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Things the signs don't get enough credit for:

Aries: Their encouraging and motivating spirit

Taurus: Their ability to make people feel loved and special

Gemini: How they are always willing to talk and brighten the day of literally anybody and everybody

Cancer: Their leadership skills

Leo: Their ability to turn their own sorrows into something beautiful for others to enjoy

Virgo: how they always selflessly help you to do your very best and succeed

Libra: Their pure kindness and consideration for others

Scorpio: their extreme want and efforts to prevent others from feeling as sad as they do sometimes

Sagittarius: Their ability to take their curiosity and teach it to others

Capricorn: The strength of their heart, that is able to keep, not just themselves, but others alive and sane.

Aquarius: their sensitive heart that sparks each of their rebellions

Picses: Their wisdom and intelligence woven into their ditziness


mugwort - happiness
lilac - first emotions of love 

sketches of my boy (Damien) that I’m uploading before 3 years pass and I improve too much to dig my past/present out like this 


jace dodging hugs from simon and luke + hugging alec (requested by @wewalkadifferentpath)

logicalbookthief  asked:

Ah, I hope you have a fantastic trip to Italy, I'm sure you'll have a blast! I'm actually planning to study abroad there myself, but next semester 😄 And if you're still looking for prompts to wile away the long plane ride, maybe an alternative pov of someone Dick works with in the police department reacting (maybe unintentionally eavesdropping on?) to seeing his father, billionaire and apparently very concerned parent Bruce Wayne, when he's seriously injured on the job

Thank you! I’m having fun so far, for the most part. Today’s the first day I’ve had that I can finally take a break and breathe, and I’m finding that I’m feeling just a tad bit home sick. Still, this whole experience has been amazing.

I hope you have a wonderful trip abroad yourself! Thanks for the prompt!

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He and Grayson had taken all the necessary steps to make sure everyone would come out of that situation unharmed, and yet—and yet it had been Grayson who’d taken that bullet. That bullet that had been meant for Officer Derek Wilhelm’s heart.

Because if Grayson hadn’t pushed him aside, Derek would have been leaving the hostage-held bank in a body bag. Grayson had said they were lucky. That just because Grayson was the only one in the hospital things were better.

But it should have been Derek. Not Richard Grayson. Grayson had saved his life, and all Derek could think to do to repay the man was sit in vigil at his bedside, just waiting for Grayson to wake up from the anesthetic.

He’d expected it to be a quiet time, spent in silence and self-hatred. What he doesn’t expect is for the door to bang open and a man dressed to the nines to come storming in, an old man in a weird suit and an angry doctor trailing behind him.

“I don’t care how rich you are,” the doctor is saying. “This is a hospital. We have rules here. And you can’t see Mr. Grayson until he gives permission for you to visit him. You’re not on his contact list.”

“Check it again,” the man says, barely giving the doctor more than a glance before he’s striding towards the bed. Towards Grayson. Towards Derek.

Derek stands up, hand creeping towards his belt. “Excuse me, sir, but the doctor said you don’t have permission to be in here.”

The man’s face doesn’t change, but there’s more than a hint of anger in his voice when he speaks again. “Screw permission.” He points to the bed. “That’s my son, and you can’t keep me from seeing him when he’s just been shot—”

“I’m sorry,” the doctor says, a bit quieter and with somewhat more empathy. “But you’re not exempt from the rules Mr. Wayne. Especially since Officer Grayson was on duty.”


Derek starts, whirling around to see Grayson blinking away the last dredges of sleeping. He isn’t looking at Derek, though, or the doctor or the old man. No, he only has eyes for who Derek’s put together to be Bruce Wayne. Richard Grayson’s adopted father.

Derek stands down, and Bruce Wayne walks right past him to Grayson’s bedside.

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Ravenclaw Headcanon

When a Ravenclaw makes their way to the great hall for breakfast, they take the long way there so they can talk to some of their favorite portraits. Sometimes they get knowledge passed on through generations of portraits all over the school. Sometimes they hear the portraits talking about the past, sometimes distant, sometimes more recent. And most of the portraits like to talk about troublemakers that they always saw out of bed after hours and insisted on people calling them The Marauders. Whenever a Ravenclaw asks what The Marauders real names are, the portraits just smile sadly and say words that most certainly aren’t names: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

Birthday (Bill Denbrough x Reader)

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Fem!Reader

Request: “So I was wondering if you could do an imagine where reader is sad cause her parents had a work trip and so she’d be alone then bill comes over for her birthday but doesn’t hear him cause she’s blasting her music and he came up to see her crying cause everyone missed her birthday again and is really hurt cause she was turning like 15 and thought it was really special and just a lot of fluff I need to prepare myself for my own”

Warnings: Pure fluff

A/N: I really hope you have a great birthday, Anon! You deserve it! ❤️


Another birthday, another year older, another business trip for her parents.

Y/n frowned, looking at the post-it note that was stuck on the counter.


Happy birthday! We’re so sorry we couldn’t be there for your fifteenth birthday!! You can invite your friends over tonight if you want to! There’s some extra money in the drawer for some food. Call us if you need anything.


Mom and Dad <3”

Tears filled Y/n’s eyes, she decided not to go to school. Sure, the Losers would be worried, but they’d probably come over and check on her later.

She went back to her room, closing the door and going back to sleep for a couple hours.

A Couple Hours Later

The bell rang at the Derry middle school. The Losers Club walked to their usual lunch table and sat down. Bill frowned.

“G-Guys, w-would you c-c-cover for me if I went to check on Y/n?” Bill asked, his worries evident on his face.

“Sure, Bill. We’re worried about her too.” Bev frowned. Bill thanked her then stood up.

He walked outside and found his bike.

He peddled towards Y/n’s house quickly.

When he arrived, he knocked frantically on the door. He frowned when he received no answer. The door was unlocked so he decided to make his way inside.

“Y/n?!” He yelled through the house, hearing loud music playing from upstairs.

He made his way up the stairs, stopping outside Y/n’s door.

He gently knocked, then peeked inside.

He saw Y/n laying on her bed, her back was facing him. His eyes wandered towards the stereo that played one of her favourite songs.

He walked over to the stereo and turned it off.

Y/n shot up, breathing a sigh of relief when she saw Bill.

“Y/n! W-We n-noticed y-you weren’t in s-school today so I-I decided t-to come c-c-check on y-you.” Y/n smiled at the boy.

Bill noticed the stream streaks that ran down her face.

“T-They left a-again, d-didn’t t-they?” Bill sighed, walking over to sit next to Y/n, who simply nodded in response.

“Yup. Every year.” Y/n closed her eyes.

“H-Happy B-Birthday.” Bill handed Y/n a small, green box.

Y/n smiled as thanks and went to open the box.

Inside, sat a small braclet. Y/n picked up the braclet and gasped.

All around the braclet, were seven charms. All of the charms represented a certain friend of hers.

Y/n smiled, she turned and hugged Bill tightly.

“I love it.” Y/n kissed his cheek, giggling a bit when his face turned red.