this isn't my dash doing a thing

Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.

Guys please slow down with the fanfics I have way too many bookmarks

Jk jk work at your own pace but whoo do I need to take a reading day soon 

anonymous asked:

How do you get your Jasper fix in these trying times?

The jasper tag and my dash mostly. The other day I was bored and watched all the jasper episodes and that was nice but it also made me sad bc of everything that happened to her. One thing I like to do is read fan theories about Jasper’s return, it helps to imagine all the different ways she could come back. And I just remind myself that no matter how many times the show goes on hiatus or ignores Jasper it will never be as bad as the Dark Ages between jailbreak and super watermelon island.

I don’t know what’s on your dash but it probably lack goats. That’s won’t do, we are in the year of the goat now. So here is another photo my mom sent me, this time of little Gavotte trying to ride Chocolat the donkey. It’s surprising how he let her do those kind of things, given how aggressive he was of her in the first days !

I kind of feel like I’m the only one left who isn’t disappointed with the 100 (aside from a few things) don’t get me wrong, it’s totally okay that you’re disappointed, you don’t have to love all this stuff and you have valid reasons for being disappointed, but I feel like a lot of people are making people who actually still enjoy it feel bad for doing so and that’s not okay. it’s okay if you feel that something is wrong, and to educate them on it, but don’t make people feel bad for enjoying something you no longer do.

Can I just say here that this whole Blackout thing was absolutely fucking incredible. I’ve never seen so many beautiful and amazing selfies on my dash as I did today. Holy buckets. Where have you guys been? Please feel free to flood the internet with your pretty faces more often. You don’t need a special day to do that. Wow. <3