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“I just hope me and my Chauncey are as happy as you and your Jonas were.”

Jungkook Rapping
Jungkook Rapping

Replaying my beloved Banjo-Tooie, and I’ll be drawing some of my favorite characters.

Salty Joe is dissatisfied with his job at a theme park that makes Banksy’s Dismaland look like a fun place to be. If you approach him as Banjo alone, he’ll make uninvited advances to be your new sidekick. He can spit fries really far!


Behind the Scenes of The Fires of Pompeii (Part Two)

From the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Tracie Simpson

David Tennant: It was very jolly for everyone to be away together, because usually we’re in Cardiff most of the time - Swansea is about as far as we get usually, so we very rarely are all away together as a company.  It was great, wasn’t it?

Tracie Simpson: My happiest block. As you say, being able to go out, in Rome. We organized a bus, didn’t we - a school trip?

David: We all descended on a very nice restaurant in central Rome.

Tracie: It seemed very nice.

David: It seemed very nice at the start of the meal.

Catherine Tate: It seemed rodent free at the start of the meal.

David: It seemed without pestilence.

Catherine: It did!

David: But, turns out…

Catherine: Turns out… there’s a few little Mickeys running around.

David: There were!  But the best bit of that for me was seeing our inscrutable, unflappable producer, Phil Collinson, standing on a chair, screaming like a four year old girl as a mouse ran under his chair!

Tracie: It was a rat, David.

David: It was a mouse, Trace!

Catherine: Was it really?

Louise: It was a rat.

David: C’mon! I’ve got a photograph of it. I took a photograph of it - it was a mouse.

Louise: It was a rat.

David: It was a big mouse.  It wasn’t a rat.  Rats are big, fat things with long, nasty tails.  It was just a wee mouse.

Catherine: Either way it’s going to put you off your tortellini.

David: Yeah. Then all the staff came out, fairly unperturbed by the whole happening, and started battering it with brooms… which didn’t kill it!  It lived on.

Catherine: They swept it up in the end, didn’t they?

David: Yeah, eventually they did get rid of it, but not before Phil was on the ceiling.

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