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For Feral!Adrien: is there a Tikki anywhere here? 0.o

When she is six years old, Marinette and her parents visit the Parc des Félins. Marinette could barely sleep the night before. She’s been to the Ménagerie du Jardin des plantes, which is a lot closer to their house, but this is her first time in this enormous zoo dedicated to cats. For the occasion, she asked her mother to fix her hair into two buns—like really round cat ears!—and chose to wear her cheeriest overall shorts. Her father hoists her up on his shoulders so she can see further into the enclosures, over the heads of the tall adults. 

The zoo has many kinds of felines from different parts of the world, but there’s one cat that Marinette is most excited to see: a new leopard that everyone’s talking about, one with the most unusual fur. 

By the time they arrive at the leopard enclosure after hours of walking, the crowd is already beginning to thin. 

“Good afternoon,” greets the stocky zookeeper standing by the fence.

“Good afternoon,” her mother replies, “Our daughter would like to see the new leopard. We were informed that it favors this side of the enclosure…”

“Yes, that’s right,” the zookeeper confirms. “She’s usually hiding up in the trees over there. I haven’t seen her all day from here, though… Looks like the ol’ girl is shy, as usual.”

“She’s shy?” Marinette asks as her father puts her back down on the ground. “Why is she shy?”

The zookeeper—”O. Césaire”, as the name patch on his chest reads—crouches down to Marinette’s level and lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

“I’m sure your maman and papa told you about our Tikki. That she is different from other leopards?”

Marinette nods vigorously. “She has special fur,” she whispers back.

“Yes, Tikki has very special fur. Because of it, some bad people chased her and tried to harm her. Oh, but don’t worry! Tikki is very lucky! Good people were able to save her, and now she’s here so that she can be protected from other bad people. Because of the bad people from before, though, she likes to hide in the trees so that no one can see her.”

“So… So she doesn’t like people?”

“Well—” the zookeeper rubs his dark beard in consideration “—she doesn’t like showing herself to the public, but she’s always at her best behavior when I feed her.”

“Tikki is a nice leopard, then?”

“Tikki is a very nice and friendly leopard!”

“Oh! Maybe she’ll like me if I share my cookies with her! I have chocolate chip ones!”

“Sweetie,” her father cuts in, “we can’t feed the animals in the zoo, remember?”

Marinette pouts. She really wants to see Tikki—she’d already made a doll version of her with the help of her mother when she found out about her. And her father makes the best cookies! She’s sure Tikki would like them!

“Is there any chance for us to see her today?” her mother asks.

“The Parc is open for another 30 minutes, if you want to wait,” the zookeeper offers as he glances back at the trees in the enclosure. “But Tikki doesn’t usually- Oh!”

Marinette, immediately alert, follows his gaze just in time to see what might have been a blur of spots and pink jump down from a tree branch. It quickly blends back into the brown hues of the trees and the ground.

“Was that her?” Marinette asks, excitedly tugging her father’s hand even as she keeps her eyes trained on that specific patch of grass.

Before her father could answer, the leopard with the very special fur carefully rises from the camouflage of the grass around her. In slow, deliberate movement, she lifts a paw and takes a step forward.

Then another.

And another.

Marinette can hardly breathe. She was the one who begged her parents to visit the zoo so she can meet Tikki, but now that she’s seeing the mysterious creature with her own eyes, she feels fear nervously thud against the awe in her chest.

Tikki’s tail sways from side to side as she walks, her attentive ears standing to their tips. She is a leopard, through and through, but like the zookeeper said, she has very special fur. Instead of the golden hue that others of her kind have, her spots are splattered across an incredible coat of rosy pink.

She reaches the enclosure’s fence, right in front of Marinette, and only then does she stop. 

From where she’s standing, Marinette sees that the leopard’s eyes are wide and intelligent and strikingly blue. Tikki’s long whiskers twitch. And then her eyelids lower—and lower and lower—until she blinks. Marinette smiles, carefully raising her hand in a small wave. 

“Hello Tikki,” she greets under her breath. “I’m Marinette.”

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Captain Georgiou/Commodore Paris!

