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I would like to see a sort of phantom-of-the-opera themed fic, where Will works for the opera, not as one of the singers, but in the orchestra pit.

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(long stream-of-thought summary of the story below)

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Relationship with Charlie Weasley

This was for me if were being honest. I love Charlie and it is impossible to find anything about him.

big spoon/little spoon: Charlie is the big spoon. He likes to cuddle but not be cuddled.

favourite non-sexual activity: Playing with Dragons. Specifically baby dragons.

who uses all the hot water: You do normally in the morning but he takes it all up after work. Thankfully in your opinion.

the most trivial thing they fight over:

Charlie working too much. He has always been a workaholic. You knew that going into the relationship. Sometimes, however, you want attention too. Or he forgets to reply to any of your messages. He is trying, however. He’s been living the bachelor life for a while.

does most of the cleaning: You do. Just like his brothers he was spoiled by Molly.Lord help you however if he walks in the house dragging all of the mud and other unmentionables on his boots one more time.

Who controls the Netflix queue: Charlie despises Netflix. When he has free time where he isn't reading up on what other dragon people are doing he wants to spend his time with you. Ahem*. In close undisturbed proximity.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Charlie would only ever call for help if absolutely Nessacary. He would rather break it more than calling for help.

who steals the blankets: You do. “You don’t look so strong. How is it you’re even stronger in sleep?”

who leaves their stuff around: Charlie leaves cups of untouched tea or coffee. He makes drinks and then gets distracted.

who remembers to buy the milk: You. He knows everything about dragons but every time you ask him to get it he seems to remember at the doorway. “Shit!” “Do not tell me you forgot the.” “Yes, I forgot the milk!” 

who remembers anniversaries: charlie does. He would be in huge trouble for remembering the date and time his dragons were born but not an anniversary.

Who cooks normally?: You do. He pretty much walks in the door just in time to have you finish up cooking.

How often do they fight?: Not very often. If you do fight it can be loud and long. 

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Charlie is at work. You are working on things or out at his parents hanging out with Molly.

Nicknames for each other?: Charlie is whisky because he is strong but smooth once you get to know him. Plus he is so much fun when he is drunk. Charlie would never admit it but you also call him Daddy when you want his attention. Charlie calls you baby doll in the privacy of your home. The other common one is hun. Simple but effective.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Charlie. You try but he always says that he doesn’t really buy much as he isn’t a possession kinda guy so he likes to treat you with a meal.

What would they get each other for gifts?: You get Charlie new boots or something he needs but insists could still hold up for another month if he just takes her easy on the article. Charlie would get something specially made that means something to the both of you.

Who kissed who first?: You kissed him first after the two of you went late night swimming in the lake. It was a spur of the moment.

Who made the first move?: Charlie did. It was after a night of fire whisky. He dragged you back to his place where the both of you finally released the sexual tension that was built up over the time you had started seeing each other.

Who remembers things?: Charlie remembers dates and dragon things. You remember what Ginny mentioned she would want for Christmas. You could ask Charlie who was in the conversation an hour later and he would honestly think that she didn’t say.

Who started the relationship?: Charlie did. Mostly because Molly told him if he didn’t she would do it for him. He just needed that little push.

Who cusses more?: Charlie. If he doesn't swear in at least twice in a conversation you are worried.

What would they do if the other was hurt?: Charlie goes out of his way to make sure you are never hurt. He would be sorrily disappointed if anything ever happened to you. He, however, is never worried about being safe. It’s always about the dragons or you. He comes second. That drives you crazy but you know he knows what he is doing.

I’m going offline for an undetermined amount of time. The queue will still be running, so don’t be confused by that. I’ll probably set up a throwback week once I get home. I’m very sorry to those who have requested things, I’m not certain how my inspiration is going to be affected by this.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Summary
  • Harry: is this train station a metaphor for death?
  • Dumbledore: yep, it is
  • Dumbledore: you are dead
  • Dumbledore: you are stuck here with me forever
  • Harry: well, if that's the case, I have a lot of questions
  • Harry: why did you keep hiring incompetents? is there any good reason you didn't tell me about your terminal wizard disease? are you in a committed relationship with bullshit?
  • Dumbledore: ...
  • Dumbledore: oh, look at the clock
  • Dumbledore: time for you to go


