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Chapter 21: 継承 (Succession) 

Summary: Daisuke and Yuzuru talk after the men’s victory ceremony at the 2012-13 Japanese Nationals in Sapporo.

Fic Premise: Magical realism!AU of Javier Fernandez’s figure skating journey with his training partner, Yuzuru Hanyu, from their fated meeting in 2010 to the 2017 World Championships.

At a Pyrenean folk festival in Jaca, fourteen year old Javier Fernández receives a fortune from a Romani woman who tells him the love of his life is the most beautiful swan in the world that will teach him how to fly. Javi’s not impressed.

Five years later, Yuzuru Hanyu makes his international senior debut at the 2010 Cup of Russia Grand Prix event. Yuzuru’s no swan (what’s up with the feathers though?) but he does show Javi how to fly.

サントリー  絹のような小麦のラガー // Suntory - Silky Wheat Lager
The little old man at the register was excited to see me buy this because he hadn’t had the chance to try it yet. I told him he should have one when he was done with work so we could compare notes next time. In the US, this would be a pretty normal chat, but it’s kind of a rare interaction in Tokyo, and it made me feel like a person. I hope I see him again!


“keith” akira kogane

guess who is also a school dropout hero with a red jacket and a red cool vehicle ?

(also i used refs from ep1 for the futuristic bike)


Delinquent (Yanki) Keith!. He has a crush (his pining is intense) on Lance who is a student from another school.

and yes, Keith has a big pompadour 

EDIT:  i have read a lot of comment saying that Keith with a pompadour looks like Johnny Bravo….and i just couldn’t help myself


Otemachi 8134 by Krzysztof Baranowski
Via Flickr:
Reflection of a golden sunset.