this isnt real but one day it will be ok

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omg yess drunk fic, if you fancy pls give us your take on newts creatures helping him get a gift together for credence for valentines day? (i know its cliche and terrible but valentines fluff!! unconventional gifts!! neither of them really know how to even celebrate the holiday but lovin each other and trying their best!!) of not no worries, thank you!!

you know what,you know w h at. ill try. because i hate this trope but i liked that art with the hickeys a lot so imma do you a solid. or a newtonian fluid. it isnt really solid but it isnt really liquid. i lost track of my metaphroress. here we go.

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Ok, but imagine Amanda getting the Rowdy Three Christmas gifts and it’s just like, small things like maybe a set of brass knuckles or a baseball so they can use their bats for something other than mindless violence, not that that’s not fun, but come on guys, you don’t know that these things are meant to be used for a sport?

And they get so freaking happy and slightly confused because “Amanda, why? Why are you giving us these?” and Amanda sits them down and explains Christmas to them all and then one day when they’re out on one of their “Break into places and destroy things” excursions, Vogel breaks off from the others and suddenly he falls down the house’s chimney and yells “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and Martin does his little howl and his “Rowdy Boys!” yell except he adds a little “Ho ho ho” into it as well.

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yea like being so aggressive about saying white lesbians can die is?? actual shit??? death is real and harsh and horrible and you think its okay to talk about wanting a whole group of living people-- actual humans to die? thats shit ok i hope you realize one day that youre not being edgy or cool death isnt a joking thing like the internet seems to think ,, i hope you get rid of these hateful vibes youve got going on jeeeez

U typing all this out is so funny n cute

ok but @ all the ppl saying feminism isnt needed because we “have the same rights”
that 👏 does👏 not 👏 change 👏 how 👏 much 👏 sexism 👏 has👏 been👏 internalized 👏 by👏 our 👏culture👏
So yes, I can vote when I turn eighteen just like the boy i sit next to in precalc every school day but that does not change society’s message about how I should dress, act, think, feel, speak.
That does not change the fact that if I get raped, if I get hurt, if I get harassed- It is my fault because I was dressed a certain way, because I was “asking for it.” No law can truly change how people view and treat you.
Like racism, transphobia, like homophobia, like xenophobia, sexism is deeply ingrained in our culture and in other cultures. These things attach to you like a leech when you go about your day, sometimes you even get used to it, you ignore and forget but there’s always a point where someone reminds you of this leech, this disgusting, shitty attitude which has been internalized by our nations institutions and most importantly, its people farther back than a few decades.

Your argument is null and void, it is ignoring decades worth if evidence that making a law cannot change the peoples minds. People change peoples minds, go read a high school history textbook- It’s all in there.

All of these issues are social issues for a reason, do your research before you make an argument. And for the betterment of us all, please actually look up the definition of feminism because the amount of people I meet assuming I automatically hate men after I say I am is overwhelmingly sad and also annoying as shit.

It means, look at that, I stand for equal rights. wow. whAt a concept. wow. hoo boy. too heavy woah.