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so basically I was pissing about with the da:i character creator and I was like “what if I tried to make shep tho” and she turned out so good I just had to draw her……….and then I got carried away lmao. I added a closeup because I AM SO CHUFFED WITH HER FACE OKAY PLEASE EXAMINE IT. 

  • Wash: The Reds and Blues will come looking!
  • Temple: The Reds and Blues will be dead before they even miss you.
  • Temple: And since you two are frozen and no one can hear you, there's nothing stopping me from dating your boyfriend!
  • Wash: Wait what?
  • Temple: You heard me.
  • Wash: Oh please, Tucker isn't my boyfriend.
  • Temple: How did you know I was talking about him?
  • Wash: ...fuck.
  • Carolina: You tried, Wash.
  • Temple: Tucker may be thinking of you now, but tonight, he's gonna be screaming my name; and tomorrow night, and the night after. And the two of you are gonna stay frozen here to hear it all until you die~
  • Wash:
  • Carolina: Did you just shit yourself?
  • Wash: He's scary, okay?

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Bechloe prompt: beca like never goes to the doctor bc she's scared tbh so her friends force her to go for a checkup and the doctor is Chloe and she ends up going to the doctors place A LOT now

There was a thin line between fear and hate. A line so fine that, sometimes, people had a hard time distinguishing which side of it they were on. Because of this, they weren’t able to figure out if they hated things because they were afraid of them, or if they were afraid of them because of the hate. When it came to going to the doctor, Beca Mitchell was one of those people, and for her, the two separate sides seemed to appear as only one.

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Adventures with gckaf!

I absolutely loved friend gckaf’s big beautiful sword! I fit perfectly under the shiny blade, and the ornate hilt is just the right size for me to balance on. I also tried to squeeze under the hilt, too—and impressed everyone when I actually lifted the heavy hilt a tiny bit! I am getting super strong!

Hey: it’s okay to be excited about the stuff you like. While its important that we continue to ask for better, more thoughtful writing from our media, please don’t feel you personally have to twist that critical eye into policing yourself for your own sincere enjoyment of the things that make you happy. It isn’t your responsibility to confess the sins of everything you consume; you don’t have to publicly flog yourself for enjoying something less than perfect.

Be kind to yourselves. It’s okay to take a break sometimes.

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I tried talking to my dad about asexuality but he isn't very open minded and kept denying the fact that asexuality is in fact a sexual orientation. He kept saying humans couldn't be asexual because asexual means being able to procreate with yourself.

okay but we’re not using ‘asexual’ to describe our reproductive abilities, we’re using it to describe our SEXUAL ORIENTATION. ‘a’ means things like not, and none, and no, and negative; based on other sexuality labels (e.g. homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc) it makes perfect linguistic sense to describe an orientation of no sexual attraction as /asexual/

i’m assuming your dad speaks english? has he ever looked at a dictionary? maybe you should go through and highlight all the words that have multiple meanings. to show him how single words can be used to mean multiple things depending on the context in which they’re used. look, i even googled some sites that might be of help

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