this isn't my favourite album of his

Rock Sound MCR Cover Descriptions (so you don't have to listen to them)
  • The End.: Country meets messing up lyrics?
  • Dead!: the weakest YEAAAHAHH I've ever heard. Also the lyrics are very slow? Makes me sleepy.
  • This is how I disappear: definite hodown at the beginning. What's hitting notes and who actually does that??
  • The sharpest lives: whiny puppers influenced the singing style. The moan was very weak 2/10
  • Welcome to the black parade: piano needs to be sharper so I can feel that g note stab me right in my emo heart. Not absolute horrible. III DOONT CAAAAAREEE.
  • I don't love you: hitting the notes isn't just a recommendation when singing, it's kind of mandatory.
  • House of wolves: AGGRESSIVE S-I-N
  • Cancer: I get it. You won't kiss me. And also this will never not sound like an extremely shitty remix of the original. Did you know that the clique thinks this is a TØP original? :))had the best potential in this whole thing. Ruined it. RUINED IT.
  • Mama: bring out the meat cleavers because they butchered this. (who even asked the to do this??)
  • Sleep: okay real talk but it's weird how she recreated Gerard's memos in the beginning considering they were his actual terrifying dreams while in the mansion.
  • Teenagers: this isn't for a high school musical sound track. Really.
  • Disenchanted: country,,, again,,, we're not emo farmers. (I promise)
  • Famous last words: honestly really boring. Very flat.
  • Blood: why wasn't this piece included. First you take away the theatrics of the album, then blood. SHAME.

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ya know I saw that ask about why people don't like brendon so i'm gonna share. just to be on the record (anonymously tho lol) first of all- he's vain!! doab isn't that great imho because he doesn't feel like he has to try bc anything he creates will be great cause he created it! plus I don't like him bc I don't think he likes us! I don't feel like brendon loves, like really loves, his fans. I think he likes attention, I think he loves the idea of hordes of young female fans, but I don't feel 1/3

Riiiiiiight, I’m gonna have to stop you there. I think DOAB is an amazing album, one of my favourites, I think it’s better than TWTLTRTD, but that statement is open to opinion so that’s fine whatever you think is cool.

However, saying Brendon being proud of his LITERAL BILLBOARD NUMBER ONE ALBUM is a negative trait isn’t fair. I’m a firm believer in self love and self praise, that doesn’t mean he’s vain. And even if his is, I don’t see vain as the worst trait in the world. I’d even say I was a little vain. If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished/achieved/look like etc, flaunt it girl. Be proud of yourself. And Brendon should be proud of this incredible album he’s created by himself.

I’ve met Brendon twice now and each time he went out of the way to be incredibly kind, probably the most open and touching out of any of the members who were there those days. I genuinely believe he cared about what I was saying, and even if not, he made me FEEL like he did. And at the time, my 16 year old insecure self really really needed that. More recently, I went to their album launch gig and you could see he was just radiating with happiness. He thanked the crowd a lot and the atmosphere he created was incredible, and I think that qualifies as love. 

As for hordes of female fans, I don’t think gender has anything to do with it, personally. You’re telling me YOU wouldn’t get kicks out of having fans appreciate what you’ve created? Let the man live.

As a fan for 10 years, I’ve learnt that what Brendon loves the most is the music and to me, that’s all that matters. Maybe this is because I’ve grown up alongside this band, been there during all the changes, all the albums and essentially seen Brendon flourish and deal with all the shit this band has gone through. He’s never given up on this band, and that means a lot to me. I don’t think I’ve seen the guy happier than the era we’re in now, and if he’s happy, I’m happy. I don’t need his constant attention to feel loved by this band. The music does me just fine.

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