this isn't much better tbh

I just want to be best friends with Tom Holland

can you imagine if mid ever came out and it was like ran or med and we waited all this time for a game with a terrible plot and shallow characters asjfg would y'all lose it?


my favorites of 2013 - 9 male characters | (4/9)

Roman Godfrey (Hemlock Grove)

You must make your heart steel.

“All my life I’ve been worthless, the one who should have been a male and an heir.”

The most beautiful woman in the world. 

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boku no hero academia is legitimately one of the best manga in serialization right now.  the writing and plot are top-notch, the art is phenomenal, the characters both male and female are given loving detail and development…  I re-read every new chapter a couple of times over, just to re-experience it and look for new information.

So onemuseleft wrote a thing last night, and since I was the reason why, I figured I should share the words that inspired her fic.

However, they aren’t nearly as fun as hers.

“So is this what you did with my dad?” Eggsy asks, damn him. The one question Harry would have done anything to avoid having to answer. 

Slumped on the couch, Eggsy is kind of smiling, but in a way that shows he’s unsure about whether or not he wants to hear the answer. “You teach him how to make martinis, too?" 

"No,” Harry says. Although he would have. 

Eggsy just looks at him, holding his martini glass, waiting for the rest of it. 

It’ll be like ripping off a bandage, Harry tells himself. Just get it over with. 

“Your father and I didn’t actually spend any of the twenty-four hours together,” he says. 

Obviously surprised, Eggsy blinks. “Why not?" 

"When the candidates were released,” Harry says, “your father asked me if he could spend the day with his wife and son, instead of with me. I told him no." 

It takes a little bit for the meaning to sink in. Harry watches Eggsy, waiting for the moment when Eggsy’s hero worship tips the other way, becomes bitter resentment and righteous anger. 

In the beginning, right after Lee’s death, he had hated himself for that refusal, for not letting Lee spend one last day with his wife and child. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t have known Lee would not get another chance. He had never forgiven himself for it – especially once he had actually met the family Lee would never get to see again. 

Eggsy’s eyes harden, just as Harry expected. But he doesn’t get angry. He just says, very quiet, "So what did he do?" 

"Nothing,” Harry says. “He returned to headquarters and as far as I know he remained there the entire time. I didn’t see him again until the next day, when it was time for the dog test.” He looks away. “Your father passed that test, as did James. So we moved on. Merlin and I took them both into the field. And I believe you know the rest." 

Eggsy is silent for a long time. He stares into the alcohol at the bottom of his glass. After a while he looks up. "Yeah,” he says. “I guess I do.” He stands up, sets his glass down, and walks away. 

Not out the front door, though, as Harry expected. Instead he goes upstairs. 

Harry stands very still, not sure what to do next. Should he go to Eggsy or not? He has absolutely no idea what happens now. 

But Eggsy didn’t leave. No matter what else happens tonight, he has this much at least. When faced with the knowledge that Harry had denied his father one last chance to see him, Eggsy had chosen to stay. 

Hopefully it will be enough.