this isnt the worst post ive ever made

sometimes i feel really bad about the things ive done online as a kid because i didn’t know any better…i still do but… i feel like ive done the worst unforgivable things ever over some dumb kid stuff but then i remember that full-grown adults are ruining their active careers over things they know is wrong but do anyway, so that makes me feel a little better, knowing that im nothing like them.

i was a child who didn’t understand how things worked and copied what the other kids were doing to fit in, and i wasn’t told no because that was just the norm. as an adult i know better—  a LOT better— and wouldn’t do those things again for a million dollars. … but these people, these adults who are way older than i am, are so purposefully harmful and they know it and they make no attempt to change and learn… to better themselves… they think they’re right all the time and chances are they won’t change. they’ve left a bad mark on their name and they can never fix it because they aren’t sorry