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Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 

weathor  asked:

my cat is afraid of tall people, which isn't unusual except for two things: we know his history since his birth so i'm 99% sure he wasn't abused by someone tall. and second, he has a weirdly specific height cutoff, around 5'8". occasionally i scare him if i'm wearing thick shoes that make me an inch taller. short stranger comes in? he's all purrs and leg rubs. tall stranger? he dashes under the couch, ears back, tail poofed. what is he doing, and why? does he just not wanna feel small?

Fear issues in animals can develop entirely without the presence of abuse - the misunderstanding that any fear in an animal means someone must have hurt it is something that’s been perpetuated both by well-meaning people and by shady groups that want to take advantage of the fundraising opportunities around “rescue” stories - so your cat could absolutely have developed a wariness of tall people in the absence of bad treatment. Animals are often single-event learners (a characteristic that helped their wild counterparts survive) so a scary encounter with a tall person could have left a lasting impression - even if it was as simple as a tall person tripping and scaring the cat badly as they caught themselves. A couple bad experiences - or just one super intense one - could have led him to generalize to most tall people. 

Another option, though, is that your cat doesn’t like being loomed over. You see this a lot more in dogs than in cats, but a short person can pet a cat without leaning their body entirely over them whereas a taller person has to consciously crouch to avoid doing so. You could test this yourself by purposefully looming over him when you interact with him and seeing how he responds - since you’re a height he’s normally fine with, you can get some data about if it’s posture or actually height he’s reacting to. 


Gabe likes his coffee with lotsa milk and sugar. Why? what did you think was pasty white?

Gabe basically likes milk with a dash of coffee. He’s got plenty of energy of his own.

In which I have a fever and it’s 5 am and this is a sketch from December that I dug up for no good reason and did things to it. Many things. 

Jack’s clever not-clever-because-Gabe’s-still-asleep innuendos. Do ya get the half-ASSED joke?

also, i meant to do this ages ago, but my dash is a bunch of nonsense that is of little interest to me. i need more peeps. do the thing if u post the following:

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I am so annoyed whenever I see a Tumblr post about “white boys” that is transparently a post about “guys I don’t like”

Like, it’s especially confusing because,,, half the time these are black male stereotypes??? And Tumblr has decided it’s OK to reuse those jokes if you search and replace ‘black’ with ‘white’?

Like, sometimes I’m seeing literally the SAME JOKES from black Twitter being posted here with “niggas” being swapped with “white boys” and I’m like

I know your game, dog

White girls thinkin they clever if they give that joke a racelift so they don’t look bad

And, even when it’s not that… Do you really think white boys are the only people who do the thing you’re complaining about? I mean, shit, way to let the folks I deal with off the hook to protect a good-ally image

I am honestly tempted to blacklist “white boy*” from my dash because I DO NOT need this bullshit

If you want to complain about the set guys you don’t like then just do that without trying to construct a fake category out of the supposed oppressors when you KNOW those aren’t the people you’re throwing shade at

Then maybe a black girl won’t have to make an angry public service announcement before I’ve even gotten breakfast, shit

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I only see people in my dash being very excited about LT1 while being upset over Louis' team and promo while thinking about Louis' being adorable and proud at Harrys concerts. Like you can think about multiple things and also Louis can do multiple things. He can and he is a songwriter, a singer, a musician and a very supportive and loving boyfriend. Like people are not just their love lives, but that doesn't mean that isn't a important part. Also, the anon missed your point and that proves yours

Hi! I should confess that when i saw the notification of your ask, i was afraid it was someone telling me i wasn’t fighting for Louis or happy about Harry enough, and this speaks volumes
I do agree with you, lovely anon. We can think multiple things, even if we don’t address them every time, and we should not feel compelled to justify our silences. We can love, support and fight for them both. And they can be boyfriends, friends, lovers, sons and artists at the same time. They can be the Star and the Groupie, and viceversa. We have so many layers. We are not just a thought or a role.

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I found a funny headcanon for Raven a fee days back and I thought you might like it: Raven has an odd liking to plushies and beast boy is the only one who knows because he walked in on her playing with plushies... Inspired?

The following thing is bad… I mean, really bad… sorry for wasting space in your dash and sorry dear anon because the poorness of this (also she is not playing but I was in one of my “nothing matters” period while doing this)

Don’t hate me I still love you anon TvT

Have you ever been so utterly incapable of sleeping that it’s nearly 5 in the morning and you inexplicably draw the one thing you were sure you were never gonna go back to drawing.


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.

Borders And Horizon Lines

Around the time Mr. Greg originally aired, @zombee made an interesting remark about how amazing it was that each line of the bridge of It’s Over sounded like the title of a Pearl/Rose fic. In an attempt to break out of an awful writing slump, I decided to use just that as prompts for a bunch of interconnected ficlets, all different but in relatively familiar and comfortable (for me) Pearlrose territory, in thematic rather than chronological order. So here they are, ten in all - nothing too polished, but hopefully effective. Only bold, precise, and experimental if you squint. ~3700 words.

War and glory

The raids and battles of the tense, packed day all go surprisingly well - it almost seems like a miracle. Their reunion is teary-eyed and giggly and just the smallest bit light-headed with relief, with hands tangled in hair and haphazard kisses. But there are no injuries to speak of, seven eager new recruits are joining the ranks of the Crystal Gems, and Pearl is humming at Rose’s side with a happy bounce to her step. Keeping the compliments coming is the easiest thing Rose has done in a long while.

