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this is just a personal thing here: but one thing im really not liking in su right now is the sort of oddly stagnant way all the gems stand around in a crowded full or ¾ shot together? if this makes sense?? 

like they’re always standing upright in a line together and no one is saying or doing anything remotely animated or dynamic, not even in their resting poses? and ofc im not talking about things like in hit the diamond or back to the moon where there were big group shots, because those were dynamic and had different kinds of angles and had background shit going on and foreground stuff too

i mean more like that sort of awkward way the crystal gems + lapis and peridot all kind of stood next to each other in a big group, silently, as people talked at them in gem harvest? they looked like goanimate models with the simplest of motions added or something idk, and this isnt the first time since that ep it struck me as a thing that was happening, i kind of really felt it happening in tonight’s ep too… i dont know any other way to describe it than that?

shoosh pap pap shoosh

tfw u come out to ur girlfriend and then she’s actually super chill

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good


Ok everyone, time to show you everyone the commercial that made me cry in the middle of the night.

So, I’m just watching Youtube before falling asleep like usual, nothing new. I tend to watch the shorter commercials, since, hey this helps the channel and the person running it why not.

Well, this ad came on at around 3 am, and sleep deprived me started to cry in an instant.

This is so important for people. This made me so happy, there is representation, and it was so nice and I loved it.


{31/07/16} - hERE IS my august spread!! the goal for this month is to cultivate more self love and be gentle with myself :’) really really hope august will be an easier month, with less trials but more triumphs! i asked a few friends of mine what they thought the theme colour for august should be, and many agreed that it should be a orange/red/pink theme!

the book on the right is ruin and rising by leigh bardugo which i finished yesterday.. it was the last book of an amazing series but i was a bit upset over the ending.. and the book on the left (though u cant really see) is illuminae by amie kaufman! i 100% recommend it! it was a spellbinding book which left me stunned??? i was up till 2 reading it on a school night can you believe smh

anyways guys i hope your august is an AMAZING one wishing you all the best for everything u may do! ((also dont delete the caption not cool ok)) 

if you dont like ro/ad/rat bc you’ve had bad experiences w age differences and it reminds you of that: that’s fine!

if you dont like ro/ad/rat bc you think rat isnt mentally mature enough or that hog’s age automatically makes him a predator, even though theyre both consenting adults who are implied to have met each other as adults: eat this ass

New Print!! This is gonna be available at Octocon and Eirtakon (and any later cons as well if they’re leftover but i wouldnt count on it tbh)

i saw people being angry about this translation but honestly its not wrong? he says  引退まで、僕のことお願いします > intai made, boku no koto onegaishimasu > until i retire, please take care of me (as my coach).  theres no literal translation for the onegaishimasu other than ‘please take care of me’. the 'please be mine’ translation isnt right!

take care of me, as my coach, as someone who cares, as whatever. but there isnt any hidden message behind this lol hes just asking victor to stay with him, until the end. is this something new? no. then theres no need to say the subbers did a bad job or that this is a ’ crucial translating error ’ because (for once) it isnt! the added the coach thing because they had to give it a context, thats it. 

Heath said ; “i get it now”
& now we all think he’s dead.

They also showed a look-alike walker, that wasnt him. much like weve seen many that look like beth… 

I bet you that he’s alive, and so is our girl.
Maybe theyre together? there really isnt much of a point in separating him and Tara unless Heath is going to die and be found *which thet could have already done if they had that walker actually turn out to be him) or have his own sub-story line. They could have had him eaten by walkers trying to save tara or they could have had them make it through the hoard and still end up at oceanside.  

it just isnt adding up for me.