OMG my head just exploded! What an amazing idea!!!! Look at all the possibilities:

  • They could meet in the academy! They could be roommates! Or rivals! Frenemies to lovers!
  • Or they serve together on their first assignment! And are still rivals! But it’s friendly and they become their best selves because of it!
  • And are promoted to Captain together!
  • Or Paris is promoted first and Georgiou spends a year being Literally The Best At Everything to prove herself. And then they are Captains together. 
  • Or they meet as captains together, and they think that they’ve finally reached a place where they can breathe for a moment, and look around, and they fall in love almost instantly because: finally someone UNDERSTANDS what they had to do to get to that place. 
  • And you know how Captain Georgiou is such an actual ray of sunshine and steel in that scene where she meets Michael? It’s because of this relationship. 
  • And I can’t not include the idea that Owen is their son. OWEN PARIS IS A STARFLEET LEGACY BECAUSE OF HIS LESBIAN CAPTAIN PARENTS!!!!
  • (Don’t at me about timelines or continuity or ages, I want to bask in the beauty of that sentence. I want to LIVE THERE.)

In every possible universe: YES. 

And like – canon gave us bare bones and they deserve the universe. I should write this for nano. 

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So oddly enough there isn't a lot of tomco fics mentioning Friend enemies, maybe a fic that takes place afterwards, where Marco tells Star about everything and she ends up realising that he had a crush on Tom? (Insert Star being matchmaker)

Yes! Of course I could write this! It was so sweet and I loved making it! I really enjoyed writing about Marco being in denial about loving Tom. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. I hope you enjoy it!

Marco practically ran into his house and closed the door behind him. Once he did he smiled big and giggled happily, wrapping his arms around himself and smiling. But his little celebration was cut off when he heard a voice. “What’s got you all excited?” Star asked. Marco looked up and blushed when he realized he was acting so chipper.

“Oh! Star! I uh… I was uh…” He trailed off, blushing deeper as Star raised an eyebrow. The girl then rolled her eyes and patted the spot next to her. She somehow had become untangled from the christmas lights.

“Come on, sit, you need to tell me exactly what happened.” Star explained. Marco rolled his eyes and sat next to Star, she scooted closer and grinned, waiting for all the details. “Soooo, how was your date?” She asked. Marco blushed violently.

“It wasn’t a date! I just went out! W-with Tom.” Marco added, blushing some more.

“How was it? Was I right? Was he trying to bury the hammer?” She asked.

“Hatchet, Star.” Marco corrected. “And no! He was using me to win some sort of dumb badge. To graduate anger management.” Marco complained.

“Hold on, hold on. Anger management isn’t something you just graduate. It’s something you deal with.” Star explained. Marco nodded. “What exactly happened, I need to know this gossip!” Star jumped and Marco rolled his eyes.

“There’s no gossip, Star. He used me! He was just being annoying and inconsiderate as usual! Typical Tom Lucitor.” Marco huffed. Star rolled her eyes.

“How was the movie?” She asked. Marco growled and threw his arms up in the air.

“We never went! Stupid Tom and his stupid anger issues made us miss it!” Marco hissed. “All we ended up doing was…” Marco trialed off and began playing with his thumbs. “Well… he felt bad about using me and… he ended up raising the dead, Mackie Han, so I could meet him.” Marco admitted. Star noticed Marco’s blush and gasped.

“He raised the dead for you!?” Star exclaimed. ‘That’s so sweet!” She chirped. Marco raged.

“Since when is anything Tom does CUTE!? He is NOT cute!” Marco crossed his arms. He then let his angry demeanor drop and then he smiled at the memory. “But it was… nice of him I guess. We never made it to the movie but, we ate cereal on the curb while watching Mackie Hand beat up guards.” Marco explained. Star scooted forward.

“And?” She asked in a sing-song voice. Marco blushed deeper and began to tell her more excitedly.

“Well, after we watched and ate cereal, he was just so worn out from the resurrection spell that he fell asleep on top of me.” Marco told her. “I wanted to wake him up but I…” Marco trailed off. Why didn’t he wake Tom up? Why didn’t he roll his eyes and get annoyed that he passed out on him? It was odd that Marco just let the demon take a nap.

Star crossed her arms and leaned back, smiling with a knowing expression. “Ah, I see.” She smirked. Marco narrowed his eyes at her.

“You see what?” He asked. Star grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh nothing you don’t already know.” She told him. Marco gave her an odd look and she giggled. “Oh come on, it’s a little obvious, Marco.” Star nudged him. “You spend a night together, he does something sweet and kind for you, you eat cereal together on the curb and then he falls asleep on you? Those are the stages of love!” Star giggled.

“Those are not the stages of love, what weird love-stories are you reading?” Marco asked. “And I do NOT like Tom!” he hissed. “He is so annoying and aggro and such a jerk!” Marco seethed. “Why would I like him?” He asked the girl.

