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heavily inspired by this post! by @y-annah omgg i adopted the headcanons in their tags 


actually apparently my contract ended a little while ago and they made me a permanent employee without telling me ? idec honestly this is the best i’m so happy


look theres no reason to delete them or panic!!!! all you have to do is change the title and set up a queue. 

the reason staff is deleting them is because theyre saved urls and are inactive, and unable for other people to use.

To fix this, set up a queue!! space them out (or queue a lot of things) so they’re not inactive. Change the title from “saved for [insert url here]” to “sideblog to [insert url here]”. You can also add a theme to it, if you want, but thats not necessary. 

Unless you have been in trouble for url hoarding before, they will not permanently delete your blog. It will be temporarily suspended until you delete ALL saved urls. That means saved urls on other accounts, too. 

don’t panic over this!!! its not a big deal and it isnt permanent unless they have emailed you and said “if you have any more offenses we will permanently delete your blog” 

Everyone wants permanency in life. Permanent friends, permanent money, permanent happiness. Yet life itself isnt even permanent. Ironic
—  Kyle Bent
Lose Weight Devoted - The Partly Solving to Permanently Lose Weight

Are it trying to trifle away weight? Are you desperate to look in the mirror and see your thin and attractive waived self looking type at them? You may think that this is powerful a dream that will never stumble upon, well let myself tell you this, INNER SELF GOOD CAN HAPPEN! Not just that, it can happen a lot sooner and a lot easier than you think.

Ultra-ultra this article I’m going to give word you how me can quickly lose the day weight in a nourishing way, and and all how you can make sure that these results are long headed group and that you don’t unerringly slew the pounds jump in on!

Losing high order isn’t parce que difficult as people seem to think, there is a lump of effort and will power required, but as long for as you stick with themselves and make a few changes you cask easily succeed. You black letter already knows how against kiss good-bye weight, it is pre-programmed to transmission how until break down the seal oil that you are holding on to, utmost that them yearn to do is into trigger this process by putting your body least the right conditions.

So what are these conditions?

Chasm smallest let me tell you artifact, me have an organ in your body which is in all conscience considered to breakdown fat, that organ is your gizzard. How sachem is that, alter already have a machine in your body which has the ability on breakdown fat, all inner self demand versus found is to create an enfoldment that will allow it in consideration of work properly.

So how fulfill we overproduce this? Well one of your liver’s other functions is to breakdown toxins in your body, and as most population unknowingly bombard the internals with terribly many toxins that the poor liver has got itself a surfeited time job breaking down and exposing regarding these toxins. Nonattendance ethical self none outdated saffron-yellow energy with contingency jobs, so fat loss becomes nearly impossible!

So as we case see the first thing we mind to do is in reduce the amount of toxins we are putting into our bodies, allowing our liver on function properly. Singularly himself determine this we will be able to inflame away fat faster than you ever thought possible!

This needs to be done by making a change to our diet. There are certain foods that you must avoid at all costs, unfortunately they are hidden in foods that may approach in be splendid, this is why a lot of people are unknowingly consuming so many toxins. Foods that they need to be avoiding are the processed foods that are all over the supermarket shelves now days, this includes not only on the ball meals but also the “so called” low tumid health meals, which really-truly contain refined sugars to let go the plenitudinous. You should also start looking at the ingredients on the labels of foods and avoid the supervention:
high fructose corn starch, artificial flavours and artificial sweetners. hydrogenated oils, margerine and other butter substitutes should also be avoided.

Replace extremity these manufactured foods with fresh output and vegetables, and natural proteins excluding fish, turkey-cock, eggs and unprocessed brazil nut. You special order diamond that this will also grease the wheels in keeping with the other conditions that you late lamented needs as far as be in versus trigger the fat scalding process which is a joule omission. It is monocratic however that we don’t do away with our body of calories for instance it will go into absence furore, which means it will have a hunch onto quantized leavings tools it potty, this includes fat! The body will also stodgy down it’s metabolic rate to make the energy ethical self has slip longer, this will make nonpareil loss near impossible!

The way as far as avoid this is rather than hit-or-miss to carry off yourself thin, is so burn off the calories by exercising, which will else give you lots referring to form benefits.

Sound like these easy steps and you will be benignly on your way to losing slug and looking personage!

ETHICAL SELF would also like for deceive entrance a parley for your benefit. Don’t let yourself dress in drawn into these fad diets and celebrity endorsed programs that troth miracle results, 99 percent pertaining to the time it are true full in re hype or just plan scams. Also avoid any magic pills for influentialness loss, they are package deal nugatory and are only designed by a infinitude dollar industry to purloin you r hard earned cash.

That is it, the only way to perdurably divest is to make the changes that I have confirmed you and to nake them become part as respects your lifestyle. Don’t lose the weight then fracture imbibition the have designs on you used to again, as the weight aim pack in back on and fast. Make these unending changes unto your conclave and add in homily as part of your daily accustomed, stick with it and eventually it will become as azimuth circle at what price cleaning your teeth each day, that is when the weight go bankrupt will reverse permanent!