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I love your blog and your theme you are such a great writer A+ *heart eyes emoji* I was uh wondering if you could do an RFA + V reaction to MC coming out as being a lesbian? It's getting close to the holidays which is really hard for me sometimes because my family isn't very supportive of me and who I am and I just need some hugs T_T

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Put this to the top of the queue because I also have this every year and it sucks ://


  • Well this is Zen we’re talking about.
  • There’s going to be a moment of ‘wait wat but look how pretty I am’
  • But he gets over it in like ten seconds and feels bad for all those times he basically thirsted down the phone at you or was like ‘what kind of guys do you like you naughty girl’
  • He’d give you a massive hug and thank you for telling him because he knows how sometimes the hardest thing is just to be yourself.
  • He’d become your guardian protector come wing man come big brother and would be a massive pillar of support in the whole process.
  • He’d go with you for moral support when you go to tell everyone else
  • Will fight anyone who trash talks you or gives you any other kind of nonsense
  • He still sends you his selfies though.
  • “Look at this face and feel motivated, MC! It’s going to be fine. And if it’s not…” -New selfie- “Here’s the face of your white knight!”


  • He’d assume you came because someone was spreading rumours, like people are always doing to him.
  • He’d have called for Jaehee to go and summon the legal team before realising that
  • Oh
  • You actually just wanted to reveal something very personal about yourself because you considered him a dear friend
  • And honestly, I think that that would be more of a shock to him than the fact that you were coming out to him.
  • He’d go very quiet because it would touch him so very deeply and then he’d end up just saying ‘I see…’ over and over. Depending on how well MC actually knows him, this probably comes across as much less supportive than it actually is. If Zen is there, it DEFINITELY starts an argument.
  • In the end though, he’d get up from his desk, place a hand on MC’s shoulder and tell them he’s proud of them.


  • Yoosung is probably lowkey hurt you didn’t tell him sooner tbh
  • He’s also the one with the most questions, like if there’s a girl you like. When did you first realise etc
  • If you so much as imply that you’ve had a bad experience, he’ll get really upset on your behalf and hug you tightly like ‘HOW COULD THEY BE SO MEAN TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU’
  • He takes this as the opportunity to tell you about every single cute girl he knows, from the girl with the beanie hat in his coffee making class to the girl who sits two rows ahead of him in class.
  • He really wants to be the person who introduces you to your significant other.
  • He is basically just a gross romantic and I don’t think it matters if you’re into men, women or anything in between, he’d be rooting for you and trying his best to find you somebody
  • He doesn’t really understand women though and has never had a relationship, so his advice sometimes sounds like the really trashy think pieces in Cosmo.
  • He’ll fight anyone that looks at you weirdly and cook dinner afterwards like nothing happened.


  • Seven’s into guys and girls, so he’d probably just burst out laughing
  • “You looked so serious, MC…I thought you were going to tell me something bad!”
  • And then he’d be back to sipping his phd. Pepper, hacking or whatever it was he was doing before
  • Unless you’re upset, of course
  • Then he’d tell you that if we were all the same, life would be boring, all while squeezing you pretty damn hard.
  • He’d also reference a gay bar Tom told him about and insist on having an RFA outing there.


  • V probably has a lot of friends who are quite openly LGBTQ and it doesn’t ever really occur to him that it’s something people might disapprove of, so when MC shows up looking very nervous (accompanied by Zen, possibly idk you decide) and talks about it and how they were kind of worried about telling him, he’s kind of like
  • Oh
  • Oh have I offended them in some way?
  • I must have done
  • Uhhhh
  • And V is super timid and sweet so he basically just takes MC by the shoulders and apologises profusely
  • MC’s like ?????
  • If he’s there, Zen’s like ‘dude, what’
  • Once he realises he’s done nothing wrong, V’s only too happy to dish out hugs and tell you how happy he is that you told him.