“You tell me.” Star told her friend. “What did you feel when you found out he was using you?” She asked. Marco sighed and looked down.

“Hurt… really hurt.” Marco admitted.

“Ore so than if I did something like that?” Star asked.

“Well not more so… but it definitely would be a different feeling.” Marco admitted, looking away.

“And when he brought Mackie back to life for you, what did you feel?” Star asked, scooting closer still. Marco rubbed the back of his head and shuffled back and forth.

“Really… flattered.” Marco blushed and giggled. “I was really happy he did something like that for me and I-” Marco cut off when he saw Star’s grin. “Stop looking at me like that! I do NOT have a crush on him!” He cried.

“One more question.” Star begged. Marco sighed and nodded. “How did you feel when he fell asleep on you?” Star asked. Marco blushed even deeper than he had in this entire conversation, he looked down and took a deep breath.

“I… I was nervous, my heart was racing and I just couldn’t stop looking at him. I just ignored the fight and… found myself just sitting there and hoping Tom had good dreams.” Marco stopped and had a happy light in his eyes as Star giggled into a pillow. Marco looked up and his smiled faded. He got off and marched into his room, angry at Star’s giggling.

“Oh come on Marco! You know the truth!” She called after him, laughing. “You loooove him!” Star sang.

“I do not!” Marco called back. He marched up the steps and Star sighed, shaking her head before hearing Marco’s door slam. “I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH TOM!”

  • Wonho: Considering he says he's cute and sexy, Wonho would probably want someone who is cute. He would want someone smol, petite, someone that would get covered by his body. She has to love food as much as he does.
  • Shownu: He would want someone who is fit and takes care of their body like he tends to does. Someone well bit, average height. Obviously, someone who doesn't drink also, a health woman.
  • Kihyun: I imagine him with someone who is quiet, shy and just a all around sweetheart. He is pretty motherly and would probably want a woman who wouldn't mind being spoiled or didn't mind the attention he gave her. He would want someone polite and refined.
  • Hyungwon: A woman who is classy, sexy and just down right beautiful. She has to be nice and very feminine and someone that appreciates him and his work.
  • Minhyuk: This boy is wild. He would need someone to balance him out. He would love a girl who would have fun with him, perhaps, girly but not too girly where she wouldn't mind getting messy.
  • Jooheon: Jooheon would want someone fierce, kinda tom boyish but sexy. He would probably like someone who loves hiphop and enjoy music as much as he does. Jooheon is also a scaredy cat so if his girl isn't scared then it would make him want to be brave too.
  • I.M: He's a nerd and a weirdo. He wouldn't mind what girl he falls for, as long as they see him for him and don't mind his bizarre personality, he will be head over heels for her. I imagine him being attracted to a woman who plays video games, enjoys comics and other things deemed as weird and nerdy.

New Doctor? - Doctor!Tom Holland X Reader

Originally posted by captainaudreystark

You were walking with your daughter to the hospital, she missed a check up a few days back and you could only get a time slot now, you were rushing and were barely able to pick up your daughter, Y/D/N, on time for the appointment. You walked into the hospital, hand in hand with your daughter, up to the front desk where the receptionist was sitting in front of a computer, probably with whatever work they had to deal with.

“Uh, hello, I’m Miss Y/N Y/L/N, I’m here with my daughter Y/D/N Y/L/N. She has a 3 o'clock appointment.” You told the receptionist, who looked at you and your daughter with a smile before checking their computer for your appointment. The receptionist looked up at you with a smile, you hoped it was a good thing and that you didn’t miss your appointment.

“Okay Miss Y/L/N, your doctor is already waiting for you in room 124.” The receptionist told you and you nodded, thanking them before taking your daughters hand and leading her towards the new room. You had to be honest, but it was odd that you had to go to a different room, you didn’t have to ever do that before, but maybe there was just something wrong with the other room you regularly went to for your daughter’s check ups.

You knocked on the door of room 124, knowing that Doctor Evans, or Chris as he had everyone call him, would always seem to get a fright when you forgot to knock and just walked into the room. You didn’t think he ever forgave you for those times, each time he ended up dropping something onto his foot, he almost broke one of his feet once because you walked in and he was trying to fix a heart monitor and almost knocked it over onto his foot.

“Mommy, why are we going to a different room?” Your daughter asked you, looking up at you with innocent confusion, you always thought she was cute when she did that, everyone always said she looked just like you, she did have some similarities to her dad though.

