait to work with you Joe.” Liam said as Joe left the room following your lead, the silence that overcame the two of you as you walked down the hallway was thick enough it seemed other people in the building stopped talking or making noise as you both walked by.

“I didn’t know you we into graphic design.” Joe finally spoke as you walked around a corner. “Hmm? Oh yeah… Got really into it at school my last two years.” You didn’t know how you should act around him, you weren’t sure if the years gone by meant you shouldn’t be so touchy still – in fact you didn’t even know you still felt this touchy about him.

You went from thinking about somebody every day – almost all day to a few times a day a couple times a week to an occasional thought at random times to almost never.

So to have them just reappear back into your life and start feeling almost exactly the same way as you did years ago … You weren’t prepared for that and it was throwing you off.

“Oh wow…” Joe whispered in awe as you opened your office door, your office housed a lot of desks one with an iMac, keyboard and mouse, another was a tilted desk with pencils of every colour and led thickness the imagination could dream of.

“What’s that?” Joe was eyeing a smaller blank canvas which had a stylus magnetised to the side. “Oh, it’s a digital sketch pad… It connects with the iMac so I draw here…” You picked up the stylus and drew on it quickly but the canvas remained blank, you gestured to the iMac to where on a software application;


had appeared just like your typical handwriting. “Oh wow.” Joe said amazed before he looked sad. “What?” You asked seeing his expressions change from opposites quickly. “Nothing.” He shook his head and you sighed. “Come on – what?” You didn’t know why you were pressing for an answer.

“It’s just … I haven’t seen my name written like that in years – just takes me back, I guess – sorry.” He muttered, looking away.

“Oh.” You hadn’t realised. “That made things awkward, I’m sorry.” Joe whispered, putting his hands into the pockets of his black skinny jeans.

“So…” You tried changing the subject quickly. “When did you move up to London? Last I talked to Zoe you were thatching roofs?” You wondered curiously while trying not to come across as nosey. “Oh, uhm – two thousand and twelve, I moved up here to do YouTube.” He explained. “YouTube how?” You wondered, seeing a flash of hurt in his eyes that you hadn’t been watching him or something.

“Oh I just do videos and sometimes vlogs.” He waved it off. “Oh yeah? That’s interesting.” You nodded, this was the longest conversation the pair of you had held since the train station many moons ago.

“It’s a really fun job.” He smiled about it. “But it looks like you’re doing a pretty fun job, too.” He pointed out looking at some of the prints on the walls with your signatures on the corner.

“Oh yeah – it’s fun.” You nodded. “Stressful sometimes but mostly fun.” You added and he laughed a little looking back to you.

“(Y/N)…” He said your name softly it made your feel weird again. “Yes..?” You asked carefully, your heart started beating quicker.

“How’s it going in here guys?” Liam asked poking his head through the door, cutting off Joe before he got a chance to speak again.

“Fine – good – yeah.” You said dryly, you weren’t the fondest of Liam most of the time, but right now in the moment you really weren’t fond of him.

“Has she shown you how she uses her magic fingers Joe?” Liam laughed with a perverted smile and you rolled your eyes. “Uhm.” Joe said not sure of how to proceed with answering the question.

It may have been years, but you could still see the changes in Joe’s eyes and what they meant. “Yeah – we’re fine, you know this part has nothing to do with you right?” You spoke to Liam before Joe could and he laughed, putting his hands on your shoulders rubbing up and down your upper arms a little. “Ohh… But I know you love when I come – to visit you.” He tagged on the end after a brief pause.

“Not really – ever do I like when you come near me.” You had removed his hands from your body and stepped away.

Liam looked a little put out by you, but picked himself up quickly. “Anyway.” He clapped his hands together. “We’ve got this, you can go.” You made a gesture out the door for him to leave. “I’m just over seeing the process.” Liam was trying his hardest to stay within the four walls of your space.

“Okay, well – you can stay here and have fun with that, I’m going on lunch.” You grabbed your black cardigan pulling it on, before putting your handbag over your shoulder. “Show you out?” You asked looking at Joe who was just staring at Liam. “… Yeah, please.” Joe said nodded following you as you left the office.

Standing in the elevator who felt Joe’s eyes on you as you looked forward, you slowly turned your head to meet his stare. “What?” You asked.

“I don’t like him,” he said simply but with a dark undertone and you laughed, “nobody does.” You assured walking off the elevator as the doors opened to the ground level.

“And why is he touching you like that? Isn’t that like workplace harassment?” He was serious as you both walked outside, the air was warm as the Sun was at high-noon without a cloud in the sky. “Joe, it isn’t your concern.” You muttered.

“Well, yeah it is.” He said, still walking beside you. “No – no it’s not.” You stopped walking, to look at him face to face. “I didn’t need you getting up in my business when we were teenagers, I don’t need you to start trying now.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I’m looking out for you.” Joe pointed out. “Well, stop. I don’t need you too.” Your tone was to the point.

“(Y/N).” Joe said.

“No. Just – just stop.” You put your hands up frustrated, before he could say anything more. “I don’t need you okay? I can look after myself, I have for years… I don’t know what you might be thinking, that years have gone by and all should be forgiven and forgotten… But it’s not.” You watched him as he was watching you. “Things aren’t just going to fall back to where they were now that we’re finished school Joe.”

“I wasn’t saying that it should, I’m just trying to be your friend again.” Joe sighed and you shook your head. “Well, stop – we aren’t friends. We’re work associates.”

“You can’t deny that something didn’t bring us back together – that’s fate or something.” Joe countered you and you breathlessly laughed, “no … Joe it’s not fate, it’s because every other YouTuber in the UK has gotten a book deal with this company.” You gestured to the large building you had both walked out of. “That’s it.” You snapped a little.

“I’ll get the sketches faxed to me and I’ll work on them, you’ll either say yes or no and that’s it.” You nodded, walking away from him without looking back as you crossed the street, you hadn’t realised Joe’s eyes became glassed over and tears were trying not to fall…