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Dean??   Demon!Dean x Pregnant! Reader

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  I stared down at the tiny white stick in my hands, the two pink lines staring at me, taunting me.  How was I supposed to raise this baby without a father??  

  “Sam!”  I called out from the bathroom knowing that the moose of a man was waiting for me around the corner.  His next to silent footfalls echoed across the empty hallway in the bunker.

  “Yes Y/N?” He replied to me calling out for him, coming around the corner and towering over my small frame. 

  “Sam….It’s positive…” I whispered hesitantly, after all Sam was the one who wanted me to take the test after Dean had left and I was mysteriously sick all the time.   

Sam sighed deeply and pulled me into his warm chest “What do you want to do? I mean, Dean is a demon for heavens sake!”

His chest rumbled while he was talking, my eyes started to water up at this point as I realized the true situation I had gotten myself into “I-I don’t know…”  It was like Sam knew I was going to cry in a minute as he hugged me tighter and began to rock side to side while I sobbed against his plaid clad chest.  Sam knew what I was thinking at the moment ‘How are we supposed to raise this baby without its father?’ 

 “I’m gonna go lay down Sam..” My voice trailed off as I practically peeled myself off of him and walked back to my room, my hunter senses started going into overdrive as I got closer and closer to my bedroom door.  I never left my door open and yet it was cracked, I slowly pushed it open the rest of the way and felt my skin begin to crawl.  I felt around for the light switch before I realized that the switch was flipped already “What the hell?”  I heard a deep chuckle right behind me and before I could react there was a familiar hand covering my mouth.  “Dean??” My voice was muffled by his hand but I figured he could understand me. 

“Hey Sweetheart.” He chuckled.

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