“I’m not sure, Y/D/N/N. Maybe it’s a better room, maybe you’ll see more cool doctor stuff!” You said, fake gasping as she smiled, already trying to get to the room as fast as possible.

You smiled down at her, letting her lead you to the new room, going as fast as she was allowed to in the huge hospital.

You finally arrived at the door of room 124, knocking on the door before walking in, your daughter leading you in before you turned around to close the door.

“Sorry about Y/D/N, she’s had some sugar and is now very excited to be here.” You said before turning around, not being faced with the normal doctor that you were used to, but a completely different one that seemed closer to your age and cute as all hell.

“It’s absolutely fine, love. I’m Doctor Holland, just call me Tom though, and who do we have here? I’m guessing you’re Y/D/N?” Tom said, crouching down in front of your daughter with a smile, Y/D/N instantly smiling, she wasn’t usually so happy to talk to strangers, but yiu guessed the sugar removed all shyness from her.

“Yeah! How did you guess?” Y/D/N asked, Tom smiling at your little girl like she was the most precious thing in the world, which she was to you and previously her father.

“Because I’m Spider-Man, don’t tell anyone though, it’s a really big secret.” Tom said, smiling at Y/D/N as her eyes lit up, Spider-Man was one if her favourite superheroes ever, it was one of the many things you two had in common.

“Then why’d you tell us? We could be the bad guys.” You said, playing along with what Tom said as your daughter shook her head at you, Tom smiling at you with a newfound fondness.

“Well, then I’d be helping one of the cutest bad guys in the world, wouldn’t I, love?” Tom asked, looking up at you as your daughter looked between you both, noticing the look in your eyes. If it was anyone else seeing you two, they’d think you were a couple trying to be professional if they noticed how you already looked at each other.

You cleared your throat, wanting to get back to why you were in the hospital in the first place, hoping to not get sidetracked again. Though that might have been hard with how cute your new doctor was.


Your daughter hopped of the table, holding her lollipop that Tom gave her, smiling widely as you both looked at her. The she suddenly looked like she remembered something, looking up at Tom with a hopeful look as he slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

“Can we take a picture? Doctor Chris used to take pictures with us and your really nice. Please?” Y/D/N asked Tom, him looking at you for approval, your daughter looking at you, practically begging for you to say yes as you nodded.

“Sure thing, as long as your also okay with that, Tom?” You said, the sentence coming out more of a question as he nodded.

“That’s perfectly fine with me, just let me get this coat off, my shift’s done anyway.” Tom said, smiling at you as he crouched down next to your daughter, you standing with your phone pointed to him and your daughter, who kissed his cheek just in time for you to take the picture.

You looked at the photo, seeing Tom with a surprised look as your daughter kissed his cheek, making you smile as you showed them. You then heard the door open and all three of you looked towards the door, seeing one of the nurses looking at you with a shocked look on her face.

“I’m sorry doctor, I didn’t know your family came to visit you, I’ll come by at your next shift.” The nurse said before leaving, leaving you and Tom shocked as your daughter smiled, knowing that she wasn’t the only one to see the look in your eyes already.

“Okay then, um, we better get going, can’t keep you away from your actual family. But, I’m guessing we’ll see you for either of our next appointments?” You asked and he nodded, watching as you took a hold of your daughter’s hand and started to walk towards the door.

“Hey um, I was wondering if you’d ever want to maybe go for a drink, or dinner sometime? Only if you want to though, I really wouldn’t want to keep you away from Y/D/N or anything.” Tom said nervously, making you smile, blushing slightly as you nodded.

“I’d love to.” You said, quickly getting a piece of paper and a pen, writing down your number and handing it to him with a smile before leaving, the smile never leaving your face as your daughter silently cheered.

She knew this would go well.

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I have this Headcanon where Hawkmoth isn't actually Gabriel but the former Chat Noir. Sabine was the previous Ladybug and is pretty aware of Marinette being Ladybug since she could hear Tikki's voice. The previous Chat Noir was jealous that Sabine had fallen in love with Tom, so he became Hawkmoth.

Oh my god, this is perfect. It would be history repeating itself, in the cruelest manor.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she thinks: why isn't taron egerton in any of the screenings for legend? why didn't he go to the premier? was it because tom brought his loving big doggy? and why isn't he tweeting? and why isn't he posting anything? is he even okay? what is he doing? will he ever post a nice dubsmash? or a selfie? where is taron?