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oikawa-san is weak


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Juniper: “Well, here they are! What do you think? You won’t find cuties like these in Hoenn, ahaha~”

???: “I-I’m sorry… Could I just have a moment…?”

Juniper: “Hm? Ah, of course! Silly me, just because you’ve done this before doesn’t make this moment any less special. It’s probably more special than usual because this will be your first pokemon as a Unovan citizen, how exciting! Anyways, there’s no rush, hon.”


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Save Aleppo

For those of you who don’t know Aleppo is a city is Syria that has just recently been blown up, I don’t care if this fits into your blog or not, thousands of innocent lives, children wives and husbands have been taken, most people wouldn’t care, Why? Because its a Muslim nation. Now I have a question: The whole world went into chaos when Trump won the election and no one even got hurt, CHILDREN ARE BEING BLOWN UP WHY ISNT ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS?! Because its a Muslim Nation, Shame on humanity for being so blind and not help a brother in need. People need to understand that we are all the same, Help save Aleppo, Spread this, Help those Wives who lost their Husbands, Help those children who lost their parents, help those husbands who lost their families, Help those poor people who are suffering in Aleppo.
Devastated, That is how they are currently feeling.
Keep Aleppo in your prayers, Help them, in any way you can, Shame on those people who read this and scroll down without a second thought, Shame on you.
Just because they are a muslim culture doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them, Shame on you people who scroll down this without thinking of helping. Shame on you.
I will try to support this country and All Muslims nations as much as I can, and you should too.

  • coups is more than his thighs, 
  • jeonghan is more than his hair
  • joshua is more than his religion
  • jun isnt just ‘the greasy one’
  • booseoksoon arent just ‘the funny ones’
  • wonwoo isnt the ‘emo’ one
  • woozi isnt angry and violent 
  • mingyu isnt just ‘the visual’
  • minghao isnt the quiet one, he left his family his education and everything else to be in seventeen. he learnt a new language to be where he is
  • vernon isnt just the ‘halfer’ (wtf?? why wld u call some1 that??)
  • dino isnt just the MJ fanboy.. hes a talented kid who deserves more attention thats not about is hair or likewise

me out loud: why isnt flip flappers getting the attention that yuri on ice has been getting? the storys really well written and it has a decent amount of gay content in it! its really interesting and cute and emotional and-

me in my head: knows exactly why

So I’m with this 2017 ban on giving regs attention (Its already making them mad, good) but I will still be responding to them on my own headcanon posts. I already have most of the nasty ones blocked on here because they’re annoying as hell and the mob mentality is strong with them but I also tend to generate a lot of good attention for the pro-ace side after they comment uninformed things on my posts, it shows how ridiculous and ignorant they are.

So my plan is to block any aphobes that spam me looking for attention and only responding when I feel like something needs to be cleared up or when it needs to be pointed out exactly how wrong they are.

John in The Six Thatchers

before you all get fired up about how john texting another woman and cheating is random and out of character, let me just tell you this.
A lot of men, when their wife is pregnant or just had a baby, cheat on their wife. Their wife starts putting more attention into caring for their baby and the husband feels neglected. Then a new girl comes along and shows interest, and he returns the interest because his wife isnt paying attention to him, so he accepts and seeks out that attention from the other woman.
John, generally, is a good man. He cares more for the victims rather than the case. He forgave his wife for things any other man wouldn’t. He sees the best in Sherlock despite almost everyone else not even wanting to be near him for more than 10 seconds.
But the perfect man doesnt exist. Eventually, after all thats gone on in his life, he deserves to think of himself for once. He knows that. But hes not quite doing it the way he should.
Instead of taking it easy, hes lying, hiding, taking interest in a woman when hes not available.

About him getting angry at Sherlock, there is a reason for that. Its not that he actually blames him, its that he feels incredibly guilty.
Leading up to Mary’s death, she kept noting about how good of a man he is. She truly felt she didnt deserve him. When he witnessed her death, her dying words so honest and loving, he felt guilty. He felt bad that he lost interest right before she died. He felt bad that she died before he could ask forgiveness or leave her. She died not knowing of the secrecy. Hes just directing his guilt, shame, self hatred, towards anyone but himself. It just happened that sherlock is an easy target. He did make a promise, but sherlock couldnt have stopped her from herself. She jumped in front of that bullet. Although john didnt witness that part. He walked in when she was already on the ground. Hes either doesnt know what she did or hes in denial about it. Why would she jump in front of a bullet to save Sherlock when last time she was the one pulling the trigger? Shes changed, and john feels incredibly guilty that when she changed for the better, he changed for the worst.

BUT, I dont think we have the whole story. At first, we believed he got off the bus and that was that. Later it was revealed that she also got off and he has her number. Eventually, hes texting her often and her number is saved in his phone. What if he really did sleep with her? I think her definitely met up with her. Why would she keep texting him if not to meet up and flirt? This could very well be a reason of why he feel so so terrible about mary’s death.

So no, i dont think its not out of character for john to cheat on Mary. Its not out of character to blame Sherlock. Hes widowed, left with a baby, not knowing what to do. He needs space to reflect, think, plan. He cant do that if hes being called out on wacky cases all the time.

Things I've learned from these niggas #16

Sometimes the guy that gives you the most attention isnt the right guy for you.

Go for the one who shows genuine concern for the little or big things in your life not the one whos always telling you how bad you are or what they can do to/for you.


Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time /// Panic! At The Disco