this isn't meant to sound mean

groupkiller replied to your post: Queer people deserve explicitly queer media. Not…

Straight people like me deserve it too! I have waited for johnlock to happen just as long as the queer viewers, and I am dying here. I guess we all are. Why can’t it just be sunday now?!?!? Gief johnlock now, plix!

Wait, listen, I’m not trying to argue with you or start anything because there’s already so much high tension but you need to understand. Everyone who is involved in the tjlc community deserves this but explicitly queer people do. Like, this not happening will wreck the well being of almost all of the queer fans of tjlc and as a community we don’t get to see people like us on screen hardly ever, not explicitly, so you have to understand what that would mean to us and for us as a community. I understand that not only LGBT individuals in the fandom deserve this but QUEER PEOPLE NEED THIS. Please don’t try to undermine that, please.