this isn't my favourite quote from it


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 5 - Favourite Quote: River fights Timelord “The Eleven”

↳  River: Oh, you want a fight? You’ve just got one! [Sucker punches the Eleven]

The Eleven: [Enraged] What are you? You’re not a Timelord… What are you? What! Fascinating, some kind of aberration. [Fervently sniffs River] A hybrid! A freak of nature. [Captivated] We have so much in common.

 River: I really do [Throws him down] hope not. 

HELLA Jelly of all of you going to any Cons this year😭
  • Fan: Favourite season?
  • Jared: I like the season I met my wife
  • Jensen: I also like the season I met your wife
  • Jared: Isn't that the season you met Misha?
We?” Of course “we” don’t talk. I do. You vanish. You aren’t. You are a – a gap, a nothing. And I talk into that nothing. I let my words float away, like Jackie on the waves, like…like Jack on the waves. I let my words vanish, and I just keep driving
—  Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 1, Chapter 4: The Factory by the Sea