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roadhog week day 4: maskless headcanon

well….it’s the last day of mermay and since i saw zero (0) merhogs this whole month i thought i’d take matters into my own hands. oh yeah and also he has a face (full view for best quality since tumblr hates me)

some long rambling about my hcs below the cut:

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Ageswap shou is neglected too much:

-works many seasonal part time jobs
-lots of people have a vague idea of who he is but they can never agree on how (“clerk at the convenience store.” “No, he works at the arcade-” “I thought he shelved books in the library??”)
-artist on the side
-always trying new things but keeps coming back to pen and ink. Stuff he draws with ballpoint pen and marker sells the best
-single dad to touchy row, never got married
-adult with adhd (combined type)
-somewhat of an absent parent. Between the multiple jobs and his need to be constantly busy he didn’t keep as close an eye on touichirou as he probably should have
-when he got left with the kid he kinda knew he wouldn’t be able to be a dad but thought he should give it an effort
-also touichirou was a demon child. Shou supposes he deserved it
-no swear filter at all
-frequently uses his powers in everyday life. Tries not to let people see bc it’s annoying to keep answering questions about it but if he’s bussing tables at a restaurant at 11pm and he wants to levitate the dishes into the sink so he doesn’t have to touch them he’s damn well gonna

If Team Flash proved last season by saving Iris from Savitar that the future wasn’t set in stone, then why is it just because a newspaper says “Iris West-Allen” on the byline that that means Iris is actually going to become Iris West-Allen? The WestAllen wedding doesn’t have to happen/last long just because the future says it does, otherwise, Iris’s death should have happened too. The future isn’t set in stone.

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Name: Chris || Age: 25 || Meaning behind tumblr url: my SO said to me once "you're my favorite kind of bean. A les-bean." It just stuck lol || Hobbies/Interests: writing, art, cosplay, fooood || Why you follow me: for the quality DA content aaand I fell in love with Ashanna. || Random fact about yourself: My fav bird is a kiwi but I'm stupidly allergic to the fruit || Question for me: Do you have an MC designed for the Arcana? :3c

Ahhh the cutest magical les-bean :3 Kiwis are good in bird or fruit form, too bad about the allergy ;-;

I do! My Arcana apprentice is named Zmissa and she’s going to try her best to get into Nadia’s pants. She’s sarcastic and playful and always takes the options to tease Nadia when they’re there. I should do an actual illustration of her sometimes, but here’s a doodle I did recently 

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Hmm gosh you know it sure is a shame what happened to Pink Diamond, you'd think a Sapphire would have seen it coming but then again the future isn't set in stone, the past on the other hand, well, you can't change the past if only there was some kind of reverse Sapphire, some way to see into the past and see what happened hmm too bad there's noooothing like thaaaattt


Imagine Hinata and Yamaguchi and Yachi become amazing friends that hang out, have ice cream, and talk about their stupid crushes on their supposedly unattainable partners in volleyball


Lost Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favourite episode → 3x10 “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”

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Why do you have such a big problem with male characters being female even once? Gender doesn't dictate personality, and it would huge for our representation in games/movies if we took the spotlight. A woman in her own Bond-like movie wouldn't make as big of a "women in action films" statement as a female Bond. And if there is a gender selection in a Zelda game, you never have to use it. And it won't change the game or Link at all- the canon isn't set in stone. So why push against the point?

Because gender DOES dictate personality, as much as people want to deny it. When you look at a female character, you see a different person compared to a male character. It’s a fundamental, base change in character design that alters the audience’s perception of the character. Thus, it is no longer the same iconic character. Trying to change a character’s gender for no real goddamn reason besides “muh equality” is insulting to the character, the character design, and the spirit and personality of the character. Men and women are different. This is a fact.

I DO NOT want a female Bond. That is INSULTING. It’s like saying: “Aww, poor women. The only way we can give them representation is to change a male character to female instead of actually being CREATIVE and giving them an ACTUAL female character.” See what I mean? Insulting and pandering.

Rey from Star Wars is a good example of ACTUAL female representation. She’s her own character. She’s awesome, she’s fun, she’s not super pander-y. 

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If you are SO CONCERNED with female representation in action movies, guess what? There is a new Lara Croft movie coming out. Lara is a female character, and has always been one. She’s awesome. She’s fun. She doesn’t have to be a man wearing lipstick. 

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Ashoka Tano is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters at this point. She was original. She had her own backstory and personality, not something shoved onto her by a previous male Ahsoka. 

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Stop. Changing. Character. Genders. It’s really dumb and gimmicky, as well as disrespectful and lacking in any creativity and tact.