“Oh, and I loved that little flourish you did at the end there, with your swords? Very precise and imposing, good for sending a message and leaving a lasting impression.” Pearl preens at that, and Rose is all too happy to continue and drive it home. “It was all very charming, too. You are charming.”

“Y-yeah? I am?”

The little sideways looks Pearl keeps shooting her are irresistible, and easily drive away any remaining doubt regarding that statement Rose might have had. “Absolutely. Look at me, I am charmed, completely won over. Can’t you tell?”

“Well, I do try to be at my best… It’s, uh… I just don’t like to presume…”

“I know you don’t,” Rose softly cuts into the reluctant stammer, punctuating her point with a peck to the hand that had been on its way to cover Pearl’s increasingly blue face before she soundly captured it in hers. “But please always presume this. Look at you. What more could I possibly want?”

“Well, a few more quartz battalions surely wouldn’t come amiss,” Pearl starts only half-jokingly before Rose pulls her into her arms.

“I’d rather have you than a thousand of them.”

Believing her is the easiest thing Pearl has done in a long while.

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I'm sorry if this seems rude. I don't mean to be. I'm really confused and I've been seeing a lot of stuff on my dash about it recently. How is what you do different from grave robbing? You dig up graves, remove people and their things, and don't return them... Isn't that like grace desecration? I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend. I'm just really hoping you can clear this up for me.

I’m not surprised that you’ve been seeing this quite a bit recently.  I’ve been seeing this quite a bit recently.  And I’ve been getting some pretty nasty messages about it.  Tumblr is, after all, populated by a large number of people who are self-proclaimed experts on things over which they have no real authority.  And this very self-assured population can get rather…antagonistic.  But I don’t respond to hate mail anymore, so I left well enough alone.  I’ve responded to a few posts on the subject, but those are easy to miss.  However, you’re the first person to ask nicely, so you get a response.

The difference between grave robbing and archaeology is that grave robbing involves seeking out and digging up graves without permission for the purpose of personal gain, and archaeology does not.

Seems pretty simple, right?  That’s because it is.

But because there are going to be people out there who do not understand these particulars, I’ll go into a little more depth.

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I don’t know what’s on your dash but it probably lack goats. That’s won’t do, we are in the year of the goat now. So here is another photo my mom sent me, this time of little Gavotte trying to ride Chocolat the donkey. It’s surprising how he let her do those kind of things, given how aggressive he was of her in the first days !

I kind of feel like I’m the only one left who isn’t disappointed with the 100 (aside from a few things) don’t get me wrong, it’s totally okay that you’re disappointed, you don’t have to love all this stuff and you have valid reasons for being disappointed, but I feel like a lot of people are making people who actually still enjoy it feel bad for doing so and that’s not okay. it’s okay if you feel that something is wrong, and to educate them on it, but don’t make people feel bad for enjoying something you no longer do.

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Two things. Big belt buckle = UFC. Also is the UFC thing TMZ's breaking news or? I was out all evening and my dash isn't being helpful with what's going on. LOL

No two different things. The UFC thing was referenced in a commercial for TMZ Sports. 1D was mentioned cause Niam are on the guest list. (And yes added to the belt buckle and Harry’s boxer IG post, seems to be a fighting theme going on over there). The breaking news is something different that apparently is going to be announced tomorrow? No idea what time, and no one ever said it had anything to do with 1D, so it could be anything. (There are rumblings about a celeb divorce, but you’d think if people were already talking about that they’d just announce it, but it could be that). We shall see…

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Hey so I feel like u would appreciate this bc I keep seeing ur gabriel headcanons on my dash but there's a part in parks and rec where Ron has a sleep condition called sleep fighting and everyone's like "oh my god isn't that scary?" And he's like "only when I'm losing" and I can totally see that being a thing for gabriel lmao

djfdjfsjf god he would have ron’s sense of humor like that scene where he’s in the hospital with ann

mercy: how many drinks of alcohol do you consume a week?
gabi: 1
mercy: that’s it? one drink?
gabi: 1 shelf
mercy: any allergies?
gabi: cowardice and weak willed men,, and hazelnuts
mercy: sexual history?
gabi: epic. and private
mercy: ,,okay,,,,

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Greetings, I hope this isn't rude - your blog is lovely. I was just wondering if you followed back other rphs?

Thank you! I’m actually really picky about who I follow, and so I don’t really follow back every RPH that follows me. My dash is my safe place and I’m very careful to make sure that the people I follow aren’t people who reblog things I’m uncomfortable with or don’t want to see/read. I’ve also got a lot of trust issues with people in this community, so I’m always hesitant to follow new people in case it’s someone who’s wronged me in the past, or might do wrong to me in the future. 

Every once in awhile I do go on a following spree and follow a lot of people at once, but I usually end up unfollowing most of them again because I’m not a fan of what they reblog/what they’re about. If you’d like me to follow you, the best way to make that happen is to talk to me. I follow all my friends (or at least try to if Tumblr isn’t being fucky). I don’t follow back everyone, sorry. 

Can I just say here that this whole Blackout thing was absolutely fucking incredible. I’ve never seen so many beautiful and amazing selfies on my dash as I did today. Holy buckets. Where have you guys been? Please feel free to flood the internet with your pretty faces more often. You don’t need a special day to do that. Wow. <3