  • Jaehee knows more about gay bars than even Seven. She did a bunch of research for a project after Chief Han passed it onto their department, so she can recite most of the drinks menus by heart.
  • She actually chooses them over regular bars, since they are usually cleaner, with a better atmosphere.
  • She’s also pretty much the Mom Friend, so her reaction would probably be one of calm understanding
  • She’ll make tea and cake and just generally give you time to vent. She’ll also ask if you’ve had a hard time up until this point.
  • If you have, then she’ll listen to your experiences without interrupting
  • She’ll make a point to ask if any of the guys have been hassling you and who of the group knows thus far, mostly because she wants to gauge how they have reacted and plot to tell them off in private if they were insensitive.
  • She’ll give MC a big hug and explain that she understands how easy it is for life to get complicated, but it’s important we don’t lose track of who we are.
  • Tbh I’m 900% sure that MC being more open about their sexuality would leave her questioning her own.


  • Saeran’s reaction is pretty much non existent.
  • “Saeran, I’m a lesbian.”
  • “Oh, okay.”
  • A while later, he realises you expect more of a response from him.
  • “Is that something out of the ordinary?”
  • “People usually aren’t as okay with it.”
  • “Why?”
  • And you’ll go into all of the horrible stigmas and reactions from the past and he’ll listen and eventually nod.
  • “People are shitbags.”
  • And that’s the last he says on the topic, but I’m assuming if you’re friendly enough with him to have gotten this far, you’re able to fill in the blanks.
  • “People are shitbags, but you’re not. You’re my friend and you’re perfect.”
The Truth, Terry Pratchett, 2000.
  • Otto: Are you okay, Villiam?
  • William: I feel sick. But…yeah, I’m all right. Of all the boneheaded, stubborn, self-centered, arrogant–
  • Otto: But you make up for it in other vays.
  • William: I *meant* my father.
  • Otto: Oh.
  • William: He’s just so certain he’s right all the time–
  • Otto: Sorry, this is till your father ve’re talking about?
  • William: Are you saying I’m *like* him?
  • Otto: Oh, no. Qvite different. Absolutely qvite different. No similarities votsoever.
  • William: You didn’t need to go that far! /pause/ Did I say ‘thank you’?
  • Otto: No, you did not.
  • William: Oh dear.
  • Otto: No, you *noticed* that you didn’t, so zat is okay. Every day, in every vay, ve get better and vetter. By the vay, could you mind pulling this sword out of me? Vot kind of idiot just stick it in vampire? All it does is mess up zer linen.

Carol was totally considering kissing Daryl full on the lips in 5x10 but then she remembered seeing him eat a worm earlier and was like “yeah, nevermind”


“What do you want me to say, Clarke?" 

someone give me these things;
role swap. simon is the one who had his brain scratched out and river is the well known doctor.
teen aus that involve simon rebelling against his father
ot3 ( jayne/simon/kaylee ) don’t fucking judge me.
simon having an actual breakdown and ptsd about getting shot ( obviously slightly triggery but i want it )
a bodyguard verse. basically simon cleaned out his parents’ bank accounts before looking for river and hired people to help him. ( basically firefly but simon’s got money so the crew is always paid )
and envy selling everyone’s blankets bc i need that in my life now

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                 “—wh-what Why?”

Belles almost jumped for a moment, but she didn’t notice the heartless around – her eyes were on him for the moment and she was more forced on him to being with — but the second she looked up, she took a step back and almost just froze for the moment.

                            “ —N-Never mind.”

She said with a hint of fear in her voice, but reminding CALM she turns the other way and ran to get to somewhere safe. SHE knew— if anything were to happen to herself around this young boy — BEAST would have a fit. She didn’t want to risk this problem at all.

There was always something about protecting the Princesses that he enjoyed. Maybe it was because for once he was having adventures, or maybe it was because he liked helping people. But he never wanted them to get hurt. Sure, they could protect themselves, and he above anyone was aware of that. But right now he didn’t want her getting hurt. Besides, Heartless were nothing like what they were used to… unless they were.. But still It was his job, so he was going to do it. 

     ❝ Are you alright, Belle? Looks like I dropped by just in time. I hope I didn’t
          scare you.

The brunette walked up to the other, Keyblade slung over his shoulder as he was finally able to find Belle. A visit timed well indeed. Who knows what would have happened if the Heartless had gotten here.


“give the stranger sanctuary, keep people fed. you’re gonna have to learn to live with the love .” - carol to daryl | 4x01


Give my love to Mary.