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the language of love (insp.)

  • Somebody: I just don't see cranscott. They are better as friends. I dont see Billy and Jason together ..romantically.
  • Me: They literally have the strongest connection in the entire movie.
  • Somebody: but I just dont see Billy dating anyone and I prefer jason with---
  • Me: Its coool...thats coool..mad cool..I get all that but do you get that Billy and Jason's relationship is the catalyst for the entire movie. If jason had not saved Billy from that bully, Billy wouldn't have trusted him enough to ask him to drive him to the mines and he would not have gotten to blow up that rock and they would not have found the coins. None of them would be rangers and Rita would have still risen and sucessfully taken over. Their interaction save the fucking world, if that isnt romantic I don't know what is.

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Uh, what? So I found the @askconvan kid a day ago in my recommended blogs, and now they're popping up. What happened? I don't know why they think Evan is dead anyway. He's probably and hopefully just in a blackout from lack of sleep. This whole @askconvan kid is kinda confusing me, but I just wanted to say my understanding of the situation. Peace out.

@askconvan is a friend of mine, and we were just teasing each other! they know evan isnt dead, but it was fun to bicker back and forth


~lavender brown~

“Look, why don’t you go talk to Ron about all this?“ Harry asked.
"Well, I would, but he’s always asleep when I go and see him!” said Lavender fretfully.
“Is he?” said Harry, surprised, for he had found Ron perfectly alert every time he had been up to the hospital wing.”

I found his shirt in my luggage when I came home. It had his smell and it hit me. It hit me hard .Knowing the memories we made when we were together passed. Like a dream. I miss him. I miss his touch. His kiss. His hug. His hands holding mines. But I know I’ll see him again. I know it’ll be okay. 

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When something gets massively popular it's bound to reach some people who end up hating it

Its not some though, its a ridiculous amount of people hating a game over nothing.
“There’s a cult ending that demonizes gay people!” The entire game is extremely supportive of the LGBT+ movie, that ending was scrapped, its noncanon, and can only be found through data mining
“I dont wanna give my money to the Game Grumps!” Theyre not getting the money. Their team is, who are LGBT+. They need your support. The Game Grumps office is more than just two people, its a much bigger team with much more people whos hard work should be recognized and appreciated.
“The Grumps are evil!”
Its 2017. It isnt 2012. Theyre human. People need time to unlearn toxic behavior. The Grumps have gotten better and more aware, theyve apologized, and theyre trying to support the community, their fanbase– hating a group completely because they have human flaws is idiotic. The Grumps arent perfect. They never will be. Because no one is. You can dislike them, whatever, but to write off a group of people based on past behavior that theyre actively trying to improve is fucking idiotic.
Its ridiculous. It really fucking is.

You heard Jim laughing downstairs and you were curious. 

JM: [Y/N]!  [Y/N]! You won’t believe this! Come here!

[Y/N]: What.

JM: Look at this. I just found these so called “fan fictions” on the internet and printed them out. They are apparently “shipping” me with Sebastian, Sherlock, and Molly. Why haven’t I discovered these sooner?

kinda experimented w brushes and kiwi a bit

(this is inspired by an other fanart i found on tumblr but there was no credit,, so if u know the artist pls tell me so i can give credits to them)

Usagi Cookies

Anime: Sailor Moon
Appearance: Sailor Moon SuperS Black Dream Hole
Time: around 3 hours
Serving: Depends on how large your cookie cutters are but I made quite a bit

So it appears the sailor scouts were making a couple of different cookies the one I’m focusing on are the ones Usagi and Chibi-Usagi were making! They were SO cute!! Who cant resist bunny shaped cookies! So there are very few cookies you can actually use a cookie cutter with and one of them is Sugar Cookies!!


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have you ever found a charecter that has hair covering thier eyes and isnt adorable 



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