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tfw u come out to ur girlfriend and then she’s actually super chill

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

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… i just dont get it like ? why was syco so silent if they kept louis and didnt we get a article saying simon lost all of 1d ? like all the other boys got amazing welcomes from their labels so you would think syco would be happy to keep him ? been supporting him since the band went on hiatus since he stayed loyal with them and put all their attention on him and wouldve been showing him off even more so with how much fan support he has and how well jho did and he wouldve been seen with simon even more and simon hasnt been see with him since last year idk something isnt adding up.


Real-life princess Laura Osnes just shattered my heart into a million pieces. This is the most adorable and amazing thing i’ve ever seen. It’s literally all my favorite disney songs (and my favorite Anastasia song) in one medley. Props to Ben Rauhala for his incredible arrangement!!

People keep saying that Ezra & Aria’s high school relationship when she was a minor is what is in Aria’s file and what would put Ezra in jail.

That makes NO sense.

AD says the following:

Ezra cant “find out” something he already knows. Ezra already knows about this, he was in the relationship with Aria when she was his student. Its not a secret she kept from him.

AD isnt blackmailing Aria with info that Ezra KNOWS. 

AD is blackmailing Aria with something Ezra DOESNT KNOW about her, that would lead to Ezra being incriminated and not loving Aria anymore (which would lead to him choosing Nicole).

ALSO, the girls all know about Ezra and Arias relationship in high school, they have known since almost the very beginning. Why would Aria turn against her best friends and work with AD because of something almost everyone already knows?

This doesnt make sense. This is NOT whats in Arias file.

Also I have seen that a lot of people are speculating that Aria got an abortion in HS. First of all, if Marlene pursues this story line it would be the STUPIDEST thing on the planet. Second of all, Aria having an abortion wouldn’t put Ezra in jail. There would be no way to prove that the unborn embryo was even Ezra’s. 

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hello. can you do a reaction of bts to you are an amazing artist, but they discover it by falling by chance on her drawing book. thank you !

i take this reaction slightly personal bc i used to carry a sketchbook around with me all the time in school and people would flip through it and id get super pissed bc its so personal—im getting off topic my bad

NAMJOON : finds your sketchbook as he searches for something; approaches it with you in hand and asks you before flipping through it. careful not to touch the art itself. looks in awe, admires each detail.
“Looks beautiful. Keep up the good work, baby.”

SEOKJIN : moves you book to make space for something, but gets curious later. find him flipping through it, jaw dropped. biggest fanboy of your artwork.
“How long did it take you to make these? Wow…”

YOONGI : somehow gets his hands on your sketchbook, although you didn’t leave it in plain sight. finds you, excitedly requesting you for some art of him. 
“Draw a portrait of me, please?”

HOSEOK : was finding a book to read but stumbles across your sketchbook instead. stares at each page for several minutes before moving on to the next one. really sad when he reaches the empty sheets, wanting more to look at.
“Do you want any art supplies?”

JIMIN : who knows how he found this, honestly. he asked you before looking through it, but he looked at each piece and smiled at you in approval. he was definitely wondering how you made things like this. traces his fingers across your pen signature.
“I wish I could draw this well.”

TAEHYUNG : you were beginning to sketch something, but he snatches your book and flips through it. you try to complain and steal it back, but he holds it above you and looks through it quickly. very interested in your art history.
“Ah, what is this? How long have you had this? Is there any drawings of me?”

JUNGKOOK : come home one day and find him looking through it like a fictional book. smiling at all your art. wonders about each stroke you took to make these things. your biggest fanboy.
“This is super amazing. Please draw more.”

this is just a personal thing here: but one thing im really not liking in su right now is the sort of oddly stagnant way all the gems stand around in a crowded full or ¾ shot together? if this makes sense?? 

like they’re always standing upright in a line together and no one is saying or doing anything remotely animated or dynamic, not even in their resting poses? and ofc im not talking about things like in hit the diamond or back to the moon where there were big group shots, because those were dynamic and had different kinds of angles and had background shit going on and foreground stuff too

i mean more like that sort of awkward way the crystal gems + lapis and peridot all kind of stood next to each other in a big group, silently, as people talked at them in gem harvest? they looked like goanimate models with the simplest of motions added or something idk, and this isnt the first time since that ep it struck me as a thing that was happening, i kind of really felt it happening in tonight’s ep too… i dont know any other way to describe it than that?

Okay :D Before your utterly confused, let me explain. 

 Today, March 27, marks the day I first joined tumblr, making this day the first anniversary for my blog. I just want to say, thank you so so much. Through out the year, there have been many ups and downs. I have made many new friends here, i’ve meet great artist, improved my art soooo much, and am blessed to have everyone still here by my side. All of you, all 650+ followers, or people who just stalk me, or people who have found me just now, thank you for being here. I would have never gotten this far without anyone’s help. I seriously can not express my gratitude in words. So much has happened it just makes me so happy :’) 

 As a celebration. I’ll hold a huge art raffle!! ( I SWEAR I’LL ACTUALLY DRAW ART FOR EACH WINNER UNLIKE THE PAST ART RAFFLES )

So ~~ Lets start with the obvious rules :3 

 1. Only two entries per person! One reblog, one like. Please only reblog ONCE.

2. Most people would say “make sure your following me” but i’ll let it slide this time. Anyone can participate! No one needs to follow me ,but its greatly appreciated. 

 3. After I post the winners, I will private message each of them so get what you want drawn ready incase your a winner! ☆ ( If its an OC or a character from an anime/otome game/video game/what ever, make sure to have a ref for me ^^) 

4. No NSFW. I can’t draw it nor am I allowed to owo Like, I can literally draw anything besides NSFW. 

 5. If you read the rules, please reblog this with “clouds” ( with reblog or in tag ) Just gotta make sure no one is just randomly reblogging this ;) 

 Now to the prizes ~ ( Examples will be shown ) 

1st Place ( One winner ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, tons of detail, background + a bonus sketch of anything :D 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

2nd Place ( Two winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, and background. 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

3rd Place ( Two Winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, background

4th Place ( Three Winners ) Half drawing with color, simple shading, and simple background. ( I dont really have a picture to show sorry ;; ) 

 ( Runner ups are added every 100 notes on this post. Runner ups get a colored sketch ) 

 Welp, thats it. If I need to add anything else i’ll be just reblog this post with the missing info. It will end on April 10!! Good luck everyone and again, thank you!!

New Print!! This is gonna be available at Octocon and Eirtakon (and any later cons as well if they’re leftover but i wouldnt count on it tbh)