this isn't so pretty sorry :c

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I just adore your drawings!! I never really thought about Hanzo x Mercy btw, it's an intresting ship! :D Also I was wondering if Ya ever would feel like drawing a MeiCree? :3 ( There isn't enought love of it ;c;) Or just some McHanzo! <3 !!! (btw ya got a new follower ;D)

Hello, anon!

Thank you for leaving me a message! Also, thank you for the compliments! Healing Arrow started out as a spontaneous thing for me, but now it’s got a whole mind of its own and has taken over my life! XD

I’m sorry that you don’t get to enjoy more art of one of your favorite ships. :(

MeiCree is a pretty new thing to me. I don’t think I could do it any justice for you, so how about a grumpy Hanzo with a flirty McCree?

Pretty hand with that bow!

So my dad watched Ant-Man recently...
  • Dad: So great movie and all, but Antony isn't dead, right?
  • Me: No, Dad, I'm pretty sure he's dead.
  • Dad: But they can bring him back, right?
  • Me: I'm pretty sure they won't do that for an ant.
  • Dad: But they brought Coulson back.
  • Me: That's different. Plus people were having the #CoulsonLives movement and stuff.
  • Dad: We can do that for Antony.
  • Me: ...
  • Dad: ...
  • Me: I'm so sorry for your loss.
  • Dad: :c