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tfw u come out to ur girlfriend and then she’s actually super chill

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good


Real-life princess Laura Osnes just shattered my heart into a million pieces. This is the most adorable and amazing thing i’ve ever seen. It’s literally all my favorite disney songs (and my favorite Anastasia song) in one medley. Props to Ben Rauhala for his incredible arrangement!!

Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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hey ! i just want to say im just starting out with my blog but wow i love your blog!!! and you seem like an absolute sweetheart too ♡ ahh i'd love to maybe talk in the future,, but for now are there any blogs with a dark aes like yours that you'd recommend?

we can totally talk in the future send me an ask or message and i’ll be sure to reply since you seem like a sweetheart as well!!

i don’t follow a lot of people but the blogs i like are:


@ihyashley, @sehuniepeach, @boydrools, @boybyoffonoff, @loveleaves, @koqane@lovescripts, @satinbabyy, @chaerismatic, @brokenalaska, @nct711, @0432s, @11pristin, @solisaura, @downgrades, @1omboy, @ughgleh, @evhime, @rainmp4, @3heyahe, @opulentgf, @lattaed, @nctsfan, @ilovhyungline, @chaerinsboy, @93merlot, @1babiegrl, @winninqs, @2senpai, @osakaghoul, @badtrait, @choeu-q, @1ovenct, @love1etter, @zchenle, @awboyz, @2yoongii, @taemintiee, @1yixing, @7uju, @knjpeg, @pbsies, @2tee, @h10ney, @1tender, @busanz, @gayculture, @01clc, @pbsies, @1moonlit, @hixtapeheaux, @qoth, @kibud, @sulphant, @evilsilk, @1aemin (!!!!!!), @uyoo, @99lee, @19kwan, @4girls, @khsbf, @clubhalo, @104ks (!!!!!!), @angelitas, @hogus, @kumislap, @crushs, @calmheart, @82-99, @storyop1, @upsetprxncess, @yoong7, @bfsuh, @etoiels and @silkino 


… i just dont get it like ? why was syco so silent if they kept louis and didnt we get a article saying simon lost all of 1d ? like all the other boys got amazing welcomes from their labels so you would think syco would be happy to keep him ? been supporting him since the band went on hiatus since he stayed loyal with them and put all their attention on him and wouldve been showing him off even more so with how much fan support he has and how well jho did and he wouldve been seen with simon even more and simon hasnt been see with him since last year idk something isnt adding up.