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i was scared of grace. she was quite famous when i met her at school. then at university she was famous for being quite, like, badass. and i wasn’t. so i was quite scared of her.

My bf is such a good caregiver/daddy without even realising it…
Like yesterday i wasn’t feeling well and he stroked my hair and face and asked me did i want medicine. He got the medicine and was reading out what it said on the box and it said ‘keep out of sight and reach of children’ so he was like oh no baby you can’t have this. I said I needed it so he poured me a cup and when i drank it he called me a good girl and pretended to give me a good girl sticker and then he tucked me in to bed and kissed my head and let me nap 🙊💕

High School Never Ends If You Keep On Getting Expelled
  • At the football field right after school.
  • Remus: Oh good. So the notorious punk shows up when the prep kid asks him to?
  • Sirius: Well, I guess I was just curious. I have a feeling you're not so straight laced outside of school. [beat] also you're really hot and nice.
  • James: [hurries up] Ah, coward! You came after all! Prepare to fight!
  • Sirius: Just to clarify: Are we fighting over Lily...or...?
  • James: No. No, god no. That would be really creepy and sexist bro, what the hell do you take me for? We're fighting for Remus Lupin. For HONOR!!!
  • Sirius: I'm sorry, I dont follow.
  • James: Isnt it obvious? He says he wants to go out with you, so I have to fight you to make sure you're a worthy candidate.
  • Lily: This is really weird.
  • Remus: James, stop fighting my boyfriends. I dont care if he's good at boxing or swordplay or whatever you were planning.
  • James: But...A knight must--!
  • Remus: I swear to god James. I will ruin the school play. I will destroy James Potter Day, and what's more I'll start enforcing the ineligibility rules on the sports teams if you ruin this date.

im like 500% sure that as soon as max got out of that crowd in the citadel the adrenaline wore off and he just faceplanted straight into the sand right where he stood. when everything settled down a bit some people heard him snoring or smth and were like ‘hey isnt that the guy furiosa was leaning on? ‘yeah thats her guy we probably should return him to her’ so they just picked him up and after asking the wives what to do they took him to furiosa’s room and tossed him on the bed next to her cause in the meantime she passed out of exhaustion as well. then like fifteen hours later the both wake up and she’s like ‘oh good youre not gone’ and he kind of just ‘…..???’ but goes with it 

The first time the words “I love you,” came out of your mouth, I think my heart stopped. I think the world stopped even, I mean, at least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t say it back at first, I thought that maybe you were mistaken, and said it to the wrong person. Maybe some person walking by, certainly it wasn’t me. But I was the only one around, so it had to be. You said it twice, I remember, to make sure that I heard clearly, I think. Or maybe it was just my head repeating what you said, because I honestly didn’t believe that the words came out of your mouth. When I finally said it back, I could hear how quiet my voice was, and I prayed to whatever God is above us that you didn’t notice how my voice cracked or shook. I had never said “I love you,” to anyone who I felt this much for before. I mean, I’ve said it to boys that didn’t make me feel anything, I’ve said it to boys who only wanted to put their hands down my pants, and I’ve said it to boys who i never cared for. I never felt anything with them, I never planned on feeling anything while I was with them. The times I’ve said “I love you,” to someone that didn’t matter to me is countless. But when I said it to you, I meant it. When I said it to you, you mattered. You were always more confident than I was in saying “I love you,” in the earlier months, but I’ve caught up with you now. I wish there was a word stronger than “love,” because I feel something much more stronger than that with you.
—  My voice doesn’t shake or crack anymore when I say it to you now, I hope you’ve noticed.

[151221] Fancafe Update -  Changjo: “Hello~~!!”

Composed by CHANG JO
Lyrics by CHANG JO
Arranged by CHANG JO , 권박사

Hello everyone~~ it’s Changjo~~ This is soooo late!!
But I’m so happy you can now listen to it~
I’m one of the vocals  in the team but  I really like rapping and its music that my beloved ones wanted me to try~
Composing with the hyungs taught me a lot and I do learn some more when I’m alone. This is the first track I made~
Please listen to it well~ Not just this track~ but the others one I will be making for you, Angels because I really like this kind of music too!! I will continue composing so please anticipate that!

(oh btw, because of the file limit, the quality isnt very good!! ㅜㅜ); fyteensontop

okay so yesterday i was wearing these stockings that only cover parts of my thighs and this girl working at hot topic complimented me and you know, i was like thank you, and then she starts touching them and keeps touching my thighs and being like “oh that’s skin” but keeps doing it right? this is a complete stranger who thinks its okay to assume i’m comfortable with my thighs being touched all over by her, because she’s a girl so it’s all good right? the only apology she made was to my girlfriend (who is trans and masculine-presenting, so the girl probably assumed she was my boyfriend) - she said “oh sorry” to my girlfriend as if i’m her property, but never said anything about it to me

i’ll be honest i was too surprised to react for the most part - this was my first experience being made uncomfortable by another girl touching me so i mostly just let this happen, but i’ve been thinking about it all night and i really just want to say -

if you are a girl, please do not assume it’s okay to touch other girls, especially in places that you would consider sexual if it was a man. i’ve known too many straight girls who think it’s perfectly okay to touch another girl however they please because “no homo”, and it’s not okay. i hear about too many queer girls being made uncomfortable by touchy straight girls, certainly more than i ever hear about the “predatory lesbian” stereotype bearing any truth