this isn't........ what i went to gif


*rumble in the jungle, trouble on the field*
Bale: Stop pushing, grouchy smurf, I’m getting him out of here.
Karim: Let me at him!
Bale: *puts hand up* Karim, no. We’re going to be sensible adults about this. Remember, the worst of us is still better than the best of them. Just let it g-
SERGIO: EXCUSE ME, coming through!
Bale: Oh for-
SERGIO: Do you have beef, motherfucker? Because I’m a vegetarian and I’m not fucking scared of you.
Karim: Oh shit.
Ref: Mr. Ramos!
SERGIO: Just remember, puta, your ass can get it.
Ref: They really don’t pay me enough for this shit.

See also: Sese’s anger